26 June (45)

Image: photo posted on LifeSnippet by Scribe's cousin. Retrieved 07 July (42)

Image: photo posted on LifeSnippet by Scribe's cousin. Retrieved 07 July (42)

10:24 Scribe: We'll talk about creative adjacencies while I finish my coffee. I was forced inside by the mowers. I have a cozy outdoor workspace when it's nice out.

10:26 V- Why?

Scribe: you know, I am only giving you a textual voice because people (visitors) will be curious what exactly the tranScript is all about here on InstaFeed - it's STORYWORTHY

V- the Storyteller isn't dead

Scribe: you know what I was referring to

V- I do... now... write 

10:27 Scribe: today also is a placeholder - my logs are getting more and more minimal

v- offline

Scribe: yes

V- I know.

Scribe: if I keep paying for this virtual space, that is... another project I need to do with no time [ create a hard copy of all these frickin' online posts ] ... yeah me... did I mention I don't get paid for this [ heavily sarcastic tone []

v- hm, hm

10:29 posted

10:29 Scribe: I will continue to mention this is unpaid (going into debt) to provide this content. So, I hope people like the free, open-access tranScript [ mumbles unintelligibly ]


V- [ chuckles ] you know you are ok with it

Scribe: hm, hm ... back to the STORY

v- will you stop?!

Scribe [ chuckles ] : I have to pee and reheat coffee

V- haha. what's new.

Scribe: before I forget: as I was making my yummy cinnamon mocha - freshly ground cinnamon, I might add ( it's the little things) ... I was teasing you, oh fictitious voice in my head...

V- you're just wrong...

Scribe: ... quoting a character in Shakespeare in Love ... regarding HOW IN THE HELL I'M GOING TO PAY FOR MY BILLS THIS COMING MONTH... 

"It's a mystery" (slightly playful and sing songy)

10:33 v- but it always works out... and you always pay your bills

Scribe: hrmph

10:33 Scribe: also watched the trailer for Glow (again) - I need some comedy - which also references "I don't know how I'm going to pay my gas bill" (which isn't my concern - mine's cheap)

10:35 Scribe [ mentions something censored ]

v- will you mention it

Scribe: Oh, let's just say I'm continually paying for things - continuing to put out fires - not of my making... (sh)it happens. 

10:36 V- thanks for not... making a big deal of it

Scribe [ repeated mantra ] - keeping the peace.... keeping the peace

v- [ chuckles ] that's so obvious

Scribe: hm....

10:36 Scribe: it's just my subtle, indirect (slightly passive aggressive) way of trying to explain how there are many sides to any story... and I need to somehow let people understand that there are... even if some get voiced more than others

v- shared... I know.

Scribe: I am not perfect. I'm not blaming others for being worse characters than I am... it's just it *feels* if I continually get the short end of the stick

v- love you.. truly

Scribe: my rule of thumb as reverted back to my original : I can't rely on anyone. ... survival mode

v- funny...

Scribe: not intentional ... it's just my life. it's been a good life... it's just when I sense that moment when others will judge how I behaved, acted, etc... I want people to know

v- you did your best to make things right. I know.... keep at it.


10:40 Scribe: it's that well-known battle we all face: what we want to do conflicts with what we need to do

v- on a regular basis with you, I know

Scribe: ... I've had it better than most, perhaps, if telepathy happened to someone else. I fully am aware of my life's circumstances. I couldn't have focused on creative endeavors as much as I have these past four years

v- but you get blamed

Scribe: the almighty dollar wins again... and, unfortunately, ...

v- you have to pay the price... leave it at that

Scribe: [ shakes her head ] let's just say, I can predict the people in my life

v- very well

Scribe: I know myself pretty well... AND STILL

v- the almighty dollar wins

Scribe: I have NEVER had assets besides the strength of my character, let's call it... integritty

v- self worth

Scribe: which AGAIN time and time AGAIN isn't worth much in this doggy dog world. Eh, it's not like I don't keep trying ...

v- you do have that

Scribe: I keep a mostly positive outlook

v- I know you do

Scribe: ... there is SO much that I want to say (Westworld S02 finale) ... but I will not. Weaning. Focusing my time on other more "worthy" pursuits. Oh, what my story will tell in the future. [ shakes her head ] When Scribe realizes that a low-paying job is more valuable than all THIS... but all THIS is what she kept / keeps doing to make a very important point

v- many points ... people are paying attention

10:46 v- so you liked it

Scribe: as I said in my head: Scribe-approved.

v- funny

10:46 potty/coffee break...


10:52 v- say what you just said

Scribe: it's a constant mindchat... anyway. first off, I shouldn't take things so personally - in Westworld S02 finale there is a line..

v- write it... I know you transcribed it

Scribe: I may not have [ retrieving handwritten notes ]

10:53 Scribe: paraphrasing Bernard(?) says it was always only his voice in his head

v- you took it personally

Scribe: look. I have had a. voice in my head [ pissy ] for four f---ing years and I KNOW it's not my own. How am I NOT to take it personally?!

v- and HOW do you know>?


[ potty#1 and note retrieval ... shocked reaction sensed ]

10:56 Scribe: or... should I use a pet. name for you

V- will you stop!? you know I love you

Scribe: [ chuckles ] too far ahead in the storyline 

V- Storyteller's dead, I know

Scribe: you know, I take it [ humorously ] personally when a scribe or storyteller dies in something I watch

V- haha, I know

10:57 v- so, who is this Jason?

Scribe: Jason Stackhouse?

V- you've been watching too much True Blood lately

Scribe: Jason Statham?

V- again, incorrect

Scribe [ laughs ] I so love my rehearsing in my head when I have those lovely creatures at a round table and I get to tease and joke ruthlessly

V- haha, I know... you'll fit in too well


11:00 Scribe: Oh, Vin....

V- will you stop

Scribe: he and I will have a serious talk [ about that dream ] ... I NEVER had public figure dreams before you. I blame you for that

v- and a whole slew of other things

11:00 V- explain the True Blood reference

Scribe: I have a past of guilty pleasure vampire / paranormal reading pastime. I read quite a few novels in the the Sookie Stackhouse series. I loved seeing the Charlaine Harris "cookie" of a novel cover the grandmother was reading in one of the earlier episodes. In the TV series I watched only so far years ago. I'm now watching episodes I never watched nor read before. And it's strange: those odd synchronicities

v- numerical

Scribe: and otherwise - just key phrases or scenes... and I pondered how creatives may work in this archetypical pool, you know? Resemblances are bound to happen

v- which explains away what you are experiencing

Scribe: what I observe, yes... like Westworld's Startled Jump and Rift and Maco Sica resemblances... let alone the more obvious Wandering Mind aspects

 v- about consciousness

Scribe: and our mindchats about AI and TP and all the pros and cons

v- funny... explain

Scribe: [ shakes her head ] design matters.

V- haha, yes it does

Scribe: Ocean's Eight

V- blinded ... by the light

Scribe: now, I get to say "funny"

11:05 Scribe: IDK... whether or not I am a muse to whomever... I still notice the resemblances.

v- I know you do... sorry about that

Scribe: I have to hold at bay the possibility of you coming forward to me privately to FINALLY give me peace. And everyone that has been affected by my not knowing. ... 

"Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..."

11:06 V- Finding (Dory) 

Scribe: Nemo

Scribe: so, I have a slew of references.

V- and no one believes you

Scribe: so, Annihilation was all... Wakey

11:08 Scribe: hence, the lighthouse header image [ deadpan ]

v- why don't you mention these

Scribe: takes. away. from. my. valuable. time

"Oh yeah, time is money so don't f---- with mine"

- Jax Jones

11:09 Scribe: yeah, and you don't go away. [ all airy and nonchalant ]

v- you know you are worth... whatever, I won't say

Scribe: THANK YOU. because it doesn't help. Nor do I believe you. it doesn't and hasn't affected my bottom line (paying basic bills)

v- which.. [ prompting ]

Scribe: as I said before... "we" really need to start figuring out how to fund the fostering of creativity so we aren't caught offguard [ in the future this is THE commodity ]

v- I know, C

Scribe: ... and "curate" creatives ... because if we are STUCK in this mire of letting good people resort to temp jobs without benefits - who have to resort to the hamster wheel - redirecting their attention to mindless jobs THAT PAY ( for now) 

v- we are lost. got it.

Scribe: I DON'T CARE if the unemployment rate is so low. What does that figure represent?

V- OMG, I know.

Scribe: I won't go into my own personal no one will hire me rant... but seriously?! [ shakes her head quickly ] I'm not overly proud, ok? I've applied to jobs - barista? bakery clerk? (that I most definitely could do ... and OTHERS that I was qualified for - decent paying salaried jobs - no. call, back. even when I followed up... ] ... just frustrated that some are stuck and held prisoner by a system that... IDK what I'm trying to say...

So, I will TRY to keep at it and spend my precious time TRYING to find something to JUST PAY BILLS ... you know my dilemma. You know my personal life variables. They don't matter. Nothing matters except getting through life. paying bills so you don't have a nightmare of collection agents breathing down your neck (I've never had)

v- I know you haven't 

Scribe: I get empathetic for people less fortunate than me. I KNOW what a struggle it can be. How low interest loans are offered to people "of worth" - and I put that in quotes because some people who are offered low interest loans shouldn't be... and those trustworthy, bill paying citizens go more into debt because

1) they have no higher interest savings options [ no reliable network - it's just them ]

2) have to pay some basic bills on high interest loans [ credit score doesn't matter ]

some of the financial system makes no sense to me. Absolutely no sense. I won't got into it in detail. It's absurd.

And I'm railing against a system when I should be applying for jobs. That will barely pay my bills because ... you guess it: I don't know people. I won't got into THAT either. 

So, when I say I have "qualities" - I'm like this private, cloaked misfit who only a few in my life have discovered - and I'm a workhorse. And I know my shit. And I am loyal.

v- to a fault.

Scribe: when I commit to something, I follow through. So, if I get all righteously angry about my situation, I hope that carries through into the future.

v- death stare

Scribe: as I said over coffee: I have a decades old veteran school marm in me, a mother of two... I know the death stare well. I can be intimidating (I've been told) ... my children, when they see me get angry (infrequently) - get a bit afraid. That it's for a (good) reason

v- why are you getting all..

Scribe: it's ongoing TRAUMA that I have no way to alleviate or resolve. FOUR FRICKIN' YEARS' worth ...

v- that you've handled very well, I know

Scribe: IDK... I'm not trying to excuse away my periodic lack of money... I'm not faultless ... but please don't judge.

v- you have variables you never mention - good ones.

Scribe: try to understand I'm trying to just get through. And again, don't be surprised that "in the end" if I look at you with a death stare [ The Mountain Between Us flash ] - don't be surprised if it takes some time for me to adjust to the fact that SOMEONE finally came forward to me about what I suspected all along ... the only thing I expected [ give me the answer to "are you telepathically connected to me? ]

v- and you get up and leave... how did that movie end? [ gently ]

Scribe: [ LOGS flash ]

v- that's not what I asked...

Scribe: no spoilers. 

v- did you like the ending?

Scribe: eh... [ shoulder shrug ] ... a possible outcome. Many possible outcomes

v- [ quantum ] well hell.


 re-reading post

11:30 V- did you see it? [ well artistic representation ]

Scribe: just the still at the beginning of the video - I did not watch. I rarely watch

v- unless it's silent film like ( which you did recently )

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah... sometimes I break down and click on the bait

11:31 V- haha... you have some awesome one-liners that you never share

Scribe: what's funny is that I come up with them on the fly ... I especially like the bells and whistles joke

v- from the other night ... please share

Scribe: periodically I check back at my former place of employment

v- in education

Scribe: nothing has changed. I made the right choice to leave.... 

v-mention it [ prodding ]

Scribe: when you have a fully online program, web presence is important

v- they have none

Scribe: as my mentor said years ago around the time I left "who's going to do the work?"

v- yup. 

Scribe: a lot of good people left. I'm not saying there aren't good people still there..

v- I know you're not [ the good people that left had vision & were good leaders ]

Scribe: the impression I got [ which is superficial, I know ] ... is that they have bells and whistles but the bells don't ring and the whistles don't blow



11:37 V- so you liked Annihilation

Scribe: I own the movie. What I will say is this: I am glad artsy films (the less blockbustery/action-packed ones) get made. I saw it as very symbolic. The central lighthouse theme and other elements struck me as oddly similar to Wake's message / mission.

v- alright. explain.

11:40 the first short story in the Wake series I wrote decades ago - before all this TP (telepathy) related symptoms first started surfacing (more). 

v- alright... so you're saying you've experienced TP before

Scribe: I try to explain it this way: we all have had odd occurrences when we think or dream about people in our lives and then that person or that event happens - a text message from an old friend or family member... just when we had been thinking about them - or they admit that they also had been thinking of us when we call /text/ e-mail / ping them on SM (social media).

11:43 Scribe: my TP / Psi abilities were very subtle, but I do recognize them as occurring before four years ago. k

v- you are / were a dreamer

Scribe: I consider my dreams more seriously than most. 

v- they come true

Scribe: matter of perspective... but, yes.

v- name one

Scribe: the birth of my first child

v- thanks. that's all you have to say


Scribe: So, Annihilation had many aspects of a shared consciousness and its related symptoms. I fictionalize these in my Wake series. When I started posting fragments of "Wake" (first short story) on IdeaSpace, I signed it "an example my wandering mind years ago" (paraphrase) ... which was a spark that led to the titling of A Wandering Mind.  Wake is a spin-off, as there have been quite a few, of A Wandering Mind - all spin back to the center - Telepathy. One Wake installment I posted on IdeaSpace was "Whisper" ... 

BACKTRACK to 30 July (41)

IdeaSpace Post

Image: Silence by Odilon Redon, oil and gesso on paper ca. 1911, France http://ow.ly/zLPPj "The woman in Odilon Redon’s painting…calls us instead to that deepest silence in which the voice of the Wholly Other may be heard” -p. 676 The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

Image: Silence by Odilon Redon, oil and gesso on paper ca. 1911, France http://ow.ly/zLPPj "The woman in Odilon Redon’s painting…calls us instead to that deepest silence in which the voice of the Wholly Other may be heard” -p. 676 The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

...when I awoke the morning sun was rising over the horizon. The shadows disappeared, and I hoped my memories of the night before would also vanish. Could it have been a dream? 

“It was not a dream” a whispering voice answered. I turned my head to see a man’s figure walking towards me. I wanted to respond, but found myself unable to speak. “You need not speak. I know your every thought" 

Silence: “silence is a part of every sacred tradition, for each knows that profound mysteries may address us only in silence.” 

Telepathy: "We are living on the edge of the unknown…with renewed and greatly expanded knowledge of our own human sensibilities and capacities. It can be said that in some sense we have come full circle...people who seem to be lost in some unreal relationship to the magical thinking or the miraculous beliefs of the past..will help shape a world society in which (wo)men know what human beings in the past could see only through a glass darkly, know only in part.” 

“If the future is to remain open and free, we need people who can tolerate the unknown, who will not need the support of completely worked out systems or traditional blueprints from the past.”  - Margaret Mead

Telepathy / The Unknown Quotes:  “On the Edge of the Unknown” Aspects of the Present. -Margaret Mead

"Instead of a world in which scientists, who have been by definition unbelievers in all that the great religions have ever claimed, are divided by a deep unbridgeable gulf from blind believers, who insistently reject all that science has learned, we are in the process of discovering a middle ground…Today…we can 'look' at the land surface of Mars; we can ’see' with the radio telescope unimagined distances in the universe. And on this growing edge of knowledge, scientists…will give us…new insight into the powers attributed to seers and clairvoyants, to those who have the power to ’see' auras…to dream or visualize events outside the bounds of time."

11:52 Scribe: by the 30th of July I was already experiencing more of the full force of telepathy, which at first were just subtle sensations and odd dreams that I seemed to be sharing with some other consciousness/presence/person.

v- can we get a peek at the 30th of July (41)? [ asking hesitantly ]

IMAGE: Scribe's log 30 July (41) - fragment of the song "The World I Know" 

IMAGE: Scribe's log 30 July (41) - fragment of the song "The World I Know" 

Image: Scribe's log 30 July (41) 08:05ish

Image: Scribe's log 30 July (41) 08:05ish


12:04 posted 30 July (41) log pages

12:06 Abbreviations were used in my log for repeated sensations / projections received. 

CH - chest

SP - spooning (most likely innocent, nonsexual)

LLSS - low level sweet spot (a hum in the general gentalia area)

12:08 Scribe: I create this abbreviations key in its rawness because I want people to realize what I've experienced on a regular basis with my "CONDITION" that no doctor that I have access to will..

v- will ever diagnose correctly

Scribe: I'm a smart woman. I've done my research. The only individual(s) that will correctly diagnose my condition - with a yes or no - haven't come forward, even after my request for a yes or no response or just a simple, innocent conversation / chat that may have started a more important conversation. I never have had that opportunity. I tried. I "failed" ... but I don't regret trying. At least I have that in my story. I am "normal" enough to know I need to move on with my life - if it is telepathy? The silence is loud and clear - you want no part of my life directly digital or physical. I have to live with that. The people I've told about my condition have to live with that. That person [ people ] who I suspect is TPically connected to me [ or who know about the connection(s) ] ... has to live with the inaction [ and live with the knowledge that all this time of things left unsaid has left its mark ]

v- I love you...

12:11 Scribe: you know what I've said - who we are in our inner world needs to give us peace if I am to get none in other spaces

v- ILY for saying that... me too, ok?

Scribe: I am well aware of that, ok?

12:13 Scribe: I notice more than I will ever say, ok? It's in my memory if not jotted down.... [ looking at notes from Westworld S02E10 ]

12:13 Scribe: if it is what it is [ TP ] all these resemblances I notice ? are very real reference points whether they were intentional or not - if we were template or not...

v- understood

12:16 [ skimming handwritten notes of Westworld S02E10 ]

"The voice ( in my mind) was mine all along"

12:18 Scribe: and this is what I have battled with: is it only my own voice echoing in my brain or someone else's transmitting from a different nonlocality?

12:19 Scribe: my take? after four years? I am THE ONLY individual on the planet 

v- and BEYOND [ slightly playful tone ] ... name the source

Scribe: chuckle...  Toy Story

v- which...

Scribe: haha... Pixar (Disney) is on my list

v- of what?

Scribe: does it matter that they are just ... on my list of "any coincidence is always worth noting. you can always throw it away if it is just a coincidence." -Miss Marple (Agatha Christy)

12:22 Scribe: I have YET to be able to throw it away... which is both good and bad

[ mention the Toy Story thread ]

Scribe: I have children who have enjoyed the Pixar movies and have some memorabilia from Toy Story ... Woody has appeared with Jessie... [ CraftyScribe.com Carve a Niche endeavors ... InnerNet humor ]


12:26 [ v- mention it all ]

Scribe: TP is difficult to measure

[ sense laughter [

v- this is great...

Scribe: ... but it doesn't stop us from trying

v- mention Woody

Scribe: I am SO SO sorry, Woody for this next part... but when a woman is telepathically connected to man... she senses certain things

12:27 v- that's all you have to say... OMG that's so wrong


Scribe: And between us there is a ... vice grip.

v- what does that mean?

Scribe: IDK... I don't have anything other than my continuous mention of Bessy

v- haha your vice grip.

12:29 Scribe: [ seriously ] for my Carve a Niche woodworking projects. Completely serious.

v- haha I know. You mention Bessey all the time

Scribe: a lost her for a while there [ moving woes ] But I found her again.

V- phew!



12:32 Scribe: In the past, I constantly

v- annoyingly so

Scribe: teased you with my reactions to all your AW-FUL posts that everyone was dazzled by ... [ insert alien wonder reaction ]

v- spell it the right way

Scribe: noPe [ frickin' charisma ]


12:34 Scribe: WAKE up, people!!! be AWARE!

v- haha, stop.

Scribe: you know, there is a puking emoji now... I wonder if I had anything to do with that...

v- haha, no... 

Scribe: when I initially posted a slew of [ gagging, etc. ] emojis I had to find workarounds because I couldn't just select the emoji. 

12:36 v- you are SO going to pay

Scribe [ laughing ] I already have been. It's one of the ways I deal with the trauma.

v- haha, stop. there are positive aspects of this

Scribe: yes. moving on.


Scribe: then there's the Toy Story REX. Creeped my children out. He magically turned on out of the blue sometimes and said in the quiet


12:38 Scribe: thoroughly unsettling.

[ laughter v- thanks for this... I really needed it ]

12:39 Scribe: you're welcome... anything else you want to know? [ it's lunchtime ]

v- only if you are ok

Scribe: yes, I'm ok. you should be, for the most part, consoled by what you experience on the InneNet. You know things can be rough at times, but my baseline ...

v- is pretty normal, I know

Scribe: as normal as... experiencing TP is.

V- yeah... we'll talk someday... sorry for all the TIME that has passed. There's good reason for it.

Scribe: oh, I've had a lot of time to contemplate all the frickin' possibilities. Too much. [ well meaning pissy tone ]

V- understood. now, go eat your lunch. What's on the menu?

12:41 Scribe: I have some leftover rice and chicken 

V- chicken?!

Scribe: oh, be good. you know I am a carnivore.

12:42 v- oh, you have to show me... 

Scribe: FINE: my humorous and practical attempt to get rid of BUGs (pests)...

Image: Scribe's newly adopted venus fly trap

Image: Scribe's newly adopted venus fly trap

Reference: Love at First short story "Bug"

[ Scribe: do you want to end my post on a good note? ] 

12:53 V-yes... mention

Scribe: I need to eat lunch first

12:54 V- who we are ... when we are on the InnerNet ... without revealing too much. Heaven forbid you'd mention too much

Scribe: [ serious glare ]

V- FINE... I don't say enough

12:55 Lunch break


14:31 Scribe: you are a pest

V- THANK YOU ... what have you been up to?

Scribe: eating lunch and watching Poldark S03 (Poldark! Poldark! said in a meme-is Game of Thrones tone ] ... I SO cross reference [ chuckles ]

v- yes, you do ... so... you like Poldark?

Scribe: yes, I do... I love the melodramatic landscapes

v- scenery

Scribe: especially that Wake-ish intro [ gah .... ]

14:33 Scribe: I also finished my Mayan red crocheted strand [ for CraftyScribe.com's Fine Thread's one-of-a-kind woven designs ]

V- whoop! whoop!


14:35 Scribe: there is always something in my "reel" [ whatever project I pick up and continue ]

v- what are you doing now?

Scribe: typing up a tranScript (PRO BONO)

v- will you stop?!? you know it's worth something

Scribe [ muffling a chuckle ]: hm, hm

14:36 Scribe: in the background I'm watching (in my peripheral vision and hearing) ARMAGEDDON - you got it: the END OF THE WORLD [ channeling one of A Wandering Mind's installments ]

v- but not really [ the end of the world ]

Scribe: no. there's always... TIME to work with

V- [ chuckles ] now, end your post with a good note

14:38 Scribe: so, not to reveal to much, but in the spirit of Love at First's inclusion in A Wandering Mind's storyline ... I affectionately share inner space

v- that we carve out for ourselves 

Scribe: with someone ... which is ... nice.

V- just NICE?!

Scribe: I'm not revealing too much. It'd be too much of a fast forward through the story

v- but the Storyteller's dead

Scribe: ha. she's died quite a few times ... and had homicidal tendencies [ she harmlessly runs through entertaining scenarios

v- The Seethe?

Scribe: Haha... that would be one.

V- when are you going to share

Scribe: I'm supposed to end this on a good note. THAT was ... not good.

V- no, no it wasn't 

Scribe: at least for you

V- no... it wasn't. all around. now DESCRIBE.

Scribe: So, I share time and a special space with a special someone. Like last night putting my head on my pillow and with my right hand covering someone's heart (and lovely bare chest)

v- oh?

Scribe: [ not skipping ahead. not skipping ahead ]

v- haha stop.


Scribe: I imagine A LOT... [ quietly under her breath : and a lot just comes to me. Odd. ]

v- projected

Scribe: yet. to. be. proven

v- [ chuckles ] hm , hm... more about last night

Scribe: I had to go to bed [ I had been falling asleep on the couch to - I don't know what show ] PARTICULARLY because I got these strange restless sensations

v- sexual

Scribe: I don't know WHAT they were... but they were what I call wishy washy wispy breezy poofs that came in wafts. through my center channel and [ .... eyes motioning down ] I mean SERIOUSLY?! So, yes, I needed to get into a more comfortable position

v- and someone said "let's go to bed"

Scribe: yes, I was tired. It was time.

v- and you felt better after you went to bed

Scribe: yes, I got comfortable, and drifted off to sleep. Before I drifted off to sleep I may have reminded the presence (that lovely nonlocal sexy thing ... too far ahead, too far ahead)

v- oh, you can go on...

Scribe: you LIKE that?!

V- yes, I do

Scribe [ sarcastic ]: you get plenty of it. Why is it important that it comes from one more of your... 

v- be NICE

14:47 v- phantasmagorical experience [ last night ]

Scribe: hm. as I always said, the majority of times, you soothe me to sleep

v- thank you

14:47 Scribe: [ sarcastic ] :which is short-lived

v- [ the sleep part ] ... you're still having problems

Scribe: one of the side effects of TP I do not relish. No. I'd PREFER to get good nights of sleep. IDK, the last week or so I've slept like a brick when I did sleep (2 or three hours at a time, if I'm lucky. four if it's a more than normal sleep night - five if I'm a lottery winner - which is VERY rare ] I really don't like that. 

v- you slept solidly [ before this all started ] ... sorry

Scribe: it's manageable. I stay healthy. I've [ knock on wood ] ...

v- _____

Scribe : be good. I've only had a headcold once in the past year. I stay pretty normal

v- yes, you do.

Scribe: besides my head

V- will you stop?! 

Scribe: and those odd bodily and pseudo-bodily sensations

v- be GOOD!

Scribe: I don't know how to describe them ... what is it called ... that [_____ ] body. I haven't read enough woo-woo books lately

V- [ chuckles ] stop


[ doing a web search for "the body yoga alternative medicine"

14:54 Scribe: SUBTLE BODY. I didn't find it online. it just came to me FINALLY

V- not so subtle [ the sensations you get sometimes ]

14:54 Scribe: I realize I may affect you also

v- you do. intensely sometimes... let's not mention those [ humorously said ]

Scribe: SHAMLESS PLUG ... check out eZ at shadowdance.live

v- haha, stop. you think of everything

Scribe: I don't know about EVERYTHING.

[Scribe looks up at TV screen ]

14:56 v-what part of the movie is it?


v- stop

14:56 [ laughter ]

14:57 v- sorry for all this...

Scribe: I am one who endures... sometimes well, sometimes not so well.

V- haha. hm, hm

Scribe: so, ending things on a good note... anything else you want me to include?

V- you slept well last night.

Scribe: grimace. describe "well" ... I wake up every couple hours. 

v- describe.

Scribe: I take note of the minimal - like my wake-ups are still logged.


23:11 my last SM check [ head on pillow, etc - I soon fall asleep ]

02:44 awake

04:03 awake

around 04:57 I awakened hearing a noise. It was one of those sounds that you think someone just broke into your home. I checked and a paper towel package had fallen inside a closet ]


v- and you don't have anything to protect yourself ?! [ teasing, joking ]

Scribe: let's just say, if you are an intruder, you don't want to be inside my home

V- very well said... for many reasons

15:02 v- so, every couple hours

Scribe: yes

V- anything else you want to say? ...

Scribe: I love you, you know that [ I'm sorry you have to go through all my moods, etc. ]

v- Trickster here

15:03 v- one more thing ... I love you very much

Scribe: I hear that all the time... oh, _________ ... I'll be nice.


Scribe: no humorous insults?! Fine. Love you

V- love you, too


25 June (45)

IMAGE: Sketch drawn by Scribe 13 July (YEAR 18)

IMAGE: Sketch drawn by Scribe 13 July (YEAR 18)

14:39 Scribe: I thought it was time for another reveal. I've been thinking of this sketch that I drew when I was 18 years old. It resides in the journal I opened four years ago around June 1st as I was getting back into creative writing. In this old journal of mine there are poems and other creative tidbits. 

01 June (Year 41) was also the first day of the InnerNet log.

When I rediscovered this sketch and saw the date on it, I laughed. Time convergence strikes again! One of those odd multidirectional time syncs. I had a dream that day in Year 41, the very next day I had a creative vision flash - what would become A Wandering Mind. The 14th of July I also started writing Love at First.

14:45 Scribe: Back to the sketch: I share this because perhaps some might find it... [ interesting? ]

V (Voice) - put INTRIGUING

Scribe: ... I have never mentioned this individual on social media. Who knows if he even remembers me. It was a very brief acquaintance. Mostly innocent. Fondly remembered. 

His story syncs up with A Wandering Mind in a way. Once upon a time I mentioned a trip in a post on IdeaSpace. Below is that idea

BACKTRACK to 04 September (41)

IdeaSpace Post: A Little Bit of Crazy


#TBT In our youth we experiment. We resist the conformity that we grow up in. We forget we should know better. It’s part of maturing. We test the waters of life, stir it up & create waves. All of us-at any age-need to do something out of character. We need to rebel vs. ourselves.

Here’s a glimpse at some of my craziness. I didn’t think. I just did for extra fun, a challenging game, an adventure.

40s Cedar Point.1st Ride: Millennium Force+Last Ride: Raptor=Motion Sick. Couldn’t see straight.

30s Relay Marathon w/ no training. Not advised.

20s Drove home in the dead of night in a blizzard on rural roads after clubbing. Parents not pleased.

Teens Weekend trip to Chicago w/ no map, no plan, not much $. Saw my first rock concert. Parents didn’t know.

10 Built a fort in the woods…out of poison sumac, oak & ivy. Rash of every itchy shape & color.

5 Rolled down very steep incline-multiple times-in Radio Flyer Wagon. Ran into many things.

What crazy things have you done?


14:54 Scribe: Ah, the plot thickens

V- yes, it does... why is this important?

Scribe: I'll let the observer decide

V- that's not fair

Scribe: Storyteller's dead

V- you're making me laugh

Scribe: that was a hint

V- I know .... I can't f------- sleep because you do this sh--... 

Scribe [ laughs , shrugs her shoulders ] it's what I do

14:56 posted