DAY 1898

IMAGE: Vet office sign along Scribe’s bike route

IMAGE: Vet office sign along Scribe’s bike route

07:46 c- I am not sure how this is pet-related, besides a howling dog and a human yelling, but…

v- inappropriately appropriate


07:49 c- i’m going to be late to work again … because of sparkly gold


07:51 c- I topped off the extra full but the others are new

C- I could not go another day without making progress … I only had one half pan and no quarter pans of this darker gold mica…

v- what’s next?

c- IDK… probably medieval colors (thyme, limonite, hematite … no woad cuz… I don’t have enough and I can’t afford to Prichard any more even if it were available

v- which it isn’t

c- I need to stake my garden. When I planted the seeds, either weeds came up or both and I didn’t know which plant was which…

it’s extremely labor intensive anyway to make the pigment out of the plant and I have no time for that right now

07:55 c- frickin’ five hours of travel time is another job I could be working to make money. This is not a good work-work / work-life balance … BUT it’s the only job that pays … so we suffer through it & take what we can get


C- five years in and I am so regretting ever joining IP … I ALWAYS lived more practically and this whole tangent that I went on?

Not worth it since in the end?

here I am SETTLING and it’s the practical that again gives me something to survive on

i ALWAYS lived by that principle and for five years o strayed from that and I am regretting EVER having thought that loving a different way would get me anywhere GOOD


c- so, I have, by my estimation :aunt people STEALING or at least mirroring my content - without ever coming forward and at least THANKING me…

I have a DELUSION I have to live with every day

v- with no answer … you don’t have to go on


c- no, my life is how EVERYONE who told me

“get a job, any job”

”that sounds evil”

they are ALL right

and what I believed in?



C- if this is what I think it is?

imagine what I have to go through EVERY DAY and there is NO ONE there to tell me what I believe in

v- matters …


c- it is BRUTAL to realize that what I had hoped and envisioned to be good? Is quite the opposite in too many ways that I can ignore any longer

i’m Listening more to those other voices … those REAL voices who go against my very experience

c- because you know what?

THEY are having a better life than I am.

08:02 c- i’ll Stop because I’ll get more pissy and upset

08:02 c- what I observe?

isn’t my life

I may sense it

it it isn’t mine and I definitely shouldn’t have to live (sense/observe/be aware of) it


C- so, ya’all who are getting inspiration? This all goes dark soon. After they, I pull together a case and it ain’t gonna be pretty

v- agreed, and you won’t have to go that far

c- it’s not even about the money, it’s the whole principle now…

NO ONE should have done what they did for this long and not answer for it … especially in such a simple way that I asked for since the beginning ..


glances outside

😧could it be?…😳

[ hopeful puppy dog eyes … ]


10:20 v- omg you are wrong


V- got it


c- my sympathetic coworkers asked if I’d consider moving

uh, mention Cleveland Ave around Columbus and everyone would say

v- hell no

c- that and Livingston Ave… [ I do not want to stereotype or say negative things about any place … because some call these areas home … just not my idea of home ]


C- apologizes, Cleveland Ave residents…

v- I know, no apologies needed

c- as I explained to J as she drove me home the other day : I enjoy my quiet

v- and peace

c- a country girl needs quiet … not city sounds

v- agreed


10:25 c- it has no wrap

v- she was talking about taking off the wrap (and changing it)

c- hm-hm

V - omg, c I hope that’s the car

c- one hour travel time a day (gah….)

v- I know …

c- I appreciate motorized travel so much more …

v- (chuckles) I know

c- it’s not like I haven’t gone without it before … I used to bike 20+ miles a day to work back in high school & college


C- the comforts of middle age have spoiled me forever

v- hm-hm

10:28 c- or ones I SHOULD HAVE

V- hm-hm

10:28 c- I’m cranky

v- and why don’t you have a car?

c- I sold it to afford my divorce / lawyer

c- BTW… the $ I get back after my Dd case is closed?

THE EXACT AMOUNT for a month’s bus fare pass

10:29 🤨

c- yah, yah.. it’s like the universe is



10:33 c- I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO $ / NO SUPPORT after thousands went to fund a divorce

v- yeah, I know …

10:34 c- I am very pissy right now

v- I know you are



false hope

v- yuP



11:13 v- 🎶 tomorrow, tomorrow … 🎶

c- hm-hm… Don’t even go there

c- I should have 1) noticed the license plate

and the emblem didn’t quite look right

v- color yes

c- color and shape, yes

C- oh, vwell


11:15 (chuckling) YOU ARE SO WRONG

V- iLY

C- (sigh) I love you in my own way, ok?

v- i’ll Take that …


11:16 c- I am definitely numerologically challenged

v- (chuckling) yes, you are … in a wyrd way


subtle blood coursing

12:53 eating at desk [ impending training so need to eat ASAP ]

V - that’s a no-no

c- B needed food. Momma had food. Momma shared

v- hm (smile)

subtle blood coursing



v- you need … to share

c- you … do, too


[ projection received ]

c- documented

v- will you be good

c- hm-hm



subtle tp low-grade blood coursing

13:33 back in cubicle

v- oh, joy

[ setting up another portal access ]

v- oh, that is a LIE

C- it doesn’t say that I have to tell the truth in my security question answers

v- (no, it does not)

c- hrumph


14:24 c- no shit, Sherlock


14:25 c- five years of this shit and I was already done with it

V- in a couple … I know

c- serious freedom get me the f** k out of this pod already issues


16:06 c: SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! (Monster Truck Rally announcer voice)

v- 🙄


what’s with the cinnamony-ness

v- you know what that is

[ projection received ]



17:48 5 ride pass … luckily they put up a vending machine for bus passes… hopefully I won’t need more than 5…

v- I know

v- waiting to go home

c- yes, and I am hungry …

v- no, snacks?!?

c- 🤨



17:53 (devious smile) c- can I call you Shaker?

v- no, you may not (smiling)

17:53 c- (chuckling)

v- don’t even go there

c- I will refrain … I may have to stop by the bubble maker place to get some snacks - argh, i’m hungry


[ Shaker comment ]

v- that’s not right

c- you know my feelings on the subject

v- I know … and I’m not entirely against that … for many reasons.

17:55 bus is here