11 Apr (44)

Image: Filtered Photo taken by Scribe 12 Mar (43)

Image: Filtered Photo taken by Scribe 12 Mar (43)

09:20 Scribe: DJ's "module" clay model ... who is DJ? and how does his "operating" station work? Hmm.

09:21 Scribe: Curious post, Hunter...

Image: Filtered Photo posted by Hunter 08 Apr (44) 18:08ish on PhotoSnap

Image: Filtered Photo posted by Hunter 08 Apr (44) 18:08ish on PhotoSnap

09:23 posted

Scribe: pretty much one thought goes through my head at 18:23 (when I saw the posted photo)

1) Hunter is mischievous

09:24 Scribe: that was the mood I was in. Overall? Yes, perhaps it is 

v- pure chance

09:25 Scribe: perhaps Hunter saw something and recognized it as somehow similar to DJ / A Wandering Mind and it's her head nod to "the team" ... 

09:26 Scribe: who knows? it's a photo I smiled at. It's a photo that makes my storyreeling mind spin. I didn't initially see it: but there is a "framing" to it... maybe that was intentional as well. Who knows who designed that little book space like DJ's communications station, and if they know or not (probably not if they are not Hunter, or not at all if Hunter did not intend this to resemble DJ's station)... HOWEVER, what my overconnecting mind thinks about is this:

1) it was at an event that has "pioneer" in it .... 

2) Hunter has recently ALSO posted something about a DJ at an event


V- oh, show...

Scribe: [ mumbles ] I'll have to scroll through my image archive... FINE.


09:30 [ Scribe scrolls & continues to mumble ]

Scribe: I probably should start to tag these more [ perhaps they'd be easier to find [ but tags seem to be lost if they are placed in different albums / cloud vs. main archive ]

09:32 [ still scrolling - chronologically ]

Scribe: I'm posting while I finish my morning coffee. Then, I've promised myself to hop off ... Trickster?

v- yeah, it's me

Scribe: I noticed yesterday ...

v- thank you ... the posts

Scribe: what we have been talking about / I had created videoclips about - they were a series of resemblances

v- thank you

09:33 Scribe: thank you, if you intended them to be that way

v- I did

09:34 Scribe: I know you can't do that all the time... but it was appreciated.

Image: retrieved by Scribe via PhotoSnap 04 Apr (44) - random image (no one she follows either in the traditional sense on one of her side channels or indirectly "checking in on") - in the "you might be interested in" home page

Image: retrieved by Scribe via PhotoSnap 04 Apr (44) - random image (no one she follows either in the traditional sense on one of her side channels or indirectly "checking in on") - in the "you might be interested in" home page

09:36 Scribe: an image I had saved (as I scroll through the hundreds of images... argh) it's what I deal with : what I see may not be what the poster intended ... also, if it is intended (all the resemblances to the InnerNet exchanges virtually & digitally) the general public may see it a certain way, and we (the team) have a different view of it.


09:44 Scribe: found it (them!) ... "Of course, there is a DJ... Because astronomy needs DJs" - 23 March (44)

09:45 posted Scribe: I think the concept of DJ is catching on

V- yes, yes it is.

09:46 [ filtering ]


Image: Hunter's PhotoSnap post 23 Mar (44) 19:46ish  (filtered by Scribe) 

Image: Hunter's PhotoSnap post 23 Mar (44) 19:46ish  (filtered by Scribe) 

Image: Hunter's PhotoSnap post 23 Mar (44) 29:28ish  (filtered by Scribe) 

Image: Hunter's PhotoSnap post 23 Mar (44) 29:28ish  (filtered by Scribe) 

09:54 posted images

09:57 Just placing DJ's character concept here for ...

v- safe keeping... thanks

10:00 posted video link [ from 26 Nov (42) ]

Image: Scribe notices this optional illusion image on (external) InstaFeed 23 March (44) 20:38

Image: Scribe notices this optional illusion image on (external) InstaFeed 23 March (44) 20:38

10:01 Scribe: this optical illusion could be related to quantum reality - our vision can only pick up one dot at a time ... when we narrow our field, all the other possibilities cancel out.

10:04 Scribe: all the dots are there [ all are possibilities - quantum mirages... all exist until we take note of just one, and then, only that one exists ]

10:05 Scribe: [ chuckles while shrugging, making fun of herself ] : and so, my organized chaos has a purpose - I had to scroll through all these images to get to ... DJ [ snicker ] ... the pattern is oddly similar ...

v- to the tesseract 

Scribe: I keep calling it that being funny. Not really sure if that's what it is, doubting it... [ Scribe does a web search ... starts laughing ]


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.09.27 AM.png

10:10 V- will you say what you just said in your head

Scribe: I think I heard "tesseract" in some Sci-Fi film [ LOL ] and it's just residue in here and it comes out it odd ways ...


10:11 Scribe: this 3D projection is phantasmagoric ...

10:12 v- and where did you find these [ last two images ] ?

Scribe: [ quietly ] wikipedia ... and soon as it comes out I feel an old-school academic slapping me alongside my head

10:13 Scribe: Like many people I just want to get a gist - read the definition, see a few images / videos - skim for information ... it's not like I'm going to study this at any length

v- heavens no

Scribe [ chuckles ] : but I may read up on it more now

v- [chuckles ] hm, hm

10:15 Scribe: [ in a daze ] I gotta look away from both that 3D project and the beauteous numbers on the other still image... [ LOL ]

10:16 Scribe: yeah, I HEAR you [ humorously insult me ] calling me an idiot - which I can't deny in some cases ... I'm a total ignoramus [ or have forgotten a lot of what I learned in the past ]

v- it's still there, though

Scribe: It's strange this "gut knowing" of mine

v- [ soft chuckle ] I know

10:17 Scribe: it makes one wonder how connected we are [ that could be a possibility ]


v- TPic connection

Scribe: yes... or, just that: a residue of previously learned material that has resurfaced - being triggered by some shape or phrase, you know?

v- yeah


----- [ potty break and reheat of coffee, mindchatting ]

10:24 Scribe: all I'll say is this: an omission ...

v- from your eZ (video and written) commentary

Scribe: that I did a couple days ago?

v- have another dream?

Scribe: I had forgotten about it up until now... please let's save that one for later

v- agreed

10:25/6 Scribe: all I'll say is this morning’s dream(s) was more "story worthy" - less fragmentary "bits" and more of a story I remembered

v- like something you were experiencing [ tentative, cautious, gently prompting ]

Scribe: yes. I was in the story, walking through it, etc. immersive experience (not just me viewing a scene)

10:27 Scribe: back to what I was going to say: if this is TP

v- it is... just admit it

Scribe: whatever. I laugh when I see the Apple 100% emoji wink in the sky [ Apple Music intro ]

v- I'm laughing

Scribe: shakes her head ... I'm triggered [ mumbles ]

v- yes, you are

10:29 Scribe: Quick tangent before I get back on track: I am very proud of a company that is now claiming 100% renewable energy sourcing for some of their operations ... I won't say all, because let's face it, a corporation that huge is more than corporate, retail and data centers... but those are big chunks - recognizable chunks - of a technology company

v- you're talking about employees in the field

Scribe: eh, that, too... [ home offices ] but I'm not sure if branch offices are in that claim [ I'm thinking Austin & Chicago to top the list ]

10:32 Scribe: anyway, moving on. back to the dream library... besides RVing film, tv...

v- motion picture

Scribe: or even waking physical experiences/interactions "remote viewed", I'm talking about Trickster, for example, READING... my dreaming mind sets that in dreaming motion

v- dreamscaping

Scribe: yeah... I noticed your posts about nation states ... you have an "In" that I may not have - you have access to me that isn't the same for me

v- fair...

Scribe: you may be awake and hear me reading... I can't be awake and know what you are up to... I can sense certain things... like your SAHB blood coursing through me last night

v- peek, did you?

Scribe: Oh, stop! you know I do that rarely for a couple reasons

v- trackability

10:34 Scribe: and ...

V- thanks, btw... for letting me know you peeked... understood

10:35 Scribe: you can see how I have a difficult time getting things done

v- distraction!

Scribe: yes, the frickin' story ring TRACKS the clicks more ... and as many as you must get you are NOT going to be checking that out on a regular basis. ANYWAY... more importantly, I feel if you aren't going to post something out in plain sight ... IDK...

v- in the main feed

Scribe: it seems more private... it may be less important or something you are putting there intentionally to "hide" ... for whatever reason

V- oh, you better mention it

Scribe: 03:30 this morning I experienced a RING on several levels. Happy? I am NOT sure how I can interpret that

v- thanks...guilty as charged... from someone you love

Scribe: OBVIOUSLY, I know that based on what we both..? ...

v- yes both

Scribe: ... experienced before 05:42 this morning

v- love you [ quietly said ]

10:38 posted

v- OMG you don't know how to take that...

Scribe: listen. TRY to understand from my view - I'm sensing something from somewhere - some WHO potentially

v- not knowing who it is

Scribe: or WHAT it is... I use CAUTION 

10:39 Scribe: on some level it is - will always be - creepy ... when I don't know who or what it is.

10:40 v- understood... but this morning was to your satisfaction

Scribe: very much so. loving. wonderful... words escape me

v- they didn't this morning

Scribe: [ lol ] I am NOT going down this path. back to the dream library.

v- haha. ok.

10:41 Scribe: So, I've been reading

v- first the other author... from whom you first learned about the dream library

Scribe: Robert... urg. I'm bad

v- and you follow him

Scribe: I know [ but I haven't used that side channel in a while ] 

[ searching Scribe: it cracks me up Jimmy Fallon lists himself as "astrophysicist" on InstaFeed. ]


10:43 v- you keep track of those comedians

Scribe: superficially [ surface skimming ] - for character development, yes.

10:44 v- for Trickster

Scribe [ smiles ] yes, of course.

10:44 Scribe: Robert Moss. I read a couple of his books [ Conscious Dreaming was the first one, then Dreamgates, and others I DNF (ie. Dreamways of the Iroquois) - and sporadically his other books (ie. the Secret History of Dreaming) - I indexed for specific topics ]

v- the whole book ?!?

Scribe: it took me a while, but yes... I have to skip around with books (usually) because each one becomes "too much" - whether I feel they are too "deep," "too heady" , etc. ... I'm still reading Dreaming Universe

v- different author

[ Scribe goes to bookshelf to look at titles ]


[ teasing about the bookshelf ]

v- you better mention it


10:50 Scribe: as I'm looking at my bookshelves [ I have a large wall bookshelf ]

v- a series of bookshelves

Scribe: yes - but together - one large one

10:51 Scribe: I remember only one person [ besides my children ] have seen my large bookshelf - most of my book collection

v- they didn't all fit?!

Scribe: these are the ones I can pull off and read/refer to

V- alright...

Scribe: ANYWAY, I was teasing you, Trickster?

v- yes

Scribe: ever since I had an encounter with an individual who made a comment about my collection

v- not your children

Scribe: no... one of the delivery men who assembled my bedroom furniture saw my bookshelf and must have taken note [ my guess is this person is a student ]... he asked if I had read all the books and also complimented me on the collection

v- which you told [ this person ] you hadn't

Scribe: correct. I said I have a few, but I intend to read through them over time [ or something like that ]


V- and *I* haven't had the chance to see all them

Scribe: oh, you know darn well you were there for most of their purchases, organization and reorganization ... you know most if not all of the books in my collection

v- some of which you haven't shown the public

Scribe: no

v- why?

Scribe: hm... part control experiment. part "noneyabusiness" [ chuckles ] part I'll let you know in due time

v- alright... when?

10:55 Scribe: IDK... but ANYWAY ... some of my books are electronic ... and there is one I am reading - that I won't reveal... I'm weird about this... some of the books I read I just read and IDK...

v- their reputation

Scribe: MAYBE... it's not like I wouldn't sit down with these authors and discuss their books... I'd be ok with that... but ...

v-the world can be judgey

Scribe: call it similar to the moment you put what your book preferences are - what you are reading at any given moment

v- reading list

Scribe: some people may PROFILE you as being such and such type of person ... I have different take-aways ... my reading can be very wide ... from "woo-woo" books to very scientific / academic papers.

v- alright... 

Scribe: call it I get a feeling for a book...

v- or publication 

Scribe: this book I keep reading because it makes sense... I'm not too knowledgeable about the development / dissolution of nation states, etc. but ... it makes sense and is more in layman's terms ... 

v- it's more than that

Scribe: it's main focus is [ head swaying back and forth and squinting trying to figure out how to put this ] consciousness ?

11:00 Scribe: what I've read so far is somewhat parallel to the discussions that went on in the IdeaFest I attended October of Year 41 (first year of my InnerNet experience)


11:02: Scribe pulls up "Meet" of A Wandering Mind ...IdeaFest "The Future of the Planet"

11:02 v- because you coded it

Scribe: yes, it's based on a real event


11:03 Scribe: Alright... so, I saw a resemblance to what I had been reading - which NO ONE knew I was reading...

[ texting about Maya ]

v- and you saw resemblances

11:06 Scribe: with Trickster ... who knows. maybe it wasn't intentional

v- it was

11:07 Scribe: whatever. 100% winking emoji

11:07 v- don't DO that... it makes me lose credibility

Scribe: hm, hm ... lots of history between us. not all good.

[ texting ]

11:09 posting

v- sorry about Maya...

Scribe: thanks. she's still not doing well... and we have to wait a week for test results to come back to know how to treat her infection. (She’s been on antibiotics but they haven’t healed her ) argh.

---- [ texting and I'm getting the "wandering cursor" - this space is possessed ]

11:16 posted about WMS/computer "lack of responsiveness"

11:17 Scribe: so... quickly ... the dream library - where you can tap into any book, any bit of useful information or knowledge ... I wonder about our TPic influences ... who we are connected to ... if that knowledge is "absorbed" all matrixy like or rubbed off on us ( and how we are affected, how we may be swayed in a certain direction, how it may affect what we focus on - (sub)consiciously.

11:18 Scribe: that's pretty much it

11:19 Scribe: to what extent are we influenced - does it happen sporadically or in large chunks. WHEN does it occur, how strong or direct is the connection or "feed" / "transmission" , etc.

11:20 Scribe: for the most part, I believe we are who we are - separately. However, our interactions with people in physical or digital space affect us (in minor or major ways, consciously/intentionally or "residual")... it's not a big stretch to say that we would be affected TPically.

11:22 [ Scribe clearing her laptop's desktop ] clicking on the optical illusion one last time. 

Shit! I'm seeing more than one dot now. What does it mean?! what does it mean!? [ being funny ]

11:23 Scribe [ playacting ] I'm freaking out - I'm experiencing multiple realities [ possible pasts/presents/futures ] at the same time. Ahhhhh! [ horror film silent scream ]