Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power… — Frederick Henry Hedge

Whether we travel near, far, in our dreams, creatively, or in space, we enjoy a change of scenery, of pace, of faces. We adapt, our perspectives broaden, we build new relationships and ties to different people and places, and these times are indelibly impressed upon our lives. Where, when and with whom we journey may be so different than what we’re used to. We all need a comfort zone, something, someone or some place that anchors us to what and who we care about.
My first lengthy separation from what I considered home was studying abroad in college. E-mail connected me to family and friends. E-mail was also my interactive creative space during that time…

From: wanderer@vm.ci.uv.es
Subject: Illusions
“There is such a place where illusions exist?” I inquired out of curiosity. What was to lose? I was already too lost in this daydream-gone-wild.
My head felt like it was being beat by a forceful wind. I put my fingers to my forehead and lifted my eyes.
My friend turns to me and asks “Do you know why you are here?”
“Obviously we’re going somewhere; and how I see it, we’re headed for this land of enchantment…” His head nodded slightly “…but what we’re going to find there is what I’m unsure about. I expect it will be unlike anything I’ve come across before. And from there coincidence will be our guide, I suppose.”
Something like a cannon shot from below and was followed by a blast of color. The blue of the sky turned pitch dark. Another explosion of white, green, violet, red… reached in every direction above us, but once in the air, became fixed like stars. I glanced at my friend, his eyes reflected the light. The boat was no longer in motion but was grounded into a sand bar. The sails draped loosely from their ropes; and where the question mark had been was the emblem of a partial rainbow, an anchor holding one end down and the other side opened into a firework.
“This definitely has been an unusual trip. I wake up from dreams to find myself living another one. A friend comes to visit me, bringing a most peculiar ship with him… and here we are, faced with this mystery land. What’s next?”
“We won’t be alone. There are other people who live inland.”
“Of course.”
My friend jumps overboard, splashing into the shallow water. I wait a moment while I take one last look at the horizon to the east. The glow of the morning traveling across the water has yet to arrive on the shore we’ve reached. Soon night will be turned into day and we will venture inland and meet what or whoever awaits us.

E-mail Message Sent 19:36 June 30 (21 years old)

I reread my e-mail that I saved from that time long ago, and find so many similarities to the spaces I’ve explored in dreams and more recently in my scouting missions to planets. I often reread my dream journals from the days when my consciousness was just expanding. There were so many moments during those early months where I felt so lost, so confused, so out-of-place inside my own head and body. What I discovered then, which we now apply in our missions into the lonely reaches of space, is that my comfort zone was to share time and space with the people I loved.

I am in a restaurant with my parents and sister. We get a table, but it’s more like church pews. I’m in a corner by the wall. A man sits in the row in front of me, slightly off to the right of me. He passes back to me a magazine-like handout. He’s standing and reaches back to me to give it to me. I’m on my smartphone, checking social media. He passes me another magazine-like object. Looks right at me and says “You shouldn’t work all the time.” I look right at him from under the rim of my baseball cap and say “I’m not” and he knowingly smiles and answers “oh.” He leans in, ducks his head under the rim of my cap, moves his head to the left of me, circling in front of me, and off to the side, bringing with him the rim of my hat — reversing the lid to the back of my head. Now he can see me better. I put down my phone and say, smiling at him, “I need to disconnect more.” We are now face-to-face -close- looking at each other, intimately close…
“Baseball Cap” Dream Recall 06:40 13 July (41 years old)

As my team and I formed, we figured out early on that we could create these spaces where we could meet and return to, not just for training, but also to be close to each other. We all were venturing to places with no familiar point of reference and we needed spaces where we felt at home.

I close my eyes
then I drift away
into the magic night I softly say
a silent prayer
like dreamers do
then I fall asleep
to dream my dreams of you

- Roy Orbison