iF - 14 May (45)


11:24 Scribe (mumbles): I keep seeing these shapes. Argh. Hunter, if that's a tat, it's all your fault that my attention catches on these images as I sift through the thousands of images trying to sort them into galleries. Over the years, I've created some categories privately, but now, they are going more public... and the images are scattered. I have to do some digital archaeology to dig them out of my electronic archives.



11:27 Scribe: I'm seeing circles and half circles (concave and convex) EVERYWHERE.

11:28 posted

11:29 Scribe: Hunter is very good at... subtlety. I SO get her (way of peeking out... and just showing hints).

11:30 posted update

11:31 Scribe: What better way to communicate but via nonverbal symbols? [ TP R & D ] ... Back to my Photographic Tendencies: I'm starting galleries that are based on themes.

Throughout the years my eye catches on certain patterns or I work with certain symbols... and these are symbols that my mind snags on now (for better or worse). So, as a placeholder, I now have wanderingmind.space/symbols-gallery   I have thousands of images I've accumulated over the span of four years, and I may be working on finding one particular image, but then stumble upon others. This circle/half circle is on my mind (even though backburnered, I get "triggered" whenever I see old photos because of THIS SM post). That darn Hunter.

Image: posted by Hunter on PhotoSnap 06 May (45) 10:24ish

Image: posted by Hunter on PhotoSnap 06 May (45) 10:24ish

11:48 posted image. I don't even have to filter (all proud) - she hid her identity enough... although anyone who follows her on PhotoSnap... if they stumble upon this InstaFeed will know who Hunter is in real life. I already revealed who was the inspiration for Hunter's character in A Wandering Mind (on IdeaSpace), so it's not a biggee. For purposes of storytelling, I try to make the characters more universal (I try not to show any identifying features - facial rec, etc.)

11:51 Scribe: you can see how my apophenic mind goes a bit haywire at times... these symbolic synchronicities happen quite frequently with A Wandering Mind characters. it's like they're COMMUNICATIN' or somethin' (being funny... but not)

11:53 Scribe: and... to give a shout out to Trickster. I see columns EVERYWHERE (no phallicies intended).


[ cooler air, wind picks up... darker clouds encroaching on my outdoor workspace; Scribe checks radar - no storms yet, but still watching the weather out there myself ... what's on the radar may not really indicate local REALITY... ]

12:01 Scribe: so, the peanut gallery may want to know what other (image) resemblances between Scribe's voyage and "out there" waypoints she's recently encountered. Argh. Ok. I hate doing this. Let's just call them CREATIVE ADJACENCIES for now.


First stop. I stumbled upon an old InstaFeed share of mine - image is slightly altered from original for presentation purposes - of a song cover image by AfroJack... hm. I was on the treadmill at the time, listening to music, wakewalking... it was a nice wakewalk image. ... Recently, I ran across it in the archives and I thought: "kinda resembles a recent film cover


12:08 Scribe (mumbles): it was the coloring more than anything. ( more upbeat and louder): On to the next one.

12:09 Scribe: we have ... Dolores' "You're in my dream now" ... Scribe's Inner STORYREEL: "yes, yes we are... thanks for pokin' the bear. It sure does need some prodding. ... yes OUT with the dream."

Image Source:  Westworld  Season 2

Image Source: Westworld Season 2

12:11 Scribe: the still caught my attention. dreamy...  staring down, sky above. Hm...


12:13 Scribe: I'm not trying to make this about me... but I've done quite a few of these captures... it's a Wandering Mind signature deal... dream clouds, in the clouds sort of thing


12:18 Scribe: my most recent one was back in March


12:19 Scribe: on to the next resemblance...

Image Source:  Anon

Image Source: Anon

12:20 Scribe: I've got number issues. Numerologically challenged, I call it. These numbers are significant from my perspective... and Trickster's

12:21 Scribe: no spoilers. I try to avoid those. These are just what I call cookies (that leave a trail)

Image Source:  Anon

Image Source: Anon

12:23 Scribe: transom(s) and shadows... I also see frame(work)

Image: taken by Scribe in Year 42

Image: taken by Scribe in Year 42

Image taken and filtered by Scribe in Year 44

Image taken and filtered by Scribe in Year 44

12:27 Scribe: a long-running thematic / symbolic focus of mine (transom, shadow(s), frame(work) )

Image taken by Scribe 18 Feb (44)

Image taken by Scribe 18 Feb (44)


12:31 Scribe: I revealed a partial compilation of symbols that are on my radar back in February... these are shapes and symbols I watch out for ( photographically and otherwise)

12:32 Scribe: They all are a part of A Wandering Mind

12:33 Scribe: not an exhaustive list, but highlights. As I mentioned earlier, columns catch my attention (still in the development phase for one aspect of Scribe - Seshat)

12:35 Scribe: let me explain: part of Scribe's research are historical/mythological scribal figures. I refer to them as aspects of Scribe. There is a lot of history behind scribes, which all lead up to what I do: tranScribing my TPic experiences. Call them other points of reference. Historical examples that have led us to this moment in time. Scribal tendencies (CraftyScribe.com) highlights these aspects and their works: from hieroglyphs to digital avatars.

Usually InstaFeed is a conduit not just of my voice but the InnerNet team members’ - another way of documenting - for TP R&D and for other purposes (communication, collaborative creativity) ... I'm focusing on trying to be a one-voiced BLOGGER for now. Yes, I sense and hear (and "see" either in dreams or wakewalking projections) an Other - "nonlocal" transmissions (physics term) - that I consider not originating from me. Again, I'm quieting this part of InstaFeed for now. Let's just say I don't observe other team members doing what I do. Let's just say they ACT NORMAL on a regular basis. [ mumbles : can't wait for the big reveal. you are so "going down" ... ]


12:43 Scribe: when the story comes out, all this InstaFeed TPic mumbled jumble won't seem so strange ... but for now, I ALSO NEED TO BE NORMAL (as always, I just have the luxury of being more honest here ... not being a public figure ... I'm probably the least "public" (with followers) out of all the team members. Just imagine if those more publicly visible started throwing around the word TELEPATHY on a regular basis and acting as if it was NORMAL to talk to someone in their head, talk to others about what they are sensing from an Other... You get the drift. CRAZY TALK, right. Hm, hm. That's why I'm focusing on other things that right now matter more (even though I DESPISE saying that... knowing that if TP is happening, what I would LIKE to focus on and feel a need to focus on... is the RIGHT thing to do... my life tends to remind me... there are other more important things than TP. The world as it is is NOT very accepting... perhaps it's getting better... without anyone really catching on to what is happening. Pay closer attention. You may just be on to something.

12:48 Scribe: But don't stray too far. Remember, the world is not kind to "abnormal" ...

12:49 Let's focus on Anon. You make up your own mind if there is anything to these resemblances.

Image Source:  Anon

Image Source: Anon


12:50 I'd prefer not to show this resemblance. But it's a striking one. Reminder: Anon was just released recently.

12:52 Scribe: I shared this image on eZ (LiveStream) [ Now archived, just as this InstaFeed will soon be archived - it's been my longstanding habit to post publicy, leave it up for a while, then, make it private for archival purposes ] ... eZ is suggestive but doesn't show anything too explicit. That's my style of intimacy. So, I approve of this CREATIVE ADJACENCY in Anon.

[ tracking down original and filtered images ... timestamp: 24 Oct (44) 08:51 ... gotta love metadata; moving to eZ LiveStream archive to take a screen capture ]

12:55 Scribe: the original is very close to the Anon image... here's the filtered SBD version. If you don’t know what SBD stands for, do your homework.

12:57 Scribe: as an aside, if you kept seeing glaring resemblances to what you shared online (many posts under licensing - like this one)... what would your reaction be? It's just a question and topic of discussion. Which I HOPE at some point I get the chance to talk to someone about. What's fair game? what's crossing the line? ... today I'm in the TPic R&D mode ... a muse who appreciates being the inspiration to others (if this is the case)... every muse, however, would like some recognition (me? privately is fine) ... nope. has. not. happened. yet... I jokingly blame myself. Open source? my "interactions with media" (CYA clause)? "image credit page is under construction" (life gets in the way A LOT ... and this is a “manuscript in the making”) ... What to do when you just want to be creative?... different from these resemblances I see... my sourcing (I hope) is all BTS until further notice. My final creations, I hope, are more or less "authentic" and a new "angle" ... I try, so if I resemble your work, it wasn't intentional.


[ storm is blowing in; pack up outdoor workspace; potty break mindchat monologue ... Scribe's thinking about Season 2 kiss scene in Westworld and the lucid dream that she had the night before Season 2 was released publicly - and it's NOT like I'm making this shit up. I have data to back it up. Frickin' Trickster was on a panel to discuss Season 1 of Westworld. Uh, huh. Wonder what connections he has with THAT network. Honestly, people need to really start listening to what I'm saying. There is something going on!  ... either that or it's precog.]

13:10 back online

[ typing "intermission" rant ]

13:14 Scribe: oh, I saw PRANK (Trickster's comedy show) on Netflix. Frickin' mind games you play. THAT entity OBVIOUSLY is in on somethin' ... too many "hits" there.

Scribe: not a frickin' episode (have I watched of PRANK) ... I avoid you like the plague in some ways.


13:21 posting eZ LiveStream from 26 oct (44)


 13:23 Posted.

13:24 Scribe: I said it well that day. SBD is a side of Scribe, another part of her story... I'm curious now what I said that day.

[ reading ... it's about inspiration for SBD's Halloween costume and photoshoot ]


13:35 original image [ and resemblance ] posted to eZ's LiveStream today - 14 May (45) ... shadowdance.live/livestream

[ just as a reminder: ... there is a LICENSE posted ]


13:37 Scribe: how many people am I going to have in that auditorium [ who have to come clean? ] ... oh, I know it's a bit different : a hand instead of another leg. Please. As IF I wouldn't noticed the similarity.

13:39 Scribe: Oh, my filters and what I show to the world. That anonymizing of myself and the team members. Hm. Sounds FAMILIAR. [ I'm being humorously testy ]

13:40 Scribe: ... that and how I erase most of my posts (or make them private / archive them) ... how long have I been doing this? [ years ] ...  that is a cool concept

V- I recognize you

Scribe: that's all you get. hahaha


13:42 (jumping cursor - I HATE THAT ... so if there are nonsensical characters in this tranScript it's because of that ... grr ) So, I post these copyrighted images (without permission) from Anon and elsewhere for illustrative purposes (my "interactions with media") - I hope no one is offended. To date, I have not received a request to take them down. I will gladly do so. Part of the reason they "go away" to the archive...

13:45 Scribe: so, I hope I haven't crossed the line posting eZ images to WMS (I try to keep it PG13 here) ... that distinction (separate site) is probably more for my comfort level (geared toward more mature audiences) than the fact that they are outright explicit (which, I don't think they are... except maybe one that I'm thinking of... artistically filtered... I view it as something similar to what someone may come across in a museum? (not even that...) but highly suggestive? intimate? each individual's comfort levels or definition of suggestive, erotic, sexually explicit ... will vary.

13:47 Scribe: so ... CYA (snicker) ... if in doubt, post it on eZ's site.


13:52 Scribe: "Non-commercial - No derivatives"

13:53 Scribe: [ mumbles ] at least I have the "non-commercial" down ... [ I make NO money off this creative endeavor here on WMS nor eZ ... ]

13:55 Scribe: crap?! that's the time? gotta go... Mom duty.


[ chauffeuring; at eye doctor with daughter ] 


[ move to different exam room ] 

15:11 Scribe: more from Anon

listen to the timestamp (they mention one in this scene - it has a six and a one ) PAIRED with the cue mark in the film


15:14 Scribe: “Interference” talks about these numbers as a time portal (keep your eye/ear out  - these numbers keep appearing in tv shows & movies) ... ever wonder where they come up with which numbers to use?

 [ back on patio - sunny again ]

16:28 Since I started noticing these synchronicities, I would be interested in finding out more about just that aspect of th creative process (significant numbers based on cast member’s or anyone (more) involved in its production?

16:29 Scribe: more creative adjacencies I’ve notes from Anon: 


An ongoing Wandering Mind theme ... to give a head nod to the double slit (physics) experiment ... 


... and music


16:34 posted

Scribe: I pick up on these stylish details. Scribe with photographic tendencies approves ;-)

16:37 X marks the spot is also a WM theme...  (Scribe likes to make Indiana Jones references)


16:39 Scribe: nice framework, too 

[ carrying Maya outide & back inside to do her thing - elderly dogcare : Scribal note: if you really want to get to know a person, have them take care of an old dog for a while ... ]


16:44 raw footage


16:50 Scribe: it’s important to revert back to original ... to see what the source was (before artistic filters)

16:51 posted


16:52 Scribe: staged stills... and then, I just stumble upon them in nature or some structure or sign ...



17:00 Scribe: some can be attributed to stylistic /creative similarities... others? I am really curious where the inspiration came from to create one perspective over another.

 [ inside to access “Hidden Horizon” ... funny ... another circle / half circle / concave / convex (Egyptian hieroglyph) ]


17:09 posted 

Scribe: so, what do I do? creatives keep creating. and ... document the shit out of your sourcing & creative process. Some day, it might come in very handy





17:13 Scribe: (InnerNet storyreel - mostly for entertainment value ...) Miller’s Planet [ Interstellar ], Miller for VP (?) [ GeoStorm ], Miller High Life ... which takes on a whole new meaning when she may be connected to Trickster. And, no, I do not drink that beer, I am not into politics [ i wouldn’t run for any office - there’s a story about my high school student council days - I ran for secretary (the scribe in me runs deep into my past) ... but many tried to get me to run for president. And the only pot I’m interested in is the gardening or cooking kind.

17:17 [ about to start cooking dinner INNER MONOLOGUE : and loosely, Nick Miller of New Girl ... I just got past the episode where he was asked to describe what his book is about... and Jess (the educator) described it in a nutshell. Those characters crack me up. ... A Wandering Mind in a nutshell: the creative process. It’s organized chaos. It meanders ... but there are threads that pull it together. The last publicly released (more polished) installment of A Wandering Mind was over two years ago. Life happens. I’ve taken lots of tangents, I’ve meandered. It’s not that I’ve left it behind, but let’s face it. Momma gotta get paid to pay the rent (and other necessities). A day like today? Shouldn’t happen (normal person filter). Artistic filter? Somehow in some way it’s worth it.

17:28 DINNER