12 July (45)


10:57 about to measure & bottle pigments for Crafty Scribe & restarting Outlander series S01E01 as background noise/ambience

Scribe: You know... I could have done without the vase... but YOU wanted me to keep it

11:08 pasting artistically filtered vase onto InstaFeed

11:11 Scribe: You know... I could have done without the vase... but YOU wanted me to keep it

v- what is this in reference to?

Scribe: the THING you made me keep

v- [ laughter ] no, not that

Image:  Outlander  S01E01

Image: Outlander S01E01

Image:  Under the Tuscan Sun  

Image: Under the Tuscan Sun 

11:13 posting stills

11:14 Scribe: I laughed when I saw it was a BLUE vase in Under the Tuscan Sun. I remember the scene, but not that it was blue. Hers is a prettier one, in my opinion 

11:15 Scribe: So, WHY did you want me to keep this vase?

v- write what you were going to say

11:16 Scribe: you never explained to me WHY (always the why/Y/way - Spanish pronunciation] ... the reason I kept it is my favorite color is blue, and my new home would have a blue theme, most likely 

v- thank you... it’s not just me... 

Scribe: I could have done without the vase.  however, I would have gotten very little if I tried to sell it at a resale / thrift shop ... maybe I’ll put it out to sell at the garage sale later this month



11:20 V- it’s in your story now

Scribe: WHY? 

v- you’ll see ______

11:21 Scribe: I’m done ... I gotta get back to work

11:21 V: just answer this one question : did you have a good morning?

Scribe: yes

v- no, that’s not what I was asking 

Scribe: you’re referring to 00:54

v- yes, thank you. Good bye

Scribe: I love you. Just don't bug me so much

v- it’s hard not to... anything I do seems to piss you off (good way) 

Scribe: lots of content to tease you ruthlessly with

v- (chuckles) yes, there is


11:24 (momentary pressurized) right deaf ear  


11:34 Scribe: ... and, of course, I’m bottling one of my blues...