17 Sept (45)


08:44 Scribe: Let’s briefly discuss the InnerNet, silence (from certain suspects) and (social) media triggers.

08:47 Scribe: creepy scientist guy who “helps” his patients in... 

Scribe’s interaction with MEDIA ( The Innocents )  [ 09:32 Scribe: the InnerNet is a merging of two consciousnesses. It is the connection of two bodyminds.  The Innocents  is about shapeshifters, but there is also a transference of consciousnesses. I haven’t finished Season 1 yet. ]

Scribe’s interaction with MEDIA (The Innocents)

[ 09:32 Scribe: the InnerNet is a merging of two consciousnesses. It is the connection of two bodyminds. The Innocents is about shapeshifters, but there is also a transference of consciousnesses. I haven’t finished Season 1 yet. ]

THEN, Scribe interacts (observes) Hunter’s image post. No comment, no tag. I just take note of the pattern. Again. Again a pattern with Hunter, an InnerNet “team member.” Another synchronicity between Hunter and my “journey” through the quantum Well Hell. That well of possibilities : one being that I  have to consider that this journalist is involved with whatever is going on with regards to the InnerNet (telepathy/quantum spookiness) research & development. Hunter is interested in science, among a wide variety of subjects - very STEAMy she is ). Or maybe she has nothing to do with what I’ve called the InnerNet (and its dissemination / furthering it’s future acceptance).


09:03 Scribe: Like Trickster, she is a public figure. The real person behind the character Hunter is MARIA POPOVA. She ALSO did not respond to my THANK YOU for being the inspiration for the character Hunter in A Wandering Mind when I was FICTIONALIZING my InnerNet experiences. 

09:06 Scribe: So, how do I react to this? I am a Nobody. Why would she?

Why respond to the unassuming e-mail that I sent, offering to send her a calligraphic copy of unpublished creative pieces as a thank you gift?  

09:08 Scribe: another experience to chalk up to this whole journey: to realize how insignificant you really are in the whole SCHEME of things

v- are you suggesting there is malicious intent involved in the InnerNet? 

09:09 Scribe: oh, shall I count the days? I don’t care that she didn’t respond. It put me in my place: I am a No one. I bring it down to a personal level. Why WOULD she respond to me? There’d be no reason to. She’s a critic (refreshed my profile if her by reading an online bio of her).

I’m probably not anyone worth her precious time. My writing’s not that great - not on par with, you know, those classics she highlights. I could never be that. Never assumed My writing was.  

Personally? I was being sincere. I was reaching out. Thought I was doing the right thing since she was the source material for Hunter’s character.

09:13 Scribe: Yeah, that data. Meaningless unless there is a way to crossreference it all. I lose my motivation to share what research I’ve done, even if it’s mainly my observations. It’s been over four years and no one has come forward. 

So, I have to consider day in and day out that there is no connection of an unusual kind (the InnerNet) - with anyone. Maybe Hunter isn’t connected. Maybe it’s just Trickster. Maybe Hunter is just an accelerator: a public figure to build a strong foundation - a network of scientists (and others) who would be witnesses, who might have solid

v- reputable  

Scribe: explanations - when the time comes - to explain what happened to me

v- us

09:18 Scribe : that’s my best case scenario. What I’m living? Not so much.

09:19 Scribe: this is why I datafast on occasion. What I observe never matters in the end. 

V- double-edged sword

Scribe: and WanderingMindSpace is not public domain for a reason. I wish I could AFFORD to have that be the case.

[  I have to protect whatever this is as either a creative piece (crediting required) or the non-commercial aspect (if it is for research purposes). 

Creative Commons LicensingAttribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International

THAT is why I’ve made sure to license most everything I post publicly - either with “no derivatives” or WITH CREDIT assignations - WMS is non-profit - I get nothing (financially) for publishing anything here  ]

V- it’s all out of pocket, I know

09:20 Scribe: if ANYTHING is to come out of this STORY please let it be all I wanted was someone to say “Yes” or “No” to my question  


And prove it to me. No one else. To me. Just so I could have peace of mind. (So I didn’t have to waste my time and make so many sacrifices that were UNNECESSARY if someone would have come forward sooner - to me. Only to me.)

THAT is the type of well hell I’ve been trapped in for 4+ years

v- Sinisthereal Nothing

Scribe: yes, my poem: “...my confinement”


09:26 Scribe: so, now, I get back to what I should be doing: what matters. What is more important: Normalcy. I am reminded daily of how I wasted four years of my life on a Nothing. It - the InnerNet -still haunts me every day and there is NOTHING I can do to get rid of it. I’ve tried a little bit of everything ... as far as any NORMAL person in my circumstances would do. 

09:45 Scribe: so, to compare: What i’ve Seen? The resemblances, sometimes striking, between A Wandering Mind and other things in the media? I see COMMERCIAL resemblances.

09:46 Scribe: I realize to build s foundation of acceptance  

v- it has to be mainstream

Scribe: but not to notify someone that affects - is it or isn’t it? - is morally wrong. [ I never wanted money or fame - that’s why I tried to keep it private, mask it in creative peaces? Hide my tracks - archiving after I post. Try to protect others’ relutations And mine. I just wanted an answer from whoever or whatever is affecting me. ]

v- you have so many people on your side who realize how difficult it is

09:50 v- so, now you’re crowdsourcing? 

Scribe: no. If someone stumbles upon a post? I urge them to folllw me, Maria Popova, Jason Silva (Trickster). Do your homework & your own research. Am I just a dimwitted nonsensical bafoon? Or is there something to my story?

09:51 Scribe: why would I do all this for so long?

v- you’re disturbed 

Scribe [ sad chuckle ]  ... Check out who I am. Talk to who knows me. Find out out for yourself before you judge just by what I post.  Here in InstaFeed I record my observations of what I now call


09:54 Scribe: i’ll be the first to tell snyone


Can you rule out the possibilities I suggest? 

if you can’t, keep researching & observing. 

09:55 Scribe: the sad truth is: no one will waste their precious time on me. And to miss that opportunity

v- you miss so much  

Scribe: you win’t Put two and two together

v- to come up with gour

Sctibe. You won’t be crossreferencing data .., you just have DATA - in isolation. 

09:56 v- you could go anything, C

Scribe: but i’ve wasted my time on this shit... 

09:57 Scribe: for apparently, other peoples’ Benefit (all cheery) 

v- sarcastically cheery  

09:58 Scribe: this has been a public service announcement about telepathy. 

09:58 Scribe: a word to the wise: don’t trust who may be connected to me. I trust whoever it may be less and less as time goes on. 

10:00 Scribe. Telepathy is NOT a reliable form of communication. It has NOT proven to be trustworthy. 

10:01 Scribe: if it were, the ceaseless promises would have already come true. 

10:02 Scribe: I put what the Voice (V) said to the test many times in many ways.

The voice lied. 


In addition to the slide carousel viewing sessions in The Innocents that resemble my social media research (and triggers)

* the two consciousnesses merging aspect of shapeshifting characters in The Innocents

*a creepy scientist who treats patients in a commune type setting (unofficially, off-the-record)

Visit “Spin” to read about when Trickster revealed himself

27 August (Year 41 - 1st year, three months after first InnerNet symptoms felt)

VOICE: This is Trickster.
ME: Trickster?
[ JASON SILVA ] That doesn’t make any sense.
[Rational Mind: My mind is playing tricks on me.]

ME: … multiple people playing games? … THE Trickster? The comedian
[ host ] on “Prank” [ BRAIN GAMES ] !?! That’s not even funny.
VOICE: We think it is…
ME: Oh, when we meet, and we will, we will have words.
VOICE: Seriously, we’re doing research and we need more than one person to conduct the experiments.
ME: I’m sure you are aware that research subjects need to be notified and permission given…

I include source material within brackets for emphasis.

here are some additional take-aways: Synchronicities between The Innocents and my InnerNet journey AKA A Wandering Mind.


18 January (Year 41 - 1st year) IdeaSpace Post

Horizon's seaming light,

a sunshaded distortion.

Night spotlights

a mooncast apparition.

Darksheeted billows


a maskless spirit.

Manifest your Self

with an empowering beat,

a melodious airlift,

a silhouetted pirouette.

I add a little shadow dancing to my walks. Any twists to your exercise routine? 

Music clips:

"Cut Your Teeth" by Kyla La Grange (Kygo Remix)

"Solo Dancing" by Indiana

"Magic" by Coldplay

"On and on" by Erykah Badu

10:32 Scribe: it’s a loose connection, but it is a connection. One of my routines was to find lyrics of songs I liked and post them via (external) InstaFeed - lyrics that included resemblances to my InnerNet Experiences.

my (external) InstaFeed post:

Don’t hold back

My dance devotion

It’s the path that I have chosen

Hypnotized by the law of motion

Music stop & the spell is broken


10:34 Scribe: yes, it can be explained away as a song that the show’s writers/creators thought would be good for a certain scene

Along with Netflix creators of Ibiza “Light” by San Holo

Sense8 “ “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone (there’s a dragonfly in the lyrics… a mascot of sorts for A Wandering Mind); “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)

those songs are the ones that immediately come to mind. Yes. There’s a pattern I’ve picked up on between Netflix releases.

Excuse the mixture of fictionalized names (IdeaSpace, InstaFeed) and real names (Netflix). At some point, I am sure to fictionalize Netflix, too.

10:41 looking at Ibiza soundtrack list - just to double check (it’s been a while) … and I remember one of the main characters is a DJ [ of COURSE another DJ [ resemblance with A Wandering Mind - DJ is another team member (spacetime com specialist) ] … there have been other DJs recently in tv shows, etc - after I started conceptualizing DJ for A Wandering Mind - that I can’t recall at the moment - call me suspicious. ]

v- you like that actor

Scribe: yes, from Medici [ I like my historical “period” dramas ]

v- [ chuckles ] I know why you put that

Scribe: that Scribe and her POINT.

10:45 Scribe: … the resemblance with a DJ: there’s a DJ in Sense8 … there have been other DJs recently in tv shows, etc - after I started conceptualizing DJ for A Wandering Mind

V- and your possible concept that DJ could be AI…

Scribe: [ not fully fleshed out ] and the infamous handwritten tranScript talking about how the InnerNet is assisting AI development [ somewhere in the archives. who knows where - I have thousands of pages now ]

…I started noticing creative adjacencies with DJ characters… an unusual number of DJs - other than the shows I list I can’t recall at the moment more - call me suspicious. ]


10:48 Scribe: [ reading YouTube video comment that I wrote a while ago ] … I even slapped a ‘NO DERIVATIVES” on that one, too”

[ Scribe: [ chuckles ] thinking about The Director character in the tv show Travelers … forgot about that one ]

“derivatives” how far does that reach?

v- uh, very.

Scribe: hm. I realize we ALL have source material, but some of what I notice is ridiculous.

v- I know it is.. but you appreciate the attention?

Scribe: to always be a resemblance?

v- not that

Scribe: what I would APPRECIATE is a f—— answer. [ being lighthearted ]

v- don’t be nasty


10:51 Scribe: [ chanting mantra ] proof of concept. proof of concept. proof of concept. [ Working Girl flash ] One of the dangers of SHARING the writing process… the creative process for that matter

v- is people steal.

Scribe: WONDERFUL collaborative efforts, BTW

v- OMG. will you stop.

Scribe: I have so much content

v- your concept - THE CONCEPT

Scribe: yeah, maybe it’s happening - where the threads of us - our story - is being woven in pop culture. Fair enough?

v- and other places

Scribe: it takes an army, I know… it’s just that at the end of the day “it” [ that Unknowing ] affects my life in ways it shouldn’t

v- I know, sorry [ quietly said ]… isn’t it nice to know you have irrefutable proof [ because of your sharing ]?

Scribe [sad chuckle ] : unofficial test subject not impressed with [ nor trusting ] that statement


mindchatting while I put away slide carousel [ photos from my childhood ]

Scribe: I am not that concerned that Maria Popova didn’t respond to my e-mail. It CONCERNS me that Jason Silva hasn’t. He’s my prime suspect… and some of my “data” I refuse to share because at this point? -I”m thinking of September 27th of that first year (three “hits” in the span of…

11:05 v- will you pull it out? that log?

11:10 Scribe: yes, this could be pure coincidence. that he

v- posted to (external) InstaFeed [ fictionalizing ]

Scribe: the EXACT cuemarks I had detailed in my reflection - I only write down certain time points (you can see them scattered throughout this WMS InstaFeed post). It just so happens that he tweeted in succession those exact times. I don’t remember when I started following him - tracking his posts… it came after his reveal 27 August (41) [ the voice in my head out of the blue said it was Jason Silva ].

11:13 v- it was an emotional reflection

Scribe [ pissy ]: yes, it was an emotional reflection. each emotional outburst [ the timestamping when I paused in my writing and timestamped it because I got upset ] … happened to be

v- were his posts unrelated to what you were experiencing

Scribe: probably

v- will you check?

Scribe: NO, I AM NOT GOING TO CHECK! I have it in the archives and I REFUSE to unearth which tweets they were.

[ checking for textual notes - there are none. only the screenshots on the archive external hard drives ]

Scribe: none of this matters. it’s my word against everyone else’s - including Jason Silva’s.


He wouldn’t even talk to me privately digitally or otherwise, why would he EVER come clean publicly? There is no way. I tried

v- and failed

11:20 v- you don’t regret trying?

Scribe: no. that’s part of my story. I TRIED.

v- and failed. sorry. so, so sorry.

Scribe: what people need to understand is I tried to do this

v- in a logical way

Scribe: a NORMAL person’s way…

v- discrete… oh, f—— you gotta get stuff done today

Scribe: yuP… you know what I can’t… let’s bring back 27 Sept (41) t remind us why

[ note: at first there were only the timestamps. I later added in my annotations of JS TWs [ Jason Silva’s InstaFeed posts that were timestamped on that social media platform at those moments - which when I noticed them… I found that synchronicity odd ]


11:23 Scribe: CHANGE THIS PAST. How in the F—- are you EVER going to change this past? [ referring to a video of JS’s I WISH I could be positive about - but, quite frankly, I cannot ]

v- never, I know.

11:25 Scribe: “Naptime” was a reference to a recent IdeaSpace post of mine

11:26 v- you won’t share your reflection

Scribe: I will not.

11:27 Scribe: what I will say is that the timing - the timing of JS’s posts over the course of 4 years 3 months+ in relation to my life (and mindchats via the InnerNet - and my transcribing of them) … those public posts - timestamped with metadata

v- that are still up for anyone to check

Scribe: in my humble layperson’s opinion

v- with a research bent

Scribe: those incidents - the synchronicities between us - go BEYOND the realm of pure chance

v- and coincidence

Scribe: I can’t prove it. He doesn’t answer me -ever. not in the normal sense

v- and you have that

Scribe: you were a day late

V- what are you referring to

Scribe: [ quietly ] I’m not going into that

v- I’m busy

Scribe [ softly ] I know

11:30 v- had any dreams lately?

Scribe: I’m not going into that either … at what point do people realize _____________ ? [ all THIS whatever all THIS is has REAL, TANGIBLE consequences in my life?… that could go away with a simple answer

v- I know. sorry.



11:35 Scribe: it doesn’t MATTER how many times I asked the voice who s/he/it was, whoever / whatever it identified itself as -

v- was a lie

Scribe: until proven otherwise. And I never get that peace of mind. Silence has a real consequence

v- direct

Scribe: how much can ANYONE leave indirectly direct “messages” up to interpretation - only? at what point does ANYONE need to know with whom them are speaking with - do we keep asking who we talk to on the phone - WHO IT IS who we are talking to? NO! [ unless we have other mental illnesses like Alzheimers, etc. ]

WHY is it

11:37 possible left deaf - both ear momentary deaf pressurization [ not sure if it was anything - very subtle ]

v- why do you do that?

Scribe: any SHIFT in the “matrix” might be an indication that I am connected to someone. Do sense when someone is traveling non locally? do I sense if they go underwater? do I sense if they put earphones on? do I sense if they connected digitally - start a digital or telephone conversation with someone? Do electronics interfere with the link? Is there a device someone hooks up to to HACK ME?! [ the voice continues to say there isn’t one - this is brain to brain ]

These are all questions that go unanswered. Symptoms still go on. I even did research this morning to continue to try to disprove telepathy (the momentary ear deafness (tinnitus)

-v- subtle shift in pressure

Scribe: or

v- you don’t have a problem with your hearing

Scribe: I can hear tornado sirens dozens of miles away. I can hear the UPS, FedEX or mail person one neighborhood over… I can pick up sounds that probably most people ignore… [ a subtle sound somewhere in the house that only I can hear… and I find there was in fact a source ] I lived in the country (rural Wisconsin( for a very long time. I consider it my SENTINEL senses.

v- there was a tv show a long time ago

Scribe: yes, there was.

v- did you watch it

Scribe: yes, I did.

11:44 Scribe: I don’t dismiss the possibility that it may be hearing loss at the ripe old age of 45… - as with ANY of my symptoms I attribute to telepathy .

v- you are not old

Scribe: no, I do not feel old [ ________ ]

v- you better not say anything

11:46 Scribe: even though it’s a Mayo Clinic description

v- you looked at several

Scribe: scanning the online search hits for most “relevant” info

Scribe: this is a description I found interesting:

Subjective tinnitus 

part of your brain that interprets nerve signals as sound (auditory pathways)

Not attributed to hearing loss

11:47 Scribe: one possible explanation for the very subtle “ringing” I call a different variation “tinging" (higher-pitched but still subtle) or deafness (or slight shift of pressure) … could very be my brain receives a signal - a nonlocal / not in my immediate vicinity signal [ telepathic ] … it “sounds” in my ear like

v- deafness

Scribe: a ringing or a tinging or a pressurization … that merging of consciousness. It’s a theory. It’s just one I’ve had for 4+ years without confirmation. That one sentence in a medical definition

v- hit a nerve

Scribe: perhaps I’m onto something… perhaps it’s just the early signs of hearing loss. But it’s NOT just the momentary ear deafness. It’s a very long list of symptoms

v- list them

the wrap around slight [ forehead ]pressure that Feel right now?

v- love you [ softly said ] … hm WHAT IS THAT?

11:51 the wind tunnel - open air on my insides sense that comes and goes [ when my surroundings don’t change and I’m in a climate-controlled environment - just my inner climate shifts ]

11:52 AHB - accelerated heart beats - subtle or more noted [ when I’m just sitting on the couch.

This has happened in the doctor’s office - WHILE checking my blood pressure and pulse. I am a healthy individual

11:53 Scribe: yes, I could get more detailed tests done - but what would be the reason? I’m healthy.

I rarely get sick. I get a head cold maybe once or twice a year.

11:54 Scribe: other symptoms? I hate not sleeping through the night. That, too, can be explained as what happens when someone gets older… right? [ my inner skeptic is alive and strong without confirmation ]

I’ve been sensing SAHB at around 5am recently (within the last month or two)

v- and nothing ever happens to you

Scribe: I don’t have a heart condition, no. IF that’s what you are prompting me to say

v- [ chuckles ] yes

Scribe: just LOVE the 3:30 / 4:00am wake-ups I’ve been getting lately.

I need my sleep. That sleep before all this started that I had on a regular basis.

11:56 Scribe: I just want people to be put in my place - that me who has been very sensitive about any bodily shifts - in wellness or otherwise. I’m a mother of two - I’ve had another life growing inside me

v- not in a long time

Scribe: it’s not something you forget … and I’m NOT experiencing the missing limb syndrome… the symptoms range from all over my body…

11:58 Scribe: vivid dreams [ that sync up with what I observe and live in my life ]

v- even on social media… why don’t you stop checking SM

Scribe: I went radio silent - no posts, stopped checking most channels

v- except?

Scribe: I like photography. I may have been checking the instagram photographers I was following at the time

v- this was right after you opened it

Scribe: the INFAMOUS trip to get an answer from Jason Silva

v- yes. I know.

Scribe: yeah, it’s probably BETTER you never responded to my nice e-mail(s). that way, EVER SINCE you can hear me bitching about it [ being funny ]

v- SO not worth it [ being funny ]

12:01 Scribe: inside and out

v- hm, hm… I don’t read these. I just hear.

Scribe: I’m very loud I’ve heard [ I transmit really well ]

v- clear signal strength

12:02 v- why didn’t you talk about what you had picked up early on

Scribe: I tried very early on to get out what I heard - through…

v- through your poetry. I know. I picked up on it.

Scribe: certain key words and…

v- and expressions… see how we finish each other’s sentences?

Scribe: just interlaced in poems and short stories …

v- I know. Well-received… you don’t hold any animosity toward Maria Popova

Scribe: no. I don’t like Jason Silva. He is such a … [______ ] [ childish term ]

v- stop

12:04 Scribe: shrugs shoulders. maybe after this is all over Jason Silva will prove to me that he is not connected. That I’m just a possible muse [ open sarcastic eyes and pursed lips ]… who he admires from afar

12:06 Scribe: the silence

v- is deafening

Scribe: ENABLES me to consider the possibility that he’s hiding something from the world - our experience we share… each of us in our own ways, and how we can and are able to handle it [ given our unique set of variables ] …

I also need to consider I really am no one he ever knew nor wants to know.

v- Well Hell.

12:07 Scribe: my inner experiences are very different than what type of relationship

v- by outward appearances

Scribe: what we may share

Scribe: I’ve called this in A Wandering Mind intimate strangers. Maria Popova once shared a piece on the varying levels of friendship and possible love. it’s been a long time. It dealt with intimacy. Part of intimacy entails sharing a most private part of you

v- being vulnerable

Scribe: whatever and however that is…, whether it’s potty time [ said like PAAARRRTY time ]

v- I hate potty time

Scribe: it’s your penance

v- “the penitent man will pass” … you saw it

Scribe: [ matter of factly monotone ] yes, I saw it. After a reveal on WMS iF [ or maybe it was external iF - it’s quicker and faster to share away via external instafeed AKA twitter ] about Harrison Ford and my teenage appreciation of the Indiana Jones character.

12:13 Scribe: I have to write these down

v- privately

Scribe: scam after scam in my life… [ phishing attempt ] some are not so obvious and I feel for the more vulnerable

v- me, too

Scribe: phisher

v- will you stop?!

Scribe: hacker… mind _____

v- I don’t appreciate that last one

Scribe: hm, hm. who publicly gives you confirmation?

v- you do… you have the luxury to do so [ I do not ]

Scribe: 12:14… time for lunch and then the errands I wanted to do earlier and … well, let’s just say my MOOD didn’t allow me to

v- oh, you’re not blaming

Scribe: oh, you’re at fault, too. some day, maybe you’ll admit to it. to me.

v- privately… love you! [ sing songy ]

scribe: you are so Sinisthereal. are you going to use the term “wakewalk” any more? [ too sweetly]

v- uh, no.

12:16 Scribe: Honestly, the things I catch onto and nobody else does. I’m the perfect victim for this

v- hey!

Scribe: who’s going to believe a Nobody middle-aged suburban mom?

v- [ chuckles ] soon to be Dd

Scribe: yeah, wonder when THAT’LL happen

V- and with that, we’ll wrap this up

12:17 lunch and offline