To remember a dream is to have been living one. Those shards we bring back after having passed through the window between the dreaming and waking worlds are multi-faceted fragments that show the inner, outer and in-between sides of the splintered pane.


Dream Experience: Before 04:00 November 21 (44)

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"Children's Playroom"

Dream Experience before 03:53 October 17 (44)

I walk into a basement room of a larger resort(?) & see kids playing. I see two perpendicular areas with one child then a couple more in an adjacent area playing/sitting quietly on sofas and maybe comfy hotel chairs - even this late at night ... are they up unsupervised? I walk back out of the area and I see the the dad(?) is on the sofa working. He gets up when he sees me. I tell him I am cleaning up after my dog (which happened outside this room nearby. He seems to want to see. I push against his chest meaning: no, stay here, you really don’t want to see what she’s done (and I’ll take care of it - go back to what you were doing).


"Cobwebby Mason Jars"

Dream Experience before 05:27 October 16 (44)

I am placing empty clear mason jars with lids in certain places. On the bottom of a shelf behind debris of some kind(?) so someone won’t see. One place is under a desk(?) in the righthand corner. It’s really cobwebby, I put the mason jar behind the cobweb, and I think I see a small black leggy spider. Just part of the thin-legged spider, somewhat curled up.


"Bottles of Every Size"

Dream Experience before 07:57 October 15 (44)

I get to a parking lot.. of a mall?

Inside the building [ dreamsense: I’ve been here before - have I dreamed this before? After-dream note: Or is it just that I *should* have been here before because I stowed away these items here? ] I am trying to organize - there are (wine) bottles of every shape and color ... [ I look at them mostly from above as they are in a box? ] I am storing them, but shouldn’t I recycle them?


"Lawn Fires"

Dream Experience before 06:20 October 15 (44)

I come to a part of the house & I smell fire - something burning. I look out back and see a patch of grass is on fire - the lawnmower parked against the fence is right near it. The neighbor’s yard is on fire, too. I get the hose to start spraying water, and try to hit the lawnmower to douse it with water to perhaps protect it more (so it doesn’t explode)


"Breakaway House"

before 03:44 October 15 (44)

DreamMe notices the back of the house has tilted again (I see the spacing at trim-level near the floor). I put my weight more on the back part, and it moves, but too much- the whole back of the house breaks off and rolls down the hill. I see the wood - light colored wood and maybe a panel of darker yellow/orange insulation?

DreamMe immediately thinks: is it supposed to rain tonight?... I am looking at the portion of the house that didn't fall down the steep incline behind the house (half of the house is broken off now... can we spend the night here?)


"Long Plane"

Before 02:59 October 15 (44)

I am on the back of a new plane (like it’s an open cockpit/cabin) - this plane is one some guy is showing off. We slowly lift off and the very long plane goes to the left - I can both see the very long plane as if I'm outside the plane and on it at the same time - as it is banking and lifting off, it just misses the tops of trees, etc

“An Absent Writer”

Dream Experience: Before 07:34 June 01 (44)

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Dream Experience: Before 06:11 June 01 (44)

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