SPLINTER notes DAY 1907


For the legal team for future reference.


In preparation for 04/15/20 (or before, if someone good & kind comes forward before then)


Legal question: at what point did I first contact Jason Silva?

At what point was a connection verified?

Date(s) & Time(s) of when I notified both Jason Silva and Rachel Rossitto that I did not consent to any intimate connection between the two of them due to the sensorial transference issue?

If I am in any way connected to Jason Silva - quantum entangled - or if I have just been a source of inspiration (never credited or contacted), ANY connection will be cause to question Jason Silva & Rachel Rossitto’s ethics and moral backbones.

A side by side comparison will be completed by a legal team of our lifestyles from August 2018 moving forward and his contact with Rachel Rossitto and his promotion of her business.

Moving backward in time, incidents of his contact with anyone and any event that caused sensorial transference through me will be compiled.

Resemblances to any of my life and creative works in any of his published content will be catalogued. If any of these sources of inspiration forwarded or maintained his career during this time, my legal team will question him why he never contacted me via normal channels.

I have logged the events since June 2014 of the first incidents of when I sensed strange energetic pulses through me, when I heard a voice, and when I started noticing similarities in his content to my life and posted content.

The delay in normal contact will be taken into consideration from June 2014 moving forward.

I never asked for money.

I never asked for fame.

I just wanted an answer.

If I am forced to approach you, it will be with a legal team supporting me.

I never wanted or intended to take this route, but you have crossed too many lines.


addendum 15 Aug 19