06 May (45)



on the flip side
an elemental siren
a hidden horizon

08:32 Scribe: Ah, perspectives. I already talked about this image within the last few months. It was taken last year, and posted this way on PhotoSnap 23 September (44) to announce one of Scribe's aspects appearing Elsewhere. [ I won't give away any of my own interpretations of this image... I'll let those who stumble upon it - if they want to - ponder about it as a standalone image, and then, compare it to what is posted Elsewhere ]

08:34 Scribe: Now, I have seen a resemblance (as of last night).

08:35 Scribe: I'm curious (besides those who may intentionally have been influenced by this perspective) if anyone has noticed or will notice the similarities between my posts and those frames that appear Elsewhere. 

08:37 Scribe: just a post to say: I noticed this. Noted. If you see my commentary during this open window (before it is removed from public view and archived), perhaps it will ring a bell with recent releases. As I said in an external InstaFeed post (or maybe even here on THE InstaFeed): Scribe is in mischievous mode. She's showing some highlights of her journeys and those waypoints that like pinholes through the frames of spacetime sync up. Showing, but not telling. If anyone asks, sees what I see, I don't know what I'll say. "Hm, interesting." Play dumb. Chances are no one notices. No one has picked up the patterns I have. And, perhaps it really is just me noticing similarities that may just be creative adjacencies... but it's happened too many times to be pure chance. "Too coincidental to be coincidence" [ "Vision" Part 5 A Wandering Mind ]

[ incoming text; confirming daughter's eye doctor appointment ]

However, like everyone else, I have to hold back that suspicion (of being a source of inspiration) on a regular basis - suppress it. No one has said a thing to me. All I do is observe. In the dark like everyone else.

08:45 re-reading iF before posting

08:53 Scribe: I reached out ... several times to suspects. Only heard from one person. One. I traveled several times to get an answer - I want people to realize I tried to reach out in normal ways and got the silent treatment. The Nobody treatment. There will be many discussions that happen if any of what I suspect turns out to be true. When all I asked for was an answer to one question.

08:56 Try to be normal under circumstances that are anything but normal.

[ grabbing an external InstaFeed post from last year ]

09:00 Scribe: as I've repeatedly said: I have nothing to hide. it's all out there, if you know where to look for it.


09:01 Scribe: I said earlier this morning: I have the score: that music in the noise. Right now, many may only hear the noise. Some day, perhaps they'll hear the music.

09:02 posted

[ reheating coffee, sent happy b-day text to someone , cuing up a song ... ]

"... Fate has a way of playing games

And I've been keeping score..." -K.Flay

09:24 posted lyrics

09:25 Scribe: and to whoever may be reading this: I am fine. Being mischievous is good... such odd synchronicities with my journeys so far


09:26 posted

09:27 Scribe: ODD mention during my tour of this space last year... the only photo I have is this one to demonstrate what the tour guide said about the person who designed the space (and decided on the furniture) ...


09:28 Scribe: "mid-century chic" I think she said (or something like that)...

09:29 (laughs) Scribe: I never revealed that before... [ chuckles ] ah, yes, Scribe is wyrd.

09:32 Scribe: this is probably going KNOWHERE [ snicker ] ... out into SPACE.


[ getting ready to go out to do errands

Scribe to Trickster (mindchat): ready for some hacking? [ snicker ] HACKSAWING? ... [ switching to Crafty Scribe mode ]

[ listening to a song ... ]

Scribe in Ansela mode is ... antisocial...

"See your iPhone camera flashin'

Please step back, it's my style you're crampin'

'You here for long?' Oh no, I'm just passin'" - Jax Jones

[ YOU'RE IN MY LANDSCAPE SHOT!!! (humorously complaining) ]


10:46 Scribe (the antisocial social media butterfly softly says): my private self in a public space...

10:48 Scribe: to my intimate strangers:

"Don't act like you know me, like you know me, na na ay

I am not your homie...

I mean, we could throw shapes together

But it doesn't mean you're in my circle, yeah" -Jax Jones

10:48 Scribe: interpret THAT.

10:49 Scribe: I don't LIKE you for a reason [ smiles ] ... or click on your CIRCLES [ hahaha, the story behind the rings ]


10:52 Scribe: What? What was that? Hearing is believing? Hmmm....

10:53 Scribe: [ Sighs ] Ah... my side channels. Just IMAGINE what goes on there... what you may be MISSING [ 0000 ] ... back to Crafty Scribe mode. Someone requested SBD (see eZ)... this is another aspect of Scribe... which.... [ this image ] ALSO has an interesting backstory. But APPARENTLY we need to wait to the the end credits to figure out if Scribe's earSHOT [ LOL] reaches who she thinks.

10:56 posted [ and off to do very mundane errands ]

Don't show your face

They'll lock the cage

If you're an easy mark

I made a plan ...


Bite off the venomous head

Follow the chemical scent

Look for the hole in the fence... -K. Flay

11:06 Scribe: here's to spin-offs ;-)

[chat with daughter to reschedule eye appt.]

11:09 [ and splintering ... those frags, I'm tellin' ya ]

11:10 Scribe: this message will "self destruct" in a little while [ along with the past few that are still posted publicly. they will be archived for historical (personal) record ]

11:11 (and 30 seconds) posted. BTW 11:11 cue mark FUNNY. Yes, Scribe is attuned to numerological strangenesses.

11:12 posted the 11:11 comment

11:13 "na na na na .... na na n anon.... hey hey hey... Goodbye" [ sing songy ]