27 Oct (45)


[ sifting through old multimedia files on redundant hard drives … looking for the file in the wrong year… I thought it was longer ago than year 44 ]

10:40 Scribe: I found it….HAHA… Oh, my gosh. I forgot she had shared this one with me [ there are five humorous magazine cover / promos she photoshopped me into ]. Too funny. I don’t think I ever shared this one because it’s… embarrassing [ what little sisters do… ]. See below for what I’m talking about


10:50 posting

10:51 Scribe: I probably can look back to Year 44 and find out what I shared publicly… she posted these on LifeSnippet [ not public ].

v- where you found them

Scribe: [ quietly ] I was looking in the wrong year’s multimedia files… it’s probably there… ANYWAY

v- and WHY are you posting this?

Scribe: X marks the spot, MISTER.

v- ok, fine

Scribe: [ chuckling ] it’s so funny that … haha. I’m just remembering some math I was doing earlier… at 16:01 yesterday …

v- while printing (WMSiF) logs [ what you are reading here ]

Scribe: I was watching an old film - just white noise in the background to keep me company while doing these mundane tasks…

v- redundant tasks

Scribe: it can get boring in a hurry… ANYWAY.. I paid more attention to the X marks the spot scene, and take note of it in my log… it’s 16:01… well, the scene started… here’s the exact cue in the film ( that I was watching at 16:01)

Image:  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Image: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

10:56 Scribe: I don’t think I’m spoiling anything if people haven’t seen the movie: but the whole idea behind this scene is that earlier in the film Indiana Jones (professor) tells his students that X never marks the spot… and in this scene, it does.

v- time please?

Scribe: I recorded a video clip of the scene at 16:04… and the image captured of the X is also timestamped at 16:04…

v- AND…

Scribe: I don’t know what you’re getting it

v- please mention it

Scribe: argh. So, I share via external InstaFeed

v- you gotta rename that

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah… it was the original InstaFeed before this space was created. this is internal InstaFeed - much more in depth and revealing

v- alright….so, mention

Scribe: at 16:05 I start a thread on external InstaFeed because I thought the 16:01 was FUNNY.

v- AND…

Scribe [ mumbles ] later Trickster shares an X marks the spot sort of image on..

v- on PhotoSnap. thank you.

11:00 v- and this … other (embarrassing) image?

Scribe: Oh, my gosh. It’s horrendous. Just a forewarning. [ this is from about a year and a half ago on my birthday. A Birthday Greetings post via LifeSnippet from my sister. ]


11:03 Scribe: and she was getting me back by posting this image:


11:04 Scribe: my cousins and I had wrapped her in tinfoil during our music video years (when we were kids) - we made our own version of Mr. Roboto…

v- and she was the robot

Scribe; [ LOL ] yes…


11:06 Scribe: done. Now, I can get back to …

v- eZ

Scribe: after this, I don’t know if I can … expose myself any more

v- OMG, you’re embarrassed by these

Scribe: I have issues with displaying myself. yes.

v- Love you… Trickster here.


26 Oct (45)

Image: Photo of a photo taken by Scribe her senior year in college

Image: Photo of a photo taken by Scribe her senior year in college

Image: Scribe’s work flow 26 Oct (45) printing WMS iF for hard copy archive

Image: Scribe’s work flow 26 Oct (45) printing WMS iF for hard copy archive

11:45 Scribe: as time goes on, I type up less in my written log. There are more multimedia files of what I share online [ that I soon archive ]. The next step will be to organize digital files and print the multimedia record (for hard copy) off of one of the redundant external hard drives. [ my goal is to consolidate all and organize chronologically in paper form ]

11:47 Scribe: I am about to print 22 March (43) - these types of print jobs I can now do

v- with the independence you now have

Scribe: when you co-habitate with soon-to-be-ex and children questions will be asked about what you are printing up [ there are thousands of pages… ]

v- I know


Scribe: these logs have

v- data

Scribe: of a sensitive nature

v- your inner thoughts

Scribe: the creative process

v- which wasn’t really supported

Scribe: eh. It was and it wasn’t

v- I know…

Scribe: I printed everything

v- with no one watching

Scribe: out of sight, out of mind

v- these lockboxes

Scribe: were well hidden

v- OMG… he never saw them

Scribe: no. I have not made a secret of them. I’ve posted online

v- oh, wow…

Scribe: let’s just call it

v- Crafty Scribe… wow… these aren’t small

Scribe: shh… this is part of my methodology

v- of how you can keep a secret

Scribe: [ chuckles ] as I said, if anyone really was interested

v- it’s all here. Thank you… soon to be archived.

Scribe: yes,

11:51 Scribe: eh… but what’s really here

v- the knowledge that they exist

Scribe: what in the world ARE they?

v- [chuckles] …

Scribe: my children have seen them… I explain they are my creative projects. I show them in part so they know I've been busy. What it takes …

v- to be an artist… a well-organized one

Scribe: I am SURE others would be more organized. However, I try my best based on my personal circumstances. My children are at their father’s this week so I have a chance

v- to drag everything [ out of storage ]

Scribe: the vault, so to speak

v- where no one can see them

Scribe: out of sight…

v- out of mind

Scribe: they’ll surface at some point

v- and interesting questions will be raised… “how in the world can you live with someone and NOT KNOW?”


Scribe: just to be clear: he saw one of my logs

v- in its rawness

Scribe: we had an important discussion

v- date?

Scribe: argh. Around Thanksgiving … November … [ cringe ] Year 43?

v- yup… so, two years in

Scribe: printer glitch

v- it printed two copies

Scribe: a technological hiccup of some sort… anyway, we had an important discussion, and I created the opportunity for him to ask questions. At that point, his questions would guide discussions.

v- and he never asked any

Scribe: no, it was 13 months later when he asked something related to what I told him over a year earlier. I won’t go into all the ramifications of lack of communication / my silence right now. Someone wanted to see what I was up to [ even though he? … ]

v- yes, he

Scribe: is the worst(greatest) eavesdropper and already knows

v- hm, hm


v- confirmation is nice… your kids are back this weekend?

Scribe: yes, you know the switch day

v- love you…

Scribe: so I am …

v- in creative chaos

Scribe [ chuckles ] organized chaos… trying to organize, but in the process

v- messes are created. I get it… any artist would.


Scribe: I have …

v- a lot of crap

Scribe: will you STOP… I have a smaller space and, yes, decades worth of CRAP that I need to store and sift through - I am TRYING to diminish my pack rat accumulations by donating … but I am OCD as far as going through all the crap. some of it needs to be shredded, some donated, some thrown out - all of it sorted. IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME. It took me about 2 hours just to go through one medium sized bin… a very busy working mom of two small children + two dogs, one of which severely allergic [ imagine me cleaning base boards and walls from blood spatter … ]

v- poor dog!

Scribe: we never were able to diagnose what he was allergic to

v- aw…

Scribe: what happened was CLEANING and SORTING …

v- went on the backburner

scribe: crap got thrown into bins / storage… and accumulated. I NEVER HAD THE TIME… I chose sleep… I think some will sympathize

v- thank you … for that rehash ______

Scribe: [ sad chuckle ] I am NOT going into that… anyway… now I have a smaller space, and no dedicated …

v- work space

Scribe: AKA studio / den … I keep joking my youngest took the den [ converted it into a bedroom ] … and it’d be so much easier …

v- less displacement disorder

Scribe: it’s better…

v- I know it is


v- chuckles… I know… they’re large… sorry… wow, I’m sorry

Scribe: they have to go somewhere safe. then, when I start work with THE SCRIBE FILES or archiving… I have to haul them out… and I need space to do this. It’s easier when I’m not in Mommy Mode

v- oh, I know

Scribe: when I’m on duty… at their beck and call…

v- haha.. and you never had any free time before…

Scribe: it’s AWFUL to say this: but this separation has given me an independence I never had before… we had no family living locally…

v- I know you didn’t

Scribe: truth be told…

v- you were the go-to parent… I know

Scribe: anyway… back to work so I can finish printing the hard copies. Argh. this is going to take all day, but …

v- you want to safeguard the files in case of an Internet Apocalypse… so many people are laughing about it

Scribe: this space was on the verge of disappearing

v- funds

Scribe: always important… and this is an endeavor that…

v- that has shown no returns

Scribe: I figured out a way… but it was a day or two

v- from being shut down permanently

Scribe: anyway… I want to make sure at least the transcripts (WMS InstaFeed) … [ even though I have a separate log each day - these were in addition to that main log ]

v- are safe. got it.

Scribe: eh… they were publicly posted for a while

v- archived…elsewhere

Scribe: sarcastic hm. not that I believe that. hence, I am spending my precious time printing the hard copies

v- f——in’ A. you are putting a major guilt trip on people

Scribe: it is what it is. back to work

v- thank you

Scribe; humorous hm.


12:11 Scribe: and as I’ve been printing I notice there are criss-crossings between

v- creative endeavors

Scribe: I started the workshop space here on WMS (Wandering Mind Space) - which would later become Crafty Scribe … some of my InstaFeeds were still workshop / Crafty Scribe related… so I’ll have to tag them appropriately

v- for historical record

Scribe: eh… just for my Crafty Scribe creative process archive … I may repost them for my workshop blog over on that site

v- which you also pay for

Scribe: I keep my sites separate - Crafty Scribe brings at least SOME money

v- OMG.. .stop

Scribe: THAT one out of all of them would stay up.

v- ouch.

Scribe: gotta live. gotta survive. WMS / eZ are pretty much DEAD IN THE WATER

V- ouch, C

Scribe: it is what it is

v- they haven’t generated any interest

Scribe: out of all of them, which one has at least helped me SURVIVE (pay bills?)

V- Crafty Scribe… I understand

Scribe: I’m strange: I have to separate the NON-PROFIT from the …

v- lucrative site

Scribe: we use “lucrative” loosely here… let’s just say, it’s a placeholder …

v- for things to come?

Scribe: whatever I make goes back into the business

v- got it… buying pigments?

Scribe [ humorous smile ] : I have to restock. I’m running dangerously low on all colors

v- haha. I know…

Scribe: I … have… a… PLAN

v- alright, Chris Farley-ism… back to work. Not right… you are so not right [ but funny has hell ]


[ scribe makes a note in her offline log about the WMS iF post ]

12:18 v- will you please mention… you’ve been having dreams

Scribe: all I will say is they are water-related. I had one

v- last night

Scribe: early this morning, I think [ I am not checking ]

Scribe: about a large shark, another about a vacation house by / surrounded by water, another about a (busy) beach … just a quick description

v- thank you… love you


[ Lunch watching Friends S06E21

Scribe: LOL…

Phoebe: I have written 14 books, and since I’m the only one who’s read them, I can tell you, they are very well-received …. [ another scene ] Phoebe: Guys, can you please talk a little slower? [ transcribing while Monica and Chandler talk] Chandler: this is going in your book? Phoebe: yeah, it’s about relationships: you know? the traps, the pitfalls, what not to do… keep going. This stuff’s great…

12:54 v- OMG this is great

I just loved the scene when they are all at the coffee house sitting around - that companionable silence amongst friends… we hear each of the character’s thoughts… Joey’s singing a tune… and the last one we hear is Phoebe: [ Phoebe’s thought: Who’s singing? ]

I’m not sure what episode - I may have put it in my log… it was too funny. Possibly S06E12

AND THEN… there’s the episode where Chandler and Ross are battling over who came up with a joke that Ross had published in Playboy …

Chandler started a journal where he timestamps all the ideas he comes up with

He may mention something about mindhacking



Scribe: rewatching these episodes is hilarious

v- with a different lens through which to watch them… I know.


v- how’s your chili?

Scribe: fine. last bowl of leftovers

v- you made this when?

Scribe: last Sunday… please. it hasn’t even been a week.

v- it’s still good?!

Scribe: yes, it is. Chili ages very nicely… there’s a perfect blend of spices now.

v- aw