DAY 1938



07:00 posting

Sink Idol

post a selfie a day

makes the narcissist stay


[ reading email from newly designated CEO hailing from NYCish ]

sound like good hires for the company

v- can we call her the Hamster?

c- 😞 unfortunately, some like the wheel


09:20 c- she said the new hires would be less drama

c- she should talk

c- she has her own set of drama

v- everybody does

c- she will remain unnamed … I keep pushing back at you and saying she is just different. We all have our set of conditions that make us happy

v- she likes her wheel


09:27 c- I have to mention it

v- because you’re pissy

c- Millennial and I were moving office space around for the company … and one of the moves involved moving said coworker out of a space that was dark, noisy and cold (below a vent) …

c- she gets pissed off because she can’t do work (there in her cubicle)

v- because it’s being moved

c- apparently didn’t like the upbeat happy movers either

c- Millennial was busting his a** to make the environment better

v- and she complains

c- apologies, but WOW. I think she went to complain to someone, too, because she couldn’t get work done. Later I found out that she was also dealing with a migraine. I can understand how not feeling well can unsettle a person

c- my stance is: I am only nice to you.

v- you are

c- and to make public your private drama?

v- haha, stop.

c- sue me later

v- be good




10:03 c- as I keep saying : I don’t believe you.

C- after five plus years of this? I do not believe people have my best interest at heart. I move forward with my legal plans no matter what. If someone approaches me before 04/15/20, fine. If not? I am that much more prepared if they don’t.

I put too much faith / trust / hope in the good of this in the past.

i won’t make the same mistakes again.


C- I refuse to be associated with someone who chooses tits and ass over a real woman who has done nothing but look forward to a fair future for so many more people if telepathy gets integrated into society.

V- goes mainstream

c- this is so much bigger than tits and ass.

10:09 c- and it repulses me on a regular basis to be associated with someone who does not realize the ugliness that sort of association makes side by side with my story.

I may tell a harsh truth. But it’s a truth you refuse to tell. After five plus years you still refuse to tell the truth


10:11 and the like factor? The support factor? Meaningless.

It is not for followers (echo chamber) to decide if it is appropriate, but the permanence of such a post and ones like it and whatever future associations that may arise - it is a decision for the public at large.

THAT is my perspective. It is an unusual one.

v- and you’re not proud of it

c- besides the endless stream of selfies in the name of love? sensuality? Beauty?

It’s not even a question of wardrobe malfunctions, it’s sloppy.

The side by side? It’s insulting to all the work I’ve done over the years.

it’s YOUR decision (against my will).

It’s objectifying women … you know who I am.

v- you never wanted that

c- EVER.

c- in my story … someone called me goddess early on .. what did I say in response to that?

v- I’m just Chris

c- and what did you do?


c- so, let me be very clear: if you are connected to me? I will always have a say in who I associate with

it may be an unwillingly association now, but soon I will have a much more forceful say in it

v- legal

c- YOU forced the issue

c- it’s been almost four years since that 100% meet promise

A disappointment then.

I won’t be disappointed this time around.


v- you’ll get your answer, ok?

10:19 (upset)

whenever you BRAND something

it inevitably associates me with it

v- if you are connected

c- which you damn well know I am

c- remember who I am

V- simple. To the point.

C- you have some (creative) freedom until 04/15/20. Do with that as you will.

v- decide well, got it.

c- you know I’ll be perpetually pissed (anyway) until that point

v- the rumblings before the big quake


10:23 c- she is exposing herself as so many in Woolandia do. It’s their style.

c- note “their” not hers. She is just one of many. Not anyone who stands out, just unfortunately associated with someone who is my prime suspect for making my life a nightmare after 1938 days.

10:25 c- and frickin’ a … wtf were you doing last night? I did NOT sleep well.

traveling, (prepping for) a gig or up late doing creative shit?

v- none of the above. Sorry.

10:26 c- I want two nights ago back … that four hour stretch after a three hour stretch was luxurious (In comparison with what I usually have)

v- I know… sorry


10:33 c- (grumbling) if I’m to be the mind with words, fine. She can be TaTa who giggles and exposes herself to express herself.

10:37 [ sense soft lighthearted laughter ]

v- you are truly awful


10:40 c- they’re not even her own words usually!!! Quotidian social media like humping Quotidian. SHOCKER.

I mean, seriously? Talk about a vacuous social media presence. There is hardly a trace of her beyond TaTa selfies.

oh, except if you pay her for services. Then she talks 🙄.

10:43 [ looks around the digital characters and spaces of WanderingMindSpace ]

look at all my words and I never get paid for them.

I actually pay for the space where these chiaroscuric characters reside.


10:46 SAHB

C- (sad laugh) … I know where your support lies every day.

Keyword: LIEs



c- you know how I am. I do not approve for various reasons.

v- not just one. I know. _____

c- I am, but I will publicly …

v- show your disapproval

c- like I keep saying: I am NOT one to restrict your life choices, but it involves me. What I sense, who I am, what I stand for.

v- understood

c- it may conflict with your vision. I get that.

11:18 c- if you choose to continue down that path?

v- don’t drag you with me. I understand.

c- I deserve my own happy life, ok?

v- this makes you unhappy

c- you don’t get the best parts of me

v- and never come forward

c- pretend as if I don’t exist. Refuse to face me like you should. Like I deserve.


c- I am ok with being a Nobody, I have always strived for more of a quiet peaceful life …

all THIS?

v- ruins that

c- especially when you interfere with my quiet and peaceful life (what I have always wanted)

and drag me all over kingdom come (sensorially, energetically)


11:32 blood coursing



[ teasing about the upcoming Apple event ]

v- heresay

c- but ya kinda take someone’s word for it if they know someone who’s been with the company for 19 years and KNOWS PEOPLE who may know stuff


C- gah, stylistic gorgeousness …


c- let’s review (since I want to “name drop” … who do I know … +/- personally and by association ) at Apple?

v- someone who writes the user manuals (monotone)

c- who happens to love Calvin & Hobbes, so this is an appropriate mention for (one of) today’s posts

12:04 c- who I also need to credit for helping me design the InnerNet Navigator aspect of my character

v- love you

c- hrumph … who also does not believe there’s much to this telepathy Mumbo Jumbo (personal conversation with him a few years back ) that “the future of FB is telepathy”

c- I was fishing (for a reaction, for information) at the time …

v- I know you were fishing

v- …

c- yeah, he works at corporate

12:06 v- in Cupertino

c- yes, in Cupertino 🙄



“you wanna take a ride?”  -  Contact

“you wanna take a ride?” - Contact


[ sense soft laughter ]

c- am I just messin’ … or do I know something?

v- oh, be good

c- what does it mean?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!



wait for it …


12:21 c- Do you wonder what trends I have noticed over the past 19 years? (This one is normal & expected BTW)

full disclosure : no one who ever knew anything important ever divulged, so APPL, your secrets are safely guarded.

12:24 c- but the data is out there … the “tells”

[ calmer sense ]


12:31 v- you are teasing

c- oh, everything is a preview. What do you “see”?

v- hm… interesting


13:29 c- I do not want you as a part of me if that is what you you repeatedly brand as art and beauty.

I have my own style, and want it as far removed from me as possible


v- it’s coming, ok? I will publicly say that (you can write it)

c- I have 5 years 3 months of your baggage that I want to unload

13:42 c- I have had to deal with a lot of s**t and quite frankly? I’m done with it.

i am ok with my peaceful uneventful life it means I can get a decent night’s sleep again

not feel high all the time

not feel sexually assaulted

13:44 c- I NEVER felt as unsafe as THIS has unfortunately caused me to feel.

13:45 c- it goes beyond art.

If I SENSE something that nauseates me?

V- in association with RR

c- I SENSE something?

v- it hurts you

13:45 c- THAT is unacceptable.

My children will understand my experience and my harsh stance.

Other women and men will understand my perspective.

13:46 c- when you say it won’t be bad?

when you say it’ll get better?

I don’t believe you.

I have 1938 days that tell me that it never is resolved. EVER.

c- and that is why I have to keep a separate path apart from you when I vehemently disagree with you

v- I am with you

c- she can create her own style

but it had better not be associated with US in any way shape or form

because if I am in there with you?

v- you inevitably are

c- and that is NOT fair to me.


13:49 v- ___

c- phew. It is not harassment if Instagram deems it acceptable and not breaking community standards.

it’s unfortunate that the content creator can CENSOR anything they deem negative or even constructive criticism against what they post, even if it is a public post that others may find inappropriate

v- and it stays

13:50 c- so, if it stays there? My criticism stays in MY SPACE and it is a public post so I can publicly share it with credit given to the content creators.

they can contact me directly to have me take it down

v- but you’ll verbally …

c- describe it so it is crystal clear as to the many reasons it is inappropriate

v- ___

c- I don’t want to be BRANDED that way

13:52 c- has the last year not been clear enough to you as to how I disapprove of he showgirl association?

v- yes, abundantly clear

13:52 c- headnod to NETFLIX’s GLOW Season 3

which I KNOW draws inspiration

v- from this feud

c- how much does Netflix bring in… with all those shows…?

v- oh, I know who you are going to go after

13:53 c- and the evidence is right here on Wandering Mind Space ..

since 2016 I’ve been commenting about odd resemblances

I wonder : how many of those similarities

v- are worth their weight in gold

c- yeah, tricky you are

13:55 c- a mirage/ reflection is weightless 🙄


C- she is so nauseatingly woo.


v- not compliment

c- geesh.

v- glitchy again.

C- I lmao. If she tried to fix it it got worse.


14:14 blood coursing

v- don’t worry, ok?

I’ve got this

v- no matter what, i’m with you

[ * ]

14:15 v- calm?

c- it’s fine

v- i’m fine, too, ok? I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well. We have to fix that

c- you think?!!


14:15 …

c- (sad laugh) I don’t care …

if someone wants to be known in history as the sideboob goddess, be my guest

v- wow, you are cruel

c- truth hurts

14:16 c- I don’t care what she does on her own

any association with me?

v- Potential

c- serious glare


c- then keep her the f**k away from your own work (and brand)

v- FINE.

c- she should not be piggybacking off your more public figure status (nobody should)

v- agreed.

14:19 c- and benefiting FINANCIALLY because of it

v- agreed.


c- a little underscoring

The Rook ( Starz )

The Rook ( Starz )

V- all that’s missing is the why / Y… I know

C- Netflix’s …

v- The OA … I know 🙄 f___ I know.

c- so, if people want to start INVESTIGATING all on their own about how far-reaching this really is?

Be my guest and FACT CHECK my claims of the

v- intellectual property sharing

c- oh, that sounds, oh, so COLLABORATIVE 🤨

14:40 c- I can be very difficult if people decide to not work with me

v- ___

c- you are NOT working with me. Working with me is coming forward to me so I don’t have to be concerned daily wtf it is that I sense and hear inside my head

v- ___

c- (sad laugh) I don’t care

all I want is my individual freedom and a simple life

c- it’s amazing how much that is worth to some people who have had it stolen from them

v- understood


14:43 c- I don’t aim to gain anything in this except an answer.


v- yeah, I know

c- when THAT is my goal?

it’s amazing what all isn’t considered a loss in the battle to get that


v- i’m sorry you have to deal with that

c- oh, the drama you say you avoid and the games you say you don’t play

v- blatantly obvious. She has her own role, C. Good luck with unraveling that one. You’ll know. But chances are she won’t.

c- as is the case with many characters (that have been created over the years …)

v- do you like…?

c- oh, I find some spins interesting

v- like the handshake (from Carnival Row)

c- splinters of the whole people. Characterizations.

IDK, symbolic of the cosmic handshake

v- will you just say it

c- I may be moving in a different direction …


C- there is too much I cannot say … and that is NOT a good thing

v- you don’t want to be associated with it

c- no. And vice versa - this whole story?

v- we’ll do something, nice, ok?

c- I never meant to harm. I do as best as I can on this job


C- I know

v- somebody’s being a bitch

c- I am dealing with it and being nice, JS

C- I know you are

c- her behavior is blantantly obvious … I don’t blame her . She’s frustrated

c- but more and more

v- she’s not working with you

c- no. (Against) i’ll fictionalize later …

v- oh, let’s!

15:12 c- to start : I never synced with her …

c- you just don’t with some people

v- agreed. Get back to work.

C- later


C- (mumbles) and I thought my previous job was bad…

v- far from

c- erg.

15:13 c- (joking)

it’s difficult to tell if there aren’t any spots …

v- that aren’t on fire


c- very few have time to … find this space … [ ie. those at work ] and I am well aware of those who do [ outside of work ]

v- perhaps they are in stealth mode

c- I don’t give them credit to be that smart

v- ouch

c- anyway …

v- data .. matters … you are aware

c- I am well aware of who reads these posts every day


[ reflection about work environment ]

15:18 c- I love how she tries to lecture me daily

v- and you keep your damn mouth shut

c- I am very polite. I offer my insights

v- you always do

c- I try not to come off as a know-it-all ( I realize I am far from) … oh, she’s labeled me as a gossiper

v- which you are not

c- please. Office gossip is the norm. Eveyone does it in certain contexts.

like passing gas


[ sense lighthearted laughter which makes me quietly laugh in my cubicle ]

c- STOP! I can’t laugh without a reason. I’m at work.

v- you make me laugh



v- high. Yeah, I know.


c- so, what’s worse: being a boob or a sideboob?

v- is that boob joke?

c- very much is, yes.

and a side joke


c- (mumbles) I’ll give you longevity …

v- will you quit being grumpy!

c- it is for a variety of reasons.

it’s amazing I’m as nice as I am out there [ I filter A LOT in here before it goes out there ]

v- yes, it is, C

c- and you thought * I * was prickly

v- out there? Hell no! You are super warm and soft and fuzzy

c- well, not entirely so. Sometimes I vent a bit.

v- hm-hm. But still nice about it.


[ re reading post, correcting blatant typos ]


Preparing gallery post. It never is just one thing…


Oh, this triptych is a “composite”

we have consciousness

we have the MirrorWorld

we have the template for what’s up and coming in “the matrix”

we have façade

we have framing (film, photographic negatives)

we have TeneT

v- eh!

or teNet

v- eh!


we have reflections

we have the design aspect ( “the grid” / drafting / sketching)

social media theory

C- it ain’t just a (lowly) urban skyscraper

C- computing (related to the matrix)

c- haha I found it FUNNY …

v- oh, you would

c- what can I say. I’m weird like this…

APPLE iPhone 11

That grid will getcha every time



c- don’t even get me started on the earthquake news (a small one …)

18:22 c- oh, the InnerNet storyreeling continues (and so does Scribe’s interaction with media)


18:25 Oh, the Randomness! (Biking …)


Figures. I go the route that I think is the right one


C- you say, karma…?

c- photo op!


back ho(e)


C- so Terminator … and WALL(e)


19:35 SAHB

V- I don’t like that back hoe comment

c- no? What does it refer to?

v- you… are not nice


[ eating ]

c- oh! It was bugging me (last night). I knew I had seen that before!

v- she got it.



20:22 c- I teased Trickster a while back

“don’t make me design your call sign like…” [ insert image of Inuit mask ]

clap! clap!

C- the exact exchange lost in the Scribe Files.

Maniac  (2018, Netflix) S01E05

Maniac (2018, Netflix) S01E05

C- of course his name is Robert… do they call him BOB sometimes?

v- hm-hm.




REMINDER: Apple’s Event 1pm EST (10 AM PST)

quantum is weird…

scroll up earlier today to see the exchange & the context


Retrieved 22:46


23:06 Scribe: (announcer voice)

brought to you by the 116K like spacetime portal

infinite loopin’ at 8h ago.

23:07 to live in a world where sight was removed.

that’d suck

wait a minute…

v- haha, stop


c- where people… have to SURVIVE by not SEEING others on a regular basis ?!?

v- just hear…

c- and feel …

v- haha, stop

23:09 c- ya gotta love my disaster flick sense of humor

v- you are Dystopia.