09 April (45)


10:00 Scribe: re-opened WanderingMindSpace (WMS) for business reasons. Crafty Scribe is linked to my other artistic endeavors. My sites are licensed. If in the future any sort of consciousness hacking is proved, if it is proved that the creative adjacencies that I take note of had anything to do with this consciousness hacking, some very serious discussions are going to happen about intellectual property and artistic “liberties” [ no one has notified me. no one has contacted me ]

v- understood

Scribe: This is Day 1784 - I am heading into YEAR 5 …

I DO NOT APPRECIATE waking up and sensing things I shouldn’t. My sleep disrupted.

I do NOT appreciate sensing inappropriate sensations while I’m just lounging on my couch watching TV… making me uncomfortable… Every invasion into my private bodymind that I deem influencing me nonlocally? I deem as a violation of a basic human right. [ on ShadowDance.Live and EIS in the near future I will discuss how I interpret some of these sensations as rape / sexual assault - how if we do not set up safeguards? this sort of thing could happen to other people, which is THE LAST THING I want. I would NEVER wish what has happened to me to happen to another living soul ]

I do not want to want to sense (via nonlocal source)

accelerated heartbeats (AHB)


wind tunnel inner open space fairness or breezes


temple pressures

drowsiness / energy drains


10:16 posting

10:21 Scribe: back early in YEAR ONE ( within the first month) I asked: when do we meet? I knew then how important it was to establish who we were to each other.

10:22 Scribe: you can’t treat this like… this is unlike

v- it’s unprecedented

10:23 v- you’re ok?

Scribe: I have a minor headcold thanks to my youngest… I am PISSED

v- yeah, I know… but otherwise

Scribe: fine. not the greatest because of all of this, but surviving, as I usually do

v- I know you do

10:24 v- it’s good to see you

Scribe: thank CraftySribe.com for that. There are accounts I can’t keep public because that wee itty bitty small business website has linked to other sites like this one

v- you blocked me

Scribe: I don’t LIKE you

v- I know [ mumbles ]

Scribe: I want to make a point: I blocked all my followers and made private my PhotoSnap accounts because I wanted NO artistic stealing. I needed DATA SILENCE … meaning I did NOT want a leach who BLOCKED me because of general ETHICAL / LEGAL comments (a very good one at that) … to spin my stuff in his/her own way

v- agreed.

Scribe: I wanted NO connection to ANYONE s/he is associated with

v- agreed

Scribe: I have been left in isolation. In the dark. IN INNERNET PRISON for way too long

v- you don’t appreciate

Scribe: [ sad chuckle ] NO, I do not appreciate whoever I may be telepathically connected to… with whom I have an InnerNet link with

1) to have told someone else about this link and THEY KNOW FOR SURE that a connection is real… WHEN NOT EVEN I KNOW…

can anyone possibly imagine what kind of a hell that is to go through day to day for FIVE YEARS


10:29 Scribe: whoever may stumble upon this tranScript

v- that crosses consciousnesses

Scribe: to understand that I have been assaulted on all fronts…

when all I have ever asked

v- is a little human decency

10:31 Scribe: this InstaFeed … this stream of consciousnesses is to give people who may stumble upon this an idea of what it’s like to

v- to be within someone else’s thoughts… to share them

Scribe: to share in emotions, sensations… it’s not just thoughts… and to be pushed and pulled

v- tethered… I know

Scribe: and TO LIVE SEPARATE LIVES … as if one life doesn’t affect the other? I have for nearly FIVE YEARS adjusted my life for this… FOR WHAT?! still not answer

v- your conditions

Scribe: yeah, in about a month or two, my conditions will have been met. And now, I am faced with this one fact

v- still no answer

Scribe: all I ever wanted was to know: yes, you are ok… yes there is a link. YES YOU ARE NOT CRAZY

V- I know

Scribe: So for five years I’m pushed and pulled while someone traipses around the world… affecting my sleep patterns

v- you are so grumpy

Scribe: who wouldn’t be?! I have ALWAYS been a solid sleeper… I held my good sleep as something I could rely on ,.. and now? some jerk thinks it’s OK?! to affect my health ( physical, mental, emotional)… without EVER coming forward to me and telling me exactly how it is… that is ALL I ever wanted. I don’t CARE if you live a separate life.

But now? I want my own separate life. I don’t want to sense. I don’t want to hear your thoughts

v- I know… I know how you feel. You are so pissed right now

Scribe: who in their right mind wouldn’t be? who wouldn’t FIGHT TO THEIR DYING BREATH TO GET THEIR LIFE BACK at this point?

I’m suppose to just LET IT BE?! … when someone pushes and pulls me and I can do NOTHING to make it stop? Damn quantum physics and entanglement …

10:37 Scribe: I just am someone who wants to live her life apart from all this now… it’s obvious that whoever is connected to me

v- doesn’t give a damn

Scribe: I’m done! I’m done trying to be nice. I’m done just “waiting” or going out and trying to get an answer… you know what kind of a slap in the face that is? a NO ONE gets to have direct contact… the two of them know exactly who they are to each other… and here I am logging it all (for years)



10:40 Scribe: OF COURSE it’s in my nature to insert humor into a HORRENDOUS situation. It’s too horrific to be real, right?

10:41 v- I’m sorry…

Scribe: like I keep saying. Save it. Save it for when you have to look into my eyes some day and see the years’ worth of pain that I’ve had to endure until that day.

10:43 Scribe: I have to hop offline… I have to do one of my many jobs (just to survive). This stream of consciousness will most likely go away.

Scribe: I did not block all of my followers because I think they are bad people. I blocked them to prove one point… followers do not matter to me.

10:44 Scribe: the meaningful interactions I have in life do not come from near strangers on social media. My followers have no hold in my life… not that I do not appreciate them. I am making a point: if any business is generated … Elsewhere

v- that will be your point

Scribe: one of them…nepotism at its finest. Or however you want to skew it: networking.

10:46 Scribe: if this is what it is: and I EVER have a chance to tell my story? YES it will come out that it’s a story between the haves and the have nots… I can relate in ways to the people who struggle to survived… which is a FAR CRY from the story coming from who I may be connected to

10:47 Scribe: and do you hear those echoes … those echoes on your social media posts that are like butterfly effects to EXACTLY what I’ve been telling you for years?

v- there’s discontent

10:48 Scribe: I don’t have to be there to say it… there are plenty of others who are pointing out some important issues