18:12 SBD: the discussion will not die with a block

I noticed you blocked ShadowBellyDance IG.

…. nor with a delete (this discussion thread that appears in the header image has disappeared from Rachel Rossitto’s “pure love” post)

Read her description carefully

does it really say anything about the type of relationship they have?

is it exclusive?

do they EVER come out and say they are not romantically involved with other people?


they show but never tell.

SBD: I find it curious the twin flame question goes unanswered and unproven between Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto. [ LINK ]

Impetusmot, are you afraid of a challenge? If you want this post removed, contact me.

Be aware, I will describe our interaction in such incredible detail that it will shine a spotlight on how you (or whoever removed our thread) do(es) not spread enlightenment but hide(s) behind blocking walls

Whoever deleted this thread? Is like a bookburner.

Unfortunately, in the digital age? Once posted publicly, it could last indefinitely in one form or another.


18:16 posting

SBD: Impetusmot, you should be aware that for over five years I have researched Jason Silva, recorded nearly every single one of his social media posts

Needless to say, I know him better than you do.

18:18 SBD: you have proven one of my points:

the Woo world, those who believe in the twin flame mythology, aren’t up to the challenge

they see the superficial layer and don’t see beyond. They don’t pay attention.

If they did? They would have caught onto something extraordinary.

If you did? You would have realized one very important fact: the Jason Silva you think you know?

He’s hiding something.

18:20 He hides it in plain sight. Has been doing it for years.

However, you and the majority of followers get mesmerized and drawn in by your own misconceptions. Your own expectations. Your own assumptions.

You see Rachel with him and you think they are the perfect couple… (and why wouldn’t you? They do everything to reinforce misconceptions and mislead in ways no one is very aware of)


What has Jason Silva really said about Rachel Rossitto?

Is he going through the motions of what couples should do … and you all believe … in the fantasy?

you all believe … he’s MONOGAMOUS?




What are the chances he and Rachel SELECTIVELY post only certain parts of their lives via social media?

What parts are they “cropping out”?


QUESTION: how long did it take for Jason and Rachel to show up together on social media after Jason announced she was arriving to Amsterdam?

August 1 : “My lovely love will be arriving tomorrow”

When did they “appear” together?


derheni was the first person to ask the question AFTER ABOUT A WEEK of them “being together in Amsterdam”

That same day as derheni’s question - AUGUST 8th - Rachel posts an IG story showing the two of them biking through Amsterdam.

Neither Rachel nor Jason post anything on social media about their shared time together in Amsterdam (except Rachel filming Jason doing pull-ups Aug 3), even though the week before Jason said Rachel was arriving.


why crop her out?

why crop him out?

NOBODY EVER asks these questions.

In the meantime, what does Jason post about?

PAY ATTENTION to what they never talk about.

WAKE UP to the fact that these two? Are hiding something.

For a couple who have never shied away from VISUALLY publicly posting about their romance they sure don’t like to talk much about said relationship.


Perhaps people only hear about what type of relationship they have if they PAY to join Rachel Rossitto’s coaching services.

AS A REMINDER, impetusmot , the “genuine love” post by Rachel Rossitto?

promoted her business and her EVOKE coaching sessions.


When are THE ONLY times Rachel or Jason have talked about each other in length?

… do I dare say during PAID EVENTS?

IN NEARLY ONE YEAR since they met at Burning Man

they have not spoken freely and in depth about who they are to each other.

Odd considering how everyone, including themselves - based on the likes to followers’ comments - consider them to be a “perfect couple” just by their VISUAL (for show) posts.

Be discerning.

Don’t fall for the illusion of # couple goals

when they haven’t earned that right by being honest and forthright about so many aspects of their relationship.

Never assume they are a certain type of couple when they themselves haven’t defined what type of relationship they have.

They only show a splinter of truth …

and what truth is that?


impetusmot IG first post



SBD: I have more public data that I have collected about you as part of my research that I will not disclose. Be aware, you have been profiled. If you post or comment publicly? It is public domain.

SBD: Again, you may request that I remove posts that portray your content, but be aware that I can still textually, artistically or verbally describe my interaction with your content to give an indirect narration instead of a direct (re)posting of your content.

there is a reason your interaction is reposted.

it may be in your best interest to allow me to keep it up.

I mean no disrespect. All I ask for is a continuation of a discussion I find important - that you or whoever erased / deleted.

You put up a wall by blocking SBD.

That sends out to the world a negative vibe.

Instead of creating opportunities for an ongoing conversation about twin flames, soul mates, etc. you decided to block SBD, delete the back and forth comments between yourself and SBD, and also eliminate any chance for anyone else to participate or contribute to that discussion - including Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto, although I doubt they’d enter into a discussion. They rarely enter into any meaningful conversation on social media, unless it’s a compliment about how good they look or how “good” they are.

Pay attention to their engagement.

It reveals what type of people they are.

We all are what we repeatedly do.

I realize some may categorize my interactions as bullying. It is not.

Prove me wrong. Track their engagement. What do they like?

what do they say if they reply?

who do they interact with?

They are what they repeatedly do.