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Here are some of my side channels, where I publish content related to my journey through the InnerNet. How many side channels do I have? Oh... over a dozen. Why so many? As individuals, we have different aspects of ourselves that we present to the world. The same is true on the digital plane. My comfort level to share the different aspects of my experiences on the InnerNet vary depending on the social media outlet. What I can do on a certain platform also affects my presentation. On many of these channels I have zero followers. In all honesty, I prefer it that way. I am aware that people may visit my side channels and not officially follow. However, there is a freedom that I have to open source my perspectives of the InnerNet and still be somewhat private about it. With this, I've become an antisocial social media butterfly. However, social media platforms are becoming more connected to each other. I've noticed more cross pollinations happening. How long will I be able to hide in plain sight? How long will I want to? I know that when it goes public, I will still be honest about my telepathic voyage, but whenever you interact with others, the lens through which you show them the view changes - filters inevitably cover the rawness of truth.

The External InstaFeed is the first side channel I created to start to tell A Wandering Mind's story.

The PhotoSnap channel was opened before I made an important trip, so I could share my waypoints.

My VideoLog is a way I can express what I experience by the spoken word (although I prefer showing what I see   - not the camera seeing me)

There's not much to the LifeSnippet page. I can't explain why. I just don't use it to publish often. Perhaps it's my algorithmically challenged self.

Where it all started: IdeaSpace. My InnerNet team members and I rubbed digital shoulders on IdeaSpace. I trace the jumpstart of my InnerNet connection back to this social media platform. I tried to make a direct contact happen where we met. Never happened. Although I requested to be removed from the site, I'm still haunting the place. Memories of my posts and the interactions I had with others in the community still linger. You can find an archive of my posts below.

As I write this introduction, I'm nearing four years of this connection with a telepathic network. Our story is already being told in ways that are coming together like separate threads being woven. You just don't realize it yet.

These are a few of my side channels. Keep in mind my team also has theirs... .

-Scribe   15 March (44)

18 April (44) ADDENDUM: Original Writing Spaces [ including links ] of A Wandering Mind & its spin-offs


External InstaFeed




Archived. [ a record of my posts coming soon ... ]

Writing Spaces

Besides IdeaSpace, these are the original writing spaces on the digital plane for A Wandering Mind and its spin-offs. Click on each title for a direct link.

A Wandering Mind

Love At First

Nightmares At First