25 June (45)

IMAGE: Sketch drawn by Scribe 13 July (YEAR 18)

IMAGE: Sketch drawn by Scribe 13 July (YEAR 18)

14:39 Scribe: I thought it was time for another reveal. I've been thinking of this sketch that I drew when I was 18 years old. It resides in the journal I opened four years ago around June 1st as I was getting back into creative writing. In this old journal of mine there are poems and other creative tidbits. 

01 June (Year 41) was also the first day of the InnerNet log.

When I rediscovered this sketch and saw the date on it, I laughed. Time convergence strikes again! One of those odd multidirectional time syncs. I had a dream that day in Year 41, the very next day I had a creative vision flash - what would become A Wandering Mind. The 14th of July I also started writing Love at First.

14:45 Scribe: Back to the sketch: I share this because perhaps some might find it... [ interesting? ]

V (Voice) - put INTRIGUING

Scribe: ... I have never mentioned this individual on social media. Who knows if he even remembers me. It was a very brief acquaintance. Mostly innocent. Fondly remembered. 

His story syncs up with A Wandering Mind in a way. Once upon a time I mentioned a trip in a post on IdeaSpace. Below is that idea

BACKTRACK to 04 September (41)

IdeaSpace Post: A Little Bit of Crazy


#TBT In our youth we experiment. We resist the conformity that we grow up in. We forget we should know better. It’s part of maturing. We test the waters of life, stir it up & create waves. All of us-at any age-need to do something out of character. We need to rebel vs. ourselves.

Here’s a glimpse at some of my craziness. I didn’t think. I just did for extra fun, a challenging game, an adventure.

40s Cedar Point.1st Ride: Millennium Force+Last Ride: Raptor=Motion Sick. Couldn’t see straight.

30s Relay Marathon w/ no training. Not advised.

20s Drove home in the dead of night in a blizzard on rural roads after clubbing. Parents not pleased.

Teens Weekend trip to Chicago w/ no map, no plan, not much $. Saw my first rock concert. Parents didn’t know.

10 Built a fort in the woods…out of poison sumac, oak & ivy. Rash of every itchy shape & color.

5 Rolled down very steep incline-multiple times-in Radio Flyer Wagon. Ran into many things.

What crazy things have you done?


14:54 Scribe: Ah, the plot thickens

V- yes, it does... why is this important?

Scribe: I'll let the observer decide

V- that's not fair

Scribe: Storyteller's dead

V- you're making me laugh

Scribe: that was a hint

V- I know .... I can't f------- sleep because you do this sh--... 

Scribe [ laughs , shrugs her shoulders ] it's what I do

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