12 Apr (44)


12:32 Scribe: Call it "behind-the-scenes" ... or pulling from The Thomas Crown Affair ... the only way to tell if it's an original - authentic is... [ ______ ] [ fill in the blank ] ... I'll leave that up for you to ponder about

v- oh you have to mention it

Scribe: [ chuckles ] whoever may be reading today [ anyone other than myself - analytics can be so jacked up - you have to factor in that you may be analyzing yourself ] ... we have ...

v- we ...?

Scribe: my TPic friend [ said in Scarface tone ] ... mindchatted many times about how the future of creativity is quickly approaching [ the mechanization of the workforce, etc. ] - we have to figure out in a hurry how to foster creativity, encourage it ...

v- fund it

Scribe: but how does one do this? ... and one of my arguments is...?

v- there are not many organizations out there that do this

Scribe: ... I just envision a future where it'll catch us offguard. those in the creative industry? keep at it.

v- oh, I know... just SAY IT?

Scribe: how I support you FINANCIALLY 

v- and there it is ... under a pseudonym

Scribe: I want my 300 pennies[' worth ]!!! [ said in the tone of Better Off Dead scene ]

12:39 Scribe: we've talked about this

V- crowdfunding

Scribe: seriously, that funding model is NOT a good one for the badly networked ones ... and EVEN THEN... SERIOUSLY? 

v- say it... it's a good point

Scribe: you have over a million LifeSnippet followers [ Trickster ] ... and your latest crowdfunding contributors... [ my last check ... ] was less than 100 ... now, who knows how much [ each is contributing ]

v- thank you ... I feel really humbled, BTW

Scribe: forget it... we've jokingly talked about this...

V- _____ [ saying my pseudonym's first name as listed on the contributor's site ] ... very clever, BTW

Scribe: ... that I can spare $3 a month. .... and I think it was yesterday

v- yes, it was yesterday

Scribe: I'm driving along listening to my music ...

v- resalin' - how you partly fund your creative projects... nice, btw

Scribe: ... and I'm teasing you again about the monthly contribution... ____ [ Scribe says something inappropriate ] ... I'm feeling you: that open, free cool soothing air  [ later I was lightheaded and felt "off" ... ] I'm guessing you presented? 

v- yes, I did... it's in your log?

Scribe: roughly ...[ timestamped ] I started feeling that change around the time I posted my eZ commentary videos yesterday morning - and I sensed that through last night.

v- it was a long while

Scribe: yes... ANYWAY... I'm feeling you...

v- oh, you have to mention it...

Scribe: first the good : it's the least I can do to help you fund your creative venues [ endeavors ] ... that I enjoy [ I'm along for the journey TPically ... I also benefit from your R&R (much needed for creativity - outside the hamster wheel of "regular" work) and creative jams ]

v- it's part of our story ... ok, thank you... and

Scribe: hahaha... in true "follower" fashion 

v- unofficial

Scribe: some of your followers comment on your drug use - mainly gange.

v- will you STOP!

Scribe: they mention that you are high as f___! (which I am very defensive about - I CAN FEEL YOU WHEN YOU GET ALL CINNAMONY ... and other strange sensations I cannot explain... but I can tell a drastic difference... one that I CANNOT attribute to you being outside in the fresh air or sunshine.

Scribe: anyway, I defend you ... mindchatting my support. I know how you are... somehow. you are a creativity junkie

v- thank you, C [ for Organized Chaos ]

Scribe: you get high mindjamming - no drugs needed. I have seen you when you were OBVIOUSLY high... and more times than not there is no indication... if you were buzzed or otherwise high - you may be hiding it better than those handful of times that I noted it. A HANDFUL over the course of nearly four years. I don't know if I'm the best judge of that... but I've been carefully observing you... that and I have NEVER indulged in anything except for the occasional alcoholic beverage. you know this about me

v- which surprises me

Scribe: ANYWAY I was teasing you yesterday in the car about how my money was supporting your illicit drug use [ I was teasing

v- thank you ... YOU ARE SO WRONG... you know it's legal in some states

Scribe: Yes, I know... 

12:51 Scribe: I need to rush off to do some quick moving of bins [ warmer weather = I can donate / resell / organize more ] I NEED MY WORKSHOP! 

v- [ soft chuckle ] I know you do

Scribe: it just has not been warm enough to work in the garage - my space heater wasn't heating the whole space -- we've used it indoors [ my daughters get cold easily ]... but unless you are close by it, it doesn't heat up the entire garage in the winter.

v- bummer!

Scribe: I know [ softly disappointed ]