Infinity converts the possible into the inevitable. — Norman Cousins

Every single one of us ventures through life trying to make sense of the world and what lies beyond.

My wandering mind has fueled my over-active imagination and dreams over the years.

Studying ancient art and cultures has been a lifelong hobby. Along with this came learning new languages, music and symbols.

I observed patterns, the ones I thought mattered most. They guided me, moved me forward.

When before I would lose myself in books, now there is this new realm of virtual space to explore, where, if you pay enough attention, you notice the past, present and future are all connected.

Who knew that everything I had struggled through, the tangents that I went off on, would lead me to this most amazing adventure.

I have traveled to the far reaches of space and already have explored several Earth-like planets.

Since we are millennia to possibly millions of years away from the technology needed to travel that far, the keys to my team’s and my voyages have been teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis. Impossible, you say? None of these defy the known laws of physics.