DAY 1908



08 October 2015 retrieved 10:06 EST [ posted ~ 09:24 EST / 15:24 Amsterdam time ] - posted video of a kiss shared with an unidentified woman

08 October 2015 retrieved 10:06 EST [ posted ~ 09:24 EST / 15:24 Amsterdam time ] - posted video of a kiss shared with an unidentified woman

01:50 c- I wish I didn’t sense you, but I do. I sense it first, before I observe what it was that I sensed.

This is something I have years’ worth of data for.

There aren’t corresponding posts for all of the sensations.

Why would I timestamp everything for years?




Why would I do that?

Because my experiences are real.

Someone is connected to me and he needs to admit it.

Let’s just say we have had control experiments over the years that when either of us sees it posted or broadcast? We both need to realize it’s too coincidental to be coincidence.

In the end? I want people to understand what I endured.

How I had to tolerate incessant sensations that came through me. How someone’s thoughts whispered in my brain and I could tell they were not mine.

If it’s nothing & I have misread the data (and misinterpreted my experiences), which I still have to consider because no one has come forward, then my case will go nowhere.

However, if Jason Silva is tele(m)pathically connected to me? He and Rachel Rossitto will need to answer for the sensorial rape and torture that I endured.

This is not love. This is abuse that continued when they both KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY had a relationship that negatively affected the woman who was quantum entangled with Jason Silva.

I post this not as deranged fan (I am not a fan of either, never have been), nor as someone seeking money or fame - nor even a woman who who is attracted to Jason Silva (he is far from the type of man I would date/marry). I am just a woman who is fighting for the freedom of her individual bodymind and rights as a human being for privacy and personal happiness and wellbeing.

I do not need to see the following posts.

I SENSE Jason Silva - which the metadata will prove when compared with my logs.

I cannot log everything in my day anymore because I am busier, but there are years’ worth of hits / correspondences that will prove a connection exists.

There is evidence that someone HEARS me, too … secrets I have told no one. Those are my controls.



C- I made SACRIFICES over the years to not be romantically involved so the person (or persons) on the other end of the tele(m)pathic line did not feel violated.


Be aware I realize the gravity of my accusations. If I didn’t have a trail of evidence that is 1908 days long, this post wouldn’t exist.

02:09 THIS situation makes a (romantic) relationship DIFFICULT to say the least.

All these images that seem to portray a happy couple?

they represent to me SENSATIONS that whenever I sense anything that resembles an accelerated heartbeat, heartwarm, sensual inner caress … IT IS A SENSORIAL RAPE to me.

In 2014 I created a Love at First short story series with accompanying poems …

five years later?


I want people to realize that I deserved an answer five years ago.

Jason? YOU NEVER should have entered into ANY intimate relationship with anyone if you are connected to me tele(m)pathically.

just like you, I deserve my happiness.

V-I know you do. This is destroying me.

C- you made these choices without consulting me, leaving me in the dark

I have had to question EVERYTHING

my sanity

your goodness


v- and you never should have had to


c- so if this is an unprecedented connection that is provable? (Which I will prove that it is with or without your help = you coming forward and admitting it )

THIS RELATIONSHIP you’ve had with Rachel Rossitto (and the women who came before)?

will be historical record.

your interactions with them caused me undue harm and hardship



02:25 c- and quit crying through me. I rarely report about it anymore because it makes me look that much more

v- insane … sorry





loss of focus


numbing of the senses

effects drug use sensed tele(m)pathically


drugging someone against their will and without their consent IS NOT RIGHT.

You want to be blissed out (by drugs or otherwise)?

You don’t want the tele(m)pathically connected woman to be your BUMMER?

be responsible and do the right thing.


These social media shares send out a VERY different message for the woman who is mind body linked to you


08:29 You and she are posting sexually suggestive images, which places both of you in the same place.

No matter what happened there, whatever I sense tele(m)pathically is put into question.

When I say I DO NOT CONSENT repeatedly, I do so for a reason.

To date, I have not been contacted by Jason Silva to say he is or is not mindbody linked with me.

I have given him and his lawyers (and whoever) notice. That’s it. I am not harassing. I am posing a possibility.

What would it be like in my position if I were sharing consciousness with Jason Silva (for five years)?


Now, if I can prove a connection like this exists, what ethical and legal ramifications does that have?

When two people are entangled, how can they live separate, happy lives?

Whrn they are pushed and pulled by each other’s life force, circumstances and surroundings?


If Jason travels, my sleep/wake cycles are affected. Sleep is crucial to health and welfare.


Early on, I was willing to accommodate such a connection and my lifestyle allowed me to.

Now, it affects me negatively.

Jason Silva? You travel to luxury resorts and posh Airbnb’s, villas with Rachel Rossitto.

What message is that sending out when the woman you are connected to is barely getting by?

It is not a dream.

It is a nightmare

It is not kind.

It is cruel.



Nothing to worry about if I am not tele(m)pathically connected.

Just consider all this the musings of an artist turning around in her mind the implications of such a connection .

However, of I do have a verifiable connection?

v- hell hath no fury

c- like a righteously angry woman who doesn’t want any human to ever endure what I have been submitted to for the past five years.

v- let’s work on that, ok?




c- to be happy at someone else’s expense is not right … THIS CONNECTION changes all sorts of relationships and how we can interact and affect each other …

v- hypothetical (connection)

c- hm-hm (Seriously stare)

v- yeah, I know. Busted… too coincidental to be coincidence. You saw it.

C- yes, I saw it.

08:55 c- when I find out who is the contact

v- for the networks

c- game over

v- understood


c- there is a trail of my suspicions based on my observations, or as I call them:

illustrations of my everyday encounters with media

08:58 c- you see the headlines on CNN?

v- yeah, I saw that

c- I know there is a CNN connection. There is too much weirdness. I don’t know who ..

v- but it’s making you crazy

c- as crazy as it sounds… yes, I believe someone has the capability to prioritize and word headlines a certain way … it’s not just an algorithm

v- I know …


C- I sense you … it’s not funny… I am trying my best to manage all this

v- and it’s huge

c- the possibility of it being epic, yes, even that

09:00 c- frickin’ smoke detector …

v- since midnight

c- I put earplugs in, waited until 8 am to call the emergency maintenance hotline

THIS is the type of person I am

i will suffer through that annoyance until 8 am because I am considering what an inconvenience a midnight call would be to that maintenance guy


c- i’m Going out on the patio in a second and shutting the door so I Don’t have to hear its loud shrill beeping


❤️ (Call) It’s Handy Randy

v- aw… he’s back

C- he was transferred to another property, but now must handle emergency calls, too



posting to CS

hm… getting traffic even though it’s been dormant for a while …


[ chatting with Randy …

c- he is so nice

v- and you’re nice

c- I am nice to people who aren’t a 5yr annoyance


10:09 v- you check your stats

c- data analytics, even if just skimming the surface, are a good indicator of “glances”

C: not bad for a wee itty bitty small business that hasn’t been to market in over a month …

v- omg, I know .. they miss you

[ chatting with Randy as he fixes my detector & swaps out my air filter, which he didn’t my have to do but he’s NICE ]

v- omg, he likes you

c- people do tend to like me once they get to know me


10:27 v- you’re just being pissy

c- five years

v- yeah, I get it


cutting edge

v- hardy har har



tangent …

C- (lol) we have our own version

re: rollercoasters


C- wait for it …

V- you are going to Cedar Point

c- I am not sayin’ … (when)

c- it’s called my occasional PAYBACK

10:32 v- no long waits this time

c: uh, no, I promised my girls fast passes next time. The five hour wait was brutal…. with watching - during that time - the poor riders get stuck on the vertical rise to the first drop of Millennial Force … after waiting 4+ hours we were like

NOT GETTING OUT OF LINE unless they shit down the ride completely.


v- Steel Vengeance

c- that was a fun one .. three hour wait on that one. Erg. Get the fast pass.

v- always get the fast pass

10:34 c- but … if you’re not connected, you didn’t sense anything.

v- no, I did

10:35 c- hm.

80 degree drop on Millennial Force…

v- yeah, I know

c- and it twists and turns

v- uh-huh

[ finished watching Kevin Hart + Jimmy Fallon ]

LOL … ~ sometimes riding the front car on the shore of Lake Erie during mayfly season

v- isn’t the best thing …


c- if I remember correctly, you never posted a video of you doing that indoor skydiving incident … YOU DID DO THAT, not just your brother … I SENSED IT

V- I know you did


10:44 c- it must be interesting to hear a voice inside your head say…

wait for it…

v- and then you sense it

c- for 13 hours straight

v- thanks for that

c- you’re welcome. Careful with endurance athletes

v- yeah, I know … and stubborn women



10:46 v- test pilot (humorously pissy tone)

c- yeah, well, we all have our duty


C- it was my whole “well, if you’re not coming forward, then this shouldn’t affect you …” pissiness

working on CS today (and branding / labels)

v- I want to …

c- hm-hm… I would have yesterday but I was unusually FATIGUED for some reason



V- I want to see …

c- I hate to show, because I’m paranoid .. I start to see ..

v- resemblances

c- and then it somewhat upsets me because I (also) came up with the concept

v- and aren’t making any money off of it

c- the danger of sharing online , even selling online …

v- infringement

c- someone profiting off your good idea who may be in a better position to make money off of YOUR GOOD IDEA…

10:55 c- I guess I’ll just say this: be careful with what you create and sell …

if I notice a resemblance, in the future, my lawyers / I may approach you and ask for proof of concept…

Infringement proceeds to go to charity

c- I may become a very dangerous woman in the future and all these gray areas of

v- ownwrship

c- intellectual property … will be questioned and put to the test

c- I also do research and get ideas from others.

i fully recognize their influence .. thatMs what Wandering Mind and all the side channels are for - to make transparent my creative process

HOWEVER if you sell shit and make a profit off of a too similar concept to Wandering Mind, etc.

v- be forewarned

10:58 cool fresh open air wind tunnely sense

c- it’s unfair to me as a creative and others like me …

10:59 v- agreed

C- not any contact (crediting) in five years … and I cannot just pass it off as creative adjacency - those do happen

v- but not repeatedly

c- and not in the eerily similar ways that I observe

v- agreed


c- so. Here’s the sketch for the crafty scribe branded label


11:02 v- and you have your point

c- of course I do

v- omg I love it.

c- it’s simple ..

v- to the point


C- it’s just a fragment of what I have to come up with, and the labels vary in shapes and sizes

v- and it’s all hand drawn

c- for now… can’t afford the customized, professional labeling yet

11:03 c- the hand drawn,as one of my friends said who saw my workshop

gives it a personalized touch

11:04 c- a lot of work, but it gets done over time

11:04 c- that’s why I keep myself small (for now)

c- I ain’t no Frankie

v- love you

c- there is a setting to not let people purchase more than so many units and warns you when inventory is low

v- love you …

11:05 c- hm-hm


C- I can’t find a YT videoclip or I would post it here .. I donmt even remember which season or episode it was

but while high … Frankie promises on social media free products … and it goes viral and the company

v- is in chaos

c- trying to keep up with the orders for their small business venture




v- ____

11:10 c- i’m not mentioning it now.


11:11 back to…

v- slicing and dicing

c- cutting edge(s)

V- labelmaker [ humorously insulting tone ]

c- aren’t there machines that do this..?

v- yes, there are

c- but for THIS SIZE

V- no…

c- hm.


[ reading comments ]

c- I had a positive outlook and approach for years and you walked all over my existence. What sort of message does that imprint on a person who only wanted GOOD to come out of a connection like this?!

I don’t want to live your lifestyle. AND I AM FORCED to live it every day

I realize that it may go both ways but I am THE ONLY ONE who has voiced my experiences and concerns - indirectly at first, then more direct and specific - over the years.

NOT YOU. ME. It had to be me.


C- what angers me even more is YOU HAVE CONTROL over all this …

AND YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY ELSE but resolve the issues that cause so much suffering (in our inner space).


c- I am screaming that I do. It want to have any association with that CLIQUE and I have no choice in the matter now or in the foreseeable future

v- and that bothers you

c- very much. I should have a choice overtime own life experiences … sensing all that shit?

is NOT what I’d prefer to have to experience.

What’s more when I SEE what I experienced

v- you’re even more pissed

c- there are better ways to make good of this - that lifestyle? Isn’t it, in my opinion and personal preference

c- you could have come forward years ago and I would have been more flexible.

now, I scream in protest because you’ve worked against me, made choices without consulting me that DIRECTLY affect my wellbeing

amd I am supposed to be OK with those choices?

that is far from a healthy relationship, and borders on abusive …

and I realize it isn’t easy for you

but where are you ?

Every day, where are you?

You have all the resources to make a quick trip to let me know and give me peace, and you choose something else.

and you wonder why I get so upset.


c- and all this wind tunnely sense?

What am I thinking right now? Hm?

What do I have to wonder?

what do I have to consider?

what do I have to endure ?

where is he? Who is he with? What is he doing? Is what I am feeling something I do not want to experience?


this has been non stop for five years

12:20 c- and it has only gotten worse because of your choice of ASSOCIATION

it isn’t just my fault for putting a negative spin on “our story”


I shouldn’t have to wonder and be preoccupied about all these sensations


v- ____

12:23 c- IT’S ABUSIVE.

You and whoever you associate with (if they know the extent of this connection)

v- have a moral responsibility.


C- it isn’t all unconditional love and all that hippie bullshit. If they experienced what I have for years, under these conditions

v- they’d go crazy


12:28 c- the ongoing issues between us

v- with us

c- is lack of communication. By only communicating telepathically - which with quantum, we may be dealing with different versions of ourselves … that whole quantum well hell of multiple virtual realities until the waveform collapses … - and sporadic digital “messages” which may not be anything, may be misinterpreted, etc …

v- is not reliable

c- it’s relationship 101 … with any type of relationship - clear and constant communication

v- and we don’t have that

c- 100% Miami = 0%

v- yeah, I know


C- I have always approached this as any normal person would… within the range of my capabilities and resources.

What am I supposed to do?

yeah, trust me, i’ve Nearly exhausted all my options

v- except legal action


V- and the attacks

c- serious glare : do you think I wanted to do that?

and what are they, really?

Can they, too, be explained away as


c- have your lawyers hash away at that ambiguity.

v- yeah, i know


on couch


[ reading comments ]

chuckling & lol…

c- it’s not that I have anything against some parts of your last video

v- oh, no, C

c- … but these comments are more critical than the comments that I made … AND YOU BLOCKED ME.

v- fiine.

c- there are some real doozies on the comment thread with zingers … very imaginative

v- stop … I take them well… not my best video

c- no, far from. Not that it is an unworthy message. Just not one of your best … although a large swath of your followers thinks it is … you know I have high standards, though


c- there’s another one… they really don’t like you swearing

v- yeah, I gotta watch that

c- just *** it out

v- yeah, I can’t do that


14:10 v- which one do you like the best?


14:12 c- … . Care to explain?

v- (chuckles) no

14:13 c (chuckling) I also like the comments that point out that you make them anxious …

i think you might want to reconsider your approach and presentation style if it’s a video about ANXIETY

V- (chuckling) stop. I know. I saw those, too






energy drained

somewhat strong AHB


getting up from couch (been resting) to close screen door, turn on AC, get drink

c- this better not happen tomorrow when I have to work …

v- ___ Donger need food

c- are you trying to smooth this over with 16 Candles humor ?!?

v- yeah, well


C- I have been slammed with fatigue - I seriously cannot do anything in this state

i had wanted to do work for my small business (serious glare)

you know, that other job where I try to make enough money to barely get by?!?


v- pissy

c- yeah, well?!? This is my whole point of MY LIFE cannot accommodate this


15:53 c- (mumbles) f ** kin’ live in the now & be present

do people know what living in our now & present is like ?!?

v- no

c (chuckles) it’s all whacked up

v- hm-hm. Sorry.. pretty strong?

c- yes.


V- love you…

c (sad tired chuckle) I know … I just really wanted to get work done for Crafty Scribe this weekend because I’m finally going back to market next Saturday

v- weather-permitting

c- yeah, I know … SIX missed prime summer beautifully sunny Saturdays

c- and I’m usually too tired during the week with my 15-hour workdays (with all the biking and public transportation)


16:01 c: that’s what pisses me off, too. That one work from work morning

v- planned power outage

c- I was able to do everything I would have done at the office and also mix paints that day



C- oh, I’ve been creatively planting suggestive “work from home” pros at the office with a wide range of employees

v- ____ within

c- (chuckles) I can’t interpret that “subversive ness?”

v- (chuckles) that’ll work


C: even one flex day a week. Geesh. We all can’t do any quick (necessary M-F) errands, doctors appointments, etc without taking (un)paid time off … we all are the working wounded … and that carries with it its own risks

v- agreed

16:07 c- the people I talk to all say they are more productive at home (fewer interruptions & can stay on task)

v- yuP

c- especially with the shared switchboard responsibilities … which causes major issues if anyone is pulled away from a detail-oriented task, like inputting an authorization … you get that data wrong, it causes issues down the line

v- a claim doesn’t go through

c- or if it does it gets rejected by the (insurance) payer



BACKTRACK to 20 September 2017 17:51



The world will want to know who she was pre- Jason Silva.

You want to know how much influence she had… what her first IG post was? What her FB profile looked like… her company website?

DATA tells some interesting tales.

I already had a better idea about who she was before you even tagged her.

It’s called RESEARCH.

Who did she follow?

How many likes did she get back then?

Where had she traveled?

who did she associate with?

17:40 c- by the end of this I will be able to give people statistics about how YOUR SUPPORT and association helped her financially.

[ back to pulling files from the archive ]

17:41 c- we make choices every day

I’m going make mine worth something. And they are going to prove an important point:

what you both chose NOT to do?

had a negative effect on my life.

what you did for each other?

had a negative effect on my life.

We are nearing the “one year” mark … and I put that in quotes because of a strange dream I had years prior to your “meeting” RR at BM.

v- Tulum … I know

c- it was a VERY strange dream how it synced up with all this years later

v- I know it did


c- people need to understand what I went through just to survive all this

v- while we were going to luxury resorts

c- and social media humping each other

v- you’re being funny

c- yeah, well, I know the support you have given me

v- and I thank you for recognizing that

c - you had another comment about a book that needs to be written

v- I saw that … or rather heard it


17:46 c- she may have deleted older posts

v- but you have them

C- anything that has ever been publicly accessible

v- is public domain

c- and could last an eternity



17:47 c- over the years I have researched people’s first posts, first follows, etc

that data tells a story


17:49 c- I hope ya’all have a contingency plan

v- is called coming to talk to you

c- that would be the easier way to go about this for everyone involved


C- I did this with Valerya, too

v- oh, I know you did

c- and she was what? A few months? (Public posts together)

V- another model

c- yeah, you do go for the show girls

v- ha.ha.ha.

c- GLOW Season 3 is hilarious about how that all is rolled in

v- I knew you would like it


Her first IG post had only handful of likes, if anyone cares to know …


c- I don’t appreciate her art or her profession. Everyone has their thing. I would never pay for her services whether or not this unusual connection existed.

i would not follow her - her art is not the art I prefer.

i would not associate with any of her friends or business associates

I know you do. That is your life.

v- why do you have such a problem …

c- I find it superficial. I find it misguided. I find it elitist.

We all have our own preference and “way”

that way is not my way

I find “them” divisive - I have yet to find anyone who is willing to have a meaningful discussion. They find my contrarian questions and comments

v- abusive

c- they may come off that way TO THEM. I am just desperately seeking an intelligent engagement on social media and your pages?

v- it’s all fluff

c- it dead ends in a variety of ways. It’s nauseating how you filter bubble yourselves in and set up the conditions that don’t prepare the visitors AT ALL for real world circumstances

we all have realities where we have to confront problems

we can’t just



our way through.

it zombifies people. Period.

perhaps some need, like we all do, to veg out in front of fluff.

guess that’s ya’alls eye candy pages.


C- i’ve read enough comments to realize .. people really need to be more discerning

v- everyone has their preferences. Just leave it at that

c- I have YET to see RR be a role model instead of a model catwalking.

people may disagree with that. Her social media presence says otherwise

v- and yours?

c- which one? The one that I contribute as a muse to quite a few people with enough pull to put content out there that millions access?

v- yeah, well…

c- me being HAUGHTY .. and I have yet to get ANYONE to contact and talk to me about it.

So, yes, I’m the delusional one … for now.

18:05 c- if you’re looking for the woman who “just lets it be”

she died years ago.

This woman? Fights for individual human rights.

she puts out public service announcements forewarning people about what’s up and coming …

she doean’t make a single penny, but spends thousands over the years to put and keep this content out there and live off of NO ONE’S support (no one = those who are involved with this connection)


C- i’m not going to be that nice girl anymore.

v- she died years ago

c- she’s still here … just a bit meaner with you and anyone who takes away the happiness and way of life I have a right to


C- and by way of life I mean not always concerned about any shift in sensation that is attributed

v- to tele(m)pathy




c- I research who she follows, too. I have profiles on them.

v- … and you follow … omg…

c- in some cases, no one.

V- a mystery

c- I didn’t do it for that reason. I’m an odd duck

here’s my theory

v- love this part

c- social media is in a desperate need of revamping

We all have many aspects

v- multi-faceted ___

c- yeah, I never did finish that train of thought (Brian Solis) … I was slammed with fatigue yesterday also … I attribute it to someone TRAVELING

V- yeah, well…

c-the energy drains suck


C- we should be… and we can … but it isn’t easy to set up

we should be able to set up

v- different versions of ourselves

c- for example :

i have my personal side

my business side

my creative side

my research side

my social side (i’m Making this up …

v- antisocial social media butterfly)

but all these you should be able to switch seamlessly with … and under each have different people who you could follow and who follow you

c- right now you have to ..

V- give your left testicle

c- to set up each you need a different email, different phone number, etc… verify your identity

v- FB is awful

c- yes. Anyway … I get how we want to make sure accounts are legit and are people with good intentions


I don’t want my personal channel to mix with some of my creative accounts

v- like eZ

c- uh, no. The children know, but they don’t Need to be exposed to its content nor who may follow, etc

v- no … are you proud of …

c- I don’t Have the time nor money to dedicate to realizing what I envisioned it to be

v- it’s a slow process

c- i’m Just this way… I tinker away at the side project …

v- that best fits your mood

c- and it’s very slow and I have very little time when I do get the time … so, some projects

v- are delayed

c- are just dormant for a long time


18:34 c- I will continue to push back … for my own reasons

v- to try to make things right

c- it’s not that

[ projection received ]

c- will you stop that?

v- snuggle?

c- honestly, if people knew…

v- haha I know

18:35 c- it’s not that you both are not good people

I just vehemently disagree with how you handle this

v- no! (Being funny)


c- it’s chaos in here. And that is a direct result of you not coming forward. Period.

v- I come forward the waveform collapses. Got it. We get on with our lives, whatever that may be

v- ___

c- i’m Not transcribing that vulgarity.




v- Andean Blue having its photoshoot


too dark [ opens blinds ]

[ takes several photos … ]


Creative/Design process / business sense

v- presentation, presentation, presentation


C- I abhor online product descriptions that do not describe well enough nor have good product photos

v- agreed, c

19:09 c- getting there: it’s a work in progress