07 May (45)

08:32 [ prepping post ] Scribe: an ode to... vanishing points. Continuing my thread from yesterday about how I sometimes go to public sites to get landscape shots... and have to wait for the people to leave. The antisocial Ansela. "Get out of my shot!" (patient outside me is very impatient on the inside - humorously so... and not too seriously rude ... just not me inside or outside).

If the timing isn't right or there are too many people... I sometimes have to "eliminate" people from the image later. One of the first retouches I did (for storytelling purposes) is a New York photo from my visit for IdeaFest.

09:09 Scribe: found the modified version. Let's call them my quantum ghosties [ chuckles ]


09:10 Scribe: when posted online [ PhotoSnap ] it may not have been as noticeable. I do not have high-end photo ending software [ I use free or very affordable apps]. I did a quick edit for posting purposes. I have done this throughout my journeys to make the images more story-worthy ... if there are people in the images, people are less likely to use them as ... portals? They are less likely to get immersed in the scene, let's say. Here's the original...

09:12 about to post without the [ unedited ] original

09:14 posted

09:14 the original:


09:15 Scribe: those darn kids would NOT move... [ chuckles ]

09:15 Scribe: here are a couple others that come to mind - the Love at First short story "Paracaídas" image [ not my own, but publicly posted by someone else ] and a bridge photo... [ for my reference so I don't forget what I'm looking for as I dig deep into the archives - saved across hard drives [ argh... it's been an organizational nightmare... story to come sometime in the future about why it is this way ]

09:17 posted update

Image Source: http://ow.ly/I5Jci [ photo edited by Scribe to be more immersive for "Paracaídas" ]

Image Source: http://ow.ly/I5Jci [ photo edited by Scribe to be more immersive for "Paracaídas" ]

09:19 Photographic Scribe [ AKA Ansela ] ; this one I'm quite proud of... can you tell where the people are SUPPOSED to be?

09:20 [ under her breath ] Scribe: I take the "blemish" tool to whole new level [ snicker ] ...

09:20 [ making a joke of it ] Scribe: the people completely ruined a perfectly good landscape shot...

09:23 Scribe: Here's the original with the image credit URL [ originally posted on IdeaSpace ]

Image Source: http://ow.ly/I5Jci

Image Source: http://ow.ly/I5Jci

09:24 Scribe: those darn kids again! [ I'm so like the old neighbor in Dennis the Menace ]

09:25 [ looking up info about the Dennis the Menace character ]

"George Everett Wilson, Sr. is Dennis's cranky, cantankerous, middle-aged next-door neighbor"

Scribe: that's so me! [ being funny - InnerNet humor ]

09:26 posted

09:27 Scribe: video editing folks will get this humor... (I hope)

[ searching for bridge photo - original and edited ]


09:34 Scribe: not the best job, but when posting online [ smaller format via SM ] it's not easy to see the blur where the people once were

09:35 Scribe: when you're in a very public place people are on the trails [ national park ] and as soon as some leave, others are about to cross the bridge... or you are starting to lose your family big time and then they get all grumpy. When you have a photo op, YOU HAVE A PHOTO OP [ chuckles ]

09:36 Here's the original


09:37 posted

09:38 Scribe: Soooo, it's like Where's Waldo with some of my photos...

09:39 Scribe: Eh, hem to that big corporation who doesn't have a blemish / retouch tool built in to their mobile device photo app... [ LOL ]

09:44 Scribe: here's a more recent photo [ quick edit ]


09:46 Scribe: this was a very busy, public botanical garden so the fact I got this long view with just a few people in it [ blurry at the "vanishing point" ] is a bit of a miracle.

09:47 Scribe: I had lost my children already by this point ... they had cell phones [ bad mom moment ]


[ reverting to original ] Scribe: oh, I had forgotten there had been people on the bridge, too...

09:50 posted

09:53 Scribe: so, there you have it ... I'm a cleaner... of photos. [ chuckles ] A behind the scenes peek of what I do before I post online.


[ reheating coffee ]


09:58 Scribe: whoever may read this [ one of the few to none... ] may get the underlying storyreel going on here... if you can pick up the threads. It's a personal inner storyreel I entertain myself with, as anyone would who can relate to one thing or another that they observe "out there"

Scribe signing off [ need to continue selecting some photos for printing ]


[ starting up music to finish dishes ]

Scribe: and ... here's to my quantum ghosties [ characters of A Wandering Mind ... flipping through mental images from the past four years ]

searching image archives




10:07 Scribe: these characters are based off of real people who post online publicly... blurring and sketchifying to blur (but not completely hide) identities... They know who they are. 

10:08 posted

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 12 Oct (41) 12:29

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 12 Oct (41) 12:29

10:18 [ searching for a different sketchy image... ]

Scribe: ah, those logs. They'll get you every time. and that METADATA...

10:20 Scribe: oh, Hunter is listed first because she comes to mind first. She posted something the other day right after I had debated about posting an artistically filtered image (from the archives)... and the shapes coincided...

10:21 [ tangent ] here's the recent Hunter post [ my artistically filtered image was left in the archives ... I need to put all those darn images on one hard drive - another LONG project ... argh... 'cuz I have A LOT of screenshots, and other data interspersed ... multimedia LOGS.]

10:26 posted. Scribe: I wouldn't normally post a recent image... part of my methodology. She's a public figure so the chances of audiences recognizing the correlation will be higher... However, Hunter has been "outed" publicly already via IdeaSpace. Don't check. It's not there. I left a while ago, along with all my posts. Again, part of how I did / am doing things. I have my reasons. That's another project that will take a while - the IdeaSpace side channel archive posts [ I have over 500... only a few show publicly right now on Wandering Mind Space ]

10:30 posted. Scribe: Her outing as well as Trickster's were a couple of my last posts. Part of why I posted there? Less visible. IdeaSpace's litmus test? Very few know who are the real people I based these characters on.

10:33 Scribe: another strange synchronicity with Hunter's recent post and the one it resembles (my old filtered photo)? The photo I took was of an arched bike rack while I took a break... from a VERY LONG WALK... Hunter just recently took a VERY LONG BIKE RIDE. Interesting, hm?


10:36 Scribe: this filtered image was of the bridge that marked the end of that very long walk that day the 18th of April (Year 43) - 13:38 to be exact. ... well, the turning around point. I still had hours to walk the way I came back to my car.

Image: Filtered photo taken by Scribe 18 April (43) 11:59

Image: Filtered photo taken by Scribe 18 April (43) 11:59

10:39 Scribe: another artistically filtered image from that very long walk [ seeing a thread... ? ] My wandering mind winds and curves, takes pitstops, tangents, but winds its way back to the main storyreel.


10:44 sifting through images... haha, another one from that same day/walk [ 12:41 ]


10:45 Scribe: a long-standing joke about all the buzzards I encounter on walks ... they're always circlin'? what does that mean? I know some mythologies hold them as protectors... but... creepy. This one was just waiting for me in a tree.

10:46 posted [ InnerNet humor - there's another thread to the vultures theme ]

10:47 Scribe: getting a sense of where my wandering mind takes me... or others?


10:50 Scribe: Ah, the glorious bubbler - yes, bubbler. Look it up. It's a word... at the end of the walk. I did NOT take along enough water that day. 15:29. I HATE how images aren't chronologically ordered... so anachronistic how these files are backed up. argh.

10:52 Scribe: FOUND IT! [ cropping ]


10:54 Scribe: one of the images that didn't "make the cut" ... and got deleted off PhotoSnap. It's a kind of gallery, always has been. This is one that I posted as part of my walk's storyreel for my followers. If they caught it while I was out on the walk.

10:55 posted

10:55 Scribe: whether or not Hunter meant for those shapes to match, who knows? but part of telepathy deals with the quantum world - and observers are reality weavers. This is what quantum scientists would call meaningful - not until events line up. Not even the fact that both parties agree it's meaningful, but it's due to the very fact the events lined up, and that there was an observer of this alignment ... is meaningful. And storyworthy, perhaps? So, whether or not Hunter and I have a telepathic connection (she's been one of the silent ones who I have reached out to - in a very normal way... who knows, right? ... and even not - the TP - my suspicion? she's in on this story... what it's become.)


Image: Photo taken by Scribe 11:32 April 18 (Year 43)

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 11:32 April 18 (Year 43)



11:07 Scribe: My comedian... performing. It's not that these two characters are more important than the others - it's just that I have their images more readily available.... Trickster's also been "outed" ... and continues to be "silent". Such a QUIET PLACE... out ther edigitally and in the phsyical... well, at least to MY EARS. haha. "telepathy, telepathy, telepathy" he once said at the end of one of his performances. Hm, one has to wonder, hm>? 

Scribe: and to continue with the people I've already revealed [ on IdeaSpace ] as part of my Show Your True Colors game on IdeaSpace to guess who the real people behind the characters were...



11:13 Scribe: who WOULDN'T want a character who dons a NASA suit, hm?... ESPECIALLY when you're dealing with a story about SPACE travels

11:18 [ searching for a DJ image ... I lost my line art app [ frowns ... ] the developer didn't update app and it "went away" / vanished...

11:21 [ searching for a new app ]

11:25 To fill in the space while I do some quick research [ my current apps with "sketching" tools aren't doing what I want them to with an image I have in mind ]


11:26 DJ is with Trickster and Healer. I have quite a few public posts of DJ on his phone... appropriate for a ...

[ answering a text from my teenager ]

11:28 Scribe: DJ is a character who ... let's see how I tried to describe it:

11:31 [ from an IdeaSpace post of mine ]

"We live on different planes of existence - different SpaceTimes: think about our interactions we have in / with physical & virtual spaces. What goes on in our heads, the relationships we have in physical spaces, where we choose to roam virtually ( Internet , social media). How do these connect?"

DJ makes those connections and he has a spacetime module from which he works

11:33 posted

11:34 DJ is another silent one. Have we lost ALL professionalism? Answer. Your. direct. messages [ e-mail or otherwise ] ... normal communication... odd, for a character who is in charge of the team's communications.


11:40 Scribe: oh, yes... he has a YOUTUBE VIDEO on communication. Eh hem.

11:41 Scribe: [ mumbles ] perhaps it's a telepathy thing. WE STILL NEED THE OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE. I can't tell you how many times I've seen DJ on a coffee break [ or happy hour ]. What DOES he do, really? [ chuckles ] I know. It's a big job connecting us all together via our dreamwork, wakewalking, spacetime jumps. I get it. That quantum well is hellish. And to connect it all together? It's like organizing Chaos.

11:44 Scribe: who WOULDN'T need a break from THAT?

------- [ photo search & editing work. break, SM check 11:52 Scribe: hm, hm. "wander" NOTED. ]

12:16 Scribe: I found a free sketch filter app... it's not the greatest. But it'll do for now



12:18 posted


12:25 Scribe: so, there are many ways to mask identity. I do it for their sake. I do it for mine. I do it mainly for the story. With characters, the only backstory you have is what the story reveals or hints at. The characters take on a life of their own for the author as well as for each individual reader. Or, should I say each observing reality weaver?


--- [ editing line art filtered image ]

12:37 Scribe: ... and then, there is what you also have to consider - that filtering that goes on via first person narrative of a character in the story



12:39 "When all is sketchy, sketch the future" - A Wandering Mind

12:40 posted