SPLINTER notes DAY 1932 The Fauxmance of Jason Silva & Rachel Rossitto


the following is the writer’s perspective, an opinionated commentary

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Do you ever get the feeling you are watching a paid endorsement?

Rachel posing in front of an Airstream in Hawaii


Jason commenting about the Hawaiian property and how it could be the perfect home site

Rachel on a couch posting about outdoor living for Calistoga Ranch

Jason Silva in a shower at the same Spa Resort

Based on a recent article


The Post-Truth World of Influencer Romances

Internet celebrity fauxmances are turning fans into cynical, screen-bound sleuths.

these types of posts fit key elements of a fauxmance.

Every moment seems calibrated for maximum media reaction, maximum fan speculation, maximum attention—influencer currencies, all.

Followers: Marry her

(Jason and Rachel like these posts)

[ insert screenshots ]

Followers: is that a ring I see?

Followers: Make beautiful babies together (Jason & Rachel like this post)

[ insert screenshots ]

Followers: is that a baby bump?

Brands are aware of that draw, and some prefer to work with couples for that reason. 

Having a male and female influencer involved effectively doubles the market, for the influencers and their sponsors. Influencer managers and brands will sometimes go so far as to cast "sponsored couples," 

[ insert paid events where both Jason & Rachel appear & perform ]

Most dabbling in celebrity romance do not openly discuss how much they hope to boost each other's clout, but faux relationships for the sake of appearance or publicity are a longstanding practice among social media influencers and more traditional celebrities. 

[ insert screenshots of how Jason Silva promotes Rachel Rossitto’s business services ]

Often, there's a certain exposure imbalance to them, with one partner usually being somewhat more famous than the other

[ insert screenshots of Rachel Rossitto’s follower numbers & average like count on her posts before her “relationship” with Jason Silva, and her follower & like/view numbers after ]


Retrieved 07 January 2019

Retrieved 07 January 2019

The research of digital anthropologist Crystal Abidin, who studies online celebrity, shows that they start with trails of bread crumbs: One week, two influencers appear in a group photo at a party; a few weeks later, they might appear in a photo together; in another few weeks, a photo together on what looks to be vacation, or in a more private setting. Fans will be able to hold these otherwise innocuous photos up as evidence of the relationship's longevity and plausibility, creating a rumor that the influencer can then confirm or deny.


Do any of us know what happens behind closed doors?

The answer is no. Not anyone except Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto.

Do not assume you know who these two are to each other.

Others form pseudo-relationships with fellow influencers to protect their real partner's privacy if they are not a public figure

Is Jason Silva involved romantically with another woman?

Does Rachel Rossitto know about his relationship with this other woman?

Why will they not talk specifically about their relationship?

Why do they mostly show and never tell?

It’s now officially over a year since they met and only a few spoken or written vague words about who they are to each other have been uttered. Why?

Why would a couple who seem to be so in love … never talk about each other publicly? (and not mention the other’s name if they do talk about the other to someone else : note Jason Silva’s LondonReal interview [ link ] & Rachel’s podcast interview [ link ] )?