Not a word
do I say
just take note. 
Indescribable surroundings
feeling around
arms lift, twirl. 
No wind, no air. 
It's so quiet and dark, 
but I'm not afraid. 
I know you're there. 
by this hollowed-out emptiness. 
Breathe in
a chilly breeze
and a streamline
to the center, 
through the middle of me. 
It's not a winter wonderland. 
This place has no seasons, 
no change in weather. 
You are what I touch. 
Your scent is what I sense. 
"I'm still here." 
Then, I see your face. 
Your arms wrap around me, 
hands hold my face
lips taste mine. 
And the nothingness
takes form. 
Whatever comes to mind
into being
our dream life.