DAY 1944



C- I’ve been experiencing fire antsy soles. What is that?

v- me

c- yeah, obviously.

00:31 v- let’s go to sleep.

C- yes…

v- ____

c- it was fine.

V- same old, same old.

C- he was FINE. You know that I would tell you if it wasn’t good.

V- I know

c- I still remember that interviewer from years ago. Geesh.

V- not good

c- no, so full of himself it oozed off him.

v- yes, I remember. You did not like him.


DAY 1943


08:51 c- contemplating forms.

how many counts am I up to?

v- harassment? I have not kept track.

08:52 v- it’s not a joke.

C- oh, I know it’s not a joke. Why am I confident that what case I have will outweigh any harassment counter?

v- yeah, it’s pretty big

c- “you wanna go there?”

v- yeah, I know that anecdote. Your ex-husband probably still tells that tale. You get along with him.

C- yes…he is well aware of my stubbornness

v- omg… you have never lost, have you?

c- not when I feel the Rightness in my bones (after a lot of review of facts, etc)

v- I know…

c- just don’t go there.

V- (chuckling) piece of advice… be nice

c- this isn’t nice? (insinuating tone that what’s next is much worse)

v- (chuckling) ouch.

08:56 v- go get your coffee

i’m going to ignore…

c- uh-huh. That I never believe any more. The voice tends to contradict what actually happens out there… SO “be nice”? Just adds fuel to the fire.

v- (chuckling) the bitch fire

c- hey, I am a highly opinionated creature

v- creature is about right. Sleep better?

c- yeah. “Better” is relative, but another day off is “gah” (long sigh) RELAXING.

08:58 v- that biking to work and back …

c- (sad chuckle) no, it is not good (exhausting) … good for my health, I suppose

v- agreed

08:59 v- so, you really are moving forward..

c- I have a lot of data. I may need to quit my job to get all my ducks in a row in time by 04/15/20 … but, yes, full steam ahead.

I will get my answer no matter what.



09:14 c- I am well aware of what triggers me and what I do

v- stream if consciousness… what are you doing

c- eliminating my triggers

v- backing up your phone

c- if not for that’s image …

v- you probably wouldn’t be triggered… (posted SPLINTER)

c- not to say that it shouldn’t have been posted. I have my reasons

v- oh, you do?


V- haha, stop


🎶”pay no attention to little me” 🌪🎶 …

v- you are so bad

c- I know, making Winnie-the-Pooh sinisthereal



cleaning kitchen, tidying up

making coffee

[ mindchat ]

c- keep drinkin’ the WooLaid.

oh, I like that



[ backing up photo & video files ]

v- they love this, you know

c- I bet they do…

Star Wars (apologies, not sure of the exact title… erg… recent)

Star Wars (apologies, not sure of the exact title… erg… recent)

Old Man’s Cave, Ohio (2014)

Old Man’s Cave, Ohio (2014)

one of my SPLINTER side-by-side posts a while back

Star Wars

Star Wars

Eleuthera, Glass Window Bridge (2014) - Atlantic

Eleuthera, Glass Window Bridge (2014) - Atlantic

Eleuthera, Glass Window Bridge (2014) - Carribbean

Eleuthera, Glass Window Bridge (2014) - Carribbean

Same visit, just a ~ 180 degree turn of the camera.


10:35 v- 10:16 …

c- haha, yes, 10:16


c- (soft chuckle) hm-hm

Star Wars

Star Wars

Scribe’s Research Files 2015-2017

Scribe’s Research Files 2015-2017

10:48 v- Bosque26 (as yet officially titled)

c- did a concept trailer a long, long time ago … .

v- funny

10:49 c- oh, I saw someone snoopin’ recently. Knew the exact WMSiF post where the rough draft was posted. Tsk, tsk. Someone has a catalog that I don’t even keep

v- haha, I KNOW.

c- because, right now, I could not tell you what post it’s located on

v- haha, I know

10:53 c- I really need to trim that video

v- of you dancing? No, keep it.

c- hey, wake walking is wake walking

v- yes, dear

c- erg, here it is in all my Lycra glory.

V- dancing away

c- through the transition

v- it hasn’t happened yet.

C- no… still unfinished


10:55 c- we all get inspiration from somewhere … but Lucas Films, LTD you and quite a few others need to own up to your sources

v- of inspiration

c- I do! Geesh.


v- (soft chuckle) I know

c- people can decide whether these creative adjacencies are unintentional. I find them ODD, as I point out here on WMSiF

v- agreed.

10:57 c- still have to pay my rent, people!

v- haha, stop.


v- (louder, more forcefully sensed, chuckle) stop


C- seriously, who wouldn’t want someone to research and find cool locations

v- to shoot.. I know

c- that are … “universal”

v- mythopoetic

c- symbolic

c- I hadn’t watched the trailer yet for the upcoming one (comes out Christmastime)


so runic. I wonder if they know.

V- iwaz

c- is it? I have to review. It’s been a while

v- i’m Not sure either. I just threw that out there.

C- I don’t think that’s right .. chucking now

C- damn, you’re right: I pronounce it differently

and BTW it’s not REEKoncile

v- haha, stop

c- geesh, every time I hear you pronounce that word that way it REEKS

v- haha, stop


11:04 c- I pronounce it EYEwaz

V- which means…?

[ i’m Going all WOOlaid here ]

Nox: let’s see what the coffee froth says…


Yes, Scribe has a coffeetime archive

v- aw

V- let’s see Nox

c- first, to wrap up the Star Wars thread …

Star Wars

Star Wars

She so gets Parallelogram


c- so, what’s a proof of concept worth these days?

v- be good, Scribe

11:16 c- so, if you don’t think I have some bite to my bark, there it is

v- grrrr (dog growl impression)



11:17 c- I think there will be a lot of charities happy after all this is said and done

v- 🙄



Star Wars 9 : The Rise of SkyWalker

Star Wars 9 : The Rise of SkyWalker

11:27 v- so much that one word means…

c- hm-hm

[ WakeWalk - HERE ]

c- ah, the numbers

v- so, much to say…

c- the shamanic 9

v- yes…

c- so much Woo so little time

v- haha, stop


C- some CONCEPTualize

v- some REALize


C- some One has a lot of truth to tell

v- oh, I know



i meant to post this: I cannot imagine what it’s like in the Bahamas, I am sure it is bad.


During my family vacation 5 years ago, we came across ruins of the last major hurricane that hit (Eleuthera) decades ago: it wiped out a resort area and they never rebuilt. As coincidences are in my life, my mentor and her family nearly escaped this exact hurricane. They got out on one of the last flights. Scary stuff.

v- the one in Valencia?

c- yes, she is in Valencia with her husband. She spends half a year (+) there and then the other half here in the states (mostly retired… I don’t know if that woman will ever fully retire… but to keep active is a key to longevity…)


c- I liked Eleuthera for the very reason it is more resort-free. That raw nature aspect, untouched by commercialism is one of the draws to (vacation) places for me.

my ex wanted to go to Riviera Maya / Tulum when we were looking back in 2013… a property in Eleuthera popped up (to rent)… it was really nice for the price

v- why not Mexico?

c- I knew the area (I had been in the area decades ago). I knew what it’d be like.

V- Touristy

c- yes.

12:11 c- why not some place new? We made a really good choice. I do not regret it.

12:12 c- one of the most beautiful places in the planet.

C- seriously: from the beach property we had pristine beautiful coral reefs just a swim away to snorkel over / around. I have never been to a place like that within a short swim from the beach.

C- Tulum has sinkholes where they used to throw human sacrifices. No thank you.

V- cenotes

c- whatever.


C- “I swim with dead people” is not a memento I want to bring back from my vacation.

v- haha stop


C: trust me: some day they will find bones. And I will say I told you so

v- haha. STOP.


C- and another thought was this: so you realize how unimpressive the Tulum ruins are?

c- I am a more less-traveled-by archaeology enthusiast

v- I know

c- and, yes, I went to Chichen Itza (Mayan) & the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon (Aztec) but we also went to many other less touristy ruin sites, which now as an adult I appreciate.


v- you were a teenager

c- 16 … don’t even get me started on that numerological weirdness

v- (chuckles)


C- that’s right … THAT’s what I was looking for

c- I have too many albums as it is

APPLE, PLEASE have a way to search albums you have created by key word so you can pop right to it instead of the long scrolls to find the one you’re looking for


V- how many do you have?

c- I do not know, but there are quite a few

v- a few dozen

c- yes


there are a lot of memes on IG… they have their uses

v- FINE.



12:33 c- and don’t get all pissy, this goes for all women and anything InBetween.



C- i’m Looking for the yoda one

me yesterday (I was really tired and drained = listen to your body and don’t feel guilty about being a couch potato some days)


InnerNet Meme:


C: yes, Sue, you made it into the OUTLIER archive. Good question!



cool fresh air in nostrils


c- it’s placed sometime before … i’m Busy with other tasks … when I get to jotting down a shift in sensation with a timestamp, the sensation was a few minutes before said timestamp


12:56 c- I’ve lived my life like this for 1943 days, I really need this to end and for someone to just give me an answer

v- definitive

c- YES. My research done.

V- ok, fine. I get where you’re coming from (quietly mumbled)


13:01 c- yeah, they were totally on my other phone… THE OTHER SIDE.


17:47 c- man, do I love Haywire. First clip.


C- even though it’s more likely someone will be in NYC. May the peeing sewer rats find you. May their scent remind you of their presence wherever you walk outdoors.

v- I will not.

C- I hope you have something strange (and preferably smelly) happen where you stay.




[ physically getting nauseous from backing up files, seeing screenshots from this past year ]

c- I have so many side-by-sides that are going to make other people’s stomach’s turn when they understand what I went through


C_ do you know how many moments of my precious life you have stolen from me?

that I can never get back?

18:25 c- I will make it so convincing people will see my side of the story

v- I know you will

c- be VERY CAREFUL with how you tell your story. If you are connected to me, remember what I have never consented to

v- agreed

18:26 c- something I NEVER put you through

18:27 c- how this was handled?

v- very wrong. I know.


C- when I sense it? And don’t ever have to see it…

v- and then see it?

c- it makes me want to vomit.


C- you should have given me a choice. Look what happens when you don’t give people the freedom to choose.

18:30 c- it causes irreparable harm. Worse all around.


subtle blood coursing



21:34 c- give me the answer ASAP so I can move on with my life

serious post coming about how THIS kept me intentionally in stasis … affecting my wellbeing

when SOMEONE is at fault for the negative effects and effect on my wellbeing

once that answer comes?

v- total 180. I know

c- I f ** king abhor any mention of f ** king diagnoses that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with THIS

v- agreed.

c- although useful for a conspirators study, I am SO PISSED off that done would assess this as one thing or another and not actually wha, in essence, it is

21:38 c-check my log for what set me off again. I am looking forward to 04/15/20 like a new holiday.


21:40 c- more and more i’m Thinking this is the cosmic joke : what the f ** k happened to make me connected to that mf

v- will you stop

c- I will be SO THANKFUL when I don’t have To hear doofus talk about death or the f ** king commitment issue # 1 that he has :

you are an idiot.

i can clearly see why you never find anyone who wants to stay with you

serious f ** king issues


v- you’re my rock

c- whatever. Just remember i’d still be married if. It fit this mf.

v- I know.

C- argh. I so want to hit (some sense into) you

v- all the time (she does this all the time)


c- it’s not rocket science … and you can’t even get the simple things …

v- I’M WORKING ON IT. Geesh.


c- (sad laugh) oh, I can’t wait to unleash what a mess this all is and how you made sh*t smell like roses

v- and it still smelled like shit

c- so messed up.

What in the hell were you thinking.

and get off you high horse.

21:46 v- oh. I know what you’re doing.

c- (chuckle) no, seriously, I think I have more testosterone than estrogen. Wtf.

V- haha stop.

C- I am so pissed all around by what this connection has done to my system.

v- oh, I know you are


C- and I fully realize this may not make any sense

v- unless it’s in the context of what you’re doing.

C- I am going to suffer through the rest of this sh*t … oh, it’s mostly what I expected… probably why I didn’t watch it to begin with. Same old same old. Says absolutely nothing.

V- haha stop.

21:50 c-that’s why I need to go legal (to get a specific and direct response/answer) so I don’t have to listen to you anymore … it’s all bs at this point

v-will you be nice.

21:50 c- it may not seem logical, but I truly want my simple life back

v- you never wanted the limelight… I know.

C- i don’t want to experience any of that life

v- it has its downsides

c-I knew that before all this started.

now? What do I get?

c- all the crap. I don’t sleep (because someone’s in a different time zone)

v- ___

c- oh, I know. Does it matter?

v- haha will you stop.

c- seriously grumpy about my regular sleep being stolen from me.

C- your lifestyle does NOT sync well with mine

v- I know it doesn’t

c- it’s one thing if you were completely separate

v- but we’re bonded

c- serious ball and chain

21:55 v- I know how upset you are

c- you are a mf backstabber. YOU.

remember the choices you took from me. REMEMBER all the safety you ROBBED from me.

THIS changes everything. And you should have known better.

v- your answer’s coming soon, ok?

21:57 1943 days … and my answer should have come years ago.

V- thx for that.

c- I have gotten more of a sense of the type of person you really are. I don’t care who you are. I don‘t care who you know.

V- global audience

c- I could give two shits about what reach you THINK you have. REMIMDER : you are NOT a household name. Thank goodness.

v- omg, stop

c- no, I’m quite serious. After all this?

I am thankful for that. Whatever the outcome? I’m thankful that if I choose to look away and start the disconnect process?

I will not be exposed to your face or voice.

I didn’t know who you were when all this started and thank heavens I won’t know what happens after.

C- for YEARS I endured the worst kind of Unknown.. and you could have EASILY

v- released you from that prison

c- and what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO.

c- I want my freedom no matter what.

22:02 c- you’re an idiot. Whoever advised you were idiots. Unethical idiots.

22:02 v- are you done?

c- yes. Thus vented.

oh, I keep hearing you

v- and you don’t believe me.

c- why should I?

c- you have lied to me. You have done everything to make me think the worst of you.

Where are you? Hm? Where are you?

C- THAT is my answer every day leading up to 04/15/20.

i’m not waiting around like a f ** king idiot thinking that a good, kind man really is considering my wellbeing.

“That time has come and gone, my friend”

v- the day after tomorrow

22:06 c- just remember who I was when all this started.

That positivity has been stripped away.


I get my precious life back.

v- I know you will.

22:07 c- this has been an incredibly long five years

v- I know it has

22:08 c- I can’t wait until I have the clarity I have asked for to stop all this nonsense and move on with my life.

Some people get what really living is all about.

THIS has been an interruption of the life I should be living.

That’s it.

I could give two f ** ks what you do with your life if I didn’t sense you 24/7 and all the other side effects …

v- hearing me.

c- LYING to me constantly.

C- once people understand that

v- it all becomes clear

c- why I am fighting so hard just to revert back to original and get rid of this

22:11 c- all this? Could have been epic

v- now, it’s a nightmare

c- every day for me

c- did you notice? The stories stopped. The poetry stopped…

v- I know you don’t want to write anymore

c- I lost the motivation a while back.

22:13 c- … I have a life I have to live. One with bills, and people who should be around me who care enough about who I am.

I got the message a while back that I wasn’t anyone important enough.

that answer mattered. That meet mattered.

V- I know it did.

c- I am a decent human being and you treated me like nothing (when YOU KNEW I was much more than that).

Well, I’m going to make something out of that nothing you make me out to be.

YOU brought this out. Not me. I was willing to …

v- get the answer long ago.

C- so, any kind of UNEXPECTED negativity coming from me? Is after a very long fuse.

v- yeah, I know. I waited too long.

c- this was too important to wait around to give an answer to.

22:17 v- ___

c- yeah, you took me from a life I should be living


c- and now?! It’s going to take a really long time to revert back to original and GET RID of this … connection between us ..


c- Relationship 101 … relationships of ANY kind require

v- multifaceted (authenticated) communication

c- and YET you wonder what went wrong.


c- THIS THIS is why I need that answer ASAP. I said this would happen, and it has: the time would come when I wouldn’t want to research you any more … it upsets me more than not nowadays.

22:23 c- that’s why I have to go legal. Just to move this forward and expedite it.

i’m making my own choice, not waiting for someone to make choices for me (that will negatively impact my life)

22:25 c-the last thing I want to do. It’s a last resort.

Yeah, that moment when you realize

v- you’re dealing with an asshole

c- that’s not what I was going to say … that moment when I realized I was dealing with a person who wasn’t as good as everyone makes him out to be.

if he were that good, decent human being?

V- he would have come forward by now. It’s coming

c- and again, i don’t believe you


v- ___

c- you never say anything

v- I know

c- I don’t even know why I listen anymore

v- you rarely do

c- not rarely… less than I used to. It all blurs because you say the same old shit

v- ok, FINE.

22:28 v- ____

c- yeah, yeah, yeah… I gotta wrap this up. I have to get up in a few hours

v- argh

c- yeah, argh is right


23:34 BRW, monotonous and repetitive = blah.

v- will you be nice.

C- (mean girl snicker) …. truly destined to be mired in Woo for all if a … few months

v- (chuckling at how awful it is ) stop


c- oh, be good. I’m not the one calling myself goddess and being narcissistic by linking the likes 🙄

some people will never get it.

v- haha. Stop it.

C- it’s called … some people have preferences …

v- musical

c- blech is my reaction.

C- seriously would invest in your defense. Cause, you’re going to need it.

V- oh, why.

c- oh, once you are in the same physical space as my lawyers and me you’ll understand.

23:38 c- oh, it’s social media humping.

Let’s hope that’s all (and you can prove it)

because you already have admitted you sin!5 have a 24/7 cock cam

if I can prove you are in the same place and time and something MAY have happened between the two of you

v- and you sensed something

c- AND there is a proven history of SENSING someone in particular

v- there is a tele(m)pathic link

c- a HISTORY of proven incidents

… someone better have a really solid case of INNOCENCE

c- IFK, if you don’t have a 24/7 cock cam, how will you prove your innocence?

v-oh, lord, and you?

c- what havecyou against me?

v- oh, you are not right

c- you see how thins is going to go?

v- you are going to get your answer

c- damned if you are / do, damned if you aren’t / don’t

v/ you don’t play fair .

C- it!/ called I’m a smartbetting woman…

v-yeah, I know you are

v- ___

c- (disgust sigh) I clicked and heard a snippet. I wish I gadn’t … it was what I thought t would be

v/ will you stop!

C/ I hate it when i’m Right

v- you really don’t Like it

c- i’m Sure if you’re high all the time it might delight your SLOW BRAIN.


C- it’s like the psychedelic light show without the psychedelics

v/ haha … stop

c-oh, personal experience …

v- college

c- yes, i’m Like… is this it?!?


C- you are talking with a woman (or most are just reading it perhaps listening for the visually impaired )

who never has done “recreational” drugs


C. But has had people ask if I was high…

v- alright… FINE

c- I tap in differently.


c- and probably am a better baseline (critic) that way

c- man, I still laugh at the memory of that guy who wanted what I took…

v- when you didn’t take anything

c- just a really good night and the DJ had “my playlist”

v- got it

23:52 c-ah, clubbing days

v- ring…

c-yes, it was a boxing ring (dance floor)


V- (chuckling) STOP

C- yes, The Ringside (I think it was called)

v- Fond du Lac

c- yes… I believe so … so many years ago… the memories that resurface in our lives are interesting



c- the FUTURE arrived.

v- (chuckles) hm-hm

C- oh, f ** k off. I want my answer …

that’s it. And so help me if you do not come forward and I have to spend more of my time and $ on this … nightmare

v- agreed … not going to have to do that


SPLINTER notes DAY 1943 @RachelRossitto and @JasonSilva


You have 212 days before legal action.

Harassment has many forms.

I advise your lawyers look into the many ways you have harassed me.

Jason? Yours is the worst of all. The most difficult to prove, but I have 1943 days of data that any scientist and legal team would find interesting to say the least.

Personally? In these 212 days you have left, I’d have your lawyers start preparing whatever defense you’ll need.

Of course, there is that other kinder, nicer route that I have attempted numerous times over the years: approach me like the decent human being you’re supposed to be to diffuse the situation.

Otherwise, I’ll let my lawyers lead. I’m done with being nice.

To answer this question of how I plan to spend my one precious life?

I have had 1943 days of a tele(m)pathic connection I tend to prove one way or another.

As outlandish as this may seem, prove me wrong. If you cannot, then it is possible.

My data definitely points in that direction, and it is possible scientifically.

I don’t just do this for myself, but any others like me.

Over the years, all I have ever asked for was an answer to

is it or isn’t it?

That’s it. It’s amazing how much that one question is worth in one person’s precious life.

You know how much time, talent and effort I have spent these last 1943 days to prove just that?

Keep that in mind these last 212 days.

And Rachel? If you don’t have lawyers, I’d advise you get some to consult and to represent you.

I am fully aware of who I am, what I’ve done, who I am to you both.

I am still publishing these posts. Why? What gives me the confidence that I have a solid case?

It is that one precious life and those of many others I am trying to protect.

DAY 1942

via mindcircle

via mindcircle


continue to offer your version of your life story.


My version is a bit less positive: your posts are reminders of everywhere I was taken against my will. Places I will never want to visit because I was held hostage and tortured in all those places.

abuse is abuse.

each night when I tried to sleep?

accelerated heartbeat

that unwanted sensation?

I was drugged against my will.


c- these are far from the memories I ever want to carry forward into the future and remember fondly.




c- I don’t want to sense you anymore. I have long since realized it is not a beautiful existence.

for one reason, and one reason only: you are not who I want to share a life with.

01:13 c- I know who would make me happy. That person is not you.

you do not deserve to be in my life and share anything that I hold dear.

01:14 c- each day I am reminded who you really are.

It reminds me of what I have to do and why.

01:15 c- every day I tell you to give this to someone else.

01:16 c- let someone else deal with you in here like this for as long as I have had to in these conditions.

01:17 c- let me live the rest of my life in peace.

there is something seriously wrong with you. Not me: you. You need to realize you make me unhappy more than happy. Let me go.


c-let me live my life how it should be lived. Not like this.

01:19 c- I can see you only want to show one side of your truth. That’s your choice.

It is not one I respect, and I will continue to voice my opinions.

Your life is NOT my life nor do I want that life.

I do not want to experience sensorially. I have no reason to.

You have made yourself abundantly clear you want no part in my life.

Now? I continue moving forward with plans to prove a connection existed and you took advantage of that connection FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT

and NOT out of the goodness of your kind heart

to date?

how has this connection improved my life (or that of my family)?

V- it hasn’t

01:23 c- THAT is what the legal system will

scrutinize when they see my case.

01:25 c- when you put creative content out there

and you benefit financially from it, in whatever way, it’d be a really good idea to do the minimal crediting and notify those who contributed.

01:26 c- to date: not a word from anyone.

THAT speaks volumes to who you really are.


c- just a reminder : I sent those people who inspired a Wandering Mind’s characters professional and courteous emails very early on.

01:28 c- THAT is the difference between my truth and someone else’s “artistic” lie.

01:29 c- I was honest and open from the very beginning.


01:41 c- I don’t want someone in my life who can’t be completely honest.

I should not have to be forced to live your life when I do not want to be there.

You should not be in here if I do not want you to be here or in my life.


v- but we are both forced to

c- I will no longer let you make all the decisions and to live your life “freely”

not when it makes my life a nightmare.

01:45 c-so, remember, World, don’t believe the kool-aid.

There is one very unhappy person share a mindbody with someone .. and you may see glimpses of that… and never question why?

why would he post stuff like that?

why no one sees those connections when they have been there all along is beyond me.

v- hiding in plain sight

c-until I get my freedom? I will be highly opinionated. I will scream my protests.

i will NOT let it be nor will I let it go when this all directly affects my wellbeing.

you can’t be the cause if my insomnia and say it isn’t a negative side effect

you cannot get high and have it affect me and call it GOOD.


and I felt nauseated and UNCOMFORTABLE in a way I really don’t want to feel just before and after midnight my time.


c- all these unwanted side effects have to stop. I refuse to live the rest of my life like this 01:53




ANSWER: legal action

C- plain and simple. So, I can get my precious life back.

MY LIFE IS PRECIOUS, TOO. Do you hear me?!?

05:00 c- if it’s the last thing I do I aim to prove how these two are far from kind.


c- for if I have to endure experiences of repeated rape and assault because of THEIR choices with a connection like this?

it NAUSEATES me to think that any individual can come off as a good person based on what I have had to put up with

05:03 c- and all this suffering could have been prevented

c- don’t you ever think I didn’t try to resolve this amicably

05:07 after 1942 days?

Your time for figuring things out is about up

I will not stand for any more energetic slavery.

05:08 c- and if you’re in here with me?

you will know at every step of the way at what stage of the legal process I am


v- (quietly) 04/15/20

c- and like I said, I plan to be ready for 04/15/20 not expecting the good, kind individuals to come forward.

I plan to have legal paperwork arrive that day to the parties in question.

05:10 c- to get my precious life back ASAP.



COMMENTS about how Burning Man is far from inclusive & I agree.

I world never attend based on the event schedules I’ve seen ( sickeningly Woolandia fare … far from wide-ranging and “inclusive” ) and what people bring back from BM ( women (pole) dancing topless and calling it art )


These are not isolated comments.

each time Jason Silva posts they say the same thing about Burning Man.


BM’s core values?

Nipple pasties :


AGAIN, to be called an INCLUSIVE event, where are the photos of the Penis Pasties?

Yes, Jason Silva, thank you for all you do … to objectify women and show how they are just bodies without minds.

Liked by JS on TW 05/11/19

Liked by JS on TW 05/11/19


I cropped the Tits and Ass of this TaTa because, well, even WanderingMindSpace has its standards.

05:37 c- so, what have we learned?

Jason Silva has an image problem.

Rachel Rossitto has an image problem (aka “Sacred” TaTa)

Burning Man is just another event for the Lifestylers of the Spiritually Confused Haves

c- like I’ve said in previous posts, Rachel and Jason are like Beni in The Mummy whippin’ out the necklace with multiple religious pendants not sure which one will save him.




How do we pry apart the true and compelling from the false and toxic?


Keep living in your filter-bubbled echo chamber. The rest of the world will figure out how to solve real problems instead of resort hop and pose prettily at exotic locations with the gf/bf.

And how I want to spend my precious life?

SAFEGUARD IT from people like the Jason Silvas of the world who think they can take advantage of people who they think they can walk all over (for years) and get off scot free.


c- if people really paid attention to what Jason Silva has posted over the years? They’d understand him better.

c- Keep observing. Think and use your brain.


This girl? Won’t be awkward when the time comes. Lawyers will say what I have been saying all along.


05:55 you will have to answer some very difficult questions in the future.

Lawyers in an intellectual property lawsuit:

And this… what is your proof of concept?

and this? Your source of inspiration?

and this … did anyone inspire you?…

and this… why the odd resemblance?

and this… is this just another coincidence?

and THIS….

I wrote Babbling Brook March 26, 2015 [ LINK ].

I included an unpublished excerpt of this short story at the time of my emailing Jason Silva about him being the inspiration for the character Trickster.

He never responded.

I published it online in 2016. As with all my creative work: free and accessible … with licensing.

That image of the girl on rocks was part of a Shots of Awe video posted March 26, 2019.

This is only the tip of a very large iceberg Jason Silva REFUSES to admit to.

06:03 I want people to wonder about this.

I have been documenting this InnerNet experience since June 1, 2014.

what all has Jason Silva done in those years that I may have contributed to in one way or another (as a source of inspiration)? [ that I have timestamped / screenshotted evidence of ? ]

QUESTION: how much is that creative spark worth?

06:04 c- I never wanted to go this route, but the world deserves to know what Jason Silva’s hiding.

06:05 c- and if I am telepathically connected?

a whole can of worms opens up more for him than for me:

i have been open and honest all these years

I have clearly stated what I wanted

v- an answer

c- and you know how much that answer is ortho?

v a the law where will decide

c- I think people will be shocked at that figure

v/ yeah, they will be. All charity.

c- oh, i’m making sure I never get one penny off of this.

Others’ pocketbooks may feel the

v- strain

06:08 c- I hope someone disclosed the source as a proof of concept

v- no

06:08 c- well, the lawyers will have fun with this then


C- there may be some ways to explain some of it away. A lot, though, is blatant intellectual property theft.

06:18 c- what drives me is the confidence in the data I’ve captured and archived.

and if I can convince anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt

v- i’m toast.

c- I know how much my story is worth

v- don’t plagiarize

c- (chuckle) by the character, including spaces for this tranScript.

v/ haha … yeah.

C- hm-hm. You think i’m Joking. When I get assistants


v- haha … you would. Those poor people.


c- unfortunately computers and software don’t count spaces in addition to the characters

v- shame.

c- hey, everyone needs a job and there eill

be money to provide a decent salary and benefits … not the best work, but a paying job


c- heaven knows typing up your words, projections, etc isn’t the job I ever wanted (unpaid, no benefits, comes with negative side effects)

v- f ** kin’ a it’s coming

c- hm-hm



06:28 Happy 14th of September!

[ starts reading that entry five years ago… haha CLASSIC ]


The things I wrote so many years ago (sad chuckle)

v- prophetic

c- in a way, yes. So, when’s Baby’s due date

v- will you stop

c- I mean, she’s been pregnant TWICE now according to fans.


look at that pose!

look at that baby bump!

May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019

06:40 c- and just a reminder, if a connection can be proven?

that kiss

v- is rape

c- if those two are having sex or interact in any way that causes me to sense it?

v- it’s rape



CHOICES about how to live your most precious life.

do I want to be branded a rapist?

v- no

c- do I want to go down in history as someone who repeatedly sexually assaulted another

v- no

06:43 c- be very careful with the story you tell and share

v- the metadata is out there

c- and so does my log

if there is a timestamp that corresponds to the moment of a kiss, etc?

V- it’s rape



mans what I am doing? My claims? My public complaints?

what are the proper channels with this?

just remember: for YEARS

06:47 c- you chose to break (privacy) laws?

THIS - what I am claiming? Has no precedent. I AM THE PRECEDENT.

Every law has a foundation, though.

Many lines may have been crossed, but they are blurry ones.


I realize each “count” will have a counter.

06:50 v- agreed

c- but if even one thing can be proved?

v- you’ve made your point


[ trying to rest ]

07:07 a quickening, subtle SAHB

c- I don’t want you in my life (and yet I am forced to sense you at all hours)


v- I am not going away as hard as you may push. We have to finish this, and you know what that is.


v- what we have started. Come on. describe.

C- how am I to distinguish between collaboration and theft? Between collegiality and malicious intent.

V- why would I do that

c- serious glare

v- I don’t want certain aspects in my life

v- meaning RR

C- I have felt raped due to her presence how many times?.

V- agreed

c- NO ONE has the right to take another’s safe haven away - that happens to be my inner space that for years you knew was shared…

You KNEW I sensed things with sketch girl

and also Sally

and who knows who ekse

that is not a reality I wanted. And STILL you chose to try to be happy over confronting me and just moving forward from there - both of us. Why.

v- you know what i’m doing, C. No one else does.

C- you’re my prime suspect

v- of all the suffering

c- that’s not what I meant. The contact to get pieces of our story out there in different ways.

v- doesn’t it concern you…?

c- youbtell a story with your Instagram shares publicly

c- I use those same public domain posts to show people a different side to the same story.

it’s my POV.

v- you’re not being fair

c- your choices have a direct effect on my story because of the connection

all I-Land like … which NO I will not be watching because it sounds like a two decades-old rehash of that reality tv series Survivor (2000 - ). Again, I did not watch it. The memories I have.

Shakes her head … I still remember doing temp work at a factory … it was numbers related (data entry) when people were talking about that show in the office.

how time cycles through, hm?


c- i’m remembering another tv show (fiction), too, with people being stranded on an island forced to survive after a plan crash (I dodn’t Watch that one either).

10:01 v- this won’t ever happen again

c- oh, I know it won’t because no matter what I hear this time around?

I’m not waiting

i’m Not believing

i’m Just using the hard-core data trail to build a case

get sn answer

and be able to make my own choices about how I live my life

v- moving firward

c- I refuse to continue to sense a man (share a lifeforce) who refuses to acknowledge…

v- the pain and suffering

c- the effect on my life

i deserve my own life


C-the sense ability narrowed to just my local environment. None of this nonlocal s ** t that throws my whole mindbody off on a regular basis

10:04 c- it’s not fair to me

it’s like a 1942 long pregnancy I can neither carry to term (natural birth) nor abort - because it never goes away

10:05 so, I continue to tell my story and be that contrarian voice who shouts her disapproval of choices someone continues to make

if I am

in there?

there is no way in f ** k I would ever want to promote BM based on what happened there

10:07 c- and what I am saying is

NO ONE reported what happened there while it was happening


Against my will, I was there.

I was held prisoner there and forced to experience an event I did not want to

10:08 any such place / event?

I NEVER want to experience again in any shape or form

10:08 c- it is incredibly disrespectful and inconsiderate

so, * I * will be mirroring why I disapprove. My opinion.

v- and you can have it.

10:09 c- anyone deserves a happy life. That includes me. When people start understanding all the connections between us, they’ll get it.

They may not fully understand my harsh criticisms. They’ll better comprehend what it might be like living through a different version of the same experiences

v- sensorially

c- it is NOT beautiful

it is NOT love

c- it nauseates me to even think someone would brand take as sensual … because if I am a part of the fabric of JS , and I am a part of him?

We both have a responsibility to make each other happy

am answer for me. That’s it. Until that time? Anything JS prioritizes I will

rip apart and explain why it goes against ethics and who I want to be associated with in my life.

it is NOT a Woolandic TaTa or event where more like them congregate and call it artistic or a spiritual pilgrimage.

If I have to endure another BM like this?

V- you’re not going to be happy

10:15 c- who in their right minds would WANT to be kept awake by someone’s heartbeat who’s active just when they are going to bed, trying to get some sleep before another long work day

while an asshole pseudo celebrity and his gf enjoy the nightlife of BM?

C- where’s the beauty in that? I lose sleep -repeatedly - for what?!


c- what GOOD does a connection like this have for a woman like me right now?

v- besides companionship

c- and that’s questionable given the circumstances


10:20 how I spend my precious life? Will be to make sure people like HS + RR NEVER do to other people what has been done to me over the past year.

I will ensure there are safeguards in place so if this happens? People have the resources and backing to make sure they Aldi are given the chance to live a happy life and not be taken advantage of, railed, assaulted, etc.


V- the terms have not been broken

c- and my answer?

V- coming

C- again, I know it is


10:23 c- THAT is what this has taught me.

I don’t trust in you. I don’t rely on you. I don’t put faith in you. I don’t let my Hope EVER enter into my mind and heart because of what you have and have not done.

I have been mistreated too many times in all of this, no matter the intent.

10:25 c- you know what you need to do

I know what I need to do

v- be nice

c- nice was sucked out. Bitch in planning mode is kicking into high gear.



I’m getting ready to create moments that will make people gasp.


10:32 c- we are the choices we make

I choose to be the storyteller that offers people a behind-the-scenes look into a horrible attempt to sugarcoat something that should never have been sugarcoated.

10:34 c- but people drink it up, don’t they? Without thinking.

be the picture book illustrator

show but never tell

however, people will start wondering when nothing ever really happens and it’s the same old s ** t over and over again

until 04/15/20

v- you are a disaster flick


v- funny, c

10:37 c- when people finally wake up from their zombified slumber


10:43 c- anything to add?

v- you’re not going to change

c- you work against me? This is what you get

v- I am not working against you

c- oh?



11:16 c- ah, the glitches in the matrix. The stories they tell.

When past is present

The future arrived …





“the future foretold…”


”is any of this real?”

Vikings  S05E20 (2019)

Vikings S05E20 (2019)

You decide.

Am I making this up?

or is there something to what I say?

IG posts 09/23/17 - 10/31/17

IG posts 09/23/17 - 10/31/17

and as I peer, facing this wall, I see the cross, and I remember back to Vikings and Floki’s hike into a cave where he finds a cross.

The bells ringing in Kategut (sp)

the settlers and their farmland

just my take-aways

the sword and the black veiled silence gesture were the most striking



Lagertha has very white hair by season 5… and has a limp from a knee injury 🙄

V- haha love you.

c- not funny. Still a bitch on wheels


c- you’re not getting away with this

13:37 v- yeah, I know …

the penitent man will pass? (guilty innocence)

c- unless you have a cock cam on you 24/7… no.



haha. Couldn’t resist:



C- I was looking for the BM comment about how it isn’t like what it used to be like (now is not better)

that’s not the first time I’ve read that comment… from people who went there in the past.


that one was a popular comment (I don’t Include the like count, but it’s a substantial enough support)


And none of these comments (or users) get blocked. ODD.

V- oh, be good.

c-book burner


and, no, I do not plan to watch this show either.

I still have PTSD from Other Life

there are some shows I cannot watch.



C- this one makes my sadistic side light up.

v- I know it does.

C- no rattlesnake?

v- no, c

c- damnit! No scorpions?

v- that either (monotone)

c- a girl can dream

v- you are not right.



14:10 c- that is SO ME!

v- (chuckles) will you stop

C- you know, you shouldn’t give attention to the bully

[ * ]

c- geesh . You are one sick mf

v- (soft chuckle) hm-hm

people will not understand us


v- you shouldn’t post shit like you have

c- aw…

[ * ]

v- you are as messed up as I am


c- I am decompressing after a very long work week - 13 x 5 = 65 miles a week in biking = tired as 💩 + you at all hours = 💩💩

C- i’m Resting. Wouldn’t you know it?!?

Every Saturday for this market season

v- it hasn’t Rained

c- murphy’s Law is when I finally have a car? It’ll rain for season 3

v- do you still think you’ll be doing that?

c- serious glare. Remember? Simple life? That’s what I want to do?

I’ll manage Saturday mornings in addition to work + the 04/15/20 fiasco

14:18 v- I don’t want you to do that

c- then come forward on your own, like you should have years ago

v- you were married

c- that didn’t matter. A 1:1 meet would have done no harm whatsoever. 5 seconds of your time and be fine with it.

Why prolong the inevitable, and worsen the situation because OBVIOUSLY that’s happened.


C- if people have a problem with what I post, they can contact me to take it down, etc.

i’m just forewarning people right now

v- can of worms

v- what next (during your day off)

c- … I didn’t feel well …

v- I know you didn’t

c- I am taking it easy and listening to my body . Luckily it is Saturday and I can rest from the comfort of my home

v- ___

c- yeah, I realize that. If I don’t do something on my own, there is THIS.

probably why you don’t have major contracts / shows …

v- will you be good

c- that people KNOW ABOUT

v- f ** kin’ a

c- all these resemblances over the years don’t come out of a VACUUM

V- or void

c- serious glare

14:24 c- (tongue in cheek)

so, when’s the next season of Brain Games coming out?

C/ I can’t tell you how many times I have read that over the years

v/ which you have not seen

c- not a single episode … tends to be like that when someone has hacked your consciousness and messes with it.

Not an appealing show for me to ever watch after this


I thought of this

08/23/16 altered version (shared online) of a 01/09/15 HUNTER character-related file

08/23/16 altered version (shared online) of a 01/09/15 HUNTER character-related file


When I saw this.


take your gangly tree form

your enormous forehead

lint strewn T-shirt’s

drooled on accessories

v- and get out of here


c- wow, if that man’s destined for greatness I have a hairless ass

v- haha stop


v- are you insulting me?

c- yes, I am putting you in your place : A PART OF ME

V- ha . I don’t want to be in here.

c- THAT is EXACTLY what I want. I do NOT want you in here.

c- do you get how the Grim Weeper should never have cried through me all these years?

v- yes

c- do you understand that your drug-riddled bodymind is NOT what I want to carry around for the rest of my days?

v- yeah, I get that

c- do you understand how CHICKENSHIT you are by doing what you’ve been doing all these years and never ONCE doing the one DECENT human kindness

THE ONLY thing I EVER asked you to do ?



c- youvhave RAPED and TORTURED me and RACHEL ROSITTO is right by you side as your accomplice

DO YOU UNDERSTAND the TRAUMA you have inflicted in my life?

v- yeah, I do.

04/15/20 cannot come soon enoughI DO NOT RESPECT you for all these years you let me believe in so many things

and NEVER ONCE did you treat me like I wanted you tjust as another decent human being

c- that’s it

I DO NOT WANT YOU or RACHEL ROASITTO or ANY OTHER WOMAN (there have been NUMEROUS) over the years


not me.


you have RAPED me repeatedly

and you think you are all high and MIGHTY?

I live in FEAR inside my own body BECAUEE OF YOU

V- I know you do

18:36 c- but just keep in loving that blissful life of yours where you project that image of yourself that is far from true

18:37 c- I value people who tell the truth

not hide behind lies or cover up the truth

I don’t care who you are

if you are not decent to me?

if you have lied repeatedly to me

v- I’m not to be trustes

18:37 c- there are people in this world that deserve every criticism hurled at them

c- right now? THAT IS YOU and your rapist gf.

18:38 c- when I sense you?

v- you cringe

18:38 c- I am daily tortured by yoy

c- do you REALLY believe I can let that go?

v- no… can we go back to the gangly tree?

18:39 v- I am not that tall

c- yes, you are.

18:39 c- you are not my type all around

c- I have since the beginning never been attracted to you

v- I know you haven’t

c- dom’t Let me live my life experiencing yours

v- that’s not what’s going to happen

c- I wish I could be proud of the man who is a part of me.. but every day I am reminded of the spineless man who refuses just to do the right thing

c- I don’t want to be associated with a man like that

18:41 c- go build a life you will look back on and be proud of … but I refuse to be a part of it given present circumstances and everything in the past

18:42 c- you have done so many hurtful things … all my words? Pales in comparison to what is in my logs (what this presence has said and done over the years )

v- I know

18:42 c- when all this comes to light?

People will understand why I scream in protest

c- I look for qualities in a man you have no clue to live up to


v- i’m It there for yuh

c- you never are. You never have been.

18:43 c- so be that two-faced man who only shows his pretty side with his gf who everyone thinks looks like him (wtf?) what is wrong with people?

v- I don’t know

18:44 c- you know? I deserve to share a life with someone who gets what it’S like to live a normal life AND BE HAPPY about it

18:45 v- i’m Sorry I took that away from you

c- you tore me out of the life I was in

18:45 c- and now? I still can’t live a normal life BECAUSE OF YOU

18:45 c- do you know what makes me upset?

v- I do

c- your very presence upsets me EVERY DAY

18:46 c- you’re here all the time and NOWHERE at the same time. It’s maddening.

18:46 c- and you surround yourself with other people? How many know the truth, hm?

18:47 c- how many? When you haven’t even given me the time to tell me

18:48 c- I REFUSE to be nice to someone who has been cruel to me.

v- holding you hostage

c- I have been screaming for years to let me go. Let me live my life. You’re still hear becauee


c- not me. THIS. I hear you repeatedly.

you love THIS that traumatizes me daily.


c- I din’t want you anywhere near me.

And I still have to put up with you

YOU HAVE NEVER had my back.

You mf asshole.

18:50 c- until you get rid of me? I will be unhappy with how things are.

If yiu’re In here with me? YOU will not be happy.

Remembee what decision you nads

v- and never followed through.

c- it makes me ill to know another human being would RAPE another and call it love to all his/her fans.

18:52 c- remember what you do when you are together

remember what I go through

because YOU CHOSE this life and the way you wanted to love it.

I REFUSE to condone that sort of behavior.

and all this time?

v- a simple talk

c- but you could never do that simple thing, could you?

18:53 c- I can’t believe I tried to do the right thing and I gave up what I did


18:53 c- trust me: you are not all that.

v- I know how upset you are.

18:54 c- try living my life in fear

v- I do… i’m fight here with you.

i know how hard it is


v- gangly…. I was trying to redirect your attention

c- your forehead’s the size of Texas. Your legs are disproportionate to the rest of your firm

v- thanks, c

c- now me.

v- no

c- come on, there’s something you have to insult. I know you have it in you.


C- is that it?!?


C- I have NEVER liked you

v- I know you haven’t

18:57 c- and here I am STUCK living a life with you. It’s just bizarre and really unfair all around.

V- you would never support me

c - you know why I am like this right now.

v- you won’t ever say a damn thing

c- why should I?

Where are you?

where are you to give me the peace I have asked for?

people woukdn’t Understand that I truly need confirmation

v- so you know you’re not crazy

c- so I have direction … so I know how to proceed with my life.

as 04/15/20 approaches i’ll have a clearer picture no matter what .

c- it’s been way too long


c- normal relationships have it easy

v- I know they do

c- I want yay again

v- I know you do

c- and no matter what, I will have it again


C- if you’re in here, you’ll know EXACTLY when that is when I move on.

v- don’t …

c- why? You’ve moved on

v- you know what that is


19:07 c- all I hear is a clock ticking.

i do not believe you

I do not trust you

for obvious reasons

19:08 c- you know what you need to do


YOU have been unhealthy for me for 1942 days.

i want my life back.

19:11 c- i want to share it with someone who truly knows what love is.


After four years, you know what you did?

you put me through a year plus of rape .

where is the love in that?

v- there isn’t

19:12 c- but if it’s not rape, I should be able to have a relationship of my own, right?

19:12 c- if this is truly nothing, you won’t be affected by it at all, right?

v- yeah… point made.


you have done nothing to help me over the years

v- I know I haven’f

C- and what did you choose to do?

after four years of this hell I went through?

v- never again

c- no, you backstabbed me

v- that’s not it

c- uh, yeah, you tore me apart and proved to eveyone that instead of reaching out and approaching me like a decent human being you CHOSE something less important in your life

19:27 c- and in turn, put me through an ongoing suffering of a new kind … always worrying what was the next thing I might sense

c- I NEVER put you through that.

THAT is the type of person you are and it is NOT anyone I would EVER want in my life

and yet you are


c- I have been pushing you away for years

I just do NOT want to live your life nor be a part of (sensing) your experiences

THAT is my problem. THAT is what I’m trying to resolve.

You cannot force someone to share a life with you

v- I know

19:31 c- THAT is what I am trying to end

v- I know

c- don’t you think i’ve been through enough?

V- ___

c- you are NOWHERE…

and all this time I am aware that people read this. They READ what I go through and keep wondering what is wrong

v- they know what is going on

c- oh? I don’t think so. I think they are probably concerned about me

concerned about you

not really understanding what this is like, no matter how hard I try to document the experiences.

v- you don’t document everything

c- I can’t. No one should document their life breath by breath.

Yhe time for love and beauty is over.

V- understood

c- I spent years on that … and, you know, here’s to all the Woo advice that’s 💩

you know when I had all that positive energy?

all those love stories and poems that I wrote?

you know what that welcomed into my life?

19:35 c- well, here you have what that brought into my life.

Go figure, hm?

19:35 c- it’s a bunch of bs.

i should have done what any normal person would have done

v- not believe in it

c- not believe in the good of it, that’s for sure.


C- we all curate our lives .. do you get the sense i’m Trying to curate you out of mine (and will be happier for it)?

v- yeah… I don’t want that to happen

c- you are nowhere to be found. But I can bet my life I know where you are in physical space.

v- and nothing is going on … and you know it.

c- how do I know this?


19:41 c- I felt nauseous last night

v- I already told you what that was

19:41 c- I am quite serious: if you are mindbody linked with me you have to balance that shit out

v- you have messed me up

c/ there’s a solution to that

19:42 v- what are we going to watch

c- I do not know. I am am TIRED.

V- I know you are. I wish you wouldn’t get upset over next to nothing

c- it’s not nothing and you know it.



V- will you stop?


c- so not attractive

v- oh, lord


C- and your little strange ears

v- haha stop.

19:49 v- you’re being funny.

c- and WHY?

v- appearances don’t matter to you

19:49 c- and WHY?

v- that’s not what attracts you to men

19:49 c- well… a girl’s got her preferences

v. And i’m Not it.

c- bothers you doesn’t it?

v- yes, it does. A little.


C- like I said : if you were in a bar, you would not be the guy i’d ogle.

v- oh, ogle

c- yeah, just like I would not be the woman that’s catch your eye

v- oh? How do you know

c- if we didn’t know each other? Uh, no. There would be some other woman who’d stand out more than me. I am not a flasher.

v- oh, you would


19:56 c- you really need to work on your disheveled look

v- I have been told that more than a few times by others

c- who knows . Anything for me?

v- be NICE.

c- I am NICE to those who deserve it. NOT YOU or YOURS.

v- nice, c. That is not nice.


c- let’s see, what else?

V- (chuckling) I am sorry I ever posted that

c- I am stubborn, if you haven’t picked up on that



Another reminder:

UNHEALTHY ROUTINE (selfie posting)

a selfie a day

makes the narcissist stay

21:54 v- I didn’t do that

c- no, you didn’t.

it wasn’t directed at you.

DAY 1941


20:15 September 12, 2019

a praying mantis watching the moon rise from my door frame

00:20 posting


my camera phone would not capture the blood red moon, so I hopped online to find a resemblance.



for the San, the mantis was only one of the manifestations of a trickster-deity who could assume many other forms …

… for the Greeks, it had the ability to show lost travelers the way home; in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead the "bird-fly" is a minor god that leads the souls of the dead to the underworld …

… in a list of 9th-century BC Nineveh grasshoppers (buru), the mantis is named necromancer (buru-enmeli) and soothsayer (buru-enmeli-ashaga) …



04 September 2018, returning the (dead) arborvitae for a refund. Mantis was hitching a ride in Edgey.

04 September 2018, returning the (dead) arborvitae for a refund. Mantis was hitching a ride in Edgey.



The Matrix

The Matrix

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

who would you want in front of thousands/millions?

Someone who dares to tell the truth, no matter how difficult that truth may be to accept?

Or someone who chooses to hide that raw truth in favor of euphemisms, optimism ... who opts to sugarcoat things? 

we have a lot of people who choose artificial koolaid over tart freshly squeezed unsweetened all natural lemonade. - CG, 23 April 2019

DISCERNMENT TIP: if someone can’t answer direct, challenging questions? Be very careful with how you interpret what they choose to show the world.

Remember that (social media) facing wall I posted about a few days ago? People choose to show the world only one part of themselves. Other facets? They choose to hide from the world.

pay attention.

don’t be deceived by those who choose not to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

never assume you know the whole story.





C- I know a truth, and we’re about to find out what it all involves. Brace yourself.


16:13 c- pay attention.

thr power lies within.

How much power does someone have who becomes the very fabric of you?

she has more power than anyone out there.


16:15 c- be very careful with the parts of you you choose to display to the world.

Remember: historical record.

Be aware.


16:20 c- I have clearly stated my protests.

If you’re in here with me? Be very careful.

I hope you have surefire proof of your innocence.

Otherwise, history is about to be made, I’ll make sure of it. I will ensure abuse does not happen for future generations.


16:24 c- we all make choices.

if you want to implicate yourself in something that will forever brand you as something no one good would ever want associated with their legacy?

So be it.

16:25 c- I will not back down. No matter what.

there’s more than one life involved with this bond.

I have given you so much leeway over the years

I refuse to any longer.


c- once people understand what someone’s choices did to another life? Truly understand what a bond like this means?

c- they’ll get my POV.


C- always remember the perspective you choose to hide behind Glamour’s veneer.

if there is anything to my claim?

16:29 c- be concerned

c- if there isn’t? pay no attention. Just empty words with no weight.


16:31 c- if you’re in here with me?

you live with me 24/7.

quite frankly? I’d be making sure that part of you…

v- is happy



16:43 c- imagine this: how many times I have felt something that was not mine to sense?

c- now, let’s say I decide to start dating.

why shouldn’t I?

J the Biller asked me again today when I was going to start dating.

THAT is my life. THAT is the direction I am heading.

someday soon, if you sense something?

that might be me with another man


16:45 c- how would that make YOU feel?

c- brace yourself. It may just become a reality.

No word?

this can go away, right? You can block THIS, right?



You won’t experience anything you don’t want to, right?

16:47 c- brace yourself. Because it’s Coming if you do not come forward and be honest with me.

16:47 c- I am moving on with my life.


c- you’ll get to sense moment after moment what it’s like to feel OTHER lovers do what they want to do with each other.

16:50 c- if this is nothing? You have nothing to be concerned about.

if there is something to this?

you know what you need to do and by when.

I am taking charge of my life.


a selfie a day 

makes the narcissist stay 

17:13 c- here’s a little mirror action from someone’s part of the world (a little bit more of the data I have access to behind the scenes-and it is not all of the data either)


[ LINK to DAY 1873 ]

Why would someone from that part of the world be interested in THAT topic?


Do they have an exclusive relationship? What kind of relationship do they really have?

NEITHER of them have yet to define the type of love they share.

it should NOT be that difficult.

Those of us who have been in committed, (long-term) loving relationships have no problem talking about the other in the company of others when asked.

it isn’t about the “I travel with her all the time and I pose prettily”

it isn’t about “look at us here and how we look together”


As I keep saying: if a couple who publicly displays their togetherness and it is such a “power couple” … why isn’t it effortless to talk about said relationship and just DEFINE it?

it ain’t rocket science.

but the filter bubbled echo-chambered pychophants will keep on drinkin’ the kool-aid.

don’t be bamboozled. Just pause. For the love of intelligence, put your MINDS to use. Geesh.


it’s been how long they’ve been.. what is it that they are doing?!?

can we even define that?

if we take away the photos and videos

What have they actually said about each other?

there would be nothing to remember them by as a couple. Take away that sense: SIGHT.

what is left?

what do we hear from them about each other?


Appearances are deceiving.


c- what do we really see?

They never describe what it is.

they let everyone ASSUME what it is.

c- where’s the pregnancy? Where’s the engagement / wedding ring?

Because WOW have I read a lot of those assumptions this past year - and those two do nothing to dissuade it … they ENCOURAGE and enable that thinking.

17:29 c- so, why isn’t this blissfully happy couple married and expecting their first child already?

Isn’t that the natural progression of all this social media chatter and social media like humping?

I bet that’s all they do.

17:30 c- I mean, if they are THAT close, why not talk about where they are in their relationship?

c- goodness knows my ex and I went through all that early on

“when are you getting married?”

”when can we expect children?”

c- but we never really hear any of that

just pretty cookie cutter poses of what so many ASSUME a couple like they should do… right?


c- heaven forbid if there’s another woman

v- who’s pissed off

c- perpetually pissy because no one decided to do the right thing for years

17:33 c- still waiting for that answer. And I am so satisfied even now that I know I will have it soon no matter what.


Fake as fake can be


17:34 c- and what do I mean by that?

tell the whole truth

don’t hide behind the image you want to project.

17:35 c- do you REALLY think I want people to know me as the bitch in wheels?

v- no.

c- is that who I am entirely?

v- far from

c- but you can bet your ass I will get that mf answer

17:35 c- I have had enough of this f ** king lie

be completely honest for a change

how long will it take you to tell that whole truth? To truly reveal who you are inside and out?

t has been far too longs already, and in the end?

people will question your goodness because of that delay

17:37 c- anyone who truly lives wholeness, doesn’t live a half life

I want to live a full life

and if you refuse to live that full life?

17:38 c- I do not want to be a part of your life

that is NOT who I am.



v- is sorry for this

c- whatever. Tell your side of the story. I din’t have to be happy about it. It was not my decision. If someone had consulted me I would have said no.

what has happened since this meet of R + J?

c- only whoever is a part of me and I am a part of him/her knows.

Remember, if I am connected to J in the way I say I am? And he is to me?

not even R knows what goes on between us.

17:51 what sort of communication should be happening between those two


17:52 c- so, I don’t really think R’s love listicle “is all that”

if she CANNOT address the future of relationships such as the one I am trying to describe, her love branding needs a lot more work


C- (sad laugh) and she should be able to… she does have a twin flame, right? (thick sarcasm)

v- are you going to bring that up again?

c- yuP.



18:00 c- this popped up on my “you might be interested in” [ the algorithm totally knows you are a runner and wanted you to watch this ]


c- I’m surprised R isn’t well versed enough in starting her own video series on twin flames.

or is that just the Woo💩 talkin’?

here’s her twin flame:

On the RIGHT, from  See (premieres - you guessed it! On 11/1. [ 11 is a twin flame number ]

On the RIGHT, from See (premieres - you guessed it! On 11/1. [ 11 is a twin flame number ]

C- whoops, wrong image. But who knows? Maybe she is a lesbian who is just covering it with a social media “romance” … like old school Hollywood

c- she does show up naked a lot with other women

via the public nudist colony on Instagram (who knew, right?)

via the public nudist colony on Instagram (who knew, right?)

She didn’t earn the nickname TaTa for nothin’

(T = tits A = ass )

c- somewhere in the Scribe Files I have her women’s naked tea party post, too …

c- hey, whatever floats your boat.

just be honest with it. Apparently she is: showing it for the world to see.

disclaimer: of course I have no problem with any flavor of sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. people should understand that right now before they start being JUDGEY.

v- funny…


v- and what are you

c- Hetero, but YES, HUNTER is part of the InnerNet team

v- and she is a lesbian

c- not sure if she has defined herself as such… but, yes, her preferences are more feminine as far as I know


$$$$$ cha Ching

This is the epidemy of burning man:

people pay to see this:

stripper pole anyone ?


BM’s cheerleader spelling








Jason Silva via Instagram  MOMENTS THAT TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY  ———-  Does he look like a perve waving at @ kristinabaky ?  NO WONDER! Look at what he’s waving at: It’s another TaTa Girl!

Jason Silva via Instagram



Does he look like a perve waving at @ kristinabaky ?

NO WONDER! Look at what he’s waving at: It’s another TaTa Girl!


Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, THIS is the sacred moment at Burning Man.

To some (most?) of us? Not a surprise and far from something we would EVER consider as sacred.

If this is sacred….

where’s the male nudity?

Fair’s fair.



skin deep with Rachel Rossitto & those like her (note: see how they all (un)dress alike…?)

a selfie a day 

makes the narcissist stay 


TRUTH staring right through that FACING wall


(the true sacred)

from the INSIDE looking out

giving a gift that anyone can place themselves in


Now, I ask you: which is more UNIVERSAL?

one where we see a human face and body splattered across a sacred landscape (and thus desecrating it with their presence)

or the landscape itself?

Perhaps my kind of sacred is, yes, limited by sight…

But my millions of words these past 5+ years?

they are MY WORDS

i am not a follower

i pave this path on my own with my own waypoints

that will be read and felt not just seen and heard.

so others get a taste of who I am and what I went through because of this InnerNet connection

not just one splintered glorified version

but as many sides to who I am as a whole person

what thoughts go through my head


v- the loves you lost

c- yes, one I lost because of this connection.

thanks for reminding me.

Yes, how, when suddenly this CONNECTION happened, it tore apart my 18-year relationship at the time, a 13-year marriage as of 2014

yes, remind me how all THIS forced me to make incredibly difficult decisions for my family


c- yes, remind me that after all that we went through … THAT man is there for me when I still need someone the most

19:22 c- yes, let’s bring up the fact that I am VERY aware of what you had to go through during that time and what role you played in that break-up

v- yeah, I know

19:23 c- and you know what I have to endure? After all that?

c- yes, imagine what it’s been like for me for 1941 days being whiplashed around the planet by this man

19:25 c- his routines affect me energetically (etc)

And what, after 4 years of enduring all that?

what happens?

I get to endure the worst experiences of my entire life.


c- I don’t have to see social media posts.

I have thousands of entries of what I have experienced without photos or videos posted publicly.

Again, today I kept a log of what I have sensed, what I experienced.

There’s nothing there to tie my experiences with anyone or to any place …

there never is

I am haunted by a ghost.

Possessed by a demon.


c- I know what heaven is like.

and RR is my hell.

is sacred is being part of abuse and torture?

be very careful with how you present yourselves together

if there’s another side of your story that you choose not to be so open and clear about?

imagine what it would be like for a woman STUCK, bonded to THAT man with how he’s presenting his life.

What would it be like for me?

v- horrible

c- every sensation I fear

THAT is not how I want to live the rest of my life

19:33 the sacred?

should be a safe haven

19:34 where someone feels at peace


c- if someone else desecrates your sacred space?

does something that takes your peace away?

and you no longer feel safe there?

v-it’s no longer sacred

19:36 c- someone who professes to be a teacher of the sacred?

should never be a part of a desecration, let alone repeated desecration.

19:38 c- and if it’s proven to be a desecration?

How does that lens of perception shift?

19:38 c- be very careful with the story you tell

be aware - always - if you’re putting yourself up on too high of a pedestal.


19:41 c- I do not understand Woolandia’s need to take endless selfies… to promote spirituality in that manner. Are they asking to be worshipped?


slap a quote on a selfie … and it makes it sacred?!? Not their words, but someone else’s words.

that is what I call the lifestyle of the spiritually confused


C- I can understand a few selfies to demonstrate proper poses, to make a point about self care & wellness but when it’s 90%+ selfies, I have an issue with that kind of narcissism.



v- ___

c- well, the shower pictures make sense if she’s a lesbian.

V- you are not being serious

c- well? She never did say what happened with her ex-fiancé

v- haha you would

c- so many things went unexplained

19:49 c- here’s a question for Rachel:

when was the last time you had physical, sexual intercouse - very descriptive here on purpose - full vaginal penetration … with another man?

19:50 c- ask her.

C- she’s comfortable with her sexual nature, right? (apparently with all the nudity)

c- why doesn't someone ask her this?

Why does everyone assume they know what’s going on between the two of them?

and there is absolutely no evidence of it

they never SAY anything about their relationship, but just show up in suggestive poses

V- what about you?

c- I have not had physical sex in years.

c-easy peezy. And I don’t brand myself sensuality goddess

19:52 v- ( quietly responds: erotic artist ….) haha stop.

v- and…

c- what are you asking ?

v- what about this morning?

c- 00:43?

V- oh, you are not saying anything

19:52 c- as soon as you want to talk about your experiences of all kinds, I’ll describe in minute detail what I experienced.

remember, it’s all up to interpretation

That moment at 00:43? Anything could have happened.

To me?

through me?

an isolated event (not shared)

Shared … but what kind?

19:55 c- shall I go on?

v- no, don’t

c- but I will add I felt assaulted this morning again … sensations assailing me while I was trying to work.

I tried to suppress them.

19:56 c- when you’re high? Or whatever that was?

remember you affect another human being who is trying to work at a job where she needs the income to pay necessary bills

i’m not out resort-hopping

i’m not dressing up in costumes and going topless at burning man

i’m earning money so my children and I have a roof over our heads and food on the table

PLEASE remember the life I lead


c- I have to endure the jet lag and late nights - my sleep affected BY YOUR ROUTINES and lifestyle

And still I get up to bike 13 miles a day & take public transportation to/from a full-time job.

20:01 c- some day someone will recognize what I did in the face of ALL THAT bs


c- and when I sense shit at work?

it affects my life

when something wakes me up and keeps me up (by sensations I would rather not feel?)

It affects my life …

you may be affected by my life(force), too

but your life is much more convenient than mine

when someone factors in

that I am quantum entangled with someone else?

what that REALLY means?

pushed and pulled by another’s life force

the accelerated heartbeats

the breath in the nostrils and back of throat - air that is not the air I breathe, but breathing in someone else air - somehow experiencing their environment nonlocally….

if you don’t experience it, you have no clue what it’s been like for over five years


C- this is not any normal health condition that can be easily diagnosed.

20:06 c- I need to go get something to eat and wind down for the evening

v- let’s wind down together .. sorry I worked you up

c- you know what you need to do

v- I do.. thanks for the 00:43

c- whatever. Something happened at that time.

it’s up to whoever’s interpretation about what exactly did.

20:08 c- I don’t want to talk about it.