iF - 13 May (45)


08:34 Scribe: As I try to find certain photos, others pop out.

08:35 Scribe: I found this one first (BTS):


08:37 Scribe: So, you have different angles. But... who was with me?

08:38 Scribe: you see what I see, you see me, but who is looking at me?


08:41 Scribe: Another woman with photographic tendencies. My sister.


08:45 Scribe: She helped with the behind the scenes archive.


08:48 Scribe: She poses much better than I do (we were trying to come up with superhero poses for her son that day).

08:59 Scribe: Most of us now have mobile device cameras, so perhaps some of us who take photography a little more seriously don't get asked this question as much: "When did your interest in photography start?" This post is to recognize those people who share in those photographic tendencies, who need to get a certain angle, stage a scene, create a different perspective.


09:02 Scribe: my sister is one of those people. We took "photoshooting" to the next level with the barrage of photos we shot in a few seconds time.

09:03 Scribe: I am sure I had many influences, but one of them growing up was my maternal grandfather. At any family gathering, he was carefully trying to capture portraits with the right lighting, that perfect backdrop.


09:06 Scribe: It was through his eyes we see the backdrop for the poem "Maco Sica"


An aging mother's withered hand
affectionately touching sacred land
blessing Maco Sica's wrinkles in time
bewildering tenacity covered in grime.
Blood streaks, seeps
bones buried deep
desolate dread
long from dead
ancient pool dip
boundless slip
wide-open wink
missing link
beckoning tap
falcon flap.


09:08 Scribe: My sister and I were there with him on one of our vacations together headed to see family out West.



09:12 Scribe [ chuckles ] I'm just noticing this is a different tree. The backdrop is very similar, though. The "Maco Sica" tree photo was taken in the same area, I'm sure. [ maybe the "Maco Sica" photo is just reversed horizontally? both trees have that "bench" root ]

09:14 Scribe: You can read more about my grandfather's photographic tendencies in "Interference," one of the installments of A Wandering Mind. He was a World War II photographer and also worked back home in the States in a studio.


09:29 Scribe: so, what photo had I been looking for? It's mother's day, and I'm trying to find at least ten photos for my Storytelling Gallery...

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 9.25.22 AM.png

09:30 Scribe: Had to screen capture this sketch from my personal PhotoSnap account. Who knows where this original image is. I have so many photos, and over the years switched a few devices, which created different places where I've archived them... the issue that I'm sure many have who have artistic endeavors that are side projects to other aspects of their lives) ... [ thank goodness for SM, the Cloud and metadata... and a pretty good memory so I can eventually track them down if I really need them ]

I've also been trying to track down a good photo, but I don't have (handy) any photos of my mother and her daughter(s). Here's what I did find.


09:33 Scribe: I don't think I wanted to pose that day. Grumpilicious me. Ah, the days when we didn't have digital images and we had to take only a few photos on old school film that would later be developed... and we only then discovered (after it was developed) that people were blinking or frowning or whatever else that didn't make the photo ideal. [ chuckles ] After the film was developed and you saw the image that was captured, the retake opportunity was long gone.