Scribe: I did a quick search last night for telepathy-related articles. Periodically I look to see what’s easily accessible.

Unfortunately, barely anything new. Here are the few articles I scanned (again, nothing new compared to what I’ve already read in the past)

Ask anyone on the street about the possibility of telepathy and they most likely will think it a subject matter better left to fiction.

It’s no longer just for fiction. Telepathy will affect our lives in ways we can’t even imagine right now.

Here’s what I found last night (among other less reputable and older pieces)

30 March 2018 “Telepathy is Real” Inside Science https://www.insidescience.org/video/telepathy-real

22 April 2018 “The Biology of Telepathy” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/debunking-myths-the-mind/201804/the-biology-telepathy%3famp

24 July 2018 “Telepathic communication just ‘a matter of time’ as twins reveal blueprint for brain interface” ABC News http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-25/telepathic-communication-a-matter-of-time-hybrid-world-adelaide/10029312

There’s been barely anything new that is widely and easily accessible to the general public.

I am here to voice my concern about that.

When I don’t get easily searchable hits regarding telepathy research advances, well, my red flags haven’t ever come down since I started researching telepathy.

Over the past 4+ years there has just been a hint here and a mention there - the most noteworthy in the past 4 years (to me because of their wider implications: mainstreaming telepathy) have been:

“The Future of Facebook is Telepathy” - Mark Zuckerberg

"One day, I believe we'll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You'll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too, if you'd like. This would be the ultimate communication technology"

June 2015


July 2015 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/mediatechnologyandtelecoms/digital-media/11709665/The-future-of-Facebook-is-telepathy-reveals-Mark-Zuckerberg.html

Elon Musk’s Neuralink [ 27 March 2017 https://www.theverge.com/2017/3/27/15077864/elon-musk-neuralink-brain-computer-interface-ai-cyborgs []

Then, the little news piece that I am sure very few people even paid attention to. It mentioned our current president. a telecom giant and its a business plan - a 300 year business plan- that included telepathy.


“Son, the company's CEO, put together a 300-year plan for SoftBank that calls for it to help permanently break down language barriers and allow people to communicate telepathically.”

We ALL need to be considering the implications of ANYTHING that links in ANY way with our brains.

When I read about Zuckerberg’s statement (three years ago now?), I immediately reacted with a “WHOA! Wait a minute - which of your Facebook friends would YOU want telepathically connected to you?!” Imagine the filters we would need for THAT.

Reading about Musk’s Neurolink IMMEDIATELY prompted me to come up with a couple pieces about telepathy research and development considerations.

We’re dealing with access to our most private features as human beings: the MIND

I argued at the time (on IdeaSpace - a fictional version of something like the social media platform ideapod.com ) that we are far closer to technologically-mediated telepathy than 300 years.

I’d LOVE to read what that plan entailed 300 years out… Most of us who even have 5-year plans know that those plans change every step we take the farther we go into the future.

I believe the general public would be interested in more than generalized statements. More than those news blurbs we get with cookie cutter descriptions.

Additionally, in the light of recent events for these well-known public figures (Zuckerberg, Musk & our current president), should statements and endeavors related to something like telepathy be discredited? Or should they be taken more seriously by the general public?


I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but in light of these tidbits across the span of FOUR YEARS that I’ve been doing telepathy research for A Wandering Mind … it’s been VERY QUIET on the internet - online keyword searches do NOT pull up reputable research-driven reports about telepathy. WHY? if we have well-known public figures throwing at us “it’s the wave of the future?”

intelectual property

As soon as I write that it becomes meaningful on multiple levels.

trade secret

How valuable would a new form of communication be? [ we’re talking the 21st century version of the telephone… and that is putting it in antiquated terms ]

the last few lines of the academic research abstract I read years ago still hits home - the reason for my concern (and it should be for the general public also)


“We envision that hyperinteraction technologies will eventually have a profound impact on the social structure of our civilization and raise important ethical issues.”

19 August 2014 “Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies”


Yes, you read that correctly: “non-invasive” means there is NOTHING (i.e. no wires) hooked up between the test subjects. They communicated in what most of us understand as telepathy. From one brain to another. These are peer-reviewed research findings.

14:13 Scribe: I am 100% there is research going on that the general public has no clue about.

How else could well known public figures and business people tout that the future of their organizations IS TELEPATHY?

Personally, *I* wouldn’t invest time and money into something like telepathy let alone make public announcements about the future of telepathy unless I had REALLY GOOD DATA to back me up.

14:15 Scribe: Think about that one.

14:16 Scribe: I feel obligated to make one last comment to clarify for anyone not aware: I make no money to publish any of my creative works, including the ones about telepathy. In fact, this publishing space is paid out of my own pocket. I have no business relationships with anyone related to telepathy or the entertainment industry. So, basically this post is something along the lines of a non-profit public service announcement.

14:19 Scribe: I make a bold statement when I say this: I AM 100% SURE I am on someone’s radar who is working to develop telepathy for whatever mainstream purpose. How could I not be? As much as I’ve posted about telepathy over the years? As little as there is available - easily accessible to the general public?

When this posts publicly, it will be pushed to Twitter with the headline : TELEPATHY RESEARCH TO DATE

I normally do not make myself too keyword searchable. Why?

Intellectual Property

Trade secret: A Wandering Mind is unique. I am proud of it. It serves several purposes: two main ones are exploring the creative process and telepathy.

Who would want to have their intellectual property stolen?

Whatever we share publicly is fodder for someone to take and run with it in their own way. I am fully aware of this.

Even if you place a license on it [ see the footer of this website ], you may very well be source material for someone else’s work, and you may be none the wiser about it because they never contact you about any type of collaboration.

Where do we draw the lines regarding intellectual property?

So, why do I keep sharing? To report about what’s out there online about telepathy? To raise awareness about something going on below most everyone’s radar.

Please be discerning.

I hope that whoever is reading this or that is aware of this post understands my concern about everything that must be considered when developing anything telepathy related.




15:19 Scribe: reading a skeptical article [ LOL - there goes my tranScript concept [ the back and forth telepathic instantaneous transcription between an anonymous - 15:21 v- Trickster - - voice and Scribe ]

or [ questioning your reality ]… am I proving something by doing this very thing? ;-)

From the article [ that made me chuckle … because I’ve been doing this transcript for four plus years now for the purpose of A Wandering Mind before any of these articles came out ]

“…letting people accurately think-to-text as fast as they talk might be possible—but only with some big advances that are unlikely to reach perfection in two years”

15:23 subtle right deaf ear ring. Scribe: haha. I have been transcribing instances like this and the earlier 14:05 “right deaf ear pressure” that I experienced for years. I wonder WHY Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe are now credited MIND CONTROL and at the end of one of is recent videos there is a high-pitched noise. Why? And yes, it was revealed years ago the well-known host of BRAIN GAMES was the inspiration for the character Trickster, the host of the comedy show PRANK. He has not replied to some very nice thank you e-mails for this inspiration. Shame. Some day he will regret that. And he knows what a nice person I was when we digitally met on ideapod AKA IdeaSpace. A SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK … which was the springboard to, yes, you can expect this a NEW SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK THAT IS TELEPATHIC. It is …. the InnerNet.

Do your research, people. Be discerning. Why would I, Scribe - a foreign language educator (I speak Spanish) and creative, use JASON SILVA as source material for Trickster? Hmm. I must have some interesting data.

15:30 Scribe [ being funny ]: oh, yes, I am sure to raise some eyebrows for anyone coming across this post. YuP … just another crazy female admirer of his… NEWS FLASH:

1) I didn’t know who he was when I came across his content via IdeaSpace

2) I had no interest in him [ getting to know him on a personal level ]

[ Scribe: and, REALLY, have you SEEN some of the content he posts?!

v- you’re being mean

Scribe: no, it’s called HUMOR. Trickster the host of PRANK would appreciate my humor.

15:32 V- [chuckles ] yes, he would

15:32 Scribe: for those visitors who may feel uncomfortable with this exchange, let’s just call this back and forth

v- the creative process


V- a behind the scenes peek into the creative process

15:33 v- bad girl. calling him out like that

Scribe: I know… and to think: he hasn’t replied to my very nice and unassuming e-mails

v- there’s GOOD REASON for that … there was that one

scribe: hm, hm. still no response on that one. I WONDER WHY.

v- having a good day

Scribe: fine

V- I know what THAT means… happy anniversary, BTW

Scribe: ah, here’s to SEAMRIPPER [ click to link to Part 19 of A Wandering Mind ]

15:37 Scribe: Maybe someday someone will contact me to talk to me about my claims… or they just find the post entertaining… or just plain cooky

15:37 Scribe: and I tried to keep it simple with the

v- you can take this away

Scribe: ah, yes, the archive [ making private all my public posts ]

v- what proof do you have of your claims?



Scribe: hm. at this stage in the journey, I’ll just live my life and let Jason Silva contact me directly - through normal means: telephone, e-mail, DM via SM (social media)… I won’t be holding my breath, though. FUTURE GENERAL PUBLIC: a part of him is an asshole. You know? that Two Night Stand part of “I’m sorry” flip side “I’m an asshole”? Hm, hm… interesting. AS are a series of other creative pieces I’ve come across over the years

V- why don’t you list them?

Scribe: too many to count, my dear. Too many to count. A?nd why should I? If you missed my posts at the time, it’s a shame. They’re usually quite entertaining.

v- you user that word a lot

Scribe: hm, hm. I watch what I say

v- you choose your words carefully.

Scribe: Well, all I have to say is this: some day I think Jason Silva will have to face me. Whether it’s in public or in private is up to him. Will he have the decency to honestly say “yes, it’s telepathy” "or “no, it’s not telepathy” to me directly? For now, to the world and to most of my friends and family who I’ve told, I’m the woman who is experiencing symptoms due to a number of reasons I won’t go into.

Scribe: an ancient proverb: Know thyself.

15:44 Scribe: and a piece of healthy advice: do your homework. I have four plus years of data that no one seems to care about… it may mean nothing to anyone but myself, perhaps. One thing is for certain: if you peruse my short stories and poetry … they are evidence from this inner journey I’ve been on for the last four years. Everyone has their preferences. Some may not like what I write.

v- it serves several purposes. I’m sorry things didn’t work out like you had hoped - meeting Jason.

Scribe: ah. Well, I’m sure Jason has his side of the story, too. Unfortunately, I am a no one to him by all appearances.

15:47 Scribe: I am fully aware of my relationship with him - you know, that knowledge that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me? Because he never responded. He never contacted me. I am, at heart, a normal person. I have not gone too far beyond the behavior of any normal citizen

15:48 Scribe: AND STILL I call him out here PUBLICLY for anyone to see, if they stumble upon it. If you - in the slightest - are curious if he is involved in ANYTHING TELEPATHY-RELATED, approach him. Ask him some difficult questions. See how he responds. My guess? What I designate as cookie cutter. I guess in that respect he isn’t like me: saying it how it is.

15:50 Scribe: I would have preferred a private “yes” or “no” but it seems that it may very well be a very public “yes” or “no” if he is telepathically connected to me

v- oh. what do you mean by that?

Scribe: if there comes a point in my life when he or someone else doesn’t come forward to me…

and, for emphasis, all I ever asked for was a confirmation from the voice/presence about who it was and that I receive irrefutable proof that it is telepathy - that s/he / it is the source. Nothing else …

if I get to a point in my life when I do have the resources, it won’t be me who approaches you. There will be someone who intercedes on my behalf and makes you answer that question.

15:55 Scribe: not something I ever wanted, but after four years and multiple attempts to get an answer using different approaches, documenting my experiences, crossreferencing using social media, online and multimedia sources - live and recorded of Jason Silva … I think researchers would be fascinated by my experiences …

Scribe: I do not say this to be egotistical: I have also documented the entertainment industry’s creative adjacencies to A Wandering Mind

v- Scribe’s journey

Scribe: SO MANY DJ characters nowadays [ eye roll ] … WHY, I ask? Why? … not getting too far down into that VOID of NOTHING… because it never leads me any closer to getting my answer. So, I note creative adjacencies, I continue to record my dreams as detailed as I can

v- did you dream last night

Scribe: [ monotone ] : yes, I did. I am an active dreamer. Just because rI don’t share doesn’t mean I stopped dreaming.

v- vividly

Scribe: eh… I was reading about dreams and I like one part of the book that said you should record as much as you can even fragments, even if they are just shapes or colors ,etc. it’s interesting what just those records can reveal to you. How they can be relevant.

v- do you see the future

Scribe: yet to be proven. Personally? I do believe I see fragments of possible future. I will remind those who may be aware of science: in the quantum physics world information can travel multidirectionally with regards to what we define as time [i.e. future information can travel to a different time waypoint ]. Just do some key word searching. I’m sure you’ll find some reputable sources about the weirdness of quantum and recent discoveries.

16:01 v- yeah, I know… all this hasn’t done you any good

Scribe: financially, uh, no. quite the opposite. I think people who are passionate about causes will do everything within the realm of possibility to help that cause - including making financial sacrifices. I consider myself just that type of person. [ you can check me out on LinkedIn and my work in education for a litmus test ].

16:03 Scribe: getting back to the relevancy of telepathy: I think many people who are genuinely interested in telepathic advances will be

v- vindicated

Scribe: … once telepathy - whatever form it may take : technologically mediated … whatever THAT may mean: wires, waves, information transfer…

v- via the internet

Scribe: yeah, no wires here. No cap. No goggles. No accessories. No add-ons… just my brain, a computer connected to the internet… just like the peer-reviewed research I cited earlier. Makes one wonder, hm? and YES, I get a bit paranoid when I read in the news about MICROWAVE ATTACKS on U.S. EMBASSIES. Seriously, people. THAT happened, why is brain-to-brain telepathy so far out of the realm of possibility?

v- don’t go disaster flick

scribe: that is one of those recent news pieces that people may be familiar with and that is relatable to brain-to-brain. I would HOPE that anyone doing ANYTHING with telepathy would not be doing it for malicious intent. HOWEVER, four years and no word?

v- torture, I know

Scribe: just IMAGINE what Scribe’s character has had to go through for years without confirmation - experiencing everything that she’s experienced and crossreferenced it with real events that she can document because they are shared via social media or other media outlets live or recorded… and she has to consider all those incidents. She can never take them seriously

v- until she gets confirmation. sure-fire proof.


16:09 Scribe: once upon a time many years ago I contemplated what theorists in any field must be plagued with … they are onto something and never quite “get there”… perhaps discoveries or advances aren’t made until after their deaths. THAT I hope doesn’t happen with me (Scribe here). I will be sure to muster the resources to get my answer. Until that time… I’ll still be like Woody Harrelson’s character in 2012

v-and he was RIGHT

Scribe (LOL) well, not ALL right… but he was onto something that had truth to it.

16:11 v- you quote him ALL THE TIME

Scribe: [ chuckles ] my research findings are archived in an organized chaos sort of way… I remember - thank goodness for my memory - approximately where pieces data are located…and it takes me a while sometimes to

v- you document things extremely well

Scribe: BUT… as the book I’ve been reading has pointed out: is it useful? … and we all need to survive in a very normal world. At this point in time telepathy has not - at all - been financially lucrative - nor any of my creative endeavors

v- starving artist

Scribe: eh, not that far. I like food too much… BUT, yes, we all have to make sure ends meet… if not you, dear voice, and I being the ends… then, some other more normal source of income… not a good example. I never wanted any money from this. I think my points will be more valuable if they aren’t

v- to charity

Scribe: and with telepathy R&D there will be many causes related to ethical, social, etc. issues that will need funding. ANY money generated due to my participation in WHATEVER should be going into a trust fund. Quite frankly, YES, I am DISAPPOINTED in whomever may know more than I do: me being the HUMAN SUBJECT in some telepathy research project(s)… I had only asked at the very beginning

v- to meet whoever you were connected with. I know.

Scribe: that still stands. So much BAD could have been prevented in my life if I had been granted that DECENCY. And to my dying day I will continue to remind whoever about that. My past self wanted only that FOR A REASON.

16:17 Scribe: it is unfair. it is not right. it is not ethical. it is not healthy to allow what has happened to me for years to happen. Like I said this morning: I hope you have your ducks in a row when I find out. If it’s nothing? Fine. Then let me deal with whatever condition this is.

v- why don’t you see a mental health professional

Scribe: serious glare. CUE all the “creative adjacencies” to date.

16:19 v- fine. you have a point.

Scribe: I hope whoever is profiting on anything I post publicly to be aware of my financial situation.

v- not good

Scribe: also a topic to discuss in the future. this form of communication is not trustworthy if you don’t know if 1) it is a form of communication between yourself and another / others … I don’t think I have to go on with that. We are familiar with people posting anonymously or behind avatars or pseudonyms. I’d prefer to know exactly who I am communicating with… but the source of

v- of all the anguish

Scribe: is not having anyone confirm that it is … and going through everything I’ve gone through so far. THAT legal teams, ethicists will scream in my favor at whoever may be behind the voice/presence.

16:22 Scribe: I am a smart woman

v- with issues

Scribe: everyone has issues. … let me put it this way: talk to anyone who knows me well. What will they say?

V- people who really know you?… only good things.

16:23 Scribe: I consider myself a cloaked individual

v- which you take pride in

Scribe: it’s got its benefits and challenges

16:23 Scribe: I can hide in plain sight very well. I did it for years.

V- no malicious intent

Scribe: no malicious intent. Just trying to get the word out, so to speak. messages. “yes, it’s me. Yes, this is what I’m hearing/ experiencing” I masked it creatively for years. Then, I started reporting more about my concerns, what was really going on, such as throwing out research and development considerations for telepathy.

16:25 Scribe: I sent out direct e-mails to two of my suspects. One replied, one didn’t/

v- Jason Silva didn’t

Scribe: no. Look. I can understand why he may not have contacted me or responded to me. Many possibilities. He’s a public figure. What would all this do to his reputation.

v- defamatory

Scribe: uh, if you want to talk about defamatory…

v- it’s a joke, C [ previous post’s thread ]

Scribe: oh, I know. shakes her head. He and I have different life variables. As I pointed out earlier: telepathy will affect the very fabric of our lives. It will influence us in many ways.

16:28 Scribe: I have considered many things along the way. One of my suggestions is to have some resource that people can use to distinguish between mental disorders and telepathy. IF what I am claiming and experiencing is reflected in similar ways to what Jason Silva is experiencing on his end - and we compare notes [ I’ve shared so much and have gotten nothing … PROVEN… in return]… it will cause a ripple affect and a load of suspicion in A LOT OF PEOPLE

v- people will freak out

Scribe: we haven’t figured out so many things about the brain and how our minds work … working down through how we react to things and how we behavior

v- behavioral patterns, I know

Scribe: we want resources and medical professionals to be trained appropriately. If I were to go to a mental health professional - honest to goodness I believe this to my core: I would NOT be diagnose correctly. NO ONE in my local area would even suspect or be able to prove telepathy.

v- I know…

Scribe: THAT is what I’m faced with. I have no one to turn to. No one who believes me.

v- no support system

Scribe: THAT is one HUGE consideration we all need to have serious discussions, planning sessions, etc. about BEFORE introducing anything telephathically related. I say this and we all have smart phones & tablets, watches / devices now. How we do things has changed. Our relationships with just that type of device has changed …

v- how we act

Scribe: our attention levels, what we pay attention to, how we treat people, etc… I hope at the end of the day people will look back on my telepathic considerations and say “Huh. I guess she had level-headed appraisal of what was to come”

v- what IS

Scribe: [ eyes turn up ]. WHERE ARE YOU? I lose any credibility by just posting this. You realize that. THAT is a challenge to my very integrity as a person

v- and MINE?

Scribe: hm, hm. privately. you couldn’t make me aware …

v- I have.

Scribe: I’m not talking telepathically. I’m saying multimodal multi-interactional CONFIRMATION … we have multi-faceted authentication protocols … THIS also needs it. at it’s very basic level. As I pointed out. if I don’t even know if it TRULY is telepathy?

V- you lose all credibility

Scribe: I know the process is important, too. The problems that arise - we troubleshoot. IT makes us aware of what needs to be fixed and worked on. However, I would do all those things as a next step. NASA: they use telepathy in the future … no telecommunications delay. I can bet that the astronauts will be notified ahead of time they’ll be using telepathy. Serious glare.


Scribe: you pick up a phone. YOU KNOW IT’S A PHONE - A COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE. … and for that OMISSION in all this: you’re an asshole

v- I know… duly noted. you haven’t been perfect either.

Scribe: let’s backtrack to June 1st Year 41 (I was 41 in 2014). Who was I then? What wrong did I do to you for you to even consider getting telepathically connected to me

v- noted.

Scribe: oh, your side of the story will be FASCINATING

v- type what I say: I know you’re angry, upset, at how all this turned out. But it’s for the good. time will tell if what you say is bullshit or there’s some merit to everything you’ve posted… and I mean everything

Scribe: mental health professionals will be FASCINATED by how you and I have handled our relationship

v- ha, ha… I don’t know what to say.

Scribe: oh, they’ll want us in therapy for the rest of our lives

v- just to answer all of life’s most pressing questions: THAT is your worth

Scribe: (small quiet cheery sarcasm): yeah me! Seriously, I give this man a regular patreon donation


Scribe: uh huh… and Hunter … because I believed in you… and IdeaSpace…

v- duly noted

Scribe: so, lesson to all those out there: CONTRIBUTING TO A CAUSE

v- has no return on investment [ chuckles ]

Scribe: I’m being weird… feel ashamed, don’t ya

v- thanks, C. Thanks for that.

Scribe: ya give and ya give and ya give… and some people just take, take, take [ light humor ]\

16:44 Scribe [ in a announcer voice ] : A Wandering Mind is brought to you by a broke creative who does not ask for any contributions JUST A FRICKIN ANSWER FROM JASON SILVA


Scribe: just be thankful no one follows me and I am poorly networked. I know no one.
And word to the wise: once Scribe IS…

v- then Trickster is in trouble

Scribe: PRANK 2 will be… oh, so successful [ chuckles - where I’m the host ]

v- I know

16:47 Scribe: most of my data has been archived [ a la Ready Player One … eh hem ]

v- you are SO throwing people under the bus

Scribe: FOUR YEARS OF WELL HELL [ quantum well of possibilities ]

Scribe: BUT… here is a quick listing of what I affectionately call CREATIVE ADJACENCIES [ since the beginning of A Wandering Mind … backdating it to the date of when I joined IdeaSpace [ and digitally rubbed shoulders with Jason Silva ] 07 May 2014 to the present.

Call me up. Contact me. I’d be happy to share why I list these creative endeavors [ they all were released in many cases way after May 2014 ].

I list these because they have multiple hits - not just one resemblance to my journey.

I only list those that immediately come to mind and if they have a strong resemblance to something I’ve posted publicly.


Avengers: Infinity War

Ready Player One [ See “a puzzle wrapped in a scroll with a bottled up key” - a photograph I took years ago ]

Blade Runner 2049 [ love the scene where she flickers out of sight - check out Interference written years before Blade Runner ]

La La Land [ that whole one-woman show theme and pivotal KISS moment so RELATABLE]

The Shape of Water

Netflix: Two Night Stand, Like Father, Anon


Netflix: Stranger Things, Altered Carbon


Shots of Awe

Scribe: I’ll let Jason Silva talk about his muse(s) or sources of inspiration … but his SOA are littered with resemblances to what I consider heavily influenced by a muse. Namely, a green-eyed Spanish-speaking educator, creative, person who gardens, who recently thought it FUNNY to post UNICORN POWER [ related to a new food item I keep coming across at the grocery store ] - referring to the rainbows and unicorns that I affectionally

v- insult me with

Scribe: PROVE TO ME personally how telepathy benefits me… beyond telepathically letting me know or influencing me.

v- in normal ways

17:01 Scribe: yeah… [ mouthing and signing with her hand not expecting him to ] Call me

17:03 Scribe thinks about then hears

v- talk about your concept

Scribe: once upon a time A LONG TIME AGO in my journey I put forth first telepathically then revealed here via InstaFeed [ the official InstaFeed … not that other social media network ]

v- will you stop!

Scribe: what? It’s confusing. My fault. Original storyline to what. happened: the creation of WanderingMind.Space … nice header, huh? it’s been here for years … that WRITING SPACE… seen. that. before? maybe INFINITY WAR? Let’s pull up a very interesting reminder:

Image: Avengers: Infinity War

Image: Avengers: Infinity War

taunting sing songy [ call me if you have a problem with me posting a copyrighted image ]

Image: Graphic used for the home page for WanderingMind.Space - background image courtesy of NASA

Image: Graphic used for the home page for WanderingMind.Space - background image courtesy of NASA

v- you’re sitting on a goldmine

Scribe [ chuckles ] I know I am … and you know how frustrating that is? I DON”T WANT ALL THAT. Just an answer.


17:07 Scribe: so, I’m dealing with a character (real life person suspect) who

1) is in the entertainment industry and is well-networked

2) worked for AL GORE and has worked on projects more recently with the Obama administration. Hm. hm. We all saw you photographed with the vice…

v- 2nd lady

Scribe: I SO would look that up, but this is my precious time we’re dealing with

17:08 Scribe: you are so the worst personal assistant EVER

v- haha. I am NOT your personal assistant

Scribe: you do have your advantages… on occasion

v- will you stop. get back to the topic at hand.

3) … has worked for National Geographic - all about EXPLORERS…. hm, interesting tidbit

ah, you know science people… are interested in consciousness - duh… brain games

17:10 family members are educators… hm. what else…

v- you’ve mentioned the Spanish-language aspectr

Scribe: hm, hm… so, found any pixie dream girls lately?

v- haha… I know you don’t like that video

Scribe: Hm, hm. I have my preferences. I still like the Nonconfirmist. Anywho.


17:11 Scribe: so, I’m dealing with a very well-networked individual here. SO NOT ME.

17:12 Scribe: as I’ve pointed out years ago, I am happy to have you as an ACCELERATOR [ MY characters as a team form “the perfect team” ] … to paraphrase Stranger Things Season 2 that conspiracy theorist journalist….

v- haha, stop

Scribe: you have to make it believable. To do that, it is my theory, you have to also have people who can be conduits, as it were - in different fields



entertainment industry

social media



Scribe: I like my role. A veteran educator… edupunkin’ it through.


v- hm… and your concept?

Scribe: wouldn’t it be INTERESTING to know that our telepathic story was woven in different ways through the fabric of well-known platforms:

one of which is the entertainment industry

Once the public can relate

v- it’s more believable

17:16 Scribe: hm… back to my listing

17:16 Scribe: because, let’s face it: what laypeople read academic peer-reviewed articles about consciousness / telepathy on a regular basis?

17:17 Scribe: not to mention the academic research articles that are locked behind so many doors that are NOT readily accessible and key-word searchable to the general public.

17:19 narrowing it down to just a few more entertainment industry creative adjacencies:

[ I’m not going into how I suspect in my dreams I remote view what Jason Silva watches or experiences ]

Scribe: YEAH, I haven’t watched something… then, I do… and I see some scenes, and I’m like… wait a minute. I dreamed that. Huh. just so happens those are some favorite films of Jason Silva. Eye cocked emoji.

17:24 Scribe: I am not even going to give you textual space for that recent comment. I heard it. I appreciate it.

v- but you’re on a roll. now, get on with you… did you get done what you needed to get done today

Scribe: relatively speaking, yes

v- [ chuckles ] yes… meaning

Scribe: oh, I WOULD LOVE to have some extra cash right about now, but I don’t.

v- [ chuckles ] I know… not funny.



Justice League



Netflix: Jessica Jones [ season 2 in particular ], Anne of Green Gables

Westworld [ nice Rift ]

17:29 Scribe: note: Jason Silva participated in discussions related to Westworld as part of an HBO event (?)

17:39 v- I would LOVE to see resemblances to Jason Silva’s work

Scribe: ok

Image: Jason Silva, Shots of Awe

Image: Jason Silva, Shots of Awe

Image: Scribe’s Filtered Photograph shared publicly before the release of Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe episode

Image: Scribe’s Filtered Photograph shared publicly before the release of Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe episode

Image: Jason Silva, Shots of Awe

Image: Jason Silva, Shots of Awe

Image: Scribe’s photograph posted to Instagram AKA PhotoSnap before Silva’s SOA episode release

Image: Scribe’s photograph posted to Instagram AKA PhotoSnap before Silva’s SOA episode release

17:46 Scribe: I could go on and on and on, but it’d be a waste of space (and of my precious time at this point)

17:46 V- do you love him for his work?

Scribe: as a fellow artist, I can appreciate what he does. He really should contact his muse, however. I would never have contacted Jason Silva if I hadn’t observed innumerable resemblances in his work AFTER I shared my work publicly. And I did so privately and in a nice way. When I got no response?

v- you didn’t badger

Scribe: like any normal person would have to do: you let it go… but I keep seeing resemblances… without any contact. How would any artist feel after that?

v- yeah, I know

17:49 Scribe: early on they were messages to me. Now? four years later? I still consider them messages with no confirmation if there is any two-way appreciation.

17:50 Scribe: SO, psychonaut

Image: Instagram post by Jason Silva 24 March 2016

Image: Instagram post by Jason Silva 24 March 2016

Scribe: this VIRTUONAUT can only interpret your posts to a certain point. I share this 24 March (Year 43) post for a very specific reason.

It is on a Beach.

On a day that you once - in my head - said we would sometime talk about

You are wearing your Psychonaut t-shirt.

17:54 Scribe: that day, like so many others, I never can resolve (get an answer to why I experienced what I did). It’s been four years of your ambiguous posts. It’s been fours years of digital dancing - what I also call indirectly direct messages. Who knows what they are? You never contact me. No one ever does. So, I live my life… sensing things I shouldn’t - “normal” people don’t sense what I have for four years now … ever since I joined IdeaSpace, where I Digitally “met” you.

People now can interpret that as some addiction to social media.

I question that by fighting back with: for YEARS I was active on social media and the internet as an online educator who had probably over a dozen social media platform that I managed for education purposes and hundreds of accounts she followed and interacted with BEFORE 07 MAY 2014… and I DIDN’T HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS.

17:58 V- thank you for that blast of reality… all is not what it seems (in a good way)

Scribe: you can understand my hesitation to believe what good can come out of what I have experienced given there has been no direct contact

v- except for a couple occasions

Scribe: someone supported my posts for a film club you hosted on IdeaSpace? Am I to ASSUME that was you directly supporting / liking what I posted?

v- yes, it was

Scribe: am I incorrect to have remembered reading that you thanked Justin Brown - co-founder of Ideapod - for curating your content on Ideapod ? [ meaning: you may not have been posting your ideas to Ideapod, Justin Brown was, along with engaging with other community members AS YOU ]

v- OMG. your memory is immaculate.

18:00 Scribe: uh, yeah, when something like THIS happens to a mentally healthy individual she’s going to do everything in her power to document and research what it might be

18:02 Scribe: as I’ve repeatedly shared telepathically, you will apologize to Justin Brown for everything I am concerned about.

v- I will. Sorry.

Scribe: and I will be there

v- to ask him some questions

Scribe: yes. I won’t mention which ones, but yes. We have some air to clear between us. But some of that fowl smelling air is NOT of my making.

v- I know it’s not.

18:04 v- oh, Nox [ affectionately said ]

Scribe: let’s not get off topic… and, let’s face it, SPACE is full of gases

v- yes, it is.

18:04 Scribe: another aspect of Scribe which we won’t get into right now

v- let’s call it AN AVATAR

18:05 Scribe: to CONTEXTUALIZE… Nox is like Nix, the all knowing

I’m actively involved in steering the lives of thousands of beings. Which directly affects hundreds of thousands, which indirectly affects millions, with a ripple effect reaching billions. If someone said, ‘It ain’t easy being Nïxie,’ I wouldn’t call him a liar.

— Nïx the Ever-Knowing, valkyrie from Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole [Dreams of a Dark Warrior]

Nox is, well, she works with the Web of Wyrd, where past, present and future are all connected [ very quantum ]

similar to many of the mythical oracles we are familiar with, their work places were, well… Rifty and gassy.


18:08 v- Nix has a bat

Scribe: I know, Nox doesn’t have an animal sidekick… yet.


[ looking up more quotes, one in particular ]

18:10 v- perfectly timed, too

Scribe: I don't do this on purpose [ the numbers 16 in A Wandering Mind repeatedly hint at spacetime travel - read “Interference” ]

v- I know you don’t


18:17 Scribe: i’ll find it someday. it was about how she confused the future for the past or something along those lines… I found this Bertil quote, though. So you.

Nix: “Bertil, you crawl right back out of that bong this minute!”


Scribe: oh, we’re going to have some interesting discussions, TRICKSTER


V- [chuckles]

Scribe: note: Scribe has NEVER indulged or been medicinally … treated by marijuana… in any NORMAL fashion

18:19 v- hm, hm… I love that you are including this

18:21 Scribe: I can’t find the time/foretelling quote. It’s buried somewhere on the Internet or in my archives.

just found: Nix the Ever-Knowing, Soothsayer Without Equal, General of the New Army of Vertas

18:22 v- Vertas?!

Scribe: hm, hm.

Found it! (sing songy) [ saving it to my quotes folder now … again, probably … ]

MacRieve: “You are unnerving the hell out of me, Valkyrie."

Nix: "oh" she frowned, petting her bat fitfully " I must have misread the future for the past." she shrugged. "It happens.”



Image: Shots of Awe by Jason Silva

Image: Shots of Awe by Jason Silva

Image: Shots of Awe by Jason Silva

Image: Shots of Awe by Jason Silva



perched gracefully on the rim
peeks a reader
sneaks, chasing away lies, deceit
seeks skāld
seats, resting lightly on one finger
of a writing tripod,
pointing in the same direction
as the immortalizing nib
meets, brushing for a brief moment
greets, good news of you is on its way.
On its wings I read
and all along its body, stretched
from head to tail

- from the poem sœwn”

18:41 Scribe: No one knew (at that time) that I had lost a baby tooth that had never come out. It chipped June 1st, 2014 and eventually I had it pulled, and then when through orthodontic treatment to have my permanent tooth pulled down and set into place.

June 1st was the first day of my InnerNet log.

The missing tooth clip in a SOA video came out before I revealed I had a tooth issue … so many fragments I wonder about.

Odonata is family of insects including dragonflies. The name Odonata comes from the Greek word for tooth.

My poem sœwn” touches upon various mythologies about dragonflies, one of which is in Nordic mythology they would chase away lies and deceit.

A dragonfly once landed on my finger while I was writing. A few days later, the voice in my head identified itself as Jason Silva.

The dragonfly is immortalized in this poem and in other creative renderings.

18:54 Scribe: (smiles) : so, perhaps Nox’s sidekick is a dragonfly

v- affectionately named Odonata

Scribe: I’ll have to think about the name. Odonata sounds too formal.


SM checks


Scribe: OF COURSE you're working with Intel [ amongst other partnerships you’ve had over the years ]

V- artificial intelligence

Scribe: hm hm. buried somewhere in my handwritten logs. thousands and thousands of pages with no one to help me find it [ and I’ll be damned if I spend any more time trying to track down what I wrote years ago in a transcript…]

Yes, the voice and I talked on one occasion about telepathy’s application with AI [ specifically how my involvement was helping with that branch of telepathy research ]

Scribe- dinner time

18:59 Scribe: Scribe, OUT! This post will disappear in a few hours. Too many reveals

v- aw! please keep it up and be the crazy one.

Scribe: hm, hm. [ and, no ]


rereading some of post

19:09 Scribe: I’ve been sensing your cool fresh air

v- wind tunnel

Scribe: pretty strong. not super. not quite to the point of light-headedness. I need to make dinner… I didn’t even eat lunch did I … erg. That’s not the reason for the open air fresh air tunnel sensation inside me… This sensation happens…

v- repeatedly. Get your dinner, C