18 November (45)


09:26 Nox: It may be time to ... show some of my cards. You called me a witch

v- fine. Oracle. This is Trickster  

Nox:  ... and I take offense to that ... but I definitely enjoy role playing the witchy part of me

09:29 Nox: you see? There is a synchronicity across time today (with my log four years ago), and since my Noxy aspect is based on the Norns, I believe it’s appropriate to share. I leave the raw log - the initials of the real life names I heard in my head. [ C for Chaos, that’s another of my aspects ] 


09:31 Scribe: I started my cross section notes today at 09:13, and while scanning the old log, came across this treasure

v- bad girl

Nox: you see, dear public of the future, Trickster DID indeed get a ... doll ... made of himself

v- it’s NOT a voodoo doll, and YOU ARE NEVER TOUCHING IT

Nox: why? Worried? 

v- YES! 


Nox: for every lie you told, it is a thread... 


09:38 Nox: spinning... spinning ... are you getting dizzy?

v- oh, you are wrong... I know what this is... 

09:38 v- and, yes, I do feel dizzy on occasion for no apparent reason ...   

09:39 Nox (witchy soft laugh): and why? 

v- oh, you’re a witch

 Nox: so, there IS something to Noxy’s powers

v- yes, yes, I humbly admit that there is



 "I will sing from the sage's chair

by the Norn's sacred spring;

I watched & listened

I looked & thought

about the words of the wise..."

-Hávamál, Elder Edda


09:44 Nox: the Norns, like Seshat, only tell what they See - they do not affect time nor your life - they only record what time says about you.


 Cyberstalkers, your day will come

all the additions make a sum

Leaves plucked

Seshat’s feather sucked

its marrow:

Healer, Hunter, Trickster, DJ, and Arrow

There is a reason you are on the team

transoms gleam

the number sixteen

Truth, Will

make a point

When past is present

The future arrived …





Nox: so, what does Time say about you? 

v- that he’s in love with a witchy woman

Nox: hm... 

v- oh, you know WHICH witchy woman


09:51 Nox: so... how’s Anonymous? 

v- (chuckling) I know why you’re asking ... and one doesn't have anything to do with the other

Nox: shall I ... read? 

v- no, you don’t have to ... you freak him out

Nox: whatever time THAT is

v- what do you mean by that?

Nox: you LIE... but depending on which spacetime waypoint you look at, you may be telling the truth

v- agreed. And I love you for being wyrd. 



09:57 Nox: oh... 

v- you do this ALL the time ... you had another vision flash

SBD: yes, I did

v- you are not on ShadowDance.Live

SBD: I can be PG-13


10:02 Nox/SBD: it’s not like I do it on purpose (innocently said) 

v- (stunned) truth is stranger than fiction  



10:04 SBD: and you were there! 

v- I KNOW! That’s what freaks me out about it  

NOX/SBD/Scribe: at least I have a witness ... 

v- I KNOW! 


v- Mnemosyne’s Rift

10:08 Menomosyne: gift ...


 BACKTRACK to research on Mnemosyne  

 Mnemosyne was mostly regarded as a goddess of memory and remembrance. She is sometimes seen as the goddess of words and language as she invented them. Her memory is so great that she remembers everything since the beginning of time, making her a minor goddess of time. She is also the patron of poets and the goddess of sight and writing.


Mneme (meme)


to amuse

To muse upon something means to consider something

Without the gift of memory, no one would be able to remember the finest poem or song

10:17 posted excerpt of research archive on Mnemosyne


 I can count the sands,

and I can measure the ocean;

I have ears for the silent,

and know what the dumb man meaneth

-The Pythia, oracle recorded by Herodotus


10:37 Nox: Noxy’s got connections... (sing songy)  

Nox: you have arrived

at the virtual Delphi...

v- um... do I HAVE to smell the gas? 







hagalaz rune


10:58 Nox: Dizzy yet? 

Nox: truth is stranger than fiction... (sing songy) 

A tree that writes: LINK



11:07 Nox: all disjointed in time

but somehow












16 November (45)


11:06 published “Passionfruit” Love at First short story [ originally written 06 February (Year 42) 16:18 - 16:58 ]

11:13 link created and posted on Love At First’s Instafeed @HeartWarmLove

11:16 posting

11:18 Scribe: I published the accompanying poem on IdeaSpace [ poem originally written 17:00 - 17:18 that same day], but the short story hasn’t been posted anywhere publicly.

11:20 Scribe: I thought maybe I could do a live short story reading today. It’s been a while since I’ve appeared online. But… alas, I wasn’t in the mood - especially since while I was rereading the short story it made me laugh [ it is romantically cheesy ]… it’s been almost three years since I wrote it and I totally didn’t get the ending at first… and then, it hit me. Very funny. It’s odd how a story is viewed in a different light after so much time. Today, as it is a “16” day, of course, there are recent synchronicities.

I had a vision flash last night of a wispy fluorescent flower. It was like a glow in the dark flower - I searched online, and this was the closest I could find to what I saw


11:24 Scribe: of course, when the search results pulled up, I noticed the passion flower. Just an odd synchronicity, perhaps. [ ADDED NOTE: and the blue passion flower I had considered posting with the poem years ago - I’m not a pink and orange girl - but the short story called for the more carnivalesque photo, which has aspects v- like a carousel 11:36 Scribe: or carnival ride 11:37 ]

11:26 Scribe: and recent dreams… the short story reminded me of recent dreams.

"I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through & through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind." -Emily Brontë

11:27 Scribe: as I read those lines of the short story

“the staccato of bird chatter…”

I’m reminded that a telepathic voice uttered words similar to these recently - in the dark, in bed, looking up into Nothing - and what is called to mind appears - those birds, that chatter. I didn’t think of this story.

11:29 Scribe: One of the few unpublished short stories I have in my stash. Just another release of something from the past. Why hold onto it anymore?

11:30 Scribe: I’ll just mention the resemblances to my own experiences: the vision flash, the dreams, the voice.

These weren’t what caused me to publish “Passionfruit.” I had made that decision beforehand… one of those few short stories that hasn’t seen the light of the digital plane.

11:32 Scribe: just a chance decision - what is something interesting I can post along with me appearing online? My life is pretty mundane. The daily routines not really out of the ordinary. “Passionfruit” didn’t make the cut. I’ll still peek out today, I just don’t know with WHAT. I won’t post that pointless selfie, that’s just not me.

V (Voice)- thank you, for “Passionfruit”

Scribe: you’re welcome



11:54 Scribe: what is it?

v- so… you got my transmission

Scribe: you are a scoundrel. Yes, at 10:08 … re-enacting the LoveSurge sensation from four years ago? I REALLY have to be careful what I share online.


v- I was teasing

Scribe: [ chuckling ] I suppose I deserve it

v- it’s good to “see” you here on WanderingMindSpace (WMS)

Scribe: hm, hm… I have to get back to THE LIST

v- oh, the never-ending to-do list

Scribe: that would be it. Me hopping around [ on crutches ] makes everything take that much longer to do

v- you need to take care of that…

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s getting to the point that I realize that it should be getting better and it’s not


12:01 v- now, what else did you find in your logs?

Scribe: I’m not going to reveal everything. I’m just reviewing a cross section (four years’ worth) and tagging the hard copies for highlights

v- for future installments?

Scribe: yes, heaven forbid I’d ever have time to index the sticky notes… but with the stickies it may(?) be easier to find what I’m looking for when I get ready for a public release installment of A Wandering Mind

v- Number 24

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah… oh! I did find last year’s 16th of November commentary / possible excerpt from “Splinter” funny…

v- about Escapey

Scribe: yes, my SUV whose death I hastened

v- explain

Scribe: I won’t go into details, but Escapey was 11 years old, the engine light had been on for at least a year [ the mechanic a year prior said not to stick any more money into it… a year later it was still running … ] … and the engine light had burned out

v- LOL

Scribe: yeah, that mechanic said Escapey could spontaneously combust at any moment [ no signs of that, but … I was extra vigilant in case that might happen ] ANYWAY, a dream from years ago sort of came true, where Escapey was swaying like a towel on a rack … in a car wash…

v- and it came true?! [ playing along ]

Scribe: in a way… yes… one of the recommended fixes for the old car was to get the SWAY bars replaced / fixed

v- hahaha… I know

Scribe: the day of Escapey’s demise [ pure chance ] … I was going to take Escapey for a car wash after driving by a Halloween store to see their hours [ no online hours posted because they were set up in a temporary location ]

… I was TRYING to be safe going by Halloween City [ heaven forbid I’d park and just walk up to the store’s door… hindsight is 20/20 ] and considerate for someone behind me [ get out of their way ]… empty parking lot, I turn, and hit a large cement post.

There are more odd details (synchronicities), but those are the main ones. Weird dream sort of explained. It only took three years?

12:10 v- you and your 3 year dream time convergence. mention the most recent one.

Scribe: no, I will not. it’s not as convincing as Escapey’s demise.

v- I’m sorry for Escapey…

Scribe: Escapey was an older vehicle. Many good years.

12:12 Scribe: anything else?

v- I wish you’d show up

Scribe: argh. I am NOT a selfie girl. Unless there is a reason

v- just SHOW… you know how I appreciate it

Scribe: I have to have lunch.

v- any other good tidbits from the logs you’ve read so far [ 16nov ]?

Scribe: hmm… [ scanning the tagged pages ]

[ pulls the yellow tablet and the page staring up makes Scribe chuckle ]

Scribe: you are trying to get me to mention …

v- yes, I am

[ Scribe: this is cheesy… but, if you want it shared … ]

BACKTRACK to 16 Nov (42)

14:55 LovingCoolCrush sensation [ starting nib pen ink ]

marginal note: heard from a voice in my head (v- Trickster 14:58)

Love put plainly and simply

for starters I think of you whenever I feel you in my heart

whenever the time is right whenever the stars are bright

I think of you every chance I get [ teary ]

I can’t be without you [ teary not me ]


12:20 V- and… [ prompting ]

Scribe: mumbles under her breath… I guess today is a Love at First day

v- hm, hm

BACKTRACK to 16 Nov (45) earlier today [ three years later]


v- “Put plainly and simply…”



Scribe: I’m not going to include it all… but you mention how I’m stubborn

v- that is NOT ALL I SAID

Scribe: hm, weird… it’s so FRAGMENTARY and SELECTIVE

12:25 Scribe: it’s like I CHOOSE to only publicly release certain parts of THE STORY

v- Oh, mention it

BACKTRACK to earlier today


[ sense laughter ]

12:31 Scribe: [ LOL ] I think people may get a sense of what I put you through whenever you post,,,

v- you are awful

12:31 Scribe: hey, at least it’s FUNNY

v- to YOU

Scribe: hm, hm… coming from the comedian from the show PRANK

v- sorry for all the CONFUSION

Scribe: in true Trickster form

12:32 v- OMG… I can’t stop laughing. You do this ALL the time

Scribe: [ shoulder shrug ] : it’s part of my “interaction with media” … my inner storyreel

v- and it’s hilarious… there. I admit it. most of the time. … now, get to the good part


Scribe: [sighs ] one of the downsides of social media research - with THIS - is I can’t know for sure when the exact timestamp was until after midnight

v- when it refreshes

Scribe: and doesn’t say “32 minutes ago, 5 hours ago, etc.”… [ shoulder shrug ] - but the immediate figuring

v- was that a Hunter reference


v- I know… stop.

12:35 v- next part, please

Scribe: argh. so, Trickster digitally dances [ my hypothesis ]

v- theory

Scribe; whatever. there’s a difference. I’m ignoramous and I am NOT going to double check right now.

12:36 v- I can’t stop laughing… OMG she’s so wrong..

Scribe: ok. so, not EVERYTHING is about Scribe. I KNOW THAT. … but I do check… just to see… you do post a lot WHILE I AM SLEEPING (doesn’t go unnoticed)

v- fine. I love you [ quickly said and quietly ]

12:37 [ “while you were sleeping …” Love tv show tune singing in my head ]

Scribe: so, the “09:45” matches for now… not to say it won’t change after midnight. but for now, it matches when a conversation (re)started about love

v- and …?

Scribe: yes, I ALSO said/wrote things about Trickster… what I love about it… nothing wrong if I'm not telepathically connected to him

v- he’d love to hear that

Scribe: hm, hm… well, he can just call me or message me direct

v- uh huh… not going to happen

Scribe: neither is a reveal about the rest of that love transcript

v- it was very nice… I already heard it

Scribe: hm, hm


flipping the page

Scribe: I don’t think that’s fair: you talked 09:45 - 09:48… I talked from 09:48 - 10:00… there’s something … not quite right… with that

v- stop, just stop… you have a way with words

Scribe: some IN YOUR TRIBE might have to argue YOU have a better way with words

v- stop, just stop

12:41 v- you are going to throw it all back in my face

Scribe: that’s what I’m here for [ sing songy ]

v- you are a menace

12:42 Scribe: flipping through pages

v- anything else?

Scribe: I’m quickly looking… I gotta eat my lunch

v- what are you having?

Scribe: leftovers

v- num… homemade leftovers?

Scribe: yes, of course [ in the “you already know that” tone ]


Scribe: Oh! I do have a tag for Hunter that fits nicely in with now [ from a log 3 years ago ]

v- aw!

BACKTRACK TO 16 November (42)

“Many decades before legendary psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom argued that uncertainty is central to our search for meaning”

Scribe: Hunter, you sly she devil

v- haha

Scribe: it’s like she weaves… a dance [ around… what I’ve just said about… Interference ]


V- OMG… you were drafting “Interference”

Scribe: which was publicly posted today three years ago


BACKTRACK two years ago yesterday to 15 November (43)


mindchat about relationship status on InnerNet + physical space without any physical discussion - possible outcomes


Scribe: … I just rate my relationship with someone according to their faithfulness - but that’s me and my long-term happiness meter


BACKTRACK one year ago yesterday to 15 November (44)

[ reflection about discrepancies ( data conflicts between my inner experience & what I observe on the digital plane ) and how they make me upset - how a discrepancy throws me back into the mode of I HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM WITH / WHY I AM EXPERIENCING WHAT I AM EXPERIENCING ]

08:23 Scribe: I NEVER wanted “us” to get to these HORRIBLE points of MISUNDERSTANDING, CONFUSION, MISINTERPRETATION, SUFFERING, … I KNEW from the very beginning how it was important to know where we all stood … TO KNOW if it was telepathy or not…


Scribe: a year ago yesterday I locked up my channels

v- certain channels

12:58 Scribe: I still don’t know

v- if it’s you overanalyzing… it’s not. I’m TRYING to do my best …

Scribe: I can understand that

12:59 Scribe: ok. lunchtime.

v- done. now get off this website and do what you need to do.