30 August (45)


19:50 Scribe: not sure if I’m satisfied with the coloring of this image. 

V- hm, I like it

Scribe: you haven’t even seen it

v- you’ve described it to me ...  

19:51 v- all afternoon

Scribe: hrumph  

19:52 posting

Scribe:  (side smile) you can’t tell what it is ... (that’s the whole point)

v- abstract ... I like it

19:53 v- it’s definitely filtered

Scribe: several times over  

V- I know what it is  

Scribe: but the general public does not

v- let’s keep it that way

[ serving freshly baked cookies to the children  ]

Scribe: another control experiment (all happy) 


v- what?! (Freshly baked cookies) [ pouting sad face ] 

19:59 v- it’s an oven

Scribe: no, it is not an oven. You are just throwing red herrings out there


20:00 Scribe [ chuckling ] : this is like a Rorschach test

20:01 V- so [ twirling a virtual finger around my clavicle - being extra nice and coaxing ]  ... could you tell us what you’re doing with this image?

Scribe: yes, I can. I’m not completely happy with the image because I was aiming for a slightly different color 



Scribe: it may be okay  

20:06 Scribe: There. Now you have an update. You are a pest. I hope you’re happy ( after all your “I want to see’s )


v- another peek? 

Scribe: argh! (Overdramatic). It’s not done. 



20:13 V- that’s all you’re going to share? [ before updating with new image ]

Scribe: yuP


20:14 Scribe: and that’s not even the good stuff  

v- I know


24 August (45)


08:05 Scribe: if people want to get the full scoop they can enter into my space

v- thanks  

Scribe: I gotta get some housework done  

v- and then you’re going on a walk

Scribe (for ease of typing “C” from here on out - C for Chaos) 


08:08 posted

C- so, I’m in bed - before, I watched a couple episodes of Supernatural with my youngest (fighting off sleep on the couch)  ... I get up around 5:15 on schooldays now (erg that 7:15 start of the school day for them is ridiculous)  - so, I get sleepy early ... 

08:10 Scribe: all I’ll share is 

v- time? 

C: around  ...

v- screenshot please  

C- I put down my phone after taking note of this article (21:30)


V- so...

Scribe: oh, I saw it (Trickster’s 21:35? Post) [ this morning ] 

v- timestamp please

C- argh. I sound like a stalker

v- research

C- my timestamp 00:56 [ it - his post - was 21:36 my time ] 

v- and? 

c- IDK? ... ANYWAY... you (Trickster) were chillaxy for a while, even then... soothing

v- and  

c- i’m not telling the whole story  

v- oh, I think the public should know what you do to me

c- can you multitask? 

v- you’re ignoring the question  

c- no, not really (chuckling)  ... before I fell asleep

v- you were leaning against me. That's Good. Thanks. 

c- I gotta get back to my housework

v- dishes  

c- recycling, etc

v- I know. Thanks. 


08:17 Scribe: ok, people, FINE. Four+ years this guy hasn’t admitted to me it’s telepathy & I have to DEAL with him

v- inside you

Scribe: it’s a strange sensation & existence living a double life - having two+ life forces inside you [ and everyone thinks it’s something “mental” or a nervous breakdown]  

v- stress  

Scribe: ANYWAY- Trickster is a public figure  [ and it was a mild ... tease ]

v- you are BAD

c- (I keep forgetting the “C” - force of habit) 

v- this isn’t the first time

c- this time was just  

v- gross, c

c- (pouty face) 

v- that’s what you were aiming for

c- it was self-deprecating

 v- haha, yes it was


c- man, if ONLY your audience knew

v- NOW they know

c- eh. Hints. Only YOU know the “truth” 

v- why do you put that in quotes? 

c- well, filters

v- Mind filters

 - perhaps... what I send... who knows how you interpret it on your end

v- haha, I know. I love you ... very much  

c- I love you, too. I gotta get back to work!! 


[ taking out recycling to garage bin c- I feel good that I have way more recyclables than trash each week ... ] 


c- one last share  

v- from Psychic Dreaming

c- yes, once I share this quote, I have to cite ... ANYWAY... it was ... interesting. 


08:32 Scribe: we are going to freak a lot of people out

v- yes, we will. Leave it at that

 c- one comment: I do consider other possibilities - that I may only sense and not hear ... that I don’t really hear your voice

v- but that your mind just plugs in a voice ... it’s more than that. Way more, and you know it.

c- I also consider how our reveal will affect people  

v- their perceptions

c- behaviors, too. Not all good

v- we have to be careful. I know. Love you. Working on it. 

08:34 C- back to the dishes



A mowed field- they mowed around LA FLOR. 




scribe: it’s as if they’re expectin’ somethin’ - all just waitin’ there, facing me


10:57 headed to the woods


11:20  Scribe mumbles : tell me about it 

11:21 v- humorously said