iF - 19 May (45)

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 04 Sept (41)

Image: Photo taken by Scribe 04 Sept (41)

12:29 Scribe: just a placeholder - the image was a part of a problemsolving series on IdeaSpace - the post was titled "Corn Maze" 26 September (Year 41)

Tunnels take many shapes, sizes & forms. Corn mazes are paths worn into natural corn rows, winding through a field. Sometimes dead-ending. A path may fork. There is usually a shortcut & a longer, more circuitous route. You are constantly trying to get your bearings based on your surroundings. The goal? Find the exit. 

Problem solving, like finding the way out of a corn maze, involves a mix of methodical thinking & creative exploration. Experimenting by trial & error, working through possible solutions.

* See the tunnel in the photo? Think of a problem.

* See the corn stalk wall? What factors do you need to consider?

* Focus on the farthest point you see. What’s the easiest solution? Pros/Cons?

* Imagine beyond what you can see to where the corn row ends. What other possible solutions are there? Up/Downsides?

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12:33 Scribe: For now, that's all I'll include. I have other things to do. 

v- [ another example of ] Creative Adjacenices [ Scribe typing ] ... thank you

12:34 Scribe: if it were just one thing I wouldn't even make a note. It was a whole string, so to speak

v- funny

12:35 Scribe: oh, Voice...

v- can you feel me?

Scribe: yes [ warmth - heart radiance, in center throat ]

V- all warm?

Scribe: yes

V- go do what you gotta do


12:36 Scribe: one last note before I head offline... this morning I was thinking about how so many random bits we sometimes pull together into a cohesive whole (how creatives can, for example, create a storyline based ... perhaps just off of a series of photographs)

v- thank you...