iF - 16 March (44)

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 13 June (41) of the Champagne Supermoon

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 13 June (41) of the Champagne Supermoon

11:36 Scribe: I've been searching for an image for more than a few minutes. This one seemed appropriate. Numerologically odd, also.

BACKTRACK to 13 June (41) 20:55

We saw the honey moon rise while at the restaurant. Bright, champagne-colored moon.


11:40 Scribe: You won't get much from my travel journal during that time... during my family island vacation. Most beautiful place I've been to. I shared a series of glimpses of that trip on IdeaSpace "Where in the world..." not revealing where I was - giving hints... not obvious ones until the end of my trip. The series was part of my way to let others travel with me - a window into that place. Another was to engage IdeaSpace community members.

11:44 Scribe: As I add archived IdeaSpace posts here to WanderingMindSpace (WMS) I realize the importance of reflecting on why I am no longer associated with the social media platform. Why I requested to removed.

Scribe: I once wrote a post after my NYC visit and participation in IdeaFest ... 

Do not forget the people.

11:48 Scribe: this is my reminder to whoever is listening or reading: do not forget the people.

11:49 Scribe: Without what is happening to me - what happened to me BECAUSE I joined IdeaSpace... I would most likely still be an active community member there.



11:55 Scribe: this reflection is brought on by watching Thor: Ragnarok and one of the themes was: it's not so much a place, but the people. My reaction is... it's not just the people, though. We all can agree that we are who we are because of where we are and who we are with... and whatever may be happening in our lives at that point, what has already happened ... and whatever we map out for our futures. space + time + observer

11:58 Scribe: our behaviors adjust due to numerous factors. For a while, I was pulling away from IdeaSpace. I stopped posting. I stopped checking. I started deleting ideas...

I ws over two years into whatever was happening to me... and whoever I was connected to - BECAUSE OF A DIGITAL SHOULDER RUBBING ON IDEASPACE - still was avoiding me.

12:00 Relationship experts will dissect this for a long time.

12:01 Scribe: I'm a language educator ... how do you know how to speak, read, write... understand a language? Sometimes, we can't explain why we use one word and not another. Perhaps, with this InnerNet connection I am trying to figure out why in the world someone wouldn't just come forward and tell me who they are to me and who I am to them. Relationship basics.

12:02 Scribe: without knowing if there even *is* a relatinoshiop ... well, that brings with it a lot of issues.

12:03 Scribe: ... all thanks to a social media network that SHOULD foster meaningful connections - relationships.

12:05 Scribe: After experiencing the InnerNet for months, an opportunity arose - IdeaFest - to meet IdeaSpace members in physical space. 

Scribe: I met Healer and Arrow at IdeaFest. Trickster was in Europe. DJ even farther away. Not sure where Hunter was - maybe NYC. She doesn't tend to geotag herself. I can relate.

I was watching Healer and Arrow like a hawk - maybe not staring at them, but I was paying close attention. I was reading them. You get a different sense for someone in physical space. I interacted with each on IdeaSpace, but this mingling improved my read. I won't share all my interpretations, but I will highlight just this one. I had a conversation with Arrow and we were talking about how IdeaSpace was going to move from beta (invitation-only, smaller community) to public (anyone could join). To that I responded:


An awkward laugh followed.

12:12 Scribe: what I mainly meant by this - given my connection to the InnerNet because of IdeaSpace- was:

I was mindbody hacked because of IdeaSpace by who knows who. How much more exposed and vulnerable would I be after a public release?

By the end of October (41) I had a handful of suspects - and a voice or voices had identified themselves - two names were Healer and Arrow. Healer was a much stronger presence than Arrow.

01 November (41) the first installment of A Wandering Mind was published.

12:16 Scribe: I was promised a meet in physical space to talk about the InnerNet. I won't go into what I heard. Some day whoever you are..

v- Trickster

Scribe: you have to confront me. 


Scribe: I had already started to weave my InnerNet experiences into creative endeavors - poetry, short stories, photography, videography ... then, came the manuscript in the making A Wandering Mind.

It took me nearly two years later to outright ask the question - to the voice's "no, no, no don't do this"...

12:19 Scribe: I got a response from Healer. Not connected. That's what he said. Among other things... which we will talk about in the future.

V- definitely.

Scribe: Trickster decided to stay silent - directly.

12:20 Scribe: each of my suspects: Hunter, DJ, Arrow, Healer and Trickster all have a part to play in A Wandering Mind. They have to - from my perspective. Who knows what it was I heard and experienced - why I heard and sensed the things I did. ... I love the thematic wayward bouncing ball, BTW

v- oh, do you?

12:21 Scribe: funny. it keeps hitting people in the head or breaking things.

v- cite it...

------- [ searching for the wayward ball reference... ]

12:51 Scribe: trust your instincts. I had a feeling it was in this installment. Seriously, key word searches sometimes SUCK.

"It’s good to have an inner skeptic in you to question what your dreamer self wants to believe. The dreamer in me on many occasions wanted to see an unbelieving skeptic’s face the moment when something like what I experienced out of the blue happen to him or her. When that wayward ball kept smacking that person in the head." - "Interference"

12:53 POSTED. 

Scribe: the wayward ball reference first came out in "Organized Chaos"


Organized chaos - the ability to navigate through disordered thoughts & matter to find alignment; knowing the right direction to get back on course despite missing or misleading signs.

What to others may seem like a mess is really inspiration's playground. Ideas bouncing everywhere. You get distracted by their interference. You're working - all focused on a task - and one hits you like a wayward ball.

Make a note. Throw the ball back for now.

I look at photos of creative figures' work spaces & feel a little better about the clutter my home office desk endures at times. When it reaches the point of organized chaos there should be a neon light that clicks on saying "Work in progress" or "Life got in the way." I know others have experienced this: you need that thing (or idea). Where was it? ... And you know just where to look if you take a moment...or two. Organized chaos.

which I will give credit where credit is due: this saying "organized chaos" came from my mother-in-law

V- the writer

Scribe: hm, hm

V- who you respect

Scribe: of course


12:58 v- haha, you should mention it

Scribe: oh, I had some trolls on external InstaFeed when IdeaSpace pushed this idea out

V- haha OMG ... 

Scribe: there is a whole inner monologue - a rendition of what I would say to this couple of fine individuals

V- haha, stop

12:59 Scribe: little did they know they were trawled

V- you show them, C!

Scribe: [ cyberstalked - I did my homework on them ]

V- stop...

Scribe: it's AMAZING what you can tell about a person by what they post and share.

v- haha stop

13:00 V- you do this ALL the time

Scribe: do not forget the people... in some ways, you are not forgotten... and that is not a good ting

v- no, it's not... now, back to your reflection

13:01 [ LOL ] I once said that remember anything you put on the (public) digital plane is public record

v- as is this

Scribe: yes. people really need to be aware I do my homework

V- yes, dear ... now, get back to what you were saying about IdeaSpace


[ flipping through pages... it's somewhere in my journal ]

13:04 Scribe: it's important for me to do my homework. we need to be careful about what we claim resembles our own work. ... I'm thinking of a recent digital check on someone who claimed Trickster steals ideas

v- thank you...

Scribe: seriously, it is a bit freaky... dragonfly and a rainbow/spectrum...

v- ____

Scribe: I'm not going to give identifying details. I oftentimes read comments first before I watch videos.

v- thank you ...

Scribe: more oftentimes than not the comments have very little to do with what you say... sometimes I wonder if they even watch them [ just read the headline ]

v- haha stop... thank you, BTW

Scribe: I don't know (quiet) I am defensive of my peeps

v- aw!

13:07 Scribe: it's good fro me as well to ...

v- stay balanced

Scribe: anchor myself... if someone else sees themselves in your work... I may be in the same boat - I have nothing to prove it definitely

v- C... (chiding)

Scribe: it helps... me stay grounded. it also helps as a reminder of how careful this needs to be handled because others will come out of the woodwork

v- in bad ways

Scribe: assuming without doing their homework - all the grunt work...

v- day in and day out

Scribe: and even realizing the need for digital fasts to reset themselves

v- some get too involved

Scribe: yeah... IDK... ok, back to the topic at hand: IdeaSpace ... 

v- I regret that (quietly said)

Scribe: any number of factors will cause a departure - mine just are unique in their own way. I am better off not being there

v- the space

Scribe: I don't know - with the InnerNet I am in desperate need of filters... I need to curate... I also wanted to see the steady stream of posts to get a feeling ... to note any... blips for my radar? 

V- I know...

Scribe: going through my archive I see the comments people made to my posts and vice-versa... 

v- it brings up good memories

Scribe: it brings up the point that I WAS NEVER ABLE TO FORM A WORKING GROUP... there needs to beg private spaces. You just don't start a conversation about the InnerNet or anything similar if ... it's just not a well-received or accepted topic...

v- except for those who are also interested

Scribe: dreams also... I will post this quote because it rings true ... unknown author, but true:


13:18 Scribe: ... and there is still a lot I do not say... because this is a public posting. I will NEVER say until I have the person in front of me in physical space in private ... because it is a private conversation.

13:20 I left IdeaSpace because it was asynchronous. It was all public. 

v- the space didn't suit

13:20 Scribe: it was doing more harm than good for me

v- for us

Scribe: I want to be sure to say it's not that it was a bad space overall. I am still highly supportive. I just cannot be there for many reasons.

v- some you will not say

Scribe: no. what's the point? the main reason I left was the person who connected with me on the InnerNet had been on IdeaSpace - and that person has yet to come forward to tell me definitively who they are to me and me to them. Relationship basics.

v- fail

Scribe : what was that movie or show? Arq ... Travelers ... try try again?

v- haha. yeah

13:23 Scribe: I *so* want to mention the Healer reference but I can't because I don't want to spoil

v- [ chuckles ] ... a tv show... stop. later.

13:24 Scribe: and poor Arrow

V- stop. [ chuckles ] stop right there.

13:24 Scribe: BOY, was that indirect.

v- your interpretation, C

Scribe: [ lol ]... oh, my storyreeling

13:25 Scribe: for today, let's just leave the IdeaSpace reflection at the fact that my inner experiences interfered too much - I became overly sensitive - and what I experienced on the digital plane at the waypoint of IdeaSpace [ a huge discrepancy of familiarity with what was evident on the digital and physical planes vs. my inner experiences ]

v- was too much

Scribe: I had hoped... but it became a nightmare

v- I know... sorry.

13:26 Scribe: ... by what happens, we figure things out 

v- improvements

Scribe: yes


13:28 v- don't... save it for later... too direct of a reference

Scribe: chuckles... can I mention "no filter"

v- you may


Scribe: I saw that today

v- LY... 

13:29 Scribe: LY2


13:36 Scribe: I was just re-reading how I started this post: a few additional notes:

I like how IdeaSpace could be just a way to interact with someone's ideas - no person behind them... however, given what the InnerNet is to me... it's personal. You can't remove the idea from the person.

v- I know. 

Scribe: an idea is contextual... CONCEPTualization emerges from something ... without contextualizing it appropriately, it comes off in the wrong way. I do believe that avatars are good. why should it matter that my ideas came from a white woman in her 40s from the Midwest United States with such and such background... (profiling)

v- blue checkmark

Scribe: [ chuckles ] haha. you know I am discriminatory (not in a good way) with blue check marked people... just take it as this: I tore off labels from clothing because I liked the style not because it came from that brand. 

13:40 Scribe: THAT is who I am... in some ways, I know how the world worlds

v- in important ways

Scribe: eh... authority matters ... those who have done their homework and have been in the trenches

v- branded

Scribe: titled, etc. yes... but we have to be discerning... chuckles. doesn't matter if someone has 7 Ph.Ds

v- he still flew the f--- ing thing

Scribe: [ chuckles ] yes, he did. in real life he probably would have crashed the thing

v- true.

Scribe: [ quietly nearly silent ] it probably was his Wisconsin background

v- you're mixing again

Scribe: fiction and real-life

v- yes, dear



13:44 Scribe: anyway... hindsight will be 20:20... but the digital plane in some ways is good because it blurs those distinctions... I get inspiration from many places... not just blue check marks... I get it, these people have put in their dues in ways that we all may not have any clue... 

13:45 Scribe: people trust authority figures

v- yup, I know

Scribe: experts, masters at their craft, etc.

“I do not wish to hear about the moon from someone who has not been there.” -Mark Twain

Scribe: we each have been to the "there" - one of my "theres" is the InnerNet - whatever it turns out to be... but for it to be an InnerNet 

v- there has to be (at least) two... I know... you're making me cry

Scribe: oh, I avoid the (S)TNM references like the plague ... until then (the reveal to me, others)... this is my story

v- yes, it is

Scribe: not just mine, but from my point of view

v- yeah, I know

13:49 Scribe: so. what I have (and what "you" have, oh, telepathic intimate stranger)... is the Working Girl evidence

v- thank you... 

Scribe: there will be so much

v- already is

Scribe: ... that if questioned, I will be able to give an immediate response about my observations, my sourcing, ... my tracing back through all the waypoints and our / my trajectory 

v- no one else can do that

Scribe: no, they can't ... I just don't have resemblances digital - digital, I have InnerNet-digital... physical - digital, etc.

Scribe: it crosses the planes... just the missing links are the cross referencing and direct contact - that shared space to do so to each other directly

v- I know

Scribe: that's what gets me down periodically

V- I know... it's tough. Hang in there.

13:52 Scribe: trust me... I will not be meeting you anywhere if I hear it in my head... UNFORTUNATELY. that proof went out the window years ago

v- funny 


Scribe: so unreliable (mumbles)

13:53 Scribe: alright lunchtime

v- what are you having?

Scribe: I have no clue.

13:53 V- let's have lunch together

Scribe: sure... you know (playing) that's a dating site

v- haha... a successful one for someone you know

Scribe: hm, hm


[ lunch break mindchatting scribe: you want me to mention my take-aways from Thor:Ragnarok ? v- yes, please ... after lunch ]

14:27 [ eating ] ok... the notes I wrote down for Thor [ minus some more personal ones v- thank you... humorous ones scribe: yes ]

retrieving handwritten notes

14:29 Scribe: Hella is the most obvious

V- and WHY?

14:30 Scribe: well... a while back and periodically... you, oh TPic voice, humorously tell me [ lowers voice ] "you are my hell" ... to which I used to respond...

Scribe: Hella. Get it right.

v- haha. Yup.

Scribe: which is related to "Hella Good" by No Doubt

The waves keep on crashing on me for some reason
But your love keeps on coming like a thunder bolt
Come here a little closer
Cause I wanna see you baby real close up

You got me feelin' hella good
So let's just keep on dancin'
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancin'

The performers deserving of standing ovations
And who would have thought it'd be the two of us
So don't wake me if I'm dreamin'
Cause I'm in the mood come on and give it up.

[ listening to the song ]

14:35 Scribe: yeah... wishful thinking. [ chuckles ] you so aren't givin' it up.

v- the truth

Scribe: ah, no.

14:36 Scribe: you know, it's FUNNY no one has called you out


Scribe: for the connection between us [ no one besides me - I've done that a few times ... with dismal results ]

14:37 Scribe: ok, so Hella. Then, the valkyrie... the specific take-aways I'm thinking of are related to 1) my runic / Nordic mythology research

2) a paranormal romance series with ...

[ checking ][


v- a soothsayer

scribe: batshit... but people really should pay more attention to her

v- funny as hell

scribe: to me... Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole

v- will you pleaaaassse mention it? [ puppy dog eyes pleading ]

Scribe: I remember reading somewhere she was an Olympic athlete... [ but when I did a recent check I found no reference to it ]

v- yup. thank you.

14:41 Scribe: sidenote: I am STILL on the lookout for that chaos painting reference... I can't remember which series it was ... I don't know why I'm leaning towards 

[searching through e-book archived files ... listings of authors read... ]

Meljean Brook. That's it...

this is the cover that I remembered... but it's not that book



14:59 Scribe: I remember the series by an image similar to the one on the cover... I think it was the first book in the series by Meljean Brook where the heroine is a vet... and she has a close bond to what she finds out are hellhounds.

15:00 Scribe: ANYWAY (yes, I read way too many of these books... v- one of your pastimes ... an academic needs fluff reading v- NO DOUBT... Scribe: not that I consider these fluff v- easy reads scribe: yes... thank you... I was always on the lookout for good world building ... not anything on tv or in the movie theater, etc... v- books... I get it... now, the next image)

15:02 Scribe: so... I scroll and skim read... and WHAM! here' the description... it may be the book

v- do you own this book?

Scribe: maybe... most likely... I purchased many of these books as e-books but way back when they came in different formats .. so, I'll track it down after this post of the screenshot



15:04 Scribe: yeah, I know... classic Romance cover... the plot summary hints at what I'm remembering ..

v- that painting on the wall

Scribe: ... if it's not this novel it may be one in the series. characters in previous novels return... 


v- now, look

15:05 Scribe: another part of me thinks it may be a completely different series.. but this plot summary may be "it"

15:08 [ not in the cloud ... checking my hard drive ]

15:09 v- you purchased the book

scribe: scolding: YES I PURCHASED THE BOOK. Geesh, you know how much I got back after settlements... so you know it was a substantial investment in my PNR collection

v- ha, funny.

15:12 Scribe: found it... a handful of different computers of the years - starting each one from scratch sometimes... not syncing with the cloud - it'll probably open with a certain e-reader, but doesn't show that I bought it

v- because it wasn't synching at the time [ you purchased it ]

15:14 Scribe: opened right up

v- what was it dated?

Scribe: this saved e-pub file is listed as (Year 37)

15:16 key word searching...


15:07 "

“no Gate led from Earth to Chaos, no portal.” Excerpt From: Meljean Brook. “Demon Moon.”

yeah... not sure [ if it's this book]... skimming the chaos "hits"

p. 198 Scribe: maybe...

“Mirrors. Nothing but mirrors in that room. Though he wouldn’t physically be in Chaos, it was the nearest thing to it, and it was almost impossible to separate reality from the illusion.
He was shaking just remembering the previous times, dreading the next.”


next paragraph. Scribe sees the word "canvas" V- omg... this is it

“In the living room, he tried to steady himself with Caelum in front of him; the canvas was rough beneath his palm.”

15:21 Scribe: you're SO getting into this paranormal romance book

v- it's more than that and you know it

Scribe: remember the time I read you ...

v- yes, dear... read on [ in Demon Moon ]

15:23 Scribe: the synchronicities are funny [ I just somewhat randomly chose a moon image to head this post ]

15:23 V- that was random

Scribe: yes, that was totally random... I had no clue where this InstaFeed would lead.

“Those souls who have reneged on their bargains have their faces frozen in a field Below, and they scream; in Chaos, bodies hang from the ceiling, and they scream. And scream.”

15:25 Scribe: I'm going to pause there and say this... one of the reasons I'm searching for this Chaos reference is a scene in Thor: Ragnarok

v- in the sky

Scribe: yes... it wasn't the Chaos I remember in the novel (Demon Moon ? )... but it reminded me of it ... that floating sense

v- stuck

Scribe: like a painting ... the slow-motion of it ... the coloring... the blur / special effects.

15:27 Scribe: I'm glad I think I found it. It had been bothering me for a while.. that memory of something I read

v- and not to find it

Scribe: I'm just reading the portions that mention Chaos... there may be more to the descriptio

v- "read the book" [ to those who are curious ]

Scribe: yes. I read it. I have that concept... that imagery... what it means for me - from the book, but this ongoing thread in A Wandering Mind about the digital plane... about Chaos ( the "C" ... yes, my first name, but "C" whenever the voice says my name... insert Chaos ... it's me... as you see me as I type that letter and what it represents.. 

v- digital chaos

15:29 v- hm... nice

Scribe: not all bad

v- not all good

15:30 Scribe: back to skimming..


p351 not citing... related to another quote I mentioned earlier

[ reading... not really finding anything ]

15:33 V- could you describe what you remember?

15:33 Scribe: I remember the painting... which may have been a mirror? which may have been a broken, shattered mirror? but behind it, the realm of Chaos. enter the painting - you are a part of this contained space. it was lined with scary things.

v- hanging souls

Scribe: but lurking monsters... I Remember a web .. imagine the draping... I don't want to give too much away from the novel, so maybe it's a good thing I am trying to recall from memory

v- and this was years ago

Scribe: yes, it drew me in... that's what some books do - you get immersed, and your mind draws what you read

v- like a sketch

Scribe: but better ... as if..

v- wake walking

Scribe: yes... another world - different than reality - one you would never walk in

v- unless imagined

Scribe: but one that is just as well-rounded 

v- almost tangible

Scribe: yes


Scribe: so, Chaos was very full ... covered with monsters, souls trying to escape but can't, and the observer is one who has ... but once inside Chaos

v- it sticks with you

Scribe: it was like slow-motion... like in a dream where you can't run or move like you should

v- to get away

Scribe: yes, you feel somewhat helpless... but you end up being ok

15:39 v- yeah, thank you

Scribe: you're welcome... and once outside Chaos... you can view it on the wall - as a still... but your memory of it is ... a very much alive place

v- thank you

Scribe: you're welcome

15:40 Scribe: yes, my memory of it - as an observer - as that character who would enter the Chaos painting - was in a room. The window/painting/portal was to the left. It took up almost all of the wall. I don't remember it as a mirror.

v- but it reflected a lot

Scribe: funny 

V- now... this series had nosferatu

Scribe: lol... yes... which reminds me of the pipe organs in Frankenstein Chronicles

v- and WHY?

Scribe: oh... a silent film event in an old church on a college campus around Halloween time... I got this projection while I was watching that part...

v- keep it to yourself

Scribe: only people who had attended the event would know that

v- or someone who heard your story / retelling of your experience in college [ TPically ]


Scribe: Squee! I found it.

V- I know... long time in coming

Scribe: alright... so we have the valkyrie reference in Thor: Ragnarok ... and I remember the page I was reading about valkyrie and mythology ...

v- would you find it...

Scribe: erg... it'll take some searching for THAT... [ it may be on the cloud ]

Scribe: before that... other take-aways about they film. I liked the reference of the mythological spaces ...

v- Norse

Scribe: yes... I liked the circular prison ... I thought this morning of this:

IMAGE: Scribe's research notes Year 43

IMAGE: Scribe's research notes Year 43

15:56 Scribe: I can't find what I'm looking for [  valkyrie & my sœwn map of the realms ]

more take aways

spectral bridge

v- rainbow bridge

the wormhole warp speed

... 15:57 Scribe: those are the highlights that I remember

v- remember the people

Scribe: hm, hm. the main one I'm reflecting on today.

16:07 Scribe: found it... page 13... I don't mention my sources sometimes because there comes with that a certain STIGMA... especially this source: Runecaster's Handbook

v- it has a lot of mythological background info

Scribe: yes. good info... 

I have this page somewhere ... even in my ereader ( I have a subscription service I pay for and I have access to this book)_

HOWEVER ... keyword searches SUCK .. especially when ebooks are PDFs and are not coded to be keyword searchable.

v- ARGH.

Scribe: chuckles... I know. I found it by a search engine online ... with a digital copy of the page... but I had to get the right word combination

Scribe: not valkyrie ... but something more unique

v- yup

16:23 Scribe: I'm going to have to get off. I'm getting the skipping around of the cursor and lag time


is the key word where I finally found the reference in the page ... I have somewhat of a photographic memory so I knew where on the page the reference was


16:14 v- [ lovingly proceeding... - scribe types it up in the tone of Indiana Jones telegraph reading scene ] 

v- is this the same subscription service which you used to access a certain other book?

Scribe: [ chuckles ] yes... I prefer a text copy not audio book... but yes, I listened up through your chapter ... and I appreciator that I had access to it

v- LY... that's all you have to say


oalky'rjur ( valkyrie) ... personal bearers (guides) of fate

16:18 Scribe (mumbles) part of the Well of Wyrd section

v- haha thank you. you cite your source

Scribe: chuckles ... I'm so woo- woo ... I heard this expression from someone... hmmm. now , who mentioned woo-woo... such an interesting way to refer to this concept

16:19 v- [ chuckles ] stop... you tease so much [ in here ]

16:20 Scribe: HEY! it's what we do with what we learn... 

v- and how have you used this

Scribe: it's part of A Wandering Mind [ all proud... avoiding another reveal ]

v- you're so going down for the [ woo woo ]

Scribe: and scientists WILL LOVE IT

v- yes, they will. LY

16:21 still lol

Scribe: but more seriously... as a language educator... it is fascinating their whole writing system is contained in the web of wyrd ... 

v- I know ... will you include [ an image ]

16:24 it's at the end of "Spin"



16:30 [ quickly searching for sœwn fabric ... I just saw it the other day, too... oh, well ]

v- will you share what dream you had recently?

Scribe: yesterday morning ? [ checking log  ] ... I will just share the part I am focused most on ... that keeps running through my head:

v- you remembered a good portion of a dream

Scriber: yes, what I remember tells more of a story.. and no, I will not tell it. just this last part:

15 March (44) dream experience before 08:52 [ I'm adding more details to give it. a more visual perspective of what I saw ]

I have an open a violin case. I see it below and in front of me. in the case there are violins, maybe two? one on top of the other. as I pick one up, carefully, the neck cracks - a clean crack - and it is hanging by its strings



v- and you have no idea why you'd dream this

Scribe: no... the only loose connection I can possibly make is there was a scene in Frankenstein Chronicles last night of a violin player... and then someone was killed

v- neck slit [ cut open ]

Scribe: yup. that's the only connection between my dream and something other than that... I sure hope nothing happens to my daughter's or my violin [ soft smile ]

v- no, I know... 


[ 16:38 Scribe: person and place, Hunter... hm? ... I fixate on certain key words.. for apparent reasons ... ]

16:40 v- LY.. scribe: and WHO is this? v- trickster

16:41 v- what you were writing about today.

Scribe- hm... sigh. yah, so is my life.

v- those vague connections

Scribe: soft chuckle

Mneomsyne's gift... in the Rift


16:44 Scribe: the vaguity part 

v- I know

Scribe: even though vaguity may not even be a word... it so SOUNDS like a word

v- don't be an idiot ... we know your play on words [ playing with words ]

Scribe: so, I'm clearing today's virtual desktop clutter ... and I see the documents / images I had been working with 

v- for the IdeaSpace archive

Scribe: and I remember I STILL didn't mention what I wanted to.. [ chuckles ] oh, my wandering, tangential mind

v- haha...

Scribe: the ideas still matter (to A Wandering Mind's story) even though these ideas are out of the context in which they were first posted ( where they were first posted - IdeaSpace ... the order in which they appeared ... the adjacency to other ideas chronologically), they've been extracted from any association with other posts ( a feature on IdeaSpace is to relate ideas ) ... they've been stripped of any comments other community members would have made on them - those types of interactions are absent now - idea:idea, idea:person, idea:space ... there will no longer be any way anyone will be able to contribute to their development [ which are all important elements for a social media platform ]

v- on that space

16:50 Scribe: I am not doing this for selfish reasonsv- not solely selfish reasons

Scribe: geesh, seriously? there will be serious conversations about creative FREEDOMS... spin-offs, intellectual property .. I contributed on the site with full knowledge that what I shared someone at some point may take what I post and go in a different direction - act on the inspirational source. We all do it.

[ and I realize the ideas in isolation here on WMS with less chance for people to bump into them hinders "progress" ... I didn't see much direct progress going on with many of my ideas... no visible stats... and when I start seeing spin-offs Elsewhere ... one tends to question the goodness of the place and people there... not that those resemblances were intentional - but if they were... and no one confronted me for that entire span of time? - people are going to question WHY ... and I'm not saying the space wasn't good. I'm not saying the people weren't good - far from it. Surface level reality? I was a No one trying to do something ... and over the span of a few years - got Nowhere. ]

Scribe: The issues I have are pretty much singular...

v- meet the person...

Scribe: admit to your muse [ privately, directly in physical or digital space and be done with it ]

V- that she is what you most desire

Scribe: your words not mine... geesh... any time I type that shit it sounds self serving. IT'S WHAT COMES OUT OF THE BLUE LIKE A WAYWARD BALL

16:55 Scribe: you're all fuzzy and poofy, BTW

V- I'm in love

Scribe: ... so I hear on the InnerNet. I love you, too. I gotta go return my $1.50 rental. chuckles... geesh. please come up with a more affordable digital rental service. if DVD/Bluray rentals go bye-bye... erg.

v- on demand sucks

Scribe: it's more expensive than what I would pay. money is relative... and we all have our price points

v- thank you...


17:08 v- and why are you putting them [ the IdeaSpace posts ] on WMS?

Scribe: historical record. my own archive that's more easily searchable.

v- OMG.

Scribe: OK, I'm being a little bit pissy there. haha no reason for it, really. IDK... maybe it's the sense that I have more control in how they are presented... I will be the first to admit that I do things a certain way and other people would never go that route

v- most other people

Scribe: there is a reason I stayed off of (public) social media for a long time. [ I'm a private person - never aspiring to be in the limelight nor anything that resembled it - I keep to myself in many aspects of my life... even professionally. I prefer working in some secluded area... I peek out and can be social, get done what needs to get done... but that's not me usually... but I am very aware that to be a part of any progress you need to amplify your work & collaborations... networking helps, and the digital plane and social media factor into that... ]   

It was perfect timing for me to join - pure chance that I came across IdeaSpace & requested to join - I had just started to become more publicly visible via SM. I did so because I felt I could have another medium through which to start important discussions -mainly revolving around education ... but it turned into something more creative - a niche for a part of me that wanted and needed to be out.

v- thanks for sharing [ on IdeaSpace ]


17:17 v- you did not appreciate... [ unmentioned interaction ]

Scribe: it shouldn't have affected me. But it did. Perhaps the issue was there wasn't a large enough audience - who were willing and interested in engaging

v- not the right forum

Scribe: that project was left dead in the water... by one comment.

17:18 v- I know it did

Scribe: I always try to be super aware

v- hyper aware

Scribe: of how my words would be taken

v- never critical

Scribe: on a few occasions I was. I try to frame it

v- contextualize it 

17:20 Scribe: ... with humor or in a way that would relate or be more relevant to whoever or whatever I was criticizing.

V- very rare

Scribe: only two come to mind... I over-react sometimes... I try to get it out of my system before I interact with someone... it's how I've always handled things

v- mention...

Scribe: once I was a bit sensitive about the rat race - rightly so... who can afford to do what they want, right? (erg.. I shouldn't be doing this right now) ... bills still need to be paid

v- chuckles... I know... you included an Office Space excerpt / transcript

17:23 Scribe: yes, I did

Scribe: the second one was I got all defensive about another community member criticizing another's post in a different language. shakes her head

v- I know... you went off in that language

Scribe: we're not there yet.. no one should be dissuaded from participating

v- in an open forum

Scribe: global... people should post in the language they feel most comfortable with... we have translators... if you're interested plug the characters in and get the gist of what the post is about.

 17:26 Scribe: It shouldn't have affected me... that critical comment. it was the straw ...

v- that broke the camel's back

Scribe: I was aware at the time who made the comment... 

v- and it shouldn't have affected you

Scribe: let's just say this individual would not be in a working group collaborating to make progress with what I was talking about... teh comment made me qeustion how clear I was being... we may think we are presenting it in a clear way, but maybe it wasn't clear enough

v- C, ... seriously trust your judgment

Scribe: if anything, I'm overcritical of myself. it's not that I don't have enough confidence ... I had enough to share the topic. And the background to explain it well enough. ... I'm thinking about another ...

v- the back and forth

Scribe: I just let it go after a while... with some people you have to just walk away... and you can more easily do so on the digital plane..

v- and soon after you left

Scribe: I don't remember the timing... the individual is not why I left ... let's just say overall I felt as if the "tertulia" that I was participating in eventually became just me alone in a room. ... and no one wants to feel like they are talking to themselves in an empty room. ... so you switch gears, you focus more on what matters more ... and at the time, that project I had been working on

v- was left at the wayside

Scribe: yes... it wasn't the most important project I needed to be working on... not a huge loss, but one I wish I had finished. Not too important ... 

17:35 Scribe: [ chuckles ] not that I'm comparing myself to Leonardo, but there's a scene in Da Vinci's demons

v- which you just started watching

Scribe: in the last few months, yes. he or another character mentions how he has so many projects few of which he actually finishes. [ chuckles ] I think many people can relate to that... I am thinking of the first ? episode as well... about his well-guarded inventions

v- under lock and key

Scribe: or locked mechanism that only he knows how to get into by knowing how to solve the tactile puzzle.

17:39 Scribe: for a No one... how much do you share? how much do you keep locked awa? if you don't share... no one's going to know what you've got. if you share... 

v- someone can steal it

17:40 Scribe: I reflect on this... and how IderaSpace could make improvements... there are some things you keep entirely public... but as soon as you go private... people will get suspicious judgey... etc.  it's good that what I posted was entirely public... open sourcing in its rawness... but that had its definite downsides ... and that very openness was an obstacle to progress.

17:43 Scribe: and then there is the InnerNet... I'll leave it at that... just to tie the loose ends together... today I posted from my IdeaSpace archive The Long Game... which is about Leonardo Da Vinci... ah,and I just recently started watching New Girl (my daughters' recommendation) ... and I got to the episode where LONG GAME was mentioned several times. the episode aired after my long game IdeaSpace post. one has to wonder: is there a connection? what does this mean? did someone know ... who knew how many "views" that idea got? how important was that post... how much was it scattered?  how much was sown? what grew'? how much value are posts - those seeds? - open sourced? -who were regular visitors ... needing muses?

what would YOU do... ?

however you take that question ... however you answer - what matters is how it is relevant to YOU? ... but you can't just narrow it down to just one interpretation.

value to the platform

value to the contributor

value to the visitor

value to the organization the visitor is associated with

it's a vicious cycle ... it's a very difficult problem to solve, if it even has a resolution. ... other platforms have models...

v- subscription

Scribe: no one subscribes to mine. nor, if I were to request to be selected as a contributor to require subscriptions...

v- they'd laugh in your face


Scribe: it'd close me off ... there has to be something to give away for free

v- open access

Scribe: I'm just conceptualizing hypotheticals (not me)... give people a taste, a glimpse ... a sample - but the "full meal" would be subscription ... I'm just conceptualizing

17:58 I know numbers matter ... I can't create a VideoLog channel that has an easy to remember URL because I don't have the subscribers [ chuckles : vicious circle ] 

17:58 accelerators ... I am appreciative. Thank you

v- you're welcome

17:59 Scribe: I will go down in history as a woman who may have incredible influence

v- and no one knows about it

Scribe: I like that.. it's me... I'll finish this up by saying I realize this has to be open source. I can't earn anything by it ... I won't go into my questions... but understand

v- it takes an army

18:02 Scribe: it has to be a side project [ done using my own resources ]

v- which doesn't help and it affects your life so much [ the InnerNet ]

Scribe: prosperity... and the people [what i the word I'm thinking of? ... for posterity]

18:04 Scribe... OUT.



 [ Scribe’s home from running errands ]

19:22 Scribe : ... it’s like Hunter is trying to tell me something... [ Scribe sees something Hunter posted 47 minutes ago on PhotoSnap ]






[ Scribe is working ... eating some late dinner... as she opens the fridge she grumbles about her health tracker not syncing - she gets all hopeful that she is beating her children with being more active... but then it syncs... yes, I was a "couch potato" working today ... for an unpaid job  that I will see as self-diagnosed TP... without the need to pay for PROFESSIONAL HELP! keeps grumbling. PAD UP... Scribe snickers... yes, I've noticed that theme running through tv shows - Love S 3 and Thor... and whatever other wrestling, boxing or other fighting matches I've noticed recently ]



20:36 ... Scribe: are you... lured?

V- hook, line and sinker


Image Source:  Frankenstein Chronicles  Season 2 

Image Source: Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 

20:39 posted...

Scribe: now, for those who are curious about the InnerNet...

v- quit it Noxy...

--- [ retrieving image ]




20:43 posted


20:44 Nox: are you... In?

V- yes! I'm totally in.


20:45 V- ... wait a minute... what am I getting myself into? [ playing along ]

Nox: too late! [ quickly said ] you said you were In and now, you are In. For EVER! [ wha wha wha! ]



20:51 Nox: "If you got it... haunt it..." I totally should have bought this t-shirt when I had the chance.