23 August (45)

IMAGE: to illustrate Scribe's interaction with media - CONTACT me if you have a problem with the posting.

IMAGE: to illustrate Scribe's interaction with media - CONTACT me if you have a problem with the posting.

[ updating that good for nothing professional profile page ]

"My open source* writing is free to read, listen to, and is publicly accessible. Peek around the curtain of the writing process. See the behind-the-scenes works in progress and participate in the CONCEPTualizing. *to inquire about collaboration opportunities please contact wanderingmindspace@gmail.com

10:08 V- (voice) [ sweetly & humorously said ] : May I collaborate with you?

Scribe: I'm so putting this down.

10:12 posting


10:14 Scribe: this site WANDERINGMIND.SPACE - and the concept for the header image [ were conceptualized and posted long before the film's release ]

v- a STOLEN image... 

Scribe: OH? have NASA contact me. I'm sure we'd start an interesting convo.

10:15 Scribe: [ credits page still under construction ]

v- you have the source

Scribe: after a one-woman show of four plus years - OH YES, PEOPLE, in LA LA LAND - be aware, be very aware... [ the image retrieval source data - it's stuck in some frickin' file I refuse to access to SAVE MY PRECIOUS TIME ] 


v- clear...damn f----n clear...



Scribe: so IS IT ... or is it not...

v- yes, it's a clear resemblance

Scribe: WHATEVER THAT MEANS ... I hope people realize I don't just post these resemblances ... until I see a very good reason to... WHATEVER THAT MAY MEAN


v- so.... [ searching... ] you are ok?

Scribe: hm, hm... oh, my story will be one people will want to hear ... if it is what it is

Image: back window vehicle sticker Scribe sees & records on a U.S. highway 25 July (45) [ her daughter took the photo at 10:16 -pure coincidence- while Scribe was driving ]

Image: back window vehicle sticker Scribe sees & records on a U.S. highway 25 July (45) [ her daughter took the photo at 10:16 -pure coincidence- while Scribe was driving ]

10:23 Scribe: oh, we had a discussion earlier - WHICH I AM NOT POSTING

v- [ quietly said ] love you... but you like the resemblances [ hesitantly ]

Scribe: there is NOTHING I can do about it. I so wish I could shut you off and everything else at times... but life is life

v- it is what it is

Scribe: hm [ a bit grumpy ]

v- this morning was nice

Scribe: pursed lips. just let me be (a little) grumpy ... and yes. waking up with you is ... nice.

v- that's all you're going to say ?!?

Scribe: what? SO WE'RE DOING THIS?

V- yes... I think it's time

Scribe: SPOILER ALERT!!! [ if you are on a large screen display - please stop reading and avert your gaze ]
























[ that's as far down as my laptop screen goes to hide the next part ]

10:26 Scribe (quietly said): I'm dating Trickster

v- love you

Scribe: it's COMPLICATED

v- it's so damn complicated. haha, love you

Scribe: should I mention? ...

v- yes, you should

Scribe: so... you may not see Trickster with anyone special ... haven't for a while... so.... there *MAY* be a reason for that ...

v- just roll with it... without the other possibilities 

Scribe: so.... I've heard that he's taking me on a second date

v- describe...

Scribe: WE WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE IT SLOW! [ on the first date ]

v- we're so far past that part...


Scribe: I blame it on quantum

v- always blame it on quantum physics - you are well-deserving to be a complainer

Scribe: ANYWAY... I sometimes pause my mind.... just to wait to hear something out of the blue. That was one of those cases - unexpected. That "want to go on a second date?"

v- and where am I taking you

Scribe: (side swipe of mouth): Burning Man. (mumbles) but I may have already been there [ with Healer ]

v- I KNOW! so jealous. ... 

10:30 Scribe (honestly said): this all can be so confusing


Scribe: thank you for the headache last night (being sarcastic)

v- your'e welcome.

Scribe: hm, hm. so going down for that. FOUR YEARS+ ... [mind slip - supersonicly fast thought I try to let go by without perception]

V- We're coming up on an anniversary


Scribe: yes, we are... when Trickster came out ... about who he really was

v- telepathically speaking ... to you IN YOUR MIND (in a "it'll blow your mind" tone)

[ v- I was hoping to go with you - in physical space 

Scribe: I know... it's complicated ... me, too ]

10:33 Scribe: whether or not that was the case, who knows. [ there is A LOT of things that would have to happen before that point... and even I don't believe they will ever happen ]

v- a part of you

Scribe: a growing part of me



V- You keep your inner life more separate

Scribe: yes... go with the flow, so to speak. the CURRENT ... well, I've fought it, I've gone against it... and now, I just have to mozy on down the stream ... until I have to fight it for other reasons ]

v- the headache, I know

Scribe: I have a life I need to live

v- a very important one

Scribe: THIS has led no where to sync up with that important life

v- I know [ SAD ]

Scribe: you know how I handle it

v- you compartmentalize it

Scribe: some day, I hope you will explain clearly and succinctly ...

v- to you first

Scribe: by me typing this I am very aware that it is public. To whomever is reading: what would telepathy (TP) be like? [ this tranScript touches upon just one aspect - possible aspect -take it as that ]

[ tangent ]

v- reading a book?

Scribe: [ soft smile and chuckle ) : yes, published after when "I came out" about dreams, TP, etc ... there are some very interesting synchronicities

v- you're not going to reveal?

Scribe: NO!


10:39 Scribe: I read books like this...

v- with so many synchronicities

Scribe: between what I've been experiencing for the past four years - a newbie with really no reference point - and I READ ABOUT CASE HISTORIES from decades (and millennia) ago... it makes me feel less crazy

10:40 Scribe: even though the source isn't what many would consider reputable... with the full realization that *I* am not reputable... I guess my "saving grace" is my profiles out there... what I've done. Who I've been in my life... who my family is (family medical history)... DO YOUR HOMEWORK, PEOPLE... decide for yourself. WHY ELSE WOULD I PUBLISH PUBLICLY ABOUT ALL THIS... share the way I have been? 

10:42 Quick shrug of shoulders ... I suppose everyone has their own perspective or explanation of THE WHY... but all the others? don't know what I know. haven't experienced what I have. haven't - on a daily basis for FOUR YEARS now - observed and taken note of things like I have. I don't record as much as I used to... that part of my research is over. I CANNOT DEDICATE ANY MORE OF MY TIME

V- to something that leads nowhere

SCRIBE: HA! NOWHERE is in Infinity War

v- why don't you list?

Scribe: it's pointless. it gets me nowhere. it proves nothing. I don't have ANYONE to confront me and tell me the "yes or no" directly, in physical space, to give me peace of mind... all the resemblances - no lie, the muse appreciates the attention.

v- I love you..

Scribe : but there is a very dark side to ... my inspiration (that I inspire people and they do something with that inspiration)

v- it gets you nowhere ...close to where you want to be

Scribe: all that I've ever asked for is very simple... and even that now I'm losing hope.. I have to. I have to get back to where everyone is... because ... life is very NORMAL in many ways... and if you can't fit in... 

Scribe- and I have no one

V: I know you don't

Scribe: so, NASA - here's your test pilot. After four years in (telepathic) isolation ... [ half serious / half funny]

10:47 Scribe: anyWHO... back to my normal life.. 

Image Credit: Scribe's wanderingmind.space homepage design Year 43 [ it's now year 45. I mark time by how old I am - more relatable ]

Image Credit: Scribe's wanderingmind.space homepage design Year 43 [ it's now year 45. I mark time by how old I am - more relatable ]


[ Scribe: STOP IT! I have to get through my day!!! ]

Scribe: and there is a reason my photography exhibit showcased the following images: [ what will it take? ... for people to start noticing something strange is going on? ]


11:01 Scribe: just three highlights of many. could just be creative adjacencies. just my POV - how I see something out of nothing. My posted images, then what I see later that is similar.

(Recent) Observed Resemblances

Life Saver = Altered Carbon

Hidden Horizon = Anon

A Puzzle Wrapped in a Scroll with a Bottled-Up Key = Ready Player One

Image:  Anon  [ retrieved May (45) ]

Image: Anon [ retrieved May (45) ]


11:04 Scribe: this will go away in a few hours. It's my catharsis - it's my venting at something I can't control. Something I can do nothing about as a NoBody. That something? I already did. I tried. I got no answer. No peace of mind.

I vent for a few minutes at something I can do nothing about. That may mean nothing. Perhaps I only benefit from it ... to create some sort of affirmation that someone is giving me a head-nod ... yes, it is. It is what it is. 

I'm just a normal person. What would it be like for a normal person to get THIS and have to live with it ... under normal circumstances? I can understand what a boon that would be - think about it ... the new telephone. with all the bells and whistles. what would someone - normal - do with it? what would it be like ... if they were one of the first users? how would it change their life?

11:08 v- and something you have

Scribe: BACKTRACK FOUR YEARS to when Trickster revealed himself. WHAT.DID.I.SAY?

v- human subject...

Scribe: I have YET to give (full) permission ... have YET to sign anything ... have YET to even know what I'm being test for... where... who is involved... back "in the day" *I* had to go through training about this to do research on something far less significant

11:10 Scribe: ... the researcher in me understands the pros ... but there are definite cons

v- [ smiles ] Ocean's 8

11:11:11 Scribe: haha... I forgot what I was going to say as I noted the time

[ Scribe: thinking back to my log entry four years ago - then fast forward to NOW: Scribe: NEVER, EVER get involved with a comedian, especially who is host to a show called PRANK ... which jogs my memory ]

Scribe: what I was going to say ... I have to flavor my life with humor - 

v- the out-takes are AWESOME

Scribe: ... because it could be - and is - really bad at times.

11:13 Scribe: overall, I'm ok ... it's just with THIS I have some things that hold me back from what I used to be able to do much easier

v- I know.,. me too - we're working through them... sorry fo the loss of sleep

Scribe: I get enough... it's just the rhythm, the routine... perhaps the CONTROL I had to how my body and mind would BE .. now, with someone - something? -  ELSE affecting and influencing me... it's that current I have to fight now. Not to get my answer. BUT TO FIGHT AGAINST IT (because it doesn't matter right now - and it CAN'T)

v- I'm well aware... 

Scribe: I know you have your own 

v- turmoil ... we're in this togehter

Scribe: one of the beauties ... 

v- share... share what you noticed. prove to me it mattered to you.

Ah, that Trickster. The Grim Weeper.


11:17 Scribe: I WASN'T GOING TO CRY when that scene came up... AND OUT OF THE BLUE I DID... and just ADMITTING that makes me sound...

v- like a crazy woman

Scribe: depressed, having a nervous breakdown or any other slew of other things.. and I know deep down IT'S NOT ... but NO ONE is there to tell me otherwise... and I have to live with that. TRYING to be ME ... with YOU crying through me ...

v- is awful sometimes, I know

Image: Scribe with her dog Maya on a beach 20 Dec (42) - posted on PhotoSnap 09:26ish (now archived)

Image: Scribe with her dog Maya on a beach 20 Dec (42) - posted on PhotoSnap 09:26ish (now archived)

11:20 Scribe: ... on a trip to get an answer... that I never got. ... at least Maya got to see the ocean. She passed on a couple months ago. I'll tell the story sometime - later. I already revealed her death on a side channel. Now, we have an added creative adjacency with one of my suspects. Another one. One of many.

v- yes, dear

Scribe: you know, it's REALLY hard ..

v- difficult

Scribe: stop... to convince people I'm a happy person

v- I know... when you're crying all the time.

Scribe: not ALL the time

v- thank you ( quietly said )

Scribe: no, thank you... and to the Blade Runner 2049 folks - if it was intentional ... it reminded me of Maya

11:24 v- I appeared...

Scribe: yes, you did... or on a similar beach [ after I left the city ] ...

v- thank you 

Scribe: there's so much I can filter - what I see and what may have actually happened on your end... I don't have your story - may never have it

v- you know that's not true

Scribe: ANYWAY... let's reset. So, our second date

v- ______

Scribe: can you PLEASE remember it's PG-13 here. 

v- haha. something for eZ

Scribe: Anon non Anon non NON NON NON [ singing a popular tune ]

v- ... good-bye 

Scribe: love you

v- love you, too



11:32 v- show what remains [ of that trip ]

Scribe: everything else is gone ... I went radio silent - data fasted

v- unfollowed...

Scribe: anyway... here's what remains of that trip (with timestamps still there if you check)

v- and why did you take them down?

Scribe: as with many other things - like this InstaFeed post... most people aren't ready for the raw truth - that unfiltered me / us ... I share my side of the story as it happens... the whole story

v- is ours to keep

Scribe: what you read, see, etc. of the story - when you pick up that book and it's open to a random page - isn't our whole story. IT'S OUR STORY... so, if...

v- when

Scribe; the time comes ... there are certain things that I never share - have never - on the digital plane... those are my controls for THE experiment. you'll be able to prove to me who I was connected with... why I experienced the things I did... and ... MAYBE I'll believe you. Trust will be something that will take time...even after that point.

[ mindslip - Westworld reference ]

Scribe: I was nearing the end at that point (on IdeaSpace) [ my post about Trust ]
[ quick search for image - not immediately found. moving on. ]


Image: Scribe's photographs taken during a very long road trip [ sunset 17:43 ; treeline 16:24 ]

Image: Scribe's photographs taken during a very long road trip [ sunset 17:43 ; treeline 16:24 ]


Scribe: When I arrived closer to home

11:47 v- with your dog...

Scribe: ... I saw mist over a river and had to stop due to my photographic tendencies. 

BACKTRACK 24 December (42) 07:53 - 08:22


11:54 posted

[ Scribe: I started that PhotoSnap gallery with the intention of posting images of my travels - but I didn't let anyone know I had opened the account. I just posted images of where I went in the city while I was there - a control and a form of messaging in addition to the TPic voicing back and forth of where exactly I was - no one met me ... well, a few people did - just not my TPic suspect(s) ]

v- you really were not happy

Scribe: I was led to believe something that was a nothing

11:54 Scribe: ...hey, I love you. I have to get back to what I need to be doing (offline)

v- we...

11:55 Scribe: Always and forever [ sing songy sarcasm ]

11:58 Scribe: so, dear public, you see I tried. I view that trip as the best hope of me getting an answer. One of my prime suspects announced ahead of time a stay in the city. I E-MAIL said suspect (after 18 months of research and a stupid voice telling me COME! COME with evidence - all my logs) ... no response. In my e-mail I stated when  I'd be in town with my dog - but ...

v- give the e-mail 

Scribe: IT WAS PRIVATE ... how's your filtering? [ being sarcastic ]

v- fine. share. now.

Scribe: NO. I will paraphrase. it's what I do. So, I say I'll be in town - THIS SUSPECT IS A MEMBER ON IDEASPACE - SAID SUSPECT KNOWS WHO I AM ... for a casual, unassuming meet-up in public with my dog (it's a warm climate, so it could be outdoors) ... I did find this very nice diner which was dog-friendly ... ANYWAY ... a place I pictured us TALKING with OTHER PEOPLE AROUND for a few minutes ... YOU COULD HAVE BROUGHT PEOPLE (or a dog), TOO...


Scribe: so, Maya whimpered THE ENTIRE TRIP to this place... and with all my coaxing and special treat attempts - WOULD NOT EAT. She loved the hamburger here. Dang dog ate my dinner one night because she wouldn't eat her own food. Thank goodness for the freshly baked cookies

v- you were on a budget

Scribe: extreme survival mode. As always (SING SONGY) ... dang dog (being funny) ... I ordered some other food but it wasn't as good as the meal she ate (order in at my oh so lovely hotel stay - which someone advised me...)

v- the voice

Scribe: yes... BEST BED. quiet, dog-friendly. Maya appreciated the room over the Escape



V-OMG you were goihng to sleep in your car?!? (playing along)

Scribe: I TRIED ... but she kept whining ...

12:10 v- oh my gosh -say it

12:10 Scribe: the tub's drain plug wasn't working so to give her a bath after her beach visits (seaweed infested)

v- will you stop!

Scribe: I hate that f---ing place. I have NEVER wanted to go there. Future self messaginging that now past me? DECADES before this trip... I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY INTEREST IN THAT STATE - ESPECIALLY THAT CITY.

v- haha. stop.

Scribe: and I went there - because of you... CORRECTION: BECAUSE OF THIS... so, I will NEVER COME TO YOU. Ball's in your court

v- I know... we're going to Burning Man.

Scribe: I KNOW! in an RV (so, so funny on many levels)

v- name them


1) I've had dreams of RV / Camping.

2) there's an RV scene in Jessica Jones - Center Linin' it at one point [ a remote viewing joke ]

3) I have a long history of camping - in tents, campers, RVs ... cabins. [ and yes, even sleeping in cars on long road trips - it's in my blood and part of my backstory ]

12:15 Scribe: so, those are the highlights. I keep writing .. I have to stop... BUT I keep saying that I am happy for you

v- and that I can do anything I want

Scribe: uh huh. that's not a danger to yourself or others (many levels of meaning here)

[ adjusting format from column to full page text ]


12:20 Scribe: time to sign off FUR REAL now.

12:21 v- I love you

Scribe: I love you, too

v- you're censoring me

Scribe: it's my story. share yours.



12:40 Scribe: another clear resemblance - that is stuck in my recent memory - is between "Catapult" (originally written in Year 42) and Stranger Things (Season 2)

BACKTRACK 13 April (42) 15:11 - IdeaSpace Post [I'd post poems of the Love at First short stories I was writing - I never let anyone know I was writing short stories... another control at the time... placing key words and phrases inside them - only voiced and experienced telepathically ]

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.27.36 PM.png

BACKTRACK TO 24 June (42) - short story posted on Medium


12:51 Scribe: Whatever I was doing - including my writing - was heard by whoever I was telepathically connected to... that individual / those individuals knew I had been writing (and never published them or at least the full story) - I had hoped to see a connection between what was going on "in here" and what was going on "out there"... and I started to see resemblances - I started to observe "evidence" of my control experiments ... of course, I always needed to have that confirmation - an individual or individuals to TELL me it was intentional. To let me know that what I was observing - those resemblances - were intentional and had something to do with what I was experiencing - what THEY ALSO were experiencing : a telepathic connection. To date? No confirmation. Not a reputable source. My research is worthless until there is a cross referencing not only between the two (plus) people who are connected but a witness - not directly involved - an objective observer who can verify that all this is really happening.

So, four years later. The posts have been throttled. I rarely write anymore. I get back to Normal.

v- what's the point... I know.


[ I have it somewhere... but with so many data transfers and devices and my own coding and archives and drives... it'd take me a while - time I do not want to spend  ... I'll scrub Stranger Things later to retrieve the resemblance. It's a good one. Whatever it may be - perhaps, just a creative adjacency...

v- there is always more than. just one image

Scribe: I've recorded it before... [ all the strange things between A Wandering Mind and Stranger Things ]

v- thanks for keeping up this site

Scribe: people should know this site was one day from disappearing. And I haven't had the time (and refuse to make time) for a back up. As always: I make it happen. SOMEHOW I keep paying my bills on time. That in itself is a miracle at this point.

v- four years without a (paying) job. Uh, yeah.


13:01 v- you had a good day yesterday... (prompting)

Scribe: better than expected (a divorce meeting)

v- he still doesn't know / believe

Scribe: no indication. no. I know him. and no. beyond the first serious discussion about my suspicions about a telepathic connection and the second superficial "are you still experiencing..." (over a year later)... ah, no. we have a good relationship

v- separated

Scribe: ON THE VERGE (eyes wide open) OF [ will we ever get there?!? ] ... it takes some time... that I appreciate in hindsight

v- he understands your side of things

Scribe: finally... or he's just giving in [ which ... in the whole scheme of things really is about nothing at all... which I tried explaining to him 8 months ago ]

v- oh, I know. I've been here

Scribe: oh, joy!

v- so, you haven't been together (living together) for eight months now

Scribe: almost nine... and before that, for the record, we were living in different parts of the same house since Year 41. When all THIS started to be a constant STREAM of voicing and sensations. ... I tried to let him know in increments... and even just mentioning nonchalantly about dreams

v- he didn't take well

Scribe: reacted poorly... and if you can't have a starting point... all the caught-in-the-act (laughing/smiling/crying  for no reason... I had to have a cover for ALL of that

"I just read something funny online"

"I'm writing, and it's a sad part"

"Oh, I was just thinking about _______"

13:08 V- I know... I've done it, too


13:11 Scribe: so, what have I been doing all this time (four _+ years)

v- trying to make things happen

Scribe: I TRIED that very first year. IdeaFest October (41)

v- failed attempt

Scribe: kept posting things online - kept sharing in whatever way I thought best [ and there is a reason the story is fragmented across many channels, handwritten, in different archive, formats, in different locations, coded, mad-libbed) ... WE'RE DEALING WITH TELEPATHY HERE, PEOPLE!?! The intelligence community (thick sarcasm - being watched I'm sure...) is highly interested in how this has been kept quiet - or in the future, many will wonder how it was kept a secret... 

13:14 Scribe: (shakes her head) : I know how much this could be worth ... whatever that may mean...

v- he will be well taken care of...

[ mind slip to Travelers and Ready Player One ] that scenario of what I envision should happen...

v- has already happened

Scribe: like a dream ... a lucid dream where you practice that golf swing so much

v- you perfect it in real life

Scribe: hm. Not just me.

v- no, I know... people take notice.

scribe: I've quoted...

v- ah, yeah ... I love A Wandering Mind, C

[ InstaFeed - the first account opened as acompilation of dream, consciousness and reality-questioning / reality-bending (virtual / digital / physical space) quotes ]

it appears HERE

13:18 Scribe: ... in the end, he'll understand everything I did was for the good of the family

v- he will

Scribe: it was good yesterday, because I think he finally understood that point I was trying to make eight months ago... and, now, with my financial independence for eight months - he can clearly see I am OK living on my own, taking care of the girls (and poochie while she was still here)

v- taking care of things when he wasn't (t)here (when he was traveling)

Scribe: ... that at each step I treated him fairly

v- yeah, you did

Scribe: without him knowing how difficult that really was

v- I know....

Scribe: there4 are so many ways you can handle a separation and divorce - and we are working together on keeping the family together

v- a good relationship... I know you are... thanks for sharing

Scribe: so, a lot going on during those four years... my variables

v- now, get to work!

Scribe: chuckles. WORKING ON IT (as always)


13:23 Scribe: WILL YOU PLEASE STOP CRYING. you're making me cry... and I have to be out in public soon (school - to pick up my daughters )... I had other things on my to-do list today... and here I am on this frickin' site... all off-kilter. THIS is why I can't share. THIS is why I can't keep up a daily post. It's infrequent. Bills to be paid yada yada yada.... I know you are affected, too. WHOEVER you are

v- why do you do that

Scribe: it's not just Trickster in here - or involved with this. okay? who knows who else is affecting me or involved. OBVIOUSLY I DON"T KNOW. CRAP! and I was supposed to get a few ingredients for homemade soup. DANG IT! argh! (the soup was supposed to be already started) GUESS IT'S STIR FRY TONIGHT. urg. (original plan, not a big deal - but the tangent is not appreciated)

v- alright FINE. I'm sorry. is that what you want to hear? You have to take some responsibility

Scribe: where are you?

v- ok. that's a pretty good reason.

Scribe: I will TRY to find the Stranger Things scene I am thinking about. I can't do it now because I have mommy duty. but it is on my to-do list now

v- what else was on your list?

Scribe: Besides the ever-present "get a paying job"? ...

Million word essay (for my eldest's teacher... not sure which - have the e-mail... I can write less than a million words ... I made sure to clarify that - whew!) it's about my daughter as a person. I'm so not the over-ambitious / over-achieving parent at this point (I received a reminder e-mail about the "requirement")

v- why do you put it in quotes. 

Scribe: um. because it's not NECESSARY. but... I didn't do one one year and my daughter felt left out.

v- uh ha! 

scribe: know it all

Scribe: hey, it's called WEANING. Whew! you just missed the super detail-oriented working mom of many years. it wasn't pretty. lack of sleep, getting sick all the time. 

v- there's a reason for that

Scribe: next on my list

soup makings

work on clearing out storage unit (erg. it's the size of a (small) airplane hangar )

v- oh, you have to explain

go to big box store to get a refund/store credit for ... (a bit down) my arborvitae died ...

v- you have to explain 

1) storage unit - throw all the basement crap (not my soon-to-be ex's) - he said to just get rid of what was down there. I did that. just didn't throw it away (need to sort - I have this THING)

v- you can't throw anything away

Scribe: that's not true... I just... need to make sure I don't throw away things that ... could be used

v- stop. just stop... how long were these things in your basement?

Scribe (cough): 12 years more or less... you have kids, you work, you barely sleep.. you throw crap where it can't be seen.

v- and it gets unorganized

13:36 Scribe: organized chaos. displacement disorder.

13:36 v- haha.. you're making me laugh.

Scribe: HEY! I found the velvety pink and lacey heart frame again. INVALUABLE.

v- stop. don't even go there ( I appreciate the humor )

13:38 Scribe: I gotta go within the next five minutes. ... as for the arborvitae: I needed a privacy screen for a small patio... the neighbors can see through my blinds while my family and I are on the couch ...

v- creepy

Scribe: ...that and I wanted to spend time out on the patio this summer...

v- which you did

Scribe: I followed good instructions about drainage and planting and care... it's just that I think the trees may have been root bound... or the holes I punched got clogged? who knows. 

v- or they didn't have enough space

Scribe: patio planters vs. in-ground planting - it matters for some plants... My rose bush is thriving though (so happy about that)

v- and your garden?

Scribe: my woad and indigo plants are still alive if you are referring to that...only a few of the seeds 

v- germinated 

Scribe: gotta go. SO... I am thankful I had a warranty on the trees/shrubs... I just have to undo all that work/planting... and hope they give me a store credit (instead of replacing the arborvitae) ... I can find a privacy screen instead (hopefully)...


13:45 re-reading what I just wrote (corrected "taht" to 'that") ... logging off


[ it’s just better I re-watch the series - scrubbing will take just as long & I may miss it ... ] 

[ Scribe: and THIS is why I shouldn’t rewatch ] 



Scribe: which reminds me of the IdeaFest road trip  

Image: Scribe’s InstaFeed post Year 41

Image: Scribe’s InstaFeed post Year 41

16:29 Scribe: nice hashtag share

v- you’re welcome  

Scribe: _________  


16:29 Scribe: I take offense to that ... share. As IF that buffoon would tell the world what is really going on

v- did you just call me a buffoon? 

Scribe: well-deserved

v- ouch  

Scribe: I hope people ask you really difficult questions

v- thanks, C



just for added FLAIR


16:35 Scribe: shared because I know you like my landscapes  

 16:36 Scribe: see? I can keep it PG-13 and still say what I want to you

v- haha... stop. You’re being funny

Scribe: yes, I’m being funny

16:38 Scribe: IT’S A LANDSCAPE. 

16:39 Scribe: it’s all what you see

v- yes, yes, it is, C ... C for Chaos. I know (before you have to explain AGAIN [ because you archive these and they are removed from public access ]) 

16:42 [ restarting season 2 episode 1 ] 

16:46 Scribe: ... is her name KALI (mumbles: of COURSE it is) ... the first time o watched it, I watched it - tried to - 

v- for entertainment  

16:47 Scribe: Just came across her (again) last night during Supernatural 

[ accessing archives ] 

Kali +  


17:01 I have to make dinner ... BUT CONCEPTualization time (backtracking) 



v- manipulation  

17:03 WakeWalks at various stages ... to sketch the future


17:05 Scribe: back to tunnel vision 

oh, a dream comes to mind

v- of a tunnel... 

Scribe: and of driving through a tunnel to get to NYC

Image: Stranger Things S02E01

Image: Stranger Things S02E01


17:11 Scribe: i’m reminded (related to this scene) now of the ending of Extinction  + Anon ... how all what I’m typing will be destroyed, in a way ... all for 

v- anonymity

Scribe: safety... and escape... that “how and why I do things the way I do “ 

always trying to reach that Elsewhere confirmation ... but having to ... “ destroy”  so much for the sake of spacetime 

v- research

Scribe: communication - that battle between us it just me it is it between someone else(s) and me? 

v- that is the question

Scribe: why I “destroy” those bridges after I cross them ?  [ regularly removing from public viewing what I have shared about my experiences - to my vaults (archives) ]

Scribe: are YOU - the public - ready to cross them and see the other side? ... where I (and others) are? (And have been)?

17:18 Scribe: my take?  

V- they’re not ... as I said and you didn’t include : power in numbers , and you have people on your side - we hear , and we’re doing something about it - in our own (good) ways

17:19 posted  

17:22 Scribe: because if people would read EVERYTHING? I wouldn't be hirable... at least I see the resemblances

v- too hard to ignore  

Scribe: at the least it confirms to me that what I do? Even If I don’t get paid for it  ...

v- is worth something  

Scribe: in someone else’s spin-off


[ mind chatter ]

17:42 v- just MENTION IT

Scribe: watching the Kali scene reminded me.

v- of something you have NEVER mentioned... please mention ... pretty please

Scribe: not a big deal REALLY

v- but...

Scribe: I'd have unexplainable nosebleeds - as an adult - a few years before all this started. Memory is strange, sometimes... but my storytelling mind four years ago when all this started tied the nosebleeds to ... YES, I have seen Firestarter ... but my version for A Wandering Mind is ... that while...

v- installment one

Scribe: Teaser... is that I dream. When I dream I travel

v- interstellar travel

Scribe: your words, not mine...  and that type of spacetime travel - has consequences


Scribe: look below [ licensing ]

v- love you...

17:47 Scribe: full disclosure: I am well aware that it could have been the dry air. It could have been my tendency

v- to get little sleep

Scribe: I don't get them anymore. Good?

V- very good. thank you... anything else you want to reveal...? about a relationship - yours with Trickster?

Scribe: [ chuckles ] I'll wait for his cue. that person who's real name - that person who I base Trickster's character off of

v- crossing different lines there.

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah... It's a call sign. 


v- do you WANT a relationship with him?

Scribe: this is all mixed up. Again, I wait for his move. I made a move - several - and OBVIOUSLY the timing was off for whatever reason


Scribe: like that would stop you.

v- wow, just wow.

Scribe: hm, hm. Shall I let the audience

v- uh no. end of discussion.

Scribe: man, the 80s music rocks in this season... 



[ taking care of dinner while watching ]

18:04 Scribe: the anniversary effect. Tell me about it.

v- ha. stop.


v- did you like the post.

Scribe: sigh. the one I just noted?

v- yes, that one.

Scribe: why should I like it?

v- haha. the timing.

Scribe: one hour ago. Does nothing for me [ except after midnight ]

v- will you stop taht. you weird people out when you do that.

Scribe: what? I get a more accurate reading after midnight. It's how LIfeSnippet works. RESEARCH - duh. (in that sassy girl tone)

v- so not ALL your research is over

Scribe: it's personal.

v- oh, I know it is.

Scribe: hrmph.


[ monitoring dinner while watching ]

18:24 Scribe: yeah ... that triggers another dream memory

Image:  Stranger Things  Season 2

Image: Stranger Things Season 2


and there's the cabin in the woods. [ photo + real-life family cabin ]


18:26 Scribe: (dream memory) - two dreams merged, perhaps [ I don't remember the color... if I did it was a storm on the horizon at sunset ] ... [ Stranger Things S2 does have a Seethey color filter ]

v- would you ...

Scribe: I'm not going to pull it up again. The dream report. ... but in the other dream, my dream self knew a storm was coming. A possible tornado... at the door the wind got so strong

v- you held onto the door

Scribe: I went horizontal [ not like this scene, but it... ]

v- resembles ... timing

Scribe: oh, my tornado/storm dreams came before - one or two years before the first season of Stranger Things came out

v- and you posted them

Scribe: a public version of them, yes ... which I soon deleted

v- on InstaFeed [ external ]

Scribe: correct. not here. This space wasn't carved out yet...


18:36 Scribe: and the rootsy scarring


12 August (45)


09:42 Scribe: A dot... a point

v- of light

Scribe: I'm sick

v- I know

Scribe: shall I cough in your general direction?

v- please don't

Scribe (chuckles): headcold ... argh. Children and their germs.

v- [ chuckles ] I know


Image: Image in Scribe's archives from Year 28

Image: Image in Scribe's archives from Year 28

09:45 Scribe: lobelia or delphinium? [ or something else? ]

v- that is the question

Scribe: or something else...

v- to what are you referring?

09:47 posting

09:48 grabbing digital images


Image: from the film  Diverge  

Image: from the film Diverge 

09:49 Scribe: I needed something to watch while I was sicky ... seemed appropriate

V- stop... [ chuckles ] about a pandemic

09:50 Scribe: some .... [ tents fingers like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers ... ] CREATIVE ADJACENCIES.

Image:  Diverge

Image: Diverge

Image: Scribe's archives 18 April (42)

Image: Scribe's archives 18 April (42)

09:53 Scribe: I'm not spending the time to track down the original image(s).


Image: Scribe's archive 21 Dec (42)

Image: Scribe's archive 21 Dec (42)

09:55 Scribe (mumbles) dog friendly establishment

v- sorry...

Image: Scribe's archive 18 June (42)

Image: Scribe's archive 18 June (42)

Image: Scribe's archive 12 July (45)

Image: Scribe's archive 12 July (45)

10:02 Scribe: my dots and dashes...

Image:  Diverge

Image: Diverge

10:03 Scribe: I bought two of these once (still have one somewhere in storage...) for my children as stocking stuffers

v- for Christmas

Image:  Diverge

Image: Diverge

Scribe: why the boat? why in a wooden chest?

Scribe: creative adjacency. creative adjacency. creative adjacency... for Scribe's storyreel

InnerNet Navigator

treasure chests


also the sailboat in the story in the Wandering Mind installment "Home" comes to mind

10:08 posted update

Scribe: ... and the treasure chest post about my children's participation in an art fair activity

Image: Scribe's archive 11 June (44)

Image: Scribe's archive 11 June (44)

10:11 Scribe: it's not just one common thread

v- but multiple... I know

Scribe: and I have to both consider them and not at the same time.

v- as important... I know


Image:  Diverge

Image: Diverge

10:13 Scribe: a perspective I keep seeing...

10:13 Scribe: I didn't take a photo of one of the first scenes - of cracked earth. It reminded me of "Camp" - not exactly, but just that image of cracked earth (and the shape)

v- which reminds you...

Scribe: of Anachronisms "Empathic Slide" [ never mentioned, however - just in my writing mind ]

Scribe [ pursed lips ] : nice dice share

v- haha, stop.

Scribe: so, people like my DJ module [ model ]

v- yes, they are

10:17 v- why don't you just share...?

Scribe: my source of inspiration? [ lighthearted ]

v- yes...

Scribe: Ready Player One got very close...

v- oh, I know it did

Scribe: closer than Westworld

v- love you ... you keep seeing it

Scribe: yes, in more than just these two I mention

10:19 Scribe: before I move on - YES this slanted a la quantum slot is one of my leitmotifs... happy?

v- about the leitmotif, yes [ quietly said ]

Scribe: I had to look it up to double check - all this knowledge and I have to double check just to be sure I'm saying it right. I say A LOT of wrong things for whatever reason

v- I know what you mean by that (part of what you mean)

Scribe: an unmentionable

v- on the digital plane

Scribe: yes, and elsewhere

v- but not on the InnerNet!!!

Scribe: I have my reasons

v- thank you ... you're awful in some ways

Scribe: ah, privacy

v- stop... just stop... 


v- you torture me to no end

Scribe: and you deserve it. Like I keep telling you - ... well, maybe it won't stop - but ANYWAY... the sooner you meet me...

v- in physical space, I know ... on with the story


Scribe: where was I

v- I know! you got off track

10:24 Scribe: to spoon feed: dots and dashes leitmotif(s) = in reference to particles, waves, Double-Slit Experiment ... the power of observation (perspective)

v- thank you

10:26 Scribe: so ... Edgey

Image: Scribe's archive 20 Feb (44) [ the chiasroscuric blinds leitmotif started before this image - but this is what comes to mind at this moment ]

Image: Scribe's archive 20 Feb (44) [ the chiasroscuric blinds leitmotif started before this image - but this is what comes to mind at this moment ]

v- stop... [ chuckles ... ] just stop

10:29 Scribe:.. [ one last image. before I have to go - a supersonic thought slip]

v- include what you were going to include 

[ grabbing image ]

10:31 Scribe: I did a quick internet search for images of a movie I have not seen, but that I had seen a movie poster / promo image for - that reminded me of the slanted chiaoroscutic blind design. I laughed as I came across this "poster" online

Image:  Mission Impossible: Fallout [  retrieved 17:56 11 August (45) ]

Image: Mission Impossible: Fallout [ retrieved 17:56 11 August (45) ]

Scribe (at the time of seeing "Some missions are not a choice") : yeah, tell me about it


10:36 Scribe: to wrap up: the last image from Diverge that resembles something in Scribe's story

Image:  Diverge

Image: Diverge

[ taking a new photo ]

10:40 Scribe: to save time (and not mention everything this shell represents to me), I am just taking a new photo of one of my shells and where it is right now

Image: Scribe's archive 12 August (45) 10:39

Image: Scribe's archive 12 August (45) 10:39


18:54 Scribe: found it (in my archives) [ inspiration for something related to A Wandering Mind ]

Image: Egyptian artifact with Greek characters  18:57 posted update

Image: Egyptian artifact with Greek characters

18:57 posted update

19:00 Scribe: oh, but there’s more! 


19:02 Scribe: retrieved 0601 | 0106 (heh heh heh) 

19:03 v- what year?  

Scribe : I’m not sayin’... it screws up my wyrd numbers

19:06 Scribe: posted 22:26 ...

v- source please

Scribe: quickly said - no. Ancient artifact. Public domain. That’s the source...  Isn’t everything you OBSERVE freely & easily accessible on the internet | SM public domain? (Being funny)


19:09 Scribe: oh, THAT’S right ... licensing. People should be more careful ... [ virtual eyes staring meaningfully down and into... ] 

12 July (45)


10:57 about to measure & bottle pigments for Crafty Scribe & restarting Outlander series S01E01 as background noise/ambience

Scribe: You know... I could have done without the vase... but YOU wanted me to keep it

11:08 pasting artistically filtered vase onto InstaFeed

11:11 Scribe: You know... I could have done without the vase... but YOU wanted me to keep it

v- what is this in reference to?

Scribe: the THING you made me keep

v- [ laughter ] no, not that

Image:  Outlander  S01E01

Image: Outlander S01E01

Image:  Under the Tuscan Sun  

Image: Under the Tuscan Sun 

11:13 posting stills

11:14 Scribe: I laughed when I saw it was a BLUE vase in Under the Tuscan Sun. I remember the scene, but not that it was blue. Hers is a prettier one, in my opinion 

11:15 Scribe: So, WHY did you want me to keep this vase?

v- write what you were going to say

11:16 Scribe: you never explained to me WHY (always the why/Y/way - Spanish pronunciation] ... the reason I kept it is my favorite color is blue, and my new home would have a blue theme, most likely 

v- thank you... it’s not just me... 

Scribe: I could have done without the vase.  however, I would have gotten very little if I tried to sell it at a resale / thrift shop ... maybe I’ll put it out to sell at the garage sale later this month



11:20 V- it’s in your story now

Scribe: WHY? 

v- you’ll see ______

11:21 Scribe: I’m done ... I gotta get back to work

11:21 V: just answer this one question : did you have a good morning?

Scribe: yes

v- no, that’s not what I was asking 

Scribe: you’re referring to 00:54

v- yes, thank you. Good bye

Scribe: I love you. Just don't bug me so much

v- it’s hard not to... anything I do seems to piss you off (good way) 

Scribe: lots of content to tease you ruthlessly with

v- (chuckles) yes, there is


11:24 (momentary pressurized) right deaf ear  


11:34 Scribe: ... and, of course, I’m bottling one of my blues...