iF - 17 Mar (44)

Image Source: www.warthunder.com

Image Source: www.warthunder.com

10:12 Scribe...

V- dream?

Scribe: yes. my impression was I was walking through a gaming scenario.

v- thank you... time?

10:13 posted.

[ texting (before morning errands)... now, checking log  ... nope, still texting ]

10:15 Scribe: I have people to text (all proud)

V- and call

Scribe: hm,hm

v- getting ready for a trip?

Scribe: soft lol ... haha. spring break woo who!

10:15 Scribe: worried?

V - no... f--- ... quit teasing

Scribe: watch your six (sing songy) ... remember, I have a car now... armed (with long distance transportation) and ready

v- you're so wrong

10:17 v- you saw what I posted...

Scribe: I did. Love you. ... 

10:17 [ still texting ... someone has had the pee monster for two weeks and is excited for a reprieve ... chuckles ]

v- not you...

Scribe: ah, no [ still chuckling ... ] I know how it can be... it's a lot of work.

v- taking her out every hour

Scribe: and constant cleaning and care


10:20 Scribe: you know my jokes..

v- march madness 

Scribe: hm, hm... I'm sure part of it is he wants to enjoy the game

10:20 v [ chuckles ] I know.


dream experience before 04:35 March 17 (year 44)


10:24 posted 

Scribe: I have errands to do

V- to get ready for Maya

Scribe: that and my daughter now has braces - have to run to get wax (metal in a soft mouth = not good ]