A wandering mind...

is an ongoing series about space travel, and during its meandering, visitors can explore other waypoints, spin-offs of the main story: poems, short stories, sound and video files, and image galleries, that are traces of Scribe’s journeys.





ANACHRONISMS are short story renderings of time distortions. They create new spaces to explore where the past, present & future are all connected.



Short stories

Not all dreaming happens while sleeping. Wake walking is a type of daydreaming. It is trance-portation to other fantastical and timeless places. 


Love at First

Short Stories

If only we were able to bottle up those first encounters & first loves-whatever or whoever those were-and experience them whenever we most wanted or needed them. This short story series explores levels of intimacy & types of relationships in different spaces.



Short Stories

Drifting in the In-Between, where uncertainty, vaguity, ambiguity, contradiction, nonsense and weirdness abounds. 


Nightmares at First

Short Stories

Nightmares at first are dark: our deepest fears welling up from our innermost recesses, hitting every nerve, projecting out ghastly images. As multisensory, interactional & multidimensional spaces, nightmares are sources of multidirectional time travel. They give us worst-case scenarios, offer us ways to create new possibilities, make us aware that we can take things in a different direction, & that we have the power to change outcomes.




Intimacy has no bounds, and neither do the ways to express it. eZ is a means to communicate the experiences of lovers in a shared virtual space they shape for themselves.