26 Jan (45)


10:00 Scribe: As I sip on my morning coffee, I’ve opened a new book: Pauli and Jung: The Meeting of Two Great Minds… a book I picked up years ago from a used book store…

V- it takes you a long time

Scribe: yes, it does. And chances are I’ll skip around in this book and not read it cover to cover… my point is this: today I want to give a demonstration of what it’s like to TRY to read and have you in here INTERRUPTING

v- providing CONTEXT

Scribe: so, you countering anything I say

v- that’s not true…

Scribe: fine. Even if you weren’t in here I’d still be taking notes. That’s one of the reasons it takes me so long to read anything

v- you savor

Scribe: yes, if it’s a “heady” book

v- and not a paranormal romance book

Scribe: which I have NOT read in years, except going back and torturing you with favorite excerpts

v- you would…

10:03 posting

[ Scribe sees push notifications from 15 minutes ago ]

Scribe: crap. I wouldn’t have posted if I had known

v- (chuckles) I know

Scribe: what are you doing up this early?

v- I have a pissed off woman inside me

Scribe: and who’s fault is that?

v- mine


10:06 V- so, why are you reading this new book?

C(haos)- I’m done with my skipping around in The Field

v- and…?

C- I couldn’t find the Dreaming Universe?

v- that’s it

C- I have way too many books, too little space to put all my crap, displacement disorder is in high gear - it’s a good thing…

v- the weeks off/on

C- yes, switch weeks with my girls… Emmita’s room has piles of logs that need filing

v- argh

C- yeah, and here I am hopping onto this vortex

v- that’s sucks your time

C- I don’t know…. I’m finishing my coffee

v- enjoying it while reading… what kind of coffee?

C- I opted for the raspberry chocolate - my special blend of ground raw sugar, 100% cacao and a few drops of raspberry extract

v- mm, good?

C- yes


10:10 C- it’s just easier to type up the humor while I read

v- our humor

C- oh, I needed to read Pauli and Jung - it’s just SO exploringintimacy.space

v- yes, it is

c- just a different perspective while reading this book at this moment

v- with what’s happened. sorry…

c- I don’t know why you keep apologizing. it’s all just me, right?

v- (chuckles) stop


10:12 C- I’m switching from The Field because I got my fill - none of what I read was anything new

v- just reinforcing

c- contextualizing, with more specific examples

10:12 c- I really do need to track down Dreaming Universe

v- clean your room

C- it’s CLEAN it’s just… I have PILES

v- omg

C- it’s called a LACK OF SPACE, which I might add, this whole ENDEAVOR, has created a SPACE CRISIS

v- haha. stop

c- I have to keep archiving stuff off my laptop because I keep running out of space… makes me regret not getting a larger HD

v- (chuckles) I know

c- but there AGAIN, is a LACK OF FUNDING

v- stop

10:14 c- as in INEXISTENT funding for this

v- (chuckles) stop. I KNOW.

10:15 c- ANYWAY… It tickled me silly to read a quote by Wolfgang Pauli to start the book

v- there was something before, that you need to mention

c- argh. no. the quote first, and that may be enough


10:18 C- I laughed outloud when I read that… little do people know what goes on

v- on the backchannel

C- the InnerNet … if people think I am being rude and toxic online

c- I am quite ruthless

v- in your teasing

c- oh, and quite frank in other respects… thank goodness for filters

v- oh, I know

C- I just found it an odd phrasing for Pauli the physicist: “formal politeness… must be ruthlessly rooted out from our human relationship”

[ snickering [

v- I know… I love to feel you laugh


c- it’s so nice to have a very fine mind back me right about now

v- you are so wrong…

10:20 c- the title for Chapter 1 cracks me up, too

The Conscience of Physics

v- why… [ prompting ]

c- because I am forever nudging you - more science…

v- less woo woo

C- woo woo has its place, as you well know… but there’s this huge void (of easily accessible current research)

v- about what we’re going through… I know… sorry

c- so, Scribe has to dig up old research, knowing full well it may be outdated, but still taking note of it because foundational science …

v- is how we’ve gotten to where we are now


10:23 v- would you include the other parts…

Scribe: I rarely share my notes, but here you have them

v- thank you…


10:26 posting notes.

c- so, a taste of our back and forth while I’m reading

v- and reflecting

c- you know, a lot goes on in my head. I don’t take most seriously - hence, the HUMOR

v- haha. I know


10:28 C- for research, the headier reads, I tend to either look at the index for key words or the table of contents before I dive in. Depends on why I’m going to read the book… and it’s usually not to read it cover to cover… which I am doing with Dreaming Universe

10:30 C- as a poet, recently I’ve been at a loss for words - so, reading helps find new ones … not that I will use coniunctio [ I see that I inadvertently added an “n” in my notes - I didn't mean to ], but it is a word to roll around in my head for a while and perhaps create new ones along the way

v- for your poetic mind…. yeah, I know

10:31 c- it’s not that I don’t have words to use… it’s that I don’t feel they are the right ones

v- a writer at heart

c- like the photo I posted to PhotoSnap this morning. Last night I did some photo editing and had no clue what to title it… this morning…

v- because of something that happened…

c- I am awakened in the middle of the night by SOMETHING and it bothers me greatly

10:33 c- I know I may not be able to pinpoint it

v- triangulate

c- but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen … and that it came from SOMEWHERE else …and who knows what other weirdness is involved

v- I’m sorry

c- it is the trauma that keeps on giving. and there is NOTHING I can do about it… as much as I would rather it NOT happen. as much as I would prefer to have the uninterrupted sleep I had the luxury of having before all this InnerNet interference…

v- yeah, I know

c- so, it is what it is. I am not happy about it

v- pissy

c- it upsets me greatly… but that is my private suffering - now, made public. this, too, will be archived. I DO NOT LIKE MAKING MY PRIVATE LIFE PUBLIC… but at least I’ll have years’ worth of attempts at logging - timestamping - and they’re all there in the archive… for whatever purpose the logs may serve in the future

v- in the present… sorry


[ reheating coffee ]

10:38 C- as I said earlier, I’ve spent years of being more accepting… but this is the year I say f___ no. This is NOT alright.

10:39 C- and the longer this goes on

v- the worse it gets

c- to just “let it be” is to me at this point like giving in. like saying to have someone control my life and walk all over me, take my choices away from me ? what role model would I be to just

“grin and bear it”

c- hell no.


v- you’ve never been that way

c- well, at least there’s a history that at some point perhaps if someone EVER comes forward

v- I will

c- it will be a testament to my… BEAR of a personality… my stubbornness… what else did I say about myself last night?

v- you’re making me laugh

c- my (c)rudeness

v- in here… yes… wow, you have some doozies


10:42 C- again, I just intended to reveal my reading

v- our reading…

c- OUR reading habits… and show the world what we’ve been doing for years

v- love you.. sorry… for your sleeplessness…dreams?

c- yes… I don’t recall what I was dreaming when I was so rudely awakened … I know I had been… I remembered what I was dreaming closer to when I got up this morning

v- care to share?

c- not today. it’s really not much.

v- food related?

c- (chuckles) yes. I have a dream report. not anything in depth - but just a few details. I know that that’s enough, though

v- love you…

c- what was it… I was reading in The Field… that for remote viewers sometimes they focused on details that weren’t the “target” details… but they were still part of the scene or what came after the “target scene”

v- in their life…

c- yeah, strange stuff… anyway… what I’m saying is, if you dream, it could be any number of things

v- distracted focus

c- something like that… ANYWAY, back to reading. and I MUST file those frickin’ logs today… it’s just one of those boring

v- tedious tasks… I know

10:46 v- you like what I posted?

c- I don’t know?! I try not to overanalyze. it has done no good so far… and to be quite honest, I may just do away with even checking soon. it’s been too long with no “results”

v- understood… you like our “communications”

c- eh… I know they are not all us. I am thankful Trickster is a public figure so he has regularly posted about a wide range of topics over the years

v- easier to track

c- easier to pick up patterns… but then again…

v- it doesn’t give you the answer you need

c- no. all they do is fill up HD space - which I do not have the luxury of anymore, and my will to keep at it is waning fast

v- understood

c- as I said, I want my normal life back. I don’t want to live in a land of Uncertainty. There is so much to human relationships that …

v- that rely on surety

c- something I am reminded about daily… something I …

v- long-term relationships

c- I NEVER HAD TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT… it’s hell… [ shakes her head ] … there is a lot of good to this relationship, it’s just … some of the core

v- essential

c- aspects of a good relationship are missing

v- such as ?

c- lying, deceiving..

v- I know…

c- clear, reliable communication - which I might emphasize, I hear one thing in here, and then …

v- there’s a discrepancy

c- and I don’t know what to make of it… how do I TRUST something that continually LIES to me?

v- understood

c- How does a person reconcile with something that for years has lied and deceived her - against what she’s TRIED to do… to clear up any misunderstanding ? the long-term silence and absence are detrimental to any GOOD RELATIONSHIP… SO, apologies for my impolite DIRECTNESS and ODD SPECIFIC questions

v- but you’re just trying to clear the air

C- it’s been TOO LONG and … [ chuckles ] it just amazes me the things people will believe

v- hook, line and sinker

c- and I realize there may be a different explanation - or that what they believe is TRUE… but it doesn’t make my experience

v- non-existent

c- so, I try my best to be as normal as can be… perhaps a bit contrarian … but heaven forbid, if we don’t have contrarians…

v- good ones

c- we are all lost… the last thing we want in ANY environment is DULL everyone thinks and believes in the same thing

v- with no variety…

c- what’s funny is that what I propose isn’t any one reality - just the possibility that it isn’t what others think

v- [ chuckles ] I know

c- I never say there isn’t a relationship, I never say there isn’t love - but there are so many variations - and from what I see - from that outside observer looking in?

IS PEOPLE ARE BELIEVING something that there is NO EVIDENCE for …

v- just suggestions

c- that’s what gets me… and from my perspective?

v- there is DEFINITELY a different way of looking at it

c- I can’t say that… because then I’d really be the batshit lady

v- [ chuckles ] I know…

c- all I can do is combat suggestiveness with more suggestiveness

v- stop… you’re being funny

10:57 v- you’ve backed off from being direct

c- yes, I have… I have been observing. Shakes her head… and it’s amazing at what little there is to “take in” …

v- that others still believe in the dream

c- whatever that means

v- [ chuckles ] you know what I mean.

c- as you know, I have my own funny story reel…

v- an alternate reality

c- I mean, seriously. JUST IMAGINE Trickster’s fans being sandblasted by a Midwestern middle-aged mother of two…

v- being involved with Trickster

c- now, THAT is livin’ the dream…it’s more REAL than the dream… but heaven forbid. let’s not be REAL

v- be good

[ potty break and reheat coffee ]

11:04 C- so, that’s why this last paragraph of the intro to Pauli and Jung spoke to me …


11:05 C- it goes along nicely with how social media, the digital plane, our experiences in physical space - all give people glimpses of who we are …

v- but not the big picture

c- each is a fragment of that mosaic - and if we ever forget that… if we ever believe in just one fragment…

v- then you’re not getting the whole

c- IDK… I read about how people were upset you weren’t talking about Venezuela - they obviously don’t follow all your channels (others referred them to your other channels) … so, again, we all need to not make snap judgments

v- unless you have a better understanding

c- IDK… I don’t know Trickster

v- in physical space

c- nor directly on the digital plane … but I probably have a better understanding of him than most - and if he’s in here with me? much better than anyone else on the planet … but that’s just a SUSPICION

v- a well-educated one


11:12 C- so, that is a great discrepancy for me: experiencing an intimate life - a possible one - with someone else on the InnerNet … the most private space… one that usually in other ways (digital, physical) … if we had this closeness … I could trust. There is no reason to lie. There is no reason to deceive - we can be who we really are…

v- and then something goes against that

c- and that person who’s sharing my most intimate space? I can’t get rid of? On the digital, we. can block, we can disconnect. In the physical? we can shut a door, we can get a restraining order. On the InnerNet? I have to ENDURE everything and anything. So, yes, I have trust issues. I will continue to have trust issues if this ever becomes more direct on the digital and physical planes. For the very reason of the duration of silence and absence - all that lag time that created the possibility for everything and anything when it could have been something ELSE.

11:16 [ lighthearted chuckle ] C- I do think he is working with me

v- to make things right

C- what I find humorous is if people really paid attention to my questions…

v- [ smiles ] I know

c- and how Trickster reacts by ANSWERING if not directly to me, directly to the public

v- I know

c- his whole EXPLORING INTIMACY theme of late - if people …

v- would just check out your stuff

c- I know it’d raise red flags for me (if I were one of the few that checked ExploringIntimacy.Space EIS ) -

v- but people will believe what they want to believe

c- and I am one of these people right now

v- which is hard

c- of course… but perhaps I have an advantage over some

v- you’re way more open-minded

c- I can accept any and all outcomes / perspectives (a blessing) … which is also a curse

11:19 v- so, this book, are you going to read it or what?

c- Oh, are you trying to DISTRACT me away from this r…?

v- [ chuckles ] rant

c- I think it more of a reflection

v- you’re getting me all upset

c- it’s snowing here

v- oh, IS IT?

c- [ chuckles ] SQUIRREL!

v- haha. stop.

c- before the book, something related to the book : just something I was pondering

v- oh no…

[ trying to track down a note ]

11:24 c- This is a compilation of a series of interactions - so bear with me

The InnerNet > the digital plane > physical reality

The Field

observation effect

intention: conscious / unconscious [ device / interfaces ]

First Man

Jung & archetypes

11:28 C- these are just observations, not really anything to say

v- yet

The Field: “Although nothing existed in a single state independently of an observer, you could describe what the observer sees but not the observer himself. You included the moment of observation in the mathematics, but not the consciousness doing the observing. There was no equation for an observer.”

Related: Truly understanding someone - based on observation

The Field: “for the quantum world, you could only determine incomplete aspects of subatomic reality with an observer pinning down a single facet of the nature of an electron only at that moment of observation, not for all time.”

Related: The nature of relationships - they are ever-changing. What we observe on the digital plane is only just a fragment of spacetime.

The Field: “One of the central tenets of quantum physics, first proposed by Louis de Broglie, is that subatomic entities can behave either as particles (precise things with a set location in space) or waves (diffuse and un-bounded regions of influence which can flow through and interfere with other waves). 

…consciousness had a similar duality. Each individual consciousness had its own ‘particulate’ separateness, but was also capable of ‘wave-like’ behavior, in which it could flow through any barriers or distance, to exchange information and interact with the physical world.”

Related: Who we are as individuals, who we are in relation to an Other [ and in whatever space, and in whatever time ]

The Field [ intention: mind affecting matter ] “Those images which had produced the most successful outcomes all fell into a similar category: the archetypal … This was the domain of dreams, the unexpressed or unarticulated images that, by their very design, were intended to engage the unconscious.”

Related: Why do certain situations impact us more than others?

Example: First Man’s moon walk - the imagery, the intermittent sound [ I’m assuming this was part of the film and not a bad wireless connection while I viewed the on-demand movie ]

How do others interpret that scene?

Anyone on the InnerNet will relate to this: you are walking through a space with no recognizable reference points - you do not have a constant stream of connection with the outside world [ intervallic sense of absolute silence and absence ], nor with whom you are directly connected to (telepathically… at first) … it’s mostly just YOU.

We see shadows reflected in the visor, and even if we are not familiar with Plato’s allegory of the cave, nor even pick up on the fact that what the visor’s reflection focuses on are the shadows … and that barren landscape - the archetypal concepts of SHADOW and CAVE resonate in us all.



The Field: “Using devices to make the participant function on a conscious level might be acting as a barrier.

…It appeared that the unconscious mind somehow had the capability of communicating with the subtangible physical world – the quantum world of all possibility. This marriage of unformed mind and matter would then assemble itself into something tangible in the manifest world.”

Related: our digital devices / the digital plane - as an In Between the virtual (quantum reality) and physical.

11:48 Scribe: not sure where I’m going with that…

v- just pondering .. nothing new

Scribe: no, but to put a new spin on a book that’s … how old? Experiments that are decades old.

11:49 The Field was published 17 years ago

v- ___

11:50 Scribe: oh, I think Trickster is well aware of this… moreso if he’s been connected to me for 1700+ days. He knows the INTENTION I’ve put into my poetry, my short stories

v- that aren't all what they at first may seem

Scribe: definitely, there’s a superficiality to them

v- that’s more palatable…

c- it won’t reach everyone… for that reason it wasn’t just about Love at First

v- but other genres

c- and, again, everyone has their preferences - even I do.

v- but across enough … media

c- hm, hm … however we want to interpret “media”

v- back to reading

c- I have to reheat my coffee… again.


[ eyes closed on couch … virtual (loving) interaction ]

c- social media theory… it’s a thing [ chuckling ]

v- definitely a thing

[ reheating coffee ]

v- why don’t you describe what just happened?

c- it exists in the virtual. to even try to describe what just happened - from my POV - makes it more imperfect than how it existed… [ chuckling ]

The Field: “According to the mathematics, the quantum world was a perfect hermetic world of pure potential, only made real – and, in a sense, less perfect – when interrupted by an intruder.”


12:03 Scribe: [ LOL ] and you know how messed up I am? When I read that line in The Field about “the intruder” I remembered a snake scene in one of your online videos… that slithering snake winding its way through a seemingly idyllic landscape … with a STORAGE UNIT on the barely visible horizon (my interpretation)

v- which would be CORRECT … why you haven’t said anytihng

c- oh, you know why


IMAGE: cuemark 02:13  VIDEO LINK

IMAGE: cuemark 02:13 VIDEO LINK

12:07 posted video still

12:13 Scribe: care to talk about your redundant FIELD scenes in your latest video post?

v- uh, no.

Image: Photograph taken by Scribe two and a half years ago - 14 July

Image: Photograph taken by Scribe two and a half years ago - 14 July

12:16 v- is that the “impending storm”?

c- conscience pricklin’ you?

v- uh, no, should it?


c- physics says it should

v- you are so wrong.


Scribe: LOL


14:05 Scribe: oh, the humor …

Werner Heisenberg > Wolfgang Pauli about his exclusion principle

14:06 v- … and…

c- oh, right now I’m seeing it how I call you a … oh, all manner of bad things, as a trickster should be


14:08 c- now, I can call you The Swindler

v- oh, you would


V- haha. Stop.

C- TIMES TWO (or more)



14:27 Scribe: how was your movie? Before I saw that news tidbit last night a voice said

“we’re doing something special tonight … we’re going to a movie”

Scribe: so, of course my overanalytic mind

v- is in apophenic frenzy

Scribe: …after I see that headline pop up in my feed

Scribe: IT’S ALL CONNECTED, PEOPLE!! (Being the crazy batshit lady)




14:37 C- I have been encouraged to share about where the more recent fixation on shapes began. Trickster and I had a mindchat in the dark, unlogged… I guess you could call it pillow talk


C- about how the first impression of us as a pair (who would interact / be involved with each other ?… ) … doesn’t quite fit many people’s perception of who Trickster would … be in a relationship with - whatever relationship that may be

v- professional or otherwise

c- so, let’s say I’m the square to his circle. For many, that one shape is not going to fit his circle.

v- haha. Ok.

C- but, as I said in our mindchat, if the square spins really fast …

v- it becomes a circle


c- it’s just one interpretation of that part of the poem … a behind the scenes peek

a circle

a square

an unlikely pair


a questionable affair

a cloak’s smoke

a spotlight’s mirror

Implication’s enfolding

the explicit


in Obscurity

the value of a hue

a subtle cue

the rest

before each dischordant climax





15:27 v- “half-baked”?

c- half truth … or at least be direct and clear about how you interact and what you mean exactly.

v- hm, hm

c- just remember, all the fine, dead minds are staring you down (chuckling)

v- (chuckling) stop

c- Just imagine this: it’s the quantum corral

all the possible quantum ghosts of physics past staring at you, you’re in the center and every which way you look …

v- thanks, C…

c- well, hell…

v- stop it (chuckling)


16:07 v- care to share…?

c- (chuckling) ah, no… just know that the book gets weirder as I read more into it (p29). I may need to stop soon.

v- I know!