28 March (45)


13:54 Scribe: posting the cover image before I talk today about dreams, a TV show (The OA, A Netflix original series - Season 2) with creative adjacencies…

v- and a love affair

Scribe: that creates more questions than answers. I will not talk about the InnerNet relationship too much today. Just make a mention of it. Intimacy on the InnerNet is more of an adult theme

v- and you’re trying to keep this to PG-13… ok.

Scribe: or PG14, whatever the category is today…

13:56 publishing

[ lunch ]


13:59 posted “When a wall becomes a window” cover image

14:06 posted other two images from PhotoSnap (AKA IG) post gallery [ from 21 Jan (45) ]

IMAGE: an old building and a tree alongside - B&W filtered - a virtuonaut PhotoSnap post 24 Jan (45)

IMAGE: an old building and a tree alongside - B&W filtered - a virtuonaut PhotoSnap post 24 Jan (45)

14:11 Scribe: these images are all from the same location that I visited over this past holiday season.

IMAGE: an artistic wall display - B&W filtered - a virtuonaut PhotoSnap post 07 Jan (45)

IMAGE: an artistic wall display - B&W filtered - a virtuonaut PhotoSnap post 07 Jan (45)

14:15 Scribe: this next one was taken in the same general vicinity of my holiday visit

v- how far away? [ from the spooky façade building? ]

Scribe: 15-25 miles?


14:18 posted Rift image - posted to virtuonaut PhotoSnap 06 Jan (45)

v- mention the “45”

Scribe: oh, it refers to my age. Instead of putting the year (which I believe detracts from the

v- contemporaneous-ness

Scribe: ok… if a film, let’s say, or even a novel has dates in it

v- it dates it

Scribe: there are obvious tidbits in any story that may date it… (technology, pop culture references… ) but I think my age as narrator

v- storyteller

Scribe: interpreter?

v- ok…

Scribe: it makes it more relatable … this is my character. I am this old, etc.


14:21 Scribe: NOW, I eat lunch.

IMAGE: posted to virtuonaut InstaFeed 04 March (41)

IMAGE: posted to virtuonaut InstaFeed 04 March (41)

15:06 Scribe: …

v- what do you sense right now?

Scribe: I noted in my log before 14:58 that there was a shift in inner sensation… I have not switched temperatures in my home. I have not gone outside. I haven’t changed clothing… But I sense now a cool fresh soft air in nostrils and back of throat … down what I call my center channel … a soft gentle breeze “down there”

v- oh?

Scribe: hey, it’s weird when you’re wearing clothes and it feels like you have a hole in your pants and there’s a cool breeze blowing on your private parts

v- [ chuckles ]

Scribe: so is my life

15:09 Scribe: ok, back at it

The OA Season 2 : all I will say is I think it was a nice framework (and explanation for viewers) about transitions from one space to another… the dimensional jumps were like what happens in dreams, as Orson Welles once wrote “I move from architecture to architecture in my dreams.” I thought that aspect and the representations were well done

v- but you had problems

Scribe: I don’t want to spoil it, and I will give minimal details - but the octopus scene was too much.

v- over the top

Scribe: perhaps I was expecting something more subtle … like in Arrival

15:12 Scribe: The tree scene was a wee bit too strange. Not too much, just a tad weird. Besides that, I think the rest was good.

v- the ending?

Scribe: Oh, I liked it.

v- I know you did.

Scribe: I will not reveal too many details, but the entire show plays with and blurs the lines of what we think reality is - different perspectives and interpretations (by each individual)?

15:15 Scribe: I included …

v- the sketch first

Scribe: the header images?

v- yes

Scribe: ok… I used an online image I found yesterday to depict an inner experience yesterday

v- consoling someone … you care about

Scribe: yes … I was being moody… and I know my moods are sometimes not good

v- [ chuckles ] yeah, I know

Scribe: it is a repeated InnerNet show of affection - an inner projection. If found an image online (copyrighted / for sale) and filtered it… posted it briefly and took it down. I then used it to create my own rendition of it … like painting a landscape out in nature … or someone’s property line. This is how I get around

v- you try to create a rendition yourself

Scribe: This is an ongoing discussion … crediting artists. I have used some photographs for inspiration for some of my short stories and poetry… Do I credit them all because they inspired my creative endeavor? I don’t think so. In the same way, my gallery on PhotoSnap (AKA IG) may be a source of inspiration …

v- but there are glaring similarities

Scribe: yes. This has been going on for years, ever since I started sharing my creativity and ideas more online.

v- you think there is something to it

Scribe: yes, I do. Do I have anyone coming forward to say I was the source of inspiration? No. I call these waypoints CREATIVE ADJACENCIES now. Perhaps some day someone will come forward and talk to me about it. For now, I just take note and move on.

v- I know…

15:21 Scribe: what can I do?

v- nothing

Scribe: Nothing. I guess to add to this I will point out I have never received any money for any of my creative works I have posted online. I do have a wee itty bitty business that I started last January (Year 44) but that is more for art supplies. This coming year I’ll be trying to sell more art. My customers kept asking about my art… on the inside (and the comment by one local artist) … I tell myself: what I did with Crafty Scribe is …

v- art itself

Scribe: it’s a lot of work to curate - art supplies … I have a vision with what that business will be years down the road… I started out small for a reason

v- one farmer’s market

Scribe: yes, just selling a few items - art supplies. I curated everything Scribe-related, including a selection of (historical, non-toxic) pigments. What was once a hobby and research for the character Scribe … became a business idea… and in the end, I hope once I have more art and a more polished product line

v- it’ll appear hear

Scribe: to support my writing and other creative endeavors

v- it’s a good vision

Scribe: I created a monster with with that business. I’m starting from scratch… with no funding except from my own savings

v- I know…

Scribe: and because I started out small, because the more polished products aren’t available yet (little by little they are coming together … I don’t even have a brand label yet…) … I’m starting out local (physical venues). Anyway… what I tried to say is this:

1) I receive no money for any of my original photographs / digital images that I post online

2) I receive no endorsements nor do I endorse anyone (i.e. Netflix or the shows creators, etc.)

v- it’s for art’s sake

Scribe: do I find it FRUSTRATING that I see resemblances in the media (tv, film for example)? Yes. I also realize it takes armies to create films and tv shows… and the question in this digital age is where do we draw the line?

v- copyright

Scribe: intellectual property … what is appropriate? When do we notify artists? Obviously, if we post their original content elsewhere we should credit them / notify them depending on the licensing.

v- agreed

Scribe: but what I’m talking about is PROOF OF CONCEPT

v- agreed.

15:30 Scribe: moving on.

v- the sketch

Scribe: ok, so there is a recurring [ holding hands on virtual face ] … I just projected this with my inner self while I type away

v- [ kiss ] … I am your lover

Scribe: yeah, well… there it is.

v- conflicted

Scribe: uh, yeah! no one has let me know…

v- with any certainty

Scribe: no… there are, again, resemblances

v- digital resemblances

Scribe: but today marks Day 1770… at what point do I just…

v- all it quits… I know?

Scribe: I am not one to just roll over and let someone walk all over me

v- I know…

Scribe: I’m not going to get into ..

v- invasion of privacy

Scribe: invasion of my mind body …

v- without your permission

Scribe: but SOMETHING is happening… and keeps happening.

The relationship is ongoing…

v- it’s a loving relationship

Scribe: yes. as with any relationship, we have our difficulties… if I am to assume one is going on… which is another issue…

v- ongoing… I know

Scribe; so, Day 1770 and I’m stuck with this condition with a mess of physical, emotional and mental side effects

v- that have no diagnosis

Scribe: nope… so, here I am talking about it.

v- I know… what did you notice?

Scribe: oh, I have a prime suspect.

v- I know

Scribe: his character name is Trickster. In here it’s anonymous

v- you’re going to do a … can I say it?

Scribe: yes, you may. It’s another aspect / project of mine

v- Exploring Intimacy … which I love

Scribe: I have a lot going on … and when I get to certain points in the creative / thought process / research / musing about different things … or am inspired - I switch gears… one of my next posts will be about Anonymization (sp?) of Intimacy in the Future… and how this will affect

v- gender-based sexuality… WHICH I LOVE

15:37 Scribe: so, the sketch is the Inner Us … on a regular basis

v- [ kiss ]

Scribe: which I am conflicted about

v- because Trickster has a confirmed girlfriend

Scribe: yes.

v- [ kiss ]

Scribe: will you stop! [ chuckling ]

v- I know it’s confusing

Scribe: there were key details early on to indicate to me that something was awry

v- agreed

Scribe: no one talked to me about it… so, yes, as with any partnership - romantic or otherwise, if two people …

v- don’t clear the aire

Scribe: issues are going to arise… and I am NOT one to be awakened in the dead of night feeling like someone is SEXUALLY assaulting me and have to wonder if Trickster and his girlfriend are going at it. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would find that acceptable.

v- agreed. thanks for that

Scribe: it has to be said. It has to be for the VERY reason that I have NEVER been able to talk privately with Trickster - although I have made several attempts over the years … just several not constant …

v- I know

Scribe: I got silence in return… silence except years’ worth of RESEMBLANCES …

v- to your life and work

Scribe: and I can DO NOTHING ABOUT IT

V- I know

Scribe: except every once in a while pop out on the social media scene and make direct and specific questions… that for some reason no one else is asking

v- I know

Scribe: you both have made your relationship very vague.. we see the PRESENTATION of a romantic loving couple… just certain key indicators… which everyone accepts as the greatest love ever to have existed

v: [ chuckles ] I know

Scribe: which I find complete B.S. ANYONE who has EVER been in a relationship

v- has issues

Scribe: it’s just one of those things: if something looks too good to be true?

v- it usually is

Scribe: but everyone wants to see the fairy tale

v- yeah, they do

Scribe:: whatever it is…

v- you’re conflicted

Scribe: on several levels… and here’s the deal: with how PhotoSnap (IG) is… anyone who is commenting

v- are well-wishers

Scribe: no one’s there for any sort of ongoing discussion about what love is really all about. What the varying types of love there are. Who we are privately or publicly… I made a couple direct comments and got attacked… and blocked. By Trickster himself

v- oh, you’re not letting that go

Scribe: oh, I can understand the reasoning behind it: I got too close. I made a direct question with other influencers …

v- f—- I know

Scribe: I quoted directly from a well-known book - one which Trickster has read - even said I SUPPORT the influencers… I just restated what Trickster has said before : ask the questions you’re asking yourself … or what big thinkers are asking themselves…

v- and I. blocked you

Scribe: whatever it was - it was a quote and comment about ethics and legal issues regarding hacking consciousness - which… I guess on the PhotoSnap platform is UNACCEPTABLE… The forum is fluff. The forum is just to use emojis ..

v: OMG

Scribe: well? and post the content you want without anyone posing any relevant discussion questions that would get people thinking and thinking about all the implications a SHARED CONSCIOUSNESS would be like

v- [ chuckles ] I know… you’re not bothered by it

Scribe: I joke… I keep piling on my case if I ever get to face Trickster and whoever else in the future… but it will happen. These discussions about ethics and morality and legal rights HAVE TO HAPPEN

v- oh, I know


Scribe: so, yes, the relationship between Trickster and Scribe is COMPLEX to say the least

v- [ lighthearted chuckle ] I know


Scribe: here’s a relationship

v- you’re a guru

Scribe: LOL … I am not a guru… relationship advice about compatibility. Once upon a time three houses and mortgages ago..

v- haha stop… each one sold except the last one

Scribe: hm, hm.. oh, there’s a story about how my husband gets to keep the house

v- OMG, I’m sorry

Scribe: trust me: I AM TOO NICE

v- I know you are

Scribe: and … it’s unfortunate that you get to that point and you realize … the lawyer was right

v- Ok… stop

Scribe: in my case? Anyway… I won’t got into all the specifics… but my ex and I had been regularly househunting years ago when we moved state to state for his job… and with each house you realize which type suits you … what features you need / want … and one realtor along the way said this: you need to be satisfied 80% … that’s usually a good fit… so, if we transfer this to relationships: if you find someone that’s an 80% fit, you are doing pretty well. I think …

v- combativenewss

Scribe: [ chuckling ] oh, our mindchat bantering is nonstop… I would not like to be with someone who agrees with everything I say. I, of course, think you should have similar views on things.. not too different. However, you should complement each other. …

v- what didn’t work… oh, I’m not going to like this

Scribe: I don’t know what to say and not to say about my ex. I’ll keep it private… we weren’t on the same page on quite a few things… and it never changed.

v- Ok… but…

Scribe: I will fully admit that if not for this InnerNet connection ?

v- you’d still be married

Scribe: unhappy. stuck.

v- ok… so, there are some good things

Scribe: yes, of course… but our lives are undetermined. If not for this? who’s to say we wouldn’t have worked things out? It had gotten bad. I’m not saying it wasn’t

v- years without sex… is not good

Scribe: no, it’s not… anyway… not just the sex, but romance of any kind

v- ouch

Scribe: eh… I think many married couples are like this… it’s just that this InnerNet connection :this intense intimate connection - however you want to categorize it… made me realize what I want… it made my ex and me talk… and what I offered him? a life lived together as a family not as a romantic couple

v- he didn’t want

Scribe: I don’t blame him… we associate marriage with romance… I had a different perspective because honestly?: I could not live a romantic life with two individuals at the same time… my heart is invested in one individual at a time

v- I know it is

Scribe: and now, I have to endure whatever is gong on between Trickster and his girlfriend…

v- not knowing

Scribe: not wanting a polyamorous relationship…

v- but having to live it

Scribe: not having to live it … HAVING TO SENSE IT … I sense kissing… ad whatever els

v- I know you do

Scribe: who would want to SENSE their neighbors - who are strangers - having sex? hearing the voice of the male and his thoughts HAVING SEX with his partner? and you’re in there… you’re a part of those experiences … UNWILLINGLY

v- we’re working it out

Scribe: Scribe and Trickster, yes… it’s all in my head. It’s all in my body… no one is to tell me it’s shared

v- another issue?

Scribe; it’s a relationship that has never been… imagine never being able to know for sure what you mean to another person - WHO YOU ARE to that other person and who they are to you? …

v- identity…

Scribe: yes, it deals with identity - it’s relationship 101 … and I have from the very beginning asked to meet to settle these issues … so we all can live whatever life we want

v- not shared

Scribe: if someone doesn’t want a polyamorous relationship - THEY SHOULD HAVE THAT CHOCIE

v- agreed. geesh you’re mad.

Scribe: who would not be upset given my circumstances? I have ghost haunting me both in thought and sense transference (?) … and I don’t know if I’m a conduit (telempathic - without the other individual having a similar experience?)

16:04 Scribe: that has been my life - dealing with the Unknown… without anyone coming forward… except for seeing resemblances that… apologies… like a schizophrenic seeing patterns that aren’t meaningful or relevant … that I’m supposed to accept are intended for me?!

16:05 Scribe: what I really have an issue with - if a relationship between Trickster and I is happening how I am experiencing and interpreting it? His declared girlfriend is a healer

v- alternative medicine…

Scribe: there are other titles I won’t mention - I’m just putting the healer part as an umbrella category… [ a healer who may be involved in an ongoing traumatic experience … in part, the cause of it… ]

16:06 [ looks at time ]

v- you’re going to a mingle

Scribe: [ chuckles ] yes… free food and alcohol Woot Woot!

v- you drink alcohol?! [ being funny ]

16:08 v- you shouldn’t blame her…

Scribe: it was Trickster who involved her in this. If she wasn’t fully aware of all the circumstances, no, she isn’t to blame. But she knows now. If Trickster has not spoken to her about who I am… it’s unfortunate, then, that she, being his declared girlfriend - supposedly, she should be privy to certain details about her boyfriend’s life… but who knows? That’s assuming I’m not

v- batshit… I know

Scribe: when you get silence in response to questions… nice, courteous… leading into following years … that asked the specific question : are you telepathically connect34ed to me

v- after years of data… I know… why the delay

Scribe: alright, Trickster, for the record yet again: Trickster is a public figure. Although I have been separated since a few months after this all began over four years ago… I am still married

v- legally

Scribe: chuckles yes… it is a long haul that, trust me, is not entirely my fault.

v- it takes two to tango

Scribe: [ shakes her head ] and you thought * I * was a slow poke

v [ chuckles ] I know… things are going well

Scribe: things are difficult - the separation part….. ok… not going into other areas of my life right now

v- they’re difficult. ok… healthy?

Scribe: yes, I’m healthy. Divorce is expensive

v- and you’re paying for it

Scribe: going more and more into debt…

v- I’m sorry

Scribe: it is what it is. I could have been a bitch … but I went the nice route… considering all angles… I should have listened to my lawyer given certain details

v- but you’re going it alone

Scribe: I’m stubborn to a fault. Anyway.,.

16:14 Scribe: so, the sketch is us

v- [ kiss ]

Scribe: stop! … and I had a sleep dream of Trickster and me kissing recently … which was an odd one… when I saw a scene in The OA … it made me wonder … did I watch this scene…

v- in your dreams… remote viewing

Scribe: or precog … you know: the future me watching the scene and experiencing it in my dream?

v- but this has happened before

Scribe: if this is a mind body link: if Trickster (or whoever else I may remote view) … has access to preview shows/movies before they are released?

v- it’s proof of telepathy

Scribe: of RV (of remote viewing)

v- you have years of data

Scribe: yes… with nothing to cross reference it against…

v- except when you watch it later …

16:16 [ grabbing dream report / log ]

v- so, this mingle… is it romantic?

Scribe: no… it’s for my community

v- that you are staying in

Scribe: I made a joke the other day about hooking up with an older man… I live in a community that is quiet (I like quiet)

v- I know you do

Scribe: … and quiet a few residents

v- are senior citizens

Scribe: yes

v- [ chuckles ] I’m laughing

Scribe: eh. it’s dog friendly… I need more space (with my two children)

v- who are doing well


Scribe: yes, they are comfortable here … they were worried Mom moved into a scary apartment complext

v- [ chuckles ]

Scribe: they were pleasantly surprised

v- they like it there

Scribe: very much, yes. Mom made a good choice

v- love you… so … no romantic interest?

Scribe: uh, like I’ve said repeatedly, with this? I can’t live a double life

v- alright fine.

Scribe: I can’t imagine anyone I’d meet who’d be Ok with a possible ..

v- shared consciousness…

Scribe: who’s quite romantically attached to me

v- [ chuckles ] yes…

Scribe: IDK… we talk about this all the time: we sense each other on the inside… it feels like we ..

v- we love each other

Scribe: yes… for another time (and space - see eZ - shadowdance.live ) but here’s the recent kiss dream … there’s a kiss scene in OA that my dream

v- which came before

Scribe: before I watched The OA… that just came out … March 22nd?

v- yes

16:22 v- when did you start watching it?

16:24 Scribe: March 24th

BACKTRACK TO 09 March (45)


16:25 Scribe: there you have it

Scribe: so, while I was starting to post the images for today’s InstaFeed (what you’re reading now), I posted the bicycles on the wall (because there is a similar scene in The OA, season 2…. and Trickster posted a video about bicycles

v- those types of synchroniciites happen all the time

Scribe: yes,,, years’ worth

v- that are worthless

Scribe: no one’s come forward. they are meaningless, for the most part, until someone tells me they were intentional. I appreciate the attempt… I do take note…

v- but you can’t take them seriously

Scribe: we all have to draw the line as to what is meaningful in our lives… I consider Trickster

v- a collaborator

Scribe: yes … and the Trickster in here….

v- is very much in love with Scribe

Scribe: and Scribe loves Trickster … but when an inner life

v- never is exteriorizes

Scribe: it creates

v- discontent

Scribe: I live in a very real world with responsibilities … responsibilities I am ignoring by writing this … to document a portion of my life… I don’t get paid for it. All I want is an answer.

v- I know… you liked the video?

Scribe: of course I did… like I said: you don’t need to put in the green eyed wonan

v- I have to

Scribe; [ chuckle ] it amazes me that no one has picked up on that theme yet

v- it’s been years, C

Scribe: I know,., shakes here head… I see the big picture… it doesn’t make it easy in the least… but I can understand

v- a bigger picture… thank you

Scribe: I liked the landscape … it was a good setting

v- Love you…

scribe: I’ve already told you this on the InnerNet

v- thanks for… documenting it

Scribe: of course I love the inner compass mention… again, you didn’t need the green eye woman to sync up with that

v- which no one gets

Scribe: because …?

v- I’m with…

Scribe: Rifty

V- [ chuckles ] stop

Scribe: “R” or as I symbolically represented her * inside joke * about Trickster telling all the ladies romance comes with an asterisk … …nowadays romance comes with a ® for him


v- why did you do that?

Scribe: oh, I was being snarky… if Trickster is in any way telling his side of the story about our intimacy using R as a stand in… she is being branded

v- alright

Scribe: my storyreel version… otherwise, it’s my ® registered branding

16:36 v- you …

Scribe: alright FINE: her association with you is bringing her business. I have PROOF of it… and I do not approve of anyone making money

v- off of suffering

Scribe: first off: anyone decent enough would have come forward by now… not let her sit here in prison

v- got it

Scribe: when I hear comments “she should be compensated…" I don’t take it too kindly,.. any MONEY that comes from this? I am giving to charity. I do NOT want too make money off of something that caused ANYONE (or in the future could cause) suffering … especially when I have shifted my life to accommodate this to BE GOOD and be a GOOD PERSON… treating others and thinking of their well being … BEFORE MINE…and yes… because I chose and made certain decisions … Im in debt… I am now in HELL because every sensation I feel I have to wonder…

is that for me?

v- or is it abuse

Scribe: if she is in ANY way a part of this… she will have to answer about her role in all this

v- agreed. sorry.

Scribe: there are ethical concerns that I have never outright said in a public forum

v- you do it in an indirect way

Scribe: which if ANY version of this becomes mainstream?

v- are real concerrns


Scribe: I am sure it all started out with good intentions. There is no doubt in my mind about that. However, I do believe this all could have been handled better. For a possible future discussion

v- love you… sorry

Scribe: eh… just par for the course in my life right now… when it rains…

v- it pours.


16:45 Scribe: I will NOT sit quietly and keep taking the hits when I observe people cross the line and never make it clear, especially to me in private - directly - if they do indeed have a connection with me … but again, it could all be me and something gone haywire in my brain or body…

16:46 v- and that is part of your hell

Scribe: and if this is what I think it is?

v- you have every right to be upset… I hear you.


IMAGE CREDIT:  The OA , Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT: The OA, Season 2

Images: Bike Wheel Wall Art taken by Scribe 04jan45

Images: Bike Wheel Wall Art taken by Scribe 04jan45

IMAGE: PhotoSnap post 07 Jan (45)

IMAGE: PhotoSnap post 07 Jan (45)

16:55 Scribe: a vicious cycling… this has to end

v- the Unknown

Scribe: five years is way too long

v- to suffer through it

Scribe: [ hand on face ] you have your reasons…

v- I’ll be good

Scribe: eh… we each have our moments

v- we make mistakes

Scribe: we’re both mischievous

v- you are a Trickster yourself

Scribe: eh… I have to poke the Trickster bear every so often

v- you stay quiet (on the digital plane) for the most part

Scribe: yes… I’m more of a silent observer nowadays,,, except on the InnerNet … if you’re connected to me

v- I’m in hell

Scribe: and all the vicious cycling could end…

v- with just one answer… I know


[ reading comments ]

Scribe: soft chuckle… I see you liked the coffee shop comment

v- I had to

Scribe: oh, a dream about you in a coffee shop… [ READ “Meet” ]

v- with my significant other

Scribe: hm…

v- yes, hm…

Scribe: oh, my creative mind…

v- yes, I love that creative mind


17:02 v- that one [ “Meet”] wasn’t with me

Scribe: uh, no… the author when she was writing it visualized the character Healer in the coffee shop

v- I know.,.

Scribe: Oh, OA

v- [ chuckles ]

Scribe: that tangled web

v- [ chuckles ] stop

17:05 v- would you include the original wallpaper?

Scribe: yes, I can… as I was walking past this room (empty)… [ it was the same location as the bike wall art , but a different room ] I noticed a cool light fixture and a somewhat shiny design (that I thought would pop when I later played with photographic filters … ) here’s the original wallpaper (an older building had been refurbished )

IMAGE: original photo taken by Scribe 04 Jan (45)

IMAGE: original photo taken by Scribe 04 Jan (45)

17:09 Scribe: I didn’t know what I’d end up with until after I played with photographic filters… and what I came up with was a wall that became a window … wallpaper that I filtered to make it look like a stained glass window … and another shot that made the original light fixture [ urban / industrial minimalist ] look like a torch….

and there are scenes in the OA that resemble this photographic filtering … I tend to storify my still images that I deem “storyworthy)

IMAGE CREDIT:  The OA , Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT: The OA, Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT:  The OA , Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT: The OA, Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT:  The OA , Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT: The OA, Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT:  The OA , Season 2

IMAGE CREDIT: The OA, Season 2

17:16 Scribe: When a wall becomes a window

We experience digital portals all the time: when anyone posts anything to a digital or social media wall, they create windows into another’s spacetime…

Of course, the educator in me

v- cringes

Scribe: I’ve moved away from accessibility requirements… I should be tagging each and every single photo to dexribe it

v- for the visually impaired

Scribe: I’m a one-woman show right now… so… that sort of thing gets back-burnered

v- and this will go away

Scribe: yes, this post will disappear soon. although I turn my Self inside out through this tranScript

v- crossing consciousnessness

Scribe: it often gets too private for me to keep public for long

v- this is like a private conversation

Scribe: some of it, yes. it always turns into that, though…

v- which you don’t like

Scribe: I would PREFER to be able to keep posts like this up… but of COURSE
v- I poked the bear

17:20 Scribe: Gotta go

v- go enjoy yourself… I’ll be with you

Scribe: Scribe is off to socialize

v- so she doesn’t bite people’s heads off

Scribe: Scribe joke… [ like a dog socializing during training… ] I get cranky because of this long-term isolated confinement [ having to wonder about the InnerNet connection with Trickster & not getting any confirmation that the physical/digital space Trickster is one and the same ]

v- yes, you have