14 Sept (45)


12:41 Scribe: [ visting paths that other visitors may be traveling ]

IdeaSpace link / URL no longer works - eliminate hyperlink on WMS (WanderingMindSpace) CONTACT page What’s left?

a personal archive

still traceable with metadata

Scribe’s archive copy: 14:46 15 July (Year 41) my response to @sam_guarino Sam Guarino’s via IdeaSpace “That Life has meaning is a social construct”



The Site no longer has that formerly public data (link does not work due to the Site’s restructuring, reconfiguration)

A word to wise creatives and other…

v- sensible folk

Scribe: document As much as you can. Keep a copy. Back up. Be redundant.

the inspiration for Wandering Mind - that spark of creativity came 14 July (Year 41 - four years ago) … the record of that inspiration is buried now in a once public response to another IdeaSpace user’s post. The one I include today.


[ erased what I was going to say ]

13:16 Scribe: I’m letting go.

v- say it

Scribe: noPe. the world just needs to know Scribe has plenty of data that some day

v- it already is

Scribe: hm. and WHY do you say that'?

v- not [ valuable in meaningful ways ] to you

Scribe [ sarcastic ] : other than for therapeutic purposes

v- [ chuckles ] sorry about the link that doesn’t work anymore

Scribe: I retrace the steps visitors may take… any good web designer does the same

v- love that

Scribe: I checked becasue I knew they were doing some reconfiguring of IdeaSpace

v- I love that, too

Scribe: ah, Virtuality

v- the meshing

Scribe: we all have source material.

v- hm, author’s voice

Scribe: Scribe the author. In some ways

v- many

Scribe: fiction is better than raw truth

v- hm. [ a ] storyteller at heart


Scribe: a scribe’s gotta make the content relatable

v- [ chuckles ] ah


Scribe: because WOW some of telepathy and quantum is far-fetched and

v- quite unattainable

Scribe: hard to grasp… in all senses of the word



13:22 Scribe: ah, the many layers of trust

is a website trustworthy? what data do you trust them with?

what do you trust someone with, when and why?

relationships: … so much filtering.


13:25 Scribe: Just because something is no longer publicly accessible doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

we are famliar with “retrieved” dates. I also have my archive so I can trace when I grabbed that data and where it was. What it looked like then. I don’t post the original post, because it is a commercial organization. I have read their Terms. I have been familiar with them since I joined. Since I left.

v- why did you leave?

Scribe: IdeaSpace, a space I could (initially) freely share my ideas, post, share and collaborate turned into a nightmare. It was better to archive all my posts, delete them from the site and request removal from the Site.

It is where I met Trickster AKA Jason Silva - the real-life person who was the inspiration for the character I call Trickster in A Wandering Mind.

He is a suspect for a telepathic connection. Part of the InnerNet.

If not for my joining IdeaSpace - where someone related to RAY KURZWEIL worked… hm, hm. you know THAT guy: RAY KURZWEIL.. Google Engineer? Author of Singularity is Near and How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed?

THAT guy… I noticed some… ODD things after my joining IdeaSpace.

I learned. Quite honestly, I probably didn’t know who Ray Kurzweil was before I joined IdeaSpace. I surely didn’t know who Jason Silva was.


13:35 So, if you visit this page, visit my other channels - there’s a “CHANNELS” menu here on WanderingMindSpace (WMS) with links. Check out my other content… then, visit Jason Silva’s social media posts. If you go back and forth over time… you may start noticing some STRANGE(R) THINGS.

v- that’s not fair

Scribe: well, if I can’t get anywhere to get an answer, maybe someone else will. IT’S CALLED CROWDSOURCING.


Scribe: I may be poorly networked right now… but some day someone curious enough will start to..

v- be onto something. I know.

13:36 Scribe: I’m not spending the time to create hyperlinks for Jason Silva.

v- wow… that’s just INCREDIBLE. you’ve proved it.

Scribe: [ monotone doesn’t care stare ] … you. are. on. the. record.

v- that historical record?

Scribe: if you visit wanderingmind.space/instafeed on a regular basis - like every couple of days or once a week, there may be something there [what you are reading here is InstaFeed ] that might prove there’s something NOT QUITE WHAT IT SEEMS …

the tv shows

the films

even… possibly… the news [ which isn’t a surprise ]

we are being manipulated (or not told the raw truth) on social media - SHOCKER! Be discerning. I haven’t used LifeSnippet for YEARS (like I used to) … and then, we get the news recently that there was a manipulation of users regarding politics?

13:40 Scribe: I don’t want to come off as a conspiracy theorist. I will state what I observe. My interaction with media - WHATEVER it is, those striking resemblances between what goes on on WanderingMindSpace and my other side channel posts AND the media (tv, film, Jason Silva’s social media posts, etc)?

v- It’s strange, I know.

Scribe: if people paid attention - spent their precious time to just pay attention

[ incoming call ] … looks like the school

v- you have children?! [ playing along ]

Scribe: be good. you know I do

13:41 posting update where I list JASON SILVA AND KURZWEIL.

13:44 SAHB (slightly accelerated heartbeat - what I designate as not my own … a symptom of a telepathic -or what I call an InnerNet- connection. It’s not just a voice.

13:47 Scribe: it was the school. Everything is ok.

13:48 Scribe: HOW DO I SEE THE WORLD?

Jason Silva isn’t tell the world everything that is going on with …

v- his inner world. I know. Will you quit calling me out.

Scribe: and you know what this site does [ being reflective - stepping outside myself ]

… anyone who reads this will either think I am WILDLY CREATIVE or batshit. NOT ACTUALLY connected in a completely nontraditional way

v- show one piece of evidence

Scribe: that’s not what this post is about today. I read a quote by Hunter (AKA Maria Popova) the other day:

v- ah! don’t say it.


Scribe: sad laugh. that can backfire. if we didn’t call people out - nothing would change.

v- granted.

Scribe: I mean: SERIOUS grievances.

v- OMG… will you stop [ under his breath ]

v- yes, this is Trickster having to deal with this batshit lady … affectionately said. Wow you hold a grudge

Scribe: HA! I call it INTEGRITTY. get some.

v- oh, wow.


13:53 Scribe: thank goodness for Maria Popova. At least she doesn’t wear kaleidoscopic pants.

13:54 Scribe: … in all honesty, I only RECENTLY have teased Jason Silva (via the InnerNet) AKA Trickster for his Burning Man pants. They weren’t that bad… or maybe I was just REALLY holding back [ telepathically trying to suppress my honest opinion at the time ]

Scribe: no… I have crazier pants I WEAR AT HOME

v- haha stop. I HEAR YOU. I FEEL YOU. And what do I do?

Scribe: stay infamously quiet. your NOTARIETY is well-noted.

13:56 Scribe: other than one video where at the very end you said

TELEPATHY TELEPATHY TELEPATHY… like abracadabra… you don’t open your truth doors very often

v- oh, COME ON! I’m a public figure

13:57 Scribe: hm, hm

v- oh, man…

13:58 Scribe: Yeah, I want people to really start questioning what is going on. I’m like this truth voice that no one seems to be aware of or care enough to pay attention to

yeah, I’m not “respectable” / reputable enough. I GET IT.


“…When past is present

The future arrived …


from the poem “Resemblances”

14:01 My voice may very well NOW be stuck in this attentionless void - where only those TPically connected to me may hear. However, some day my story will be KNOWN - my perspective of it. I just wish YOURS was told via your own public voice

v- you know what would happen

Scribe- hm, hm. you lose credibility… your livelihood. My answer?

v- uncertain. I know the hell you are living.

Scribe: that proverbial (quantum) WELL HELL. and you’re keeping me here. Remember that.

v- I always do.

“any coincidence is always worth noting. you can throw it away if it is only a coincidence” - Agatha Christie

Scribe: I never get that core question answered. Everything that is related back to it is left unresolved. When people have 20/20 hindsight vision in the future - when THEY have the luxury of that … I want people to be reminded I never had that… until much later. That I tried to get the answer in different ways - being a normal, sincere, honest human being - and I was met with silence. Silence from at least one person who shouldn’t have been silent. Especially to me.

v- through normal channels

Scribe: multi-factored authentication. We all know these protocols well. One channel (telepathy) is not enough for a secure line. We should get confirmation in more than one way.


14:09 UPS guy is here. Selling some electronics FOR STORE CREDIT.

14:09 Scribe: yeah. this is an UNPAID partnership.

14:11 retrieved boxes.

Scribe (more positive) : older electronics I never use

v- thank you

Scribe: got a good trade-in … I just wish the buy-back program would give CASH. I can understand the reasons for store credit. It still is fine… it can go toward what I pay for in CLOUD STORAGE

14:12 V- will you stop… man, you’re making people feel guilty

Scribe: I am SURE that I will find a population of starving artists who will say

“HECK YEAH! I so get that!”

14:13 Scribe: checked out LifeSnippet this AM (hadn’t been to my REAL PERSON page in a while ]

v- not creatively related

Scribe: correct. CAME ACROSS THIS … yeah, I know the news can be negative…


14:17 Scribe: Just insert 19 years experience. Not considering seriously the plasma thing. Before I read this I HAD researched (a couple days ago) how much I could earn selling my plasma…

you know, that stereotypical: if you need money sell (part of) your body route?

$20-$30 a session … when the medical industry can sell it for $500

That article I keep seeing about how people are no-shows to interviews because the job market is so good?

Now, THAT’S a real motivator [ heavily sarcastic ] … from a person who has - to date - had no call backs. I must be making A LOT of application mistakes, right? Life choice mistakes?

I do find it good that some after you submit your application say

“we’ll call you if you’re part of the interview pool”

[ Scribe being the scribe she is ] : they did spell master’s and bachelor’s wrong in their online application drop down menus. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. [ HUGE medical institutional chain - I applied for a learning technologist’s position … you can see why I don’t get callbacks - trying to be humorous ]

Some I just had to wonder if my application was even received even though I got a confirmation that it was submitted.

It doesn’t matter your work experience.

It doesn’t matter how good you were on the job.

how good a person you may be

your work ethic

your attempts to get a job ANY job

a regular job

a job you are overqualified for

a job that is well-suited

14:26 Scribe: I am plagued by the knowledge that I spend all this time - I can sympathize for job seekers out there - how we spend all this time … and it’s not earning us anything.

so, we try the temp agency route

for minimum wage

several temp jobs [ at all hours… which will take away the time you can devote to finding a better job ]

oh, I could be an English tutor online - work remotely. $2.15 per ten minute session.

Wow. what can $2.15 buy ya?

let’s call out YET ANOTHER “don’t waste your time on …”

14:28 hm, hm. let’s discuss how … silly me … spends ALL DAY sorting a majority of my children’s younger years’ library. original jacket covers. nice books. excellent condition

heavy-duty Melissa and Doug puzzles, unique items, hard-to-find books, etc. very good condition. board games - with all the pieces, good condition. CDs… definitely items you THINK would get you… more than $14.20. Nope. offered me $14.20 for about 80 items. That’s an average $0.18 an item.

A full poster sized EMBOSSED authenticated by the Adams family - professional framed.. Ansel Adams… that I’m sure was over $100 back a couple decades ago.

was offered $4 for it at a resale shop [ I kept it along with Starry Night which got an offer of abou $3.50 ]

sold an old wooden dog gate, though - $3.90

I spent all day on THAT mistake. Time better spent… doing?

v- finding a temp job

scribe: plural… just to make ends meet. that will take time away from creative endeavors. contributing to that POOL of inspiration [ for other people & organizations ]

v- oh, will you stop

Scribe: oh [ chuckles ] now that I post this...


14:35 Scribe: I felt nauseous on the drive home that (reselling) day. Why?

I was trying to be high-spirited about it. Got rid of five bins’ worth of stuff that was taking up precious space.

14:36 Scribe: hm, hm. Perhaps someone else was with me that day?

v- going through hell

Scribe: hm, so, if I am to be an ILLUSTRATION of an everyday normal

v- ordinary

Scribe: human being … middle-aged woman

v- soon to be divorced

Scribe: mother of two children…

Scribe: I hope - somewhere - SOMEONE is making a difference in this world… some people who don’t have to worry about how to pay the next bill - who don’t have THAT take up your precious time… SO, EXCUSE ME, if I put my soul out there to emphasize a point.

Yes, I could go back into education.

Been there. Done that.

I appreciate the life lessons I’ve learned along the way.

One of which is this: If I am telepathically connected to someone: They stayed silent when they shouldn’t have.

I dedicated four years three months of my life to something that was not worthy of my time nor respect.

So, all you cyberstalkers out there

v- beware… your day will come


14:41 Scribe: I am an individual who went into education because I believed it would give me a secure job - education is one of those jobs throughout history that has been necessary, in whatever form it took. A space. An educator. A learner. Those never change.

I spent 19 years of my life mastering a craft. Adapting along the way (focused on different aspects of how technology enhanced T&L). I was one of the privileged few who could afford to do what I did [ I had a spouse who had medical insurance and many perks anyone in public education would LOVE to get even a morsel of ] … my perk?

being hired in the summer in higher ed.

getting a grant here or there to PARTIALLY fund a project

getting a year contract (when others were forced to worry every term if they’d be rehired)

no vacation pay - your vacations were school breaks - unpaid (and I worked in online education : breaks were how you prepped for the next term )


14:45 Scribe: call me a fool: but anyone in their right minds would NOT want a full-tine position without any benefits…beyond doing a good deed and enriching learner’s lives… giving them a foundation for future success.

Hm. what happens when the education system is failing?

v- we’re f——d

Scribe: SIGN OF A PROTESTER (that I saw in the news recently)

How can we be there for the students if we aren’t there for teachers?

Scribe: so, here you have it. it’ll come down as soon as I finish typing. Who wants to read about an out-of-work veteran educator who has the credentials to get a job… any job… and never seems to get a REGULAR job?

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been working my ass off.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t CONTRIBUTED

kept food on the table

a roof over the family’s head

paid all my bills (mostly) on time

took care of a dying dog for years…

and on and on and on.

Scribe: so, all you InnerNetters.

v- beware… the future is coming

Scribe: (to those not on the InnerNet) the SINGULARITY is already here [ well, some form of it… merged bodyminds ]

v- you just don’t know it yet


14:50 Scribe: if you don’t know what a gallon of milk costs at all your local grocery stores or where you can save most on a gallon of gas- … quite frankly, I don’t want you on my side. If you are NOT in the trenches of …

v- middle class

Scribe: $61,400. nice. Saw that one in the news (just yesterday?)

I only made - ceiling-d out at - $50K in higher ed [ after 19 years ] (reminder: no benefits except sick leave)

Scribe: oh, yes… that’s right, and there at the end - THANKFULLY matching funds for my teacher’s pension from my educational institution.

Scribe: we had to PAY $1000 for parking a year.

Scribe: ok, we didn’t HAVE to… [ that would have required A LOT of walking and time spent that running to get things done at all hours educators … don’t have ]


Oh, I just LOVE the “you don’t have to buy your children’s device insurance if you can’t afford it” clause… omg, those poor parents who can’t -and if something goes wrong for a REQUIRED device?! WTF is wrong with you?!

my laptop shuts off - drained battery  (in my mobile device now)

Scribe: that’s a good sign to stop typing  

15:00 (rereading post for typos)


(Re reading JASON SILVA mentions in post)

15:08 Scribe: i’m Totally Revenge InnerNettin’ you babe

v- I know. Just stop. It does no good

scribe: but it FEELS that way

v- you love me

Scribe: yeah, yeah yeah. It’s complicated. 

15:09 v- ILY2, C

15:26 most glaring typos corrected. Some errors I left in for added flavor


15:32 Scribe: as to your previous question: “where’s the proof?”

Scribe: some day, you can answer what piece - timestamped- of data I held in my possession was my “proof”. When I eventually shared it. When YOU knew

v- and did nothing about it. fine.

Scribe: I will share something. I still haven't had lunch - cringe- or breakfast. Nice goji berry mocha ..

v- you applied…

Scribe: [ monotone ] yes… I did. I’m trying to apply to at least one job a day

v- thank you.. what job did you apply to?

Scribe: correction: this one to be registered with a TEMP AGENCY … which may bring me more bang for my time buck … so, all you fine folks who have had HEAD HUNTERS … just imagine a person …

v- who doesn’t have one

Scribe: oh, yes… not that I hold any bad feelings for… just a note in my mental archive: my soon-to-be-ex had a headhunter contact HIM [ mumbles ] the advantages of working for a FORTUNE ONE COMPANY.

Scribe: oh, yes. and I left him. WHAT WAS I THINKING? [good hearted laughter ] … it’s all good. it’s just FUNNY how for certain people good fortune lands in their lap - repeatedly. and for some of us? we get TELEPATHY … or something.

15:37 v- yet to be confirmed

Scribe: with a BOBOLINK


v- will you stop

Scribe: I can’t… haha. good ol’ national/state park system sign. couldn’t resist taking a photo of that one.

15:38 Scribe: he’s (my ex) is a good worker… I just have my humorous asides compared to my work / job search experience

Scribe: he came on board when everyone was still saying they were going to go under… 18 (?) years later? ONE TRILLION DOLLARS [ said in a Dr. Evil accent ]

v- you're not getting anything out of the divorce?

Scribe: [ chuckles ] no. we are amicably parting ways. I am not seeking any of his … employment-related savings, if that’s what you’re asking.

v- alright. [ chuckles ] so you’re on your own

Scribe: ah, yes, what I was going to say earlier?: I am proving ALL you social physicists correct: if you have no network…

v- you're screwed

Scribe: and if you are WELL-CONNECTED but only telepathically? … haha, that doesn’t go far nowadays.

v- no, it doesn't. go eat…


15:52 Scribe: I’ll make a late lunch and will come back with an illustration of an OBSERVATION of mine that personally I consider as proof. It’s not irrefutable. I would need someone to confirm. It’s just my observation that there are some very strange Jason Silva posts and that somehow they are connected to me (my life - synchronously sometimes, an asynchronous resemblance: what I post online - his resemblance / “mirroring” posts usually come after my posts).

15:56 late lunch

PLACEHOLDER (from an InstaFeed post two days ago - now archived)


an example of what are now hundreds of resemblances between my creative work and his. My image on the left [ filtered image 27 March 2017 from the original photograph taken 24 March 2017. I shared it online/via social media - it still appears on Instagram. Jason Silva’s is on the right. My archived copy of this image from his Shots of Awe series on YouTube is timestamped October 12, 2017.

v- alright, alright. do you think I’m stealing your work?

Scribe: no, it’s … a strange collaboration

v- thank you

Scribe: one that… I can’t confirm

v- or deny.

16:01 Scribe: …an indirectly direct messaging system has been in place for four years now. I only started reporting about it - raw truth - a couple years ago.

[ tracking down dates for images, answer e-mail ]

16:21 NOW I can go get something to eat

v- the life of an out-of-work veteran educator [ being funny ]

Scribe: [ shakes her head ] and I gave my professional references and my potential employers this website [ chuckles ] - oh, what reactions may come… in the future.

v- haha. Stop.



16:27 reminder:


07 May 2014 joined Ideapod (social media platform)

08 (?) May 2014 first interaction via social media with Jason Silva’s Solution Project post

01 June 2014 started private, personal journal of social media interactions & InnerNet symptoms

14 July 2014 spark of inspiration for A Wandering Mind

August 2014 Placeholder for a website - Medium.com/@virtuonaut - ( and accompanying twitter feed) set up

01 November 2014 First installment of A Wandering Mind via medium.com/@virtuonaut

20 October 2015 private e-mail sent to Jason Silva to thank him for being an inspiration for Trickster. Attached an image of an excerpt from the calligraphic copy of the short story “Babbling Brook” Written 26 March 2015. No response to my e-mail.

I would like to send you a calligraphic copy of unpublished poems and short stories that I dedicated to Trickster, a fictional character in A Wandering Mind that was inspired by you. I’ll be starting to reveal hints about ideapod community members who were the inspiration for the characters in A Wandering Mind. Let me know the best address / P.O. Box to ship the booklet to.

Hope all is well.


C [ and ideapod user URL ]

20 December 2015 private e-mail sent to Jason Silva . No response. And, no, I did not track him down in the city he was in. I AM A NORMAL PERSON [humor and serious tone]

I'm in the _______ area until Wednesday Dec. 23 (driving out of ______ that day). Saw you were in town. Was wondering if you'd be available for an Ideapod coffee or drink meet-up? I have my dog with me, so  it'd have to be pet-friendly. Showing her some places she hasn't seen (she's 14 years young).

If you're not available, all my best to you and your family over the holidays.

C [ included ideapod user URL ]

23 December 2015 I go on what will be a 16 day data fast. I do not post. I do not check. … for course, I forgot to shut off e-mail notifications on ideapod - so I get the notice about a support …

01 January 2016 from Jason Silva’s Ideapod account support on one of my posts - don’t remember for which post [ checking e-mail - it still might be there - it is. and it’s my private e-mail. If ideapod has a problem with this, someone from their team can contact me about it ]


I had a dream 25 August 2014 that I believe was a scene from Last Year At Marienbad. It’s fictional version appears in

17 November 2015 “Interference” another installment of A Wandering Mind.

If Jason Silva was watching that movie August 25, 2014 at around the time of my dream, then… it’s remote viewing. It’s dream telepathy. However you want to package it… It would prove SOMETHING - even if I was the only one -if it’s one-sided. it would prove I am a conduit of some sort.. this sort of thing has happened repeatedly over the course of FOUR YEARS.

I waited all this time to post about the RAW TRUTH. For the sake of people’s reputation - including mine. It still will get me Nowhere.

But at least, with this post, there is a record - another attempt of mine to tell what has happened.

his other support was related to my post about the movie CONTACT

Those were the only direct contacts (reciprocal) from Jason Silva or whoever was in charge of managing his Ideapod account

16:42 Scribe: I never assumed a “regular” relationship of any kind with Jason Silva. I just noticed odd synchronicities - beyond the realm of normal (beyond what researchers would explain away as chance). It was affecting my life. All I wanted was a yes or no.

10 August 2016 I start deleting my posts from Ideapod. At one point, I had reached 500 posts - most of them carefully crafted to fit 1000 characters. They mainly focused on creativity, dreaming, education.

Image: 14 August 2016 [ after I had started to delete posts ]

Image: 14 August 2016 [ after I had started to delete posts ]

Image: from 04 April 2017

Image: from 04 April 2017

[ 17:32 comment added Scribe: I was curious: with all my posts gone, how much of me would still be left on Ideapod? I had over 849 comments [by deleting about 500 posts, that only deleted roughly 150 comments, mostly responses to others’ comments on my own ideas)  - all considerate, thoughtful, engaging.

It was my contribution to start important discussions. To encourage other community members. I remember a couple where I may have been a bit chastising. I got upset once about someone criticizing another’s post for being in a different language - it didn’t detract from the value of the post being in a different language. We live in a world of online translators.

my comment to the post “El respeto a la ansiedad propia” 01 August 2014

C: Me encanta esta idea, Flor. Sí, las palabras son mágicas.

Creo que si tienes una idea, escríbela en la lengua de donde nació. Se pierde algo en la traducción. Para las personas que no hablan la lengua, hay Google Translate. No es egoísta escribir en tu lengua. Stefan, tocas un instrumento musical. ¿Es egoísta sólo tocar un instrumento musical (o unos instrumentos) y no otros? No. Es el instrumento que tienes para expresarte mejor.

I have experience as an online foreign language educator. Netiquette is something you have to model (and abide by). Every interaction online. I have always tried to treat people with consideration and respect - even the people - in my own estimation - I was chastising for some negative comment to another’s post.

The only other somewhat chastising comment I made on the site (that I can recall) - out of my over 1000 textual interactions to others’ posts was this one:

My comment to "What If Money Were No Object" 30 May 2014

C: Lisa, Yes, it's important to find something you are passionate about, something you enjoy. It must be one of those days, but the title of your idea brought to mind Office Space:

Peter: Our high school guidance counselor used to ask us what you would do if you had a million dollars&didn't have to work. And invariably, whatever you'd say, that was supposed to be your career. So if you wanted to fix old cars, then you're supposed to be an auto mechanic.

Samir: So what did you say?

Peter: I never had an answer. I guess that's why I'm working at Initech.

Michael: No, you're working at Initech 'cause that question is bullshit to begin with. If that quiz worked, there would be no janitors, because no one would clean shit up if they had a million dollars.

Samir: You know what I would do if I had a million dollars? I would invest half of it in mutual funds&then take the other half over to my friend Sadulach who works in Securities.

Peter: Nothing. I'd relax, I would sit on my ass all day.

C (additional comment in the discussion thread):

Dreaming is important. Striving is essential. With the quote from OfficeSpace what I wanted to communicate is that the reality-as ugly as it is-is that some people find themselves on hamster wheels at work. Some work environments suck the passion right out of people. As Graeme mentions, many are in the jobs they are in b/c they must be & do not have an alternative. People need to persevere b/c of responsibility&obligation. Some people have choices, but others in the world do not have the opportunities to change their situation. Maybe all people need is a change of perspective-that one should make every attempt to be positive in whatever circumstances they find themselves in. However, when circumstances are so dire, this is where advocates come in. Those who do not have the power or voice need support. I am an incurable dreamer. But one of my feet is mired in reality. Let's all strive to find fulfillment: to contribute to society + marry passion & grit in work or outside of it.

I include these to offer a glimpse of the types of comments I made - these two I consider a couple of my more negative ones. Some may not even consider them negative.

So, what was my breaking point? It took a long time. As I stated in my installment “Seethe”,  I have a really long fuse. My breaking point may not be logical - the moment / the incident that got me to react and to start deleting all my posts - but I had considered it FOR YEARS before I started to do it. Weighing all outcomes even then.

One of my turning points (deciding factor to leave - the main one being that ideapod was the place where I supposedly became telepathically connected with Jason Silva - a real meet should happen there - in some form, too, right? to start a real discussion with him, right? My best chance, right?


Another deciding factor: there were a few comments by another community member (who will remain anonymous) that I took too personally. These comments were after a few years of trying to DO SOMETHING with what I was experiencing: all that indirectly direct messaging masked in creative pieces I was sharing all over the place, even Ideapod. The community member said many of my posts did not contain ideas because they were poems. I realize it may still be traceable. The post may still exist if this community member still has an active account. Even if my comments are gone, that thread may still be there.

After so many 0 likes 0 comments 0 shares on my posts for a few years? My shares were not getting the engagement I had hoped.

I was trying to start a more creative life (writing, other creative endeavors) and trying to get feedback.

I initially joined ideapod because of EDUCATION and what needed to be changed ( ideapod in beta was invite-only to gather changemakers; it went public during my tenure). I probably have a screenshot of the changemakers blurb. I will not share. I’ve already crossed the line into copyright infringement - maybe [ posting Ideapod images / communications pushed from their site ]

I was getting nowhere on multiple levels.

Some day, I have a feeling that community member may understand WHY each of my poems was an important idea to share.

20 April 2017 private e-mail sent to Jason Silva where I ask him THE QUESTION: are you telepathically connected to me?

It is also addressed to another person who inspired another character of A Wandering Mind, Justin Brown, the co-founder of Ideapod.

if I couldn’t get a response… perhaps use an intermediary?


07 August 2017 Private E-mail sent to Justin Brown - I request to be removed from Ideapod.

I appreciate the chance to share ideas on ideapod these last few years. I wish you, the team and community the best. 
I no longer want to be associated with Ideapod. 
Since I cannot delete my account, would someone please do so?
Thank you.

[ added comment 17:16 Scribe: so, dear public, what kind of person am I? … based on my private e-mails? Based on my public posts before I started this WRITING SPACE (August 2016)? ]

You don’t have everything, but you have a taste. A RAW TRUTH taste.

30 October 2017 my Ideapod account is deleted - but the ghost of me was still lingering. I checked back periodically - for creative purposes - on posts I commented on. I noticed something interesting. Each post numbers the comments included on it. The numbers didn’t add up. if there were 15 visible comments, the ticker read 16. I was number 16. I was still virtually there - just hidden behind the infrastructure of the platform. SPOOKY, huh? [ and YES I have screenshots in my multimedia archive ]

16:51 Scribe: as a private person, to tell my story, I have been FORCED to share it publicly. I had not wanted that. One reason it’s taken so long. I still hesitate what I wrote in a private e-mail up for all to see. I STILL hesitate to place something of mine side by side with something of Jason Silva’s that we both shared publicly.

However, I think it’s important that people read what I did send. I’ll have the public decide if I did the right thing and how I went about doing it to try to get an answer. To try to open a door to opportunity to start a conversation that might lead to the one question I wanted and later needed to have answered.

14 September 2018 Scribe: I am still experiencing InnerNet symptoms that do not go away.

17:58 updates

18:08 Scribe: to date, no direct contact from Jason Silva. Perhaps, you, dear public, can ask him some challenging questions. I wonder how he’d respond. I’ll keep putting this challenge up. A form of crowdsourcing. If this wasn’t copyrighted and would have formatted correctly on Facebook AKA LifeSnippet - via my creative account I would have posted it as a humorous (and telling) response to his A CALL TO OPTIMISM.

Image: from a PopTarts box that Scribe posted to Twitter

Image: from a PopTarts box that Scribe posted to Twitter



Now, let’s see when a Jason Silva video recently came out that HAS A UNICORN IN IT?!

18:15 Scribe: I posted this to twitter [ my external InstaFeed ] because I kept passing by the part tarts and Unicorn cereal and I smiled every time

RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS! that’s what I get for all the ART I’ve done over the years - and for this FREE AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE public service announcement.

18:17 Let’s cue Incredibles



18:19 Scribe: you gotta love the synchronicities: a teacher, who catches something no one else can see… and IT REALLY WAS HAPPENING.

18:20 Scribe: smiles… Oh, Pixar/Disney. I haven’t seen Incredibles 2, but I am most definitely going to enjoy it. … for reasons to reveal as I watch it - my observation of just the trailer has already sparked a resemblance between that film and WanderingMindSpace.

[ watching trailers to remind myself … I start laughing at cue…hahaha 0:26 - NO… TOO FUNNY…]


Jason Silva’s birthday is 02/06 Feb. 06

My birthday is on the 26th of April…

another ODD numerical synchronicity between us

Scribe: THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. I have been talking for YEARS how I’ve been the elephant in the room with people I’ve told about the InnerNet - only one says she believes me 100% and even then, I wonder if she’s just trying to be supportive during “my difficult time”

18:27 Scribe: other ODD numerical synchronicities - the main ones

the combinations with the numbers 1 and 6. See “Interference” - related to a fictional spacetime portal - keep your eye out for these numbers in tv shows and films. Ask yourself WHY you keep seeing these numbers. you may be SHOCKED. especially when the tv shows and movies deal with the paranormal, space and time travel.

13:13 I joke about that one. there was a video - recording of a livestream of Jason’s and that was a moment he mentioned he was going on a (romantic) date

How’d that date go, by the way?

v- you are… not funny.

Scribe: I haven’t seen you with another woman ROMANTICALLY - Any reason?

hands under chin - looking angelic.

v- you do that ALL the time in here. you are a devil.

…clearly KISSING or LYING HALF NAKED with another woman for a while…

v- you have documented the women I’ve been with. and the last one?

a bikini clad beautiful woman driving and dancing (she had an interesting armband…) - which you titled “Behind the scenes” … to one of your photo/video shoots I presume?

v- I love you for typing that in public

v- and…?

Scribe: I tease that you’ve never seen me in a bikini

v- pouts

Scribe: I humorously posted one when I was a young girl. THERE you got to see me in a bikini

[ finishes typing comment - ARMBAND ]

v- now you’ve GOT to post it

oh, the resemblances I notice

v- even the one with me lying half naked with another woman?

Scribe: yes, all may be explained as something not exactly what it at first might appear

v- were you upset?

Scribe: on both accounts - no. I have long since learned to hold back judgment and weigh all possibilities. I have still not observed a clear RELATIONSHIP you’ve held with any woman… and if you’re keeping that private. so be it.

v- have you? had a romantic relationship?

Scribe: with THIS … I cannot.

v- [ chuckles ] what does THIS mean

Scribe: surface level truth: when telepathy started for me it was purely sensation. ORGASMIC SENSATION. I still am plagued with - what in the past medical professionals would have deemed as - hysteria. No provable cause. In many cases no rhyme or reason (especially back then)

had to do some research on kundalini - back then. as a possibility

v- I know. sorry.

Scribe: so, no, no romantic relationship with [ anyone in direct physical or digital contact with me ]

v- and virtual?

Scribe: you post something about love and I’ll talk about the virtual more

v- fair enough. do you think you’ll get what you want?

Scribe: soft shrug of the shoulders. Maybe. Maybe not.I won’t be devastated if there is nothing. Nothing lost if you don’t.

v- you don’t trust the voice

scribe: no. to date it is not very reliable

v- on occasion it is

Scribe: yes. in the future we may find out

v- the general public

Scribe: and me how much more reliable it really is than I thought - given my lack of evidence. given my discrepancies. given my lack of contact..


Image: Scribe dressed up in her Halloween Costume 2017, Titled EarRing

Image: Scribe dressed up in her Halloween Costume 2017, Titled EarRing

18:40 Scribe: one of your more recent videos included an EarRing incident at the very end of it. Hm…

v- WHY is that important?

Scribe: it is a theory of mine that some form of electronic/human INTERFERENCE- related to telepathy - is going on. I experience varying levels of EarRings on occasion… anything from just a pressurization to a brief ting to a longer subtle higher pitched ring in one or both ears .

v- you don’t attribute it to hearing loss?

Scribe: no, I have very good hearing

18:42 Scribe: that and the frickin’

18:42 quick right ear ping

c- haha if that was you being funny

v- it was.

18:41 Scribe: Ah, Trickster. Annoying. See “Spin” - that Trickster whispering in my ear.

18:49 slight to medium strength temple pressure… and now it’s gone

v- momentary

Scribe: yes, folks, the GREAT MANIPULATOR has struck. Again.

[ finally putting pizza in - too hungry to make anything now - … Scribe mumbling about social physics : even IF you may be telepathically connected to a VERY networked individual … IT DOESN’T MATTER in a job search… and quite frankly, ruins any chances of getting any job as I’ve spent all day ON THIS - ANOTHER rant that gets me NOWHERE  ]

18:50 v- will you be … good?

18:53 Clicking POWER OF POSITIVITY Shot of Awe…

scribe: you know where the power of positivity - that UNICORN POWER - got me after four years three months?

v- nowhere. let’s change that.

18:54 Scribe: rainbows and unicorns! (sing songy)

scrubbing [ video ] to find the unicorn


18:54 Scribe: Ah, yes. A yellow rose. [ I like yellow roses - have posted many images over the years of the yellow rose bushes I have in my garden ]

18:55 Scribe: [ LOL ] OF COURSE, it’s cue mark 1:16!!!


18:57 Scribe: I think this is the first unicorn you’ve spliced into one of your videos

Jason Silva first posted The Power of Positivity via Facebook September 7, 2018 14:05. The YouTube video is dated 08 September 2018.

This video is case for Optimism. It highlights the ways our "interpretive frameworks" inform the way we see the world. Interpretation is everything. "Snake oil to the cynic is often holy water to the eager" Follow me on http://Instagram.com/JasonLSilva info@ThisIsJasonSilva.com - for speaking inquiries Soundtrack: Meta Music | https://meta-music.com/mindcontrol

19:01 Scribe: you know, you look kind creepy in that still.

v- you are SO critical

Scribe: you know I’m teasing… not as bad as what I call MR. BURNS [ a la The Simpsons ] Let’s grab for historical record.

Image: Jason Silva’s twitter profile - retrieved 14 September 2018

Image: Jason Silva’s twitter profile - retrieved 14 September 2018

19:04 Scribe: I have some very self-deprecating humor, but this is time dedicated to YOU.

Image: Mr. Burns  The Simpsons  Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/mr-burns-simpsons-evil-moments/

Image: Mr. Burns The Simpsons Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/mr-burns-simpsons-evil-moments/

19:12 v- you feel me?

scribe: yes, cool fresh air in my nostrils and that and partially down my lungs

19:14 [ oven beep ]

image: screenshot of Jason Silva in his video titled “Ego Death: The Art of Ritualized Surrender” - duration 06:01; posted to YouTube 13 September 2018

image: screenshot of Jason Silva in his video titled “Ego Death: The Art of Ritualized Surrender” - duration 06:01; posted to YouTube 13 September 2018

19:15 Scribe one last mention - another recent resemblance… I gotta get my pizza first.

19:21 eating

Exploring The Art Of Ritualized Surrender: In the act of letting go you realize who you are! For speaking inquiries or content: info@thisisjasonsilva.com follow me on http://instagram.com/JasonLSilva http://www.facebook.com/JasonLSilva Edited by MIND CONTROL / Kenedy Torcatt Soundtrack: MetaMusic - http://meta-music.com/MindControl

19:22 displaying caption:

Scribe: that e-mail doesn’t work


Scribe laughs


Image: Photographs taken by Scribe 15 August 2018. Posted on instagram.com/virtuonaut 25 August 2018

Image: Photographs taken by Scribe 15 August 2018. Posted on instagram.com/virtuonaut 25 August 2018


19:40 Scribe: you asked earlier if I had any dreams September 7th. The day you later posted Power of Positivity

v- yes, please … and did you notice any resemblances?

Scribe: I watched the video once. twice if you consider the scrubbing I just did to skip to the unicorn.

v- haha. stop,

Scribe: to answer your question. NO. to what happened at a later point in my life…

v- what you noticed

Scribe: MAYBE. but a very loose connection

v- you wouldn’t consider it a strong connection

Scribe: No.


cloud accessible. hack away,.

v- OMG. will you stop,

scribe: as you know, I am re-reading Year 41 day by day. Back then, everything was HANDWRITTEN for the frickin’ SEAMRIPPER 12th of September.

v- hm, hm

Scribe: care to comment on that day?

v- no. it may be incriminating evidence… which you will find out LATER.

Scribe: hm, hm “Seamripper” link.

19:46 in real life - later - I was moving around old storage bins and boxes and found some metallic ball-bearing like objects. I also stepped on a bag. I opened it up and inside was an round EOS container. I watch Jason Silva - CLICKING because … just BECAUSE ... I try not to click because it doesn’t help. ever. but I see in his behind the scenes video - behind an Instagram story ring.. a truck that sort of looks like a crane-like / construction truck. I know it wasn’t a crane - just a tow-like truck

v- with a flatbed

Scribe: but it’s something that MAYBE could have been a splinter of the dream I had

v- before you viewed the video

Scribe: yes, and posted way after my dream

19:49 I really do not like posting this. the only good it does is show I can distinguish between something that has a stronger resemblance to my experiences and other things that don’t really.

19:50 Scribe: it’s been four years of this shit. and the only thing I wanted was an answer so I could stop having to log … and track… and everything related to finding things to DISPROVE what I’m experience … so I DON’T HAVE to have evidence to prove something is.



I remember in my dream the verticality of part of the truck - like how a crane is vertical - the ball bearings were there… so… just a piece - just a fragment of a social media video reminded me of this dream. It may have been as I looked at the screenshot that I captured - I try to capture WHEN I watch a video - that data RETRIEVAL moment

20:02 Scribe: J.W. Dunne observed dreams of his - what he considered

v- precognitive

Scribe: and their relationship to HOW HE READ something - a newspaper article… and how he read it may have been MISREADING it… and that MISREAD was represented in his dream. so, YES, what we (quantum world reference here) - OBSERVE - affects reality … whether it’s in dream space or during…

v- the waking world

Scribe: a FUTURE me could have been observing - screenshooting a social media clip… and, then the FUTURE ME was also cleaning out things in storage - the ball bearings

v- your mind splices it together

Scribe: all quantum like - past present and future

v- all connected

Scribe: in that mosaic I wrote about years ago (on Ideapod first, then I spliced it into A Wandering Mind 17 November 2015 “Interference” A Wandering Mind Ramble About SpaceTime Travel

From cavewall to dreamwall shadows we make our mark throughout this #history, we project who we are to the outside world. Just as art has advanced from its primitive, shadowy beginnings, our distorted, splintered, sketchy #dream renderings will become refined, enhanced & more defined with the assistance of #technology. We will be better able to understand the messages we bring back from our dream journeys & be able to review those we forget even before we wake up.  
Dreams are like a changing #polyptych #mosaic with temporal & spatial fragments. The better the #resolution, the better we understand their layered & contiguous relationship in each #oneironaut ’s #spacetime. 

Have you dreamed of #shadow figures? ow.ly/UmW3O

Experienced #sleep #paralysis? ow.ly/UmVyW

Have dream objects, characters or scenes changed when your dreamer self’s point of view returns back after looking a different way?  

How have these spatial & temporal #distortion s presented themselves? 

Then, those dreaming posts… that FALLING WATER pretty much narrates word for word. That concept… that I’d love to see their proof of concept for - where did they get the wording for it?

V- you transcribed it

Scribe: the Falling Water intro? yes. word for word and compared it to my Ideapod post(s) about dreams. it’s pretty eery how similar they are. But what am I to do?

v- nothing

Scribe: just another note. just another thing I shared publicly. Just an odd resemblance I noted.

01 September 2014 Scribe’s Ideapod Post

Indigenous tribes around the world start their day by sharing the experiences they had in their dreams. And just as discussing dreams is a social activity, these same tribes believe dreaming itself is a social activity, a way to tap into a shared realm that breaks thru the barriers of time & space. Dreaming can be a form of guidance not just for the individual, but also for the community. 

So, if you remember a dream when you awaken, think about that dream character & wonder: Did that person also dream about me? Or, by going to that shared dream space, maybe you tuned into their dream or vice-versa.

"we might think of [the unconscious] as a collective human being combining the characteristics of both sexes, transcending youth & age, birth & death..it would be a dreamer of age-old dreams &, owing to its immeasurable experience, an incomparable prognosticator. It would have lived countless times over again the life of the individual, the family, the tribe, & the nation."-C.G. Jung

[closing blinds, turning on lights ]

20:16 v- let’s watch Falling Water

Scribe: I think it’s in the intro S01E01. I won’t track down where my transcript is … I know approximate chronological location in my files - within the last 9 months. WHICH IS WAY TOO MANY files to sift through. And NO I do not index. And NO I do not have a catalogue. DO YOU index your private journal on a regular basis?

v- uh, no, I think I answer for everyone

scribe: there might be people out there. so so organized they must be. and have little to no time to live another type of life

v- [ chuckles ] yup

voicing “Falling Water” on a tv platform

20:19 Scribe: if ONLY I could tell Siri to find me a file in my log [ chuckles ]

Scribe: PROBLEM OCCURRED?! COME ON. [ chuckles ] OF COURSE this wouldn’t be easy.

v- haha you gotta mention.

Scribe: I tried to show someone I had confided in about the internet - strange resemblances between Jason Silva and my life… and the internet speed - which was SUPPOSED to be fairly fast - was spinning wheel of death slow and youtube wouldn’t load

v- shots of awe

Scribe: yes

Scribe: so, pretty much gave up on that session.

v- and [any possible] later ones after that

Scribe: yes. if they care enough

v- they’ll. check it out on their own

trying episode 1 instead of 0


green eye


funny. the things you notice (again, maybe) and have forgotten

v- you watched the season?

Scribe: yes, I watched the entire season 1. Season 2 I’m still wading through.

v- ha. ha. ha.

Scribe: certain series just aren’t binge-watchable. I can only watch an episode or two at a time. just the mood.

Scribe: cue Blade Runner 2049 - She had GREEN eyes…

v- you mention that on purpose.

Scribe: read Interference. There is a very interesting scene in Blade Runner 2049

v- please include -

Scribe: you’re getting me off course

v- there’s another tangent…

20:28 Scribe: before I forget: here’s the scene in Last Year At Marienbad - that resembled my dream

Image:  Last Year at Marienbad  retrieved 29 November 2015 - flipped horizontally to illustrate Scribe’s Dream POV 25 August 2014

Image: Last Year at Marienbad retrieved 29 November 2015 - flipped horizontally to illustrate Scribe’s Dream POV 25 August 2014


My Ideapod Video Post (contributing to the discussion going on during Jason Silva’s film club on Ideapod)

"amongst these mirrors and these pillars, surrounded by these swinging doors, this ever open room" What are the #mirror images of ourselves, others, spaces, actions in different #virtual realms (dream, Internet, social media ) ? What are the pillars that support us, others, the space itself, what activities go on there? What are the swinging doors? How our perspective shifts from one to another, how one connects with another, how we access them, where they lead us? In what ways do we use these ever-open rooms? #JasonSilvaFilmClub

v- you still have this video

Scribe: somewhere in my archive. yes. The text (transcript) copy is dated 03 December 2015

20:35 Scribe: to repeat: the dream (fictionalized) report is in “Interference”

[ scrolling through image archive ]

20:38 Scribe [ remember last night’s InstaFeed posts ]: oh, Ryan…

does he even know…?

V- yes.

Scribe: wow. what a contract THAT must be

v- will you be good

Scribe: (singing a tune) : la la la la. la la la la… LA LA LA …

v- good bye [ singing along ]

scribe: but not really

Image:  Blade Runner

Image: Blade Runner

Scribe: my last publicly released installment of A Wandering Mind


posted on …


20:46 Scribe: this is carved into a wooden figurine.

See “Dune” [ Scribe wrote this short story 16 July 2014 ]

“…When I reach you, I stand over you and look down. Your head is downcast, your arms on your knees. You are holding a small wooden figurine. Twirling it in your fingers, stroking the edges.
“I’ve been looking for you.”

20:49 Scribe: just a coincidence?

v- I THINK NOT… this is good. bringing it all together

Scribe: in a very wandering mind kind of way - meanders rambles

v- criss crosses

Scribe: NO WONDER no one wants to pay attention to my

v- diatribe… your word. not mine, earlier.

20:52 Scribe: [ as she comes across images: the Catapult… the model ]



Scribe: ah, yes.. .THE ARCHIVES

a la Ready Player One + Anon

no longer publicly accessible

20:57 another Jason Silva video… and resemblance to Scribe’s life

from WMS iF post 23 August 2018 (year 45)

from WMS iF post 23 August 2018 (year 45)

Image: Scribe’s Archive of 14 May (45) WMS iF post

Image: Scribe’s Archive of 14 May (45) WMS iF post

Scribe: oh, Dolores…

Scribe: found it! finally.


Image:  Blade Runner 2049

Image: Blade Runner 2049

Scribe: movie release date (online information)? October 3, 2017

Let’s backtrack to “Interference” published 17 November 2015 [ ha, interesting. Medium when you click OFF the installment it says it was published 16 November 2015 …which would make more sense… 11/16 - I would have to check my files - BUT I WON’T ]

v- a glitch in the matrix!?

Scribe: I know. there were some really strange incidents on Ideapod. I have screenshots. LATER.

INTERFERENCE [ from original log - dated in INTERFERENCE ]

21:17 [ reading , scanning ]

Scribe: oh, this is the one where I include the RV dream…

v- you don’t remember?!

Scribe: it’s been a while

excerpt from INTERFERENCE

TEST PILOT: SpaceTime Travel

01:17 18 August (41 years old)

I get comfortable on Healer’s lap.

I kiss the left side of his neck. I caress his heart.

Healer: Behave.

Scribe: Are you going to read? I may fall asleep.

Healer: That’s why I bought the book.


During the plane ride, I am on your lap, then, it is as if all turns invisible. I am in limbo in no space at all except for one puzzle piece portion, then my heart gets a jabbing jolty sensation. Not playful and it scares me a bit to stay there. I open my eyes to pull out from your space.

What interfered with our connection? Did this prove part of me was half a world away while my physical body was at rest on the other side? Where I traveled — imagining — did I really have the power to create a presence? Was it a simulacrum? Doppelgänger? Spirit body? Did Healer feel my presence across oceans and wide expanse of skies?

21:20 v- so… Healer, hm?

Scribe: you are SO going to talk to Justin Brown about Healer

v- he’s become InstaFeed famous

Scribe: I know. not that he needs to be. he TOTALLY has more followers than I’ll ever have.

v- ha ha HA

Scribe: what? definitely …

v- social media guru

Scribe: [ scribe tries to suppress a shamanistic humorous insulting image that pops into her head… but fails ]

Scriber: all I’l say is PINEAL GLAND. you didn’t have ME posting about PINEAL GLANDS on Ideapod..,. no, just DREAMS. just those wee little itty bitty things I always was very open-minded and APPARENTLY too-opened mouthed about

v- bitter?

Scribe: a little. just SHOW ME THE EMAILS. just SHOW ME THE EMAILS [ chuckling ]

v- he wrote back

Scribe: yes, as busy as he was… HE DIDN’T HAVE ANYONE FILTERING HIS EMAILS

21:24 Scribe: oh, those little pieces of data we grasp and hold onto…because it’s all we have and aren’t given a chance (in any other way) to open those doors of opportunity ]

v- to discuss what’s most pressing on your mind

Scribe: uh huh. I think I handled it pretty well for as long as I did…

v- and were very nice about it

Scribe: hm, hm.. until this MOLESTING [ in Spanish molestar means TO BOTHER ] voice in my head and in my body made me COME OUT and tell the RAW TRUTH and ask those EVER-IMPORTANT questions

v- you got an answer from him

Scribe: yes, I did. he was very kind. except for the EMAIL comment

v- oh boy… you SAW the e-mails I sent Trickster. They were along those lines. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Scribe: out of all his posts. I want someone some day to tally how many STRANGE and UNUSUAL posts he ever shared. compare them to mine. HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 when the future

v- is the present. I know… it’s all connected

Scribe: geesh. this Noxy

v- foxy [ in a funny tone ]

Scribe: what movie is that from? I’m getting a Mike Myers impression.

Wayne’s World

[searches the internet ]

Scribe: I love the internet. Dana Carvey as Garth [ dancing to Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix ]

21:34 Scribe [ through laughter ] : it’s been a while since I’ve seen this. Just replace Garth with Scribe dancing to JUKE BOX HERO

V- Didn’t you hurt yourself …

Scribe: I don’t think anyone knows about that. bad knee. too much guitar strum jumping. you get the picture. Then, there’s me in the car [ you’ll like this one, bikini lady … ]

v- OMG. there’s video?! [ excited. playing along? ]

Scribe: there’s video [ all showy… ] “video killed the radio star” [ singing to an old 80s tune ]

21:55 video uploaded

BACKTRACK TO 08 August 2018

22:02 Scribe: and to finish this very long post today, I’ll end with

v- Deckard

[ Scribe checks online to verify ]

Scribe: DECKARD’s scene that I came across while I was scrolling through the archive in search of another scene.

This character, in his own way, explains - at least in part [ like Anon ] why this post and many of my other side channel posts are removed from public view and archived privately… this has been my M.O.

v- for four years.

Scene from Blade Runner 2049. Used to illustrate Scribe's everyday encounters with media [ used for non-commercial, educational purposes ]

22:05 Scribe: if you catch one post before it disappears, you still only have a very small fragment of the whole story. It’s our story.

v- yes it is

Scribe:  -a concept I once shared-  … our story threaded through, as I see it now, many channels. Every now and then I weave the threads together. Make of it what you will.

22:08 Scribe signing off after a very long day

v- thank you.

22:13 Scribe: crap. I forgot about Falling Water

Cue 03:09 [ transcribing while I rewatch it ][

Do you ever think you’re dreaming

Dreams are trying to tell you something

We all dream

And we think our dreams belong to us and us alone

What if we’re wrong?

What if our dreams are like TILES in a grand MOSAIC we’re all dreaming together?

Now, what if a person - that one right person - could wander out of their dream and into yours?

What if that person was you?


22:17 Scribe: I would really like to talk to the writer who wrote that line into the script.

v- I know you would.

Scribe: just like I would point out…

v- oh, you would

Scribe: point out to the National Geographic crew and Jason Silva for THIS IMAGE= [ another mosaic that appeared after my Ideapod posts about dreams ]

22:19 v- omg

Scribe [ chuckles ] people have to see the raw truth… and start questioning.

Scribe: oh, this image [ not one, just one I find scrolling through the archives ] TRIBECA


22:22 Scribe: oh me and my silly dreams. [ see “interference” ]

22:28 Scribe: oh, THE ROCK [ in NYC ]


I went to an Ideapod Salon at the United Nations (UNFPA) “People, Prosperity and the Planet” AKA known as IdeaFest in A Wandering Mind October 29th 2014. See below at a selfie I took when I visited Central Park. I used it as an Ideapod profile photo for a while.

Jason Silva’s video came after.

[ still searching for the NAT GEO PROMO STILL ]

oh, the infamous “I have jet lag video”…


Scribe: wanna talk about what REALLY happened that week? … still tight lipped about it

v- [ chuckles ] yup gonna stay that way.

22:36 I did enjoy your quantum-y post around that time. Care to explain WHY you decided to post it?


22:40 Scribe: here’s the event I was going to include in SPLINTER because of another dream I had [ that resembled what I later saw that Jason Silva was a part of ]


22:44 Scribe: giving you THE BIRD [ I love how this bird just walked away while you talked ]


22:46 still looking…


22:51 Scribe: so… Djinnish… provide some clips for ORIGINS during that trip?

v- you know I did

23:00 Scribe: I don’t think I’m going to find the mosaic NAT GEO with the Trickster mask tonight. I gotta get some sleep. Got some open air marketing to do tomorrow. Crafty Scribe’s gotta try to sell her wares.

23:01 Scribe: another Shot of Awe that was released after a dream I had that resembled its content


23:11 Scribe: here’s the dream I was going to include as part of SPLINTER (the next installment of A Wandering Mind)


and then, I see THIS: an interview with Jason Silva

Image: Scribe: NYC 29 October 2014

Image: Scribe: NYC 29 October 2014

IMAGE: Scribe in NYC 29 October 2014

IMAGE: Scribe in NYC 29 October 2014

23:23 subtle left deaf ear ring

Scribe sees

Scribe: when I opened my first Instagram account 18 dec 15 - I posted this image at midnight 00:00

Scribe: when I opened my first Instagram account 18 dec 15 - I posted this image at midnight 00:00

Image: Shared by Jason Silva afterwards

Image: Shared by Jason Silva afterwards


Scribe: after 18 months of data I decided I’d be in the same city at the same time as Jason would be. I opened up the Instagram account before my VERY long road trip with my old dog. I e-mailed him once I arrived.

I POSTED WHERE I WAS (images, no geotags) DURING MY STAY.

He knew where I was. I stayed in each location around the city for a long enough time for him to get there.

No e-mail response

No visit with me and my dog in public.

Silly me.

This after my one attempt in NYC to try to start an important discussion amongst fellow Ideapodders - which included BOTH co-founders who were in attendance. (Jason was in Europe at the time I knew he wouldn’t be there.) I KNEW they both had a working relationship with Jason.

I was filmed as part of the promo for their new app.

You can check it out LATER. I won’t include it here. I don't think I came off as anyone too unusual.

I spoke with both co-founders October 29th. Mingled. Was normal. No chance to talk about consciousness. No door of opportunity that opened.

SO… OVER A YEAR LATER. I make ANOTHER long road trip. Silly me. No assurances. No direct contact to speak of. Just 18 months of indirectly direct messages, of a sort. ODD similarities.

back to 23:23 [ it’s 23:36 ] after the airplane images I found what I was looking for. THE NAT GEO PROMO

Image: 15 March 2016

Image: 15 March 2016

23:39 Scribe: Trickster’s call sign in A Wandering Mind is a mask. one of the Anachronisms themes is steampunkish gears

REMINDER: 07 November 2015 Scribe’s Ideapod Post “A Wandering Mind Ramble About SpaceTime Travel” which included a YouTube link to my video commentary.

From cavewall to dreamwall shadows we make our mark throughout #history, we project who we are to the outside world. Just as art has advanced from its primitive, shadowy beginnings, our distorted, splintered, sketchy #dream renderings will become refined, enhanced & more defined with the assistance of #technology. We will be better able to understand the messages we bring back from our dream journeys & be able to review those we forget even before we wake up.  

Dreams are like a changing #polyptych #mosaic with temporal & spatial fragments. The better the #resolution, the better we understand their layered & contiguous relationship in each #oneironaut ’s #spacetime. 

Have you dreamed of #shadow figures? ow.ly/UmW3O

Experienced #sleep #paralysis? ow.ly/UmVyW

Have dream objects, characters or scenes changed when your dreamer self’s point of view returns back after looking a different way?  

How have these spatial & temporal #distortion s presented themselves?

04 November 2015 - “A Wandering Mind Ramble About SpaceTime Shadows” video posted to YouTube which had this licensing blurb:

These works are work under Creative Commons licensing Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International

REMEMBER: Falling Water Season 1 premiered SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

reminder: S01E01 of Falling Water

Cue 03:09

Do you ever think your dreams are trying to tell you something?

We all dream

And we think our dreams belong to us and us alone

What if we’re wrong?

What if our dreams are like TILES in a grand MOSAIC we’re all dreaming together?

Now, what if a person - that one right person - could wander out of their dream and into yours?

What if that person was you?

Cue 03:40


…So, if you remember a dream when you awaken, think about that dream character & wonder: Did that person also dream about me? Or, by going to that shared dream space, maybe you tuned into their dream or vice-versa.



Here’s me storyreeling / wakewalking : a photo of what I did that day. And notes.

06 November 2015 [ again, BEFORE what I see Jason Silva is up to ]

Image: Scribe’s hands while she’s on a walk on the treadmill 06 November 2015 15:23

Image: Scribe’s hands while she’s on a walk on the treadmill 06 November 2015 15:23


23:48 Scribe: I hope some day there is a discussion about telepathic networks and collaboration. AT WHAT STAGE IN THE COLLABORATION do you CONFIRM someone is CONNECTED to you TELEPATHIC-ish link? technologically mediated or otherwise?

23:50 V- never

Scribe: hm. I think you should be VERY careful with what you say to me. It may be incriminating in the future.

v- that’s a lot of SHIT you put out there

Scribe: you want to come meet me and TALK? I’ll have some witnesses to observe our meeting.

[ sweetly said ]

23:51 Scribe: I believe this Shot of Awe came out BEFORE I published the short story “Ember” (online). The only way you would have known about the wakewalk storyreeling, handwritten notes and draft would be … perhaps you were TELEPATHICALLY EAVESDROPPING?


23:53 Scribe: of course, it’s my word against yours. My handwritten notes could be made up afterwards, right? all timestamped. That crazy woman and her timestamping. WHY would she timestamp so much? WHY would she MAKE IT ALL UP ( if that is a future skeptic’s accusation)?

23:56 Scribe: I first sensed a stirring - an inner sensation - a reaction, you will, while writing my 9th Love at First short story. 29 July 2014 18:03 - 18:17. I wondered if there was someone listening to me. That’s what I got at first. Sensations. I only heard scant, brief voicing during hypnagogic states (those in between states between sleep and being fully awake).

My curiosity about “Camp” and what I felt during its 1st draft writing is in A Wandering Mind “Interference”

18:17 finished “Camp” 29 July (41 years old)

My heart warms. I wonder: is it just my own reaction, or are you *reading* what I’m writing? That’d be so BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Was someone immersed in my stories while I was writing them? I felt a presence. Did the other person feel me?

I didn’t even let anyone know the short stories existed - they were all handwritten - until May 2015. Almost a year later. I then typed them up, publishing them online at medium.com//@HeartWarmLove . I let the Ideapod community know first, posting about them on the anniversary of my joining the platform - that I had published them.

BUT before the public announcement, I saw plenty of synchronicities between Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe and my life.

Creative adjacencies I keep calling them - no proof.

00:05 15 September (45)

Scribe: so, what’s a Nobody Creative to do?

v- live. go to bed. it’s been a REALLY long day.

Scribe: well. it’s been a REALLY long four years

v- … three months. I KNOW. now, get to bed… don’t you have to work tomorrow?

scribe: hm, hm!

00:06 logging out