30 Apr (45)

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 24 Feb (43) 12:13

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 24 Feb (43) 12:13

10:05 Scribe: images like these are why it bothers me if a hard drive fails... and also its backup. Thankfully, I know tech people ;-) [ said in a Sixth Sense tone ] People know me as having too many hard drives, but then, there are moments when I think I've lost data, knowing exactly what files were in that data block, and at the same time, I also know what other [ unremembered ] data may have been lost that I know may be important. Maybe it's not data I highlighted in the past, but a future me will appreciate. I forgot about this photo (I can't remember everything!) ... it most likely was my creative side trying to portray the crossing of planes... what shows, what's hidden, passing through, side channels ... now, the overanalytic me is trying to recall what the past me was thinking at this moment. What I saved, a highlight, what I showed is below... it's what was on the cloud: a waypoint, a reference point to the date when the photoshoot happened. One of the ways to track back through all the data to this moment in my spacetime.


10:12 Scribe: The reason finding this tree was important to me back then was the day before I had worked on this artistic still:


10:14 Scribe: So, I'm walking along a trail, and I see the tree: "Just another puzzle piece, Nature's style."

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