A lighthouse watches over the water, which is engulfed by a shadow. Time is caught, trapped between each patch of fog that hovers over the calm, dark sea. The mists hush the waves and everything is silent and still. The moon high above shines and tries to break and dissolve the thickness of the mist, but fails. Day had turned into night outside the cavern, and I waited. Waiting for the unknown to happen. For someone to return? The echoes of the rippling water tapping against the walls and the winds whistling through the crevice of the sea cave keep me aware of where I am. In this darkness I am blind. I can only stare into the emptiness that surrounds me. Am I alive? Or is this an eternal dream that keeps me forever in the darkness of an unknown world from which there is no escape? These questions that I cannot answer whirl around inside my mind, imprisoning my thoughts. Moments that could have been centuries passed, until I sensed a presence behind me. What could I do? Lost in a directionless obscurity, I could not turn to see my company or move away. The stranger touched my shoulder and I felt an overpowering dizziness and faintness. Thunderous echoes rumbled through my ears and into my heart. I slumped to the sea cave floor.

The clouds unveiled the moon & the night rays gleamed down from the black heavens & plunged into the pool of the cave. Moonbeams bounced from the surface and shimmered on the walls. The flickering light gave me the sight I needed for an escape. I made a motion to stand, but could not. Was I too weak? If I could not stand, I could crawl. I moved towards the opening in the ceiling, jumping where I could along the rocky ledges, leaping from one level to the next. Once, I looked down expecting to see my reflection in the pool of the sea cave, but instead saw one very different from my own. What I saw was a large black cat.

I hadn’t thought much of the strange sight I had just seen because all I was concerned about was to be freed from my dark prison. Once I reached the open air, I stopped and collapsed. I looked up to see an endless dome of the evening sky, illuminated by the moon and filled with the pinpoints of sparkling stars. I closed my eyes and breathed in my liberation. I sunk into a dreamless sleep.

When I awoke the morning sun was rising over the horizon. The shadows disappeared, and I hoped my memories of the night before would also vanish. Could it have been a dream?

“It was not a dream,” a whispering voice answered.
I turned my head to see a man’s figure walking towards me. I wanted to respond, but found myself unable to speak.
“You need not speak. I know your every thought.”
“How could you possibly know my thoughts?”
“You have sent me. I have entered your mind to grant you your dreams. You have often wondered what it would be like to climb to the top of the world, soar to the very reaches of the heavens, and explore the depths of the sea. Your dream has begun…”


I find myself overlooking the vast ocean. Waves are pounding, rushing up the heights of the cliffs. They climb the great walls, only to fall back. The cliffs stand unmoved like a fortress, a castle concealed. A few droplets of seaspray spatter against my face. I thunder toward the edge and leap the emptiness of freedom before freefall, then my wings catch the pocket of air that cushions me. I slice through the wind, diving to the surface, the water not calm nor turbulent, my talons gouging a crest. I’m scooped back up, a current carrying me toward the lighthouse. I’ve opened my eyes. The foggy halo has a blue aura that pulls me. My vision tracks the slowly rotating beam. The closer I get, I narrow my view to the dark patches in between the spectral arcs. When I arrive, my feathers glow, and I wind my way around the structure to its roof, where I land. I swivel my head back and you are there standing at the cliff’s edge smiling.


I ride the wave with you just ahead of me and to the left. Speeding along, the wave curls in on us. You are almost a blur, the water spattering at me, around me, then we bank left and are on a jet ski. I hold onto you securely from behind, but not too tightly. I give you a kiss on the back of the neck to say “thank you…this is fun,” and then my left cheek is at your back as we push forward. You hop off, walking on the surface of the water, and reach for me with your left hand. I take it and you lead me to a whirlpool. You look down. “Ready?” I follow your gaze and see the darkness. “Into EverWhen.” We jump in together. We embrace, are face to face, my long hair flies up, as does yours, but then my hair wraps horizontally, bubbling around our heads. I kiss you as we plunge.