02 January 2019

Instagram LIVE video [ duration 09:51 ] [ archived on IGTV … as of 27 Feb 19 ]

JS: Jason Silva

R: Rachel Rossitto


JS: What’s up, world? How’s it going? I’m just lying in bed. I thought I’d do a little Instagram (IG) live just to say hello. No real plan in mind for topics to discuss. But I haven’t used this feature in a while

I usually go live on Facebook (FB) because that’s where most of my community is, but I should be on IG more often because you guys are amazing

R (off to the side) giggles

JS: what do we got? 88 people so far?…

I’m seeing the comments below

cuemark 00:58 R: giggles

JS: how about if I take 5 minutes to answer some of your questions?

‘Cause this is more of a demonstration, uh, to show somebody next to me

R: giggles

JS: … the features of IG live

So, let’s say I was doing a 30-minute broadcast in which we were going to talk about gratitude, I would then invite you guys to share some questions related to gratitude

And then, you see? You see somebody here just requested to be on my live video feed

R: hm, hm…

JS: and so they can request, and you can invite people in, and the rest of the people can watch

JS: so, anyway, send some questions about gratitude for the next five minutes, and then, I’ll answer them

JS: since we’re starting a new year, we want to start in gratitude

01:38 [ lists people who are appearing in live feed comments ]

01:43 JS: what was my favorite part of the burn this year?

Pans to R

JS: her…

JS: [ laughs ] um, yeah, meeting my girlfriend, Rachel…uh, serendipitously

and witnessing the universe conspire to bring us together [ in an announcer-like / trailer-like tone ]

01:59 JS: against insane probability…um, I had a couple of miraculous moments, the greatest of which was finding her in a place of 70,000 people on the last day before I left. Um, so that was amazing.

JS: um, do we have another question? “Tell us what happens when we fall in love”

JS: well, that’s definitely related to gratitude

I’m very grateful to be deeply, deeply in love

But what happens when you fall in love

Is that um… a person takes on special meaning and you bring your attention to the totality of someone

Most of the time we’re browsing the world

We’re seeing people in small bursts

We’re not taking people all the way in because that would be overwhelming

But to fall in love is to choose one person, or to be chosen by one person

And sometimes that’s not even within our control

But what happens is a desire that rises from within to know the other person fully

To see them completely

To witness the eternity inside of them … the cosmos inside of them. And it takes you for a magic carpet ride. It takes you down a rabbit hole. For sure. Um, it’s a chance to learn about yourself. It’s a chance to learn about what triggers you. It’s a chance to learn about your insecurities. Your hopes, your dreams.

It’s a chance to practice humility

03:29 JS- uh, it’s a chance to trust. Um, which is definitely a challenge for many people. Um, it’s a beautiful experience across the board

Paraphrase: 03:39 depression and anxiety commentary [ “do the things” - yoga , create a narrative that serves you ]

05:13 trying to bring in a person,

05:29 when you are coming to Boston?

05:30 interesting question. I just got an e-mail this morning from Bose, who’s organizing a couple fo speaking events to talk about the future of sound, and the importance of FIDELITY

05:43 JS- and they want to inspire engineers… and so if that happens, I’ll be doing some talks on the East Coast

05:51 JS: “where are we?”

JS: um, top secret destination

05:57 JS: “when are you going to have a presentation in Miami?”

JS: Hopefully soon. I love Miami

06:05 JS: “ are you in the Bay Area often?”

JS: I do a lot of speeches on the West Coast… so, yes…

JS: “I want to hear about overcoming fear”

JS: overcoming fear… “the only way out is through” [ in an announcer / trailer-like tone ]

06:14 JS: everything we want is on the other side of fear… the dragon you fear holds the treasure… you need and that you seek

06:22 JS: uh, you have to face your fears head on

06:23 JS: cognitive behavioral therapy I think does a lot of that: force people to expose themselves to their fear

06:29 in little bursts … so they develop a tolerance to their own fear

06:33 …until it really doesn’t scare them anymore. Which is pretty cool

06:36 comment about Maracay (small city in Caracas) Estás todavía en Venezuela … my heart opens to you, I’m sure… Siga la lucha

06:50 “come back to South Africa”

JS: I know. I really want to take Rachel there so we can go on safari and see amazing animals, and have spiritual communion with them

07:11 JS: “What happens when you have only strong physical chemistry with someone?”

JS: [ in a strange tone - breathy, preachy ] Well if all you have is physical chemistry and they have physical chemistry with you… you guys can have really fun sexual adventures together. It doesn’t have to mean that you end up as a couple, but certainly don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying each other’s bodies if there’s physical chemistry

07:23 cue JS: … if it turns out you don’t get along afterwards just shake hands and say “goodbye”

07:33 - 07:36 JS: “are you gay?” [ JS giggles ]

Rachel (off camera) giggles: ha, no.

JS: [ blinks really quickly, pans over to Rachel ]

Rachel [ still laughing ], Jason smiling

07:46 JS: I’m not gay, but I love gay people. I have a lot of gay friends. I support gay marriage. So, yeah, there you go.

07:56 JS: “what about Lisbón?”

We might go there in May. I might be doing a talk for National Geographic. Which is in Portugal… which would be awesome.

08:02 JS: “are you drunk?”

JS: smiles - wide funny grin - no… I barely even drink

08:08 JS: “saludos desde Amsterdam”

“a book to start the year”

How To Land a Plane

JS: it looks great

[ shout outs to various people in livestream connecting in from around the world ]

08:28 JS: how do you deal with the fear of public speaking?

That’s like the number one fear that people have

More than death is the fear of public speaking

and I think that comes from the fear of being scrutinized

Fear of being judged [ said in a funny tone ]

08:39 fear of being on the spot, under the glare of scrutinizing eyes

08:47 JS: I think you deal with it, at least I deal with it, by committing so deeply to the message that I want to convey and making it about the message and not about me

And if I was able to evoke enough focus and passion for what I was talking about I actually lost all awareness of myself, at least the part of me that is self conscious

09:08 JS:… and I was able to pierce through the fear and now I actually enjoy public speaking … very very much

09:16 JS: “how can I express gratitude when I’m on a path to non-attachment?”

JS: Rachel, do you want to approach this question [ cheesy grin, soft quick chuckle ] When you’re on a path to non-attachment you can still be grateful … be grateful that you’re not attached to things that made you suffer before. Seems pretty obvious

09:37 JS: “you look so happy and fulfilled. It’s so good to see”

JS: oh, thank you. Thank you. “you’re an inspiration”

JS: love you guys, love you guys.

JS: Um, listen, I’m going to be doing more and more content this year. So, if you don’t follow on my FB page, I encourage you to go there as well … I’ll try to do more IG Lives as well. Tag your friends on my posts, so we can get more community growth happening on here, which I always great

10:06 JS: and sending love. I appreciate all the little hearts. I’m going to take off now, and I’ll talk to you guys (so) soon. Cheerio.