10 July (45)

Image: the Mayan hieroglyph for YAX on the back of a turtle (Madrid Codex) 

Image: the Mayan hieroglyph for YAX on the back of a turtle (Madrid Codex) 

12:00 posting (intentional) 


Scribe: for my storyreel... 

Image: photo taken of Scribe before discovering the hieroglyph of the Mayan Moon Goddess

Image: photo taken of Scribe before discovering the hieroglyph of the Mayan Moon Goddess


12:07 Scribe: still researching, but have found Ix Chebel Yax resembles Ix Chel (?) Cosmic Weaver... I went with Ix Chebel Yax as a Mayan historical / mythological waypoint for A Wandering Mind  ... [ pulling notes ] I liked the yax part ...

12:12 v- of course you did

12:13 Scribe: came across this tidbit yesterday in trying to find out why there aren’t different hieroglyphs for blue & green (just yax blue/green) 


12:15 Posting Scribe: it’s not just a Mayan thing. It makes sense (thinking of pigments) - their Mayan blue when mixed (and even when dry) is blue-green... I’m also thinking of the waters in and around Mexico, the Caribbean & Central America ... maybe they did have different colors (associated with objects/nature)... but we only have so much of their recorded history, which includes now having only a few (main) codices (Madrid, Dresden, Paris, and possibly Grolier) - these texts in many ways were copies & fragments of older texts ... and, of course, there is only so much on the web & in my few books & resources that I have to refer to

12:24 Scribe: getting ready for my teaching moments this coming Saturday at my kids’ craft corner where they’ll be designing Mayan hieroglyphic bookmarks on handmade hu’un paper - sustainably made (all proud)

12:26 v- and authentic

Scribe: yes, yes, yes... I curate

v- and well

12:26 Scribe: that dreaded question came at me (as expected) last Saturday about fair trade ... trust me: I’m TRYING... to make sure everything is sustainable, nontoxic, and archival  ...

12:27 my Mayan collection is. 

v- yeah, I know it is

12:28 Scribe: most of my line is - I have a few gray area products that, yes, meet the “non-toxic” standard (that’s what vendors claim & certify), but I still have some questions to ask (regarding chemical compositions) ... I am well aware of fair trade. Not to be grumpy, but my own work ethic (workaholic) isn’t fair trade (I sell my products NOT factoring in my time)... 


12:31 V- so, what did you say? 

Scribe: most are & that I try to curate / make sustainable (fair trade-able) products, but that I’m still doing research & that I’m just starting out... I test out all my products (and vendors’ services) to keep my product valuable (quality) but also want to keep my prices low enough to be affordable

v- and competitive

Scribe: but, yes, it was in regards to my lapis lazuli ...  

v- ha ha, I know

Scribe: I have a general knowledge about where the stone is quarried ... and my vendor is who produces the pigment - so, I think I’m ok... it’s the whole how is it quarried, but my guess is that it is fair trade ... it isn’t super cheap (still high quality, in my opinion) - it’s just more affordable because it doesn’t come from the Middle East. I told her that I was curious (artistically) & that so far there is no manmade more sustainable LL pigment (that matches the color). We talked about YnMn... and how even that isn’t readily accessible and is MORE expensive than the LL (which isn’t an excuse, I realize).

12:39 Scribe: again, I encourage wise use of the pigment ...

v- that will last (the art: a lifetime)

Scribe: and tips about how to reuse (if watercolors, use a rinsing water well just for LL, let it dry  & reuse (by adding your binder, water)

12:40 Scribe: erg, I KNEW that question would come ... it’s my favorite color

v- I know it is... 


[ shower ]

13:06 Scribe: so you asked about what my gray area pigments were ( my standard, not other vendor standards)? 

v- yes

Scribe: let me pull up my curated colors...

13:07 Scribe: I have MSDS (material safety and data sheets) for most of my pigments except a few

v- but you are going to create your own

Scribe: I want a uniform form... I'm detail-oriented. Some of the MSDS's are poorly pixelated and the format is atrocious. [ it creates more work for me, but once done, I have documents / templates I can reuse/update if necessary)

13:09 ACMI is one certification - Arts and Creative Materials Institute Certified (conforms to ASTM D 4236...)

13:12 [ checking photo ] yup, same certification I found on a pre-made paint kit at a craft store the other day... that does NOT include an ingredients list (preservatives, additives)... what I can say about my product line is that you get more pure pigment and the ingredients are archival (I do my research on the pigments, which many are historical and there are masterpieces, ceramics, murals, that have lasted millennia)

13:15 Scribe: what I suspect with many common retailers is that they buy pre-made shelveable (increased shelf life) paints and inks, but what that means is that there is much less pure pigment because there are additives (again, no ingredients list to know what they are... although they conform to "ASTM D 4236"

This practice describes the standard procedure for developing precautionary labels for art materials to provide chronic health hazard and precautionary statements based on knowledge that exists in the scientific and medical communities. These statements concern hazards known to be associated with a product or product component(s) when it is present in a physical form, volume, or concentration that in the opinion of a toxicologist has the potential to produce a chronic adverse health effect. This practice applies exclusively to art materials packaged in sizes intended for individual users of any age or those participating in a small group, and does not apply to products appropriately labeled for known chronic health hazards. Also, this practice does not specify test methods for determining whether a substance or product presents adverse chronic health effects. Labels should include the signal word WARNING, list of potentially chronic hazards, name of chronically hazardous component(s), safe handling instructions, list of sensitizing components, information sources, labeling content and product size, and other supplementary information.

Source: https://www.astm.org/Standards/D4236.htm

13:19 Scribe: I go a few steps further in my research: I look at chemical compositions, and if there are any "suspect" minerals (heavy metals, for example). 

In my collection, there are:

absolutely no lead-based pigments

absolutely no cadmium pigments

and for interested parties, I quickly chat with them about some historical pigments that are highly toxic:

cinnabar (contains mercury)

In my collection I focus on many historical pigments - but NON-TOXIC

in my collection: clay-based, loams, (yellow, green, blue) ochres, lapis lazuli...

Now, yes, the red ochre contains iron oxide... and the earth black is carbon-based (which I found in one reference as "moderately toxic pigments")

however, it's about the exposure you will have with these pigments. I like to make the anecdote about how kids draw with chalk on sidewalks and driveways, how adults and kids alike sit around firepits or campfires - are they wearing masks and gloves? There is more exposure to dust and soot in those situations than occasionally mixing paints/inks with dry pigments.

13:25 Scribe: yes, if you work frequently with dry pigments, wear gloves and particulate/dust mask (as I do). On my MSDS's I will slap on the cautionary message about handling dry pigments - which is standard. 


13:29 I try to do my homework, but on some sites they list the pigments as non-toxic and on others they deem them "moderately toxic"

Let's call my ancient pigments (Egyptian, Mayan) mostly non-toxic (iron oxide red and carbon black being the "suspects") My medieval hematite [red] limonite [yellow], woad [blue] are all non-toxic - if you consider the iron oxide in hematite to be non-toxic... I need a chemist to answer these questions ;-) - it's on my to-do list ]

primary blue (Children's color collection): Si4O10(OH)2Mg3

The problem with some colors is that I have a color in mind to match that collection ... [ and non-toxic to mostly non-toxic *my designation* isn't available ]

Once we get into more modern times - MANMADE synthetic pigments, we get into more toxic ingredients.  These ingredients may make up a small part of the chemical composition, and as such, they are certified non-toxic... and so, here are the gray area pigments in my collection [ even though the vendor has certified them as non-toxic ]

thyme green Cr203 [ chrome oxide ] [ elsewhere I found this green is FDA approved (Section 178.3297) ]

violet (mimics Tyrian purple) - has a mineral base attached to an azo organic pigment

the toxicity of AZO pigments varies. By what I found, this violet is non-toxic (and certified as such)

other azo organic pigments in my main collections (children's kit) are:

primary red

primary yellow

primary green

These are additional colors in my full collection [ certified non-toxic by my vendor, but elsewhere some (*) include ingredients are listed moderately toxic ]

*Turquoise: Si4O10(OH)2Mg3-Co3Ca-Cr203 [ contains cobalt, chromium(III) oxide ]

*Light Blue:  CaCO3+C32N8H16Cu [ contains copper ]

*Cyan: C32H16N8CuCAS+BASO4 [ contains copper phthalocyanine ]

Orange: has a mineral base attached to an azo organic pigment

Pink: Na6Al6Si6O24S4

Lavender: Na6Al6Si6O24S4

14:04 Scribe: perhaps my concerns are unfounded ... they are "FDA approved" conform to "ASTM D 4236" and ACMI certified... but my research continues

v- never hurts to err on the side of caution

Scribe: that and I only sell very small portions of the dry pigment (in my kits) ... 1/4 teaspoon to 3 tsp containers. Again, exposure (duration, frequency and quantity) level to dry dust is a factor to consider, as with anything ( no one wants to sit all night in a smoke bath if you're sitting near a campfire )

v- I think you're ok

Scribe: IDK... I just want people to be aware that I do read beyond the "certified" and "FDA approved" ... we all know labels change... as I was telling my children the other day: they once sold COCAINE in cough syrup


14:11 Scribe: we all should use...

v- common sense

Scribe: and be aware of what we are all sensitive to: foods, drinks... and what we handle on a daily basis, whether it's while gardening (be aware that many lawn care products and gardening (potting) soils are NOT non-toxic...) or in our own home (cleaning supplies)... 

14:13 v- thank you

Scribe: again, I'm not trying to explain away some of my choices 

v- there are no other color choices!

Scribe: I found other earth colors (i.e. earth green)

v- s--- brown

Scribe: I didn't 't even get a sample because I could just tell by the online photo that when adding a binder and water it'd turn an ugly color... some vibrancy you can tell even by online colors

v- and in person

14:14 Scribe: not all ochres are the same

V- no, they are not... tell the story

Scribe: about the baby poop yellow? yes, I tried one ochre out - and ew. Not good. I went with a more vibrant natural yellow


14:16 Scribe: to wrap up (and to bring this back around to the Mayan theme): I just love the story of Mayan Blue... here's a blurb of what I found about Mayan Blue

[ searching ]

14:18 Scribe: to save time [ and not try to find the exact source to paste here ] I'll paraphrase.

An article I read last summer/fall was about how scientists/archaeologists were amazed that this pigment stood the test of time in such humid climates - it is colorfast.

v- the secret's in the sauce

Scribe: [ chuckles ] something like that

14:20 v- thank you...

Scribe: talking shop can be boring... I include it here

v- because it'll go away. I know.

Scribe: LOL, hm, hm. It's good to plug it in here so I can come back later as I whittle away at the Crafty Scribe to-do list


[ re reading ]

v- can you mention?

Scribe: I was going to do other things

v- for your other job

Scribe: yes... but I had a personal health day

V- you had a stomach ache

Scribe: I usually am pretty healthy, and just needed to lie down for a while (messed up my whole rhythm/routine).. IDK what it was - cramps, gas, what I ate late last night? ( I had a couple organic fruit strips)

v- you are such a child

Scribe: I wanted a snack ,and it wasn't a HORRIBLE snack... alhgouth the time I had them might have given me indigestion

v- and you didn't eat dinner

Scribe: I ate lunch at 3- 3:30PM... so, no...

v- but you're better now?

Scribe: yes, relaxing on the couch helped

V- .... and?

Scribe: I got a few chuckles out of Glow. from the very beginning. "Warrior" [ by Patti Smyth ]...? really? to start out the show? Funny.

V- it's in your playlist

Scribe: yes, it is.


v- what else?

Scribe: I'm not mentioning anything else (my overanalysis)... all I'll say is you ... Trickster?

V- yes

Scribe: ...were there with me... soothing me?

V- yes, dear

Scribe: hm... yet to be determined (confirmed). But... as I said earlier, if you had a part in my SOOTHING... thank you

v- you're welcome ... and last night?

Scribe: you're referring to this morning at 02:20

V- that's all you have to say

Scribe: I was working late again... 

v- staying up too late

Scribe: well... I did get a few things done... but, yes, started to fall asleep and ... [ coughs ] at your prompting

v- multiple... prompts

Scribe: finally went to bed

V- and...?

Scribe: nothing... was there something I was suppose to mention?

V- [ chuckles ] stop. Did you sleep well?

Scribe: yeah, I slept ok.

V- what time did you get up? 

Scribe: officially GOT UP around 8 am

V- hm. not much sleep.

14:36 Scribe: signing off


Scribe: love you, too


14:44 Scribe: [ serious ] You're going to have to answer for all your frickin' posts

v- will you stop!?


V- are you referring to the COINCIDENCE post [ all hoity toity ] 

Scribe: yes, I am. If it isn't - WHICH I AM WELL AWARE - then, fine. However, if you ARE TPically connected

v- I am... C..

Scribe: I HATE having to continually see s--- and CONTINUALLY ...

v- be left in the dark

Scribe: having to deal with all the possibilities is what bothers me... when there is a simple solution ... and it ain't happenin'

v- it will, ok? [ gently ][

Scribe: hm.

v- don't be pissy

Scribe: this will go away. I just feel the need to VENT. once again. I'm switching gears and stepping away from the digital plane. I need to.

V- you don't LIKE me

Scribe: I never do

v- double entendre....

Scribe: something like that

v- ______

Scribe: I AM WELL AWARE! ... Again, I am a conflicted woman


Scribe: Why I even share is beyond me... it never leads me to that destination

v- sorry... hey, go do what you need to do, ok? ILY

Scribe: just ... erg. go do what YOU need to do... don't let me dissuade you... just post whatever you feel you need to post. My opinion doesn't matter. [ mumbling ]

v- will you stop...

14:50 Scribe: focusing on more productive things...

v- this was productive

Scribe: sort of ... gotta go, ok? I love you... this is n't easy...

v- I know it's not... sorry

Scribe: it's just my perspective, which I am very aware is skewed and I try to ...

v- keep a baseline... I know. I am well aware of that f----ing baseline

Scribe: you have your s--- to deal with, too. Sorry.


V- back to what you needed to do, c


09 July (45)


10:49 (Scribe reading as she waits in the lounge while Bob takes care of Edgey) : I so get you, Christine (de Pisan) [ 1364 - 1430 ]


10:53 Scribe: ... with your penchant for dream-visions & ability to forecast well...

10:54: V(oice): Who’s Edgey? 

10:55 Scribe: as you darn well know already... 

v- for public record

Scribe: my trusty travel & haul companion

v- your car

Scribe: hm, hm

v- appropriate

Scribe: hm, unintentional (when I bought him). He’s numerically magical, too [ being my car he would ]

v- he? 

Scribe: yes, HE. 

10:57 v- thank you for introducing us to Edgey

Scribe: I reassure him that I will be extra careful with him (and how sad Escapey’s demise was, although he had a very good long life)

v- after ...?!? 

Scribe: we don’t mention that incident ... (early in Edgey’s life with me) shh... it wasn’t entirely my fault either

v- another story for later

[ 10:59 Bob updates me about Edgey ] 

v- regular maintainance? 

Scribe: yes... I love him. He has come in very handy

v- with your new business

Scribe: and building a new home, yes - he hauls very well

v- good

Scribe: good for road trips, too

v- which you already went on

Scribe: hm, hm... 

v- more about Christine de Pisan

Scribe: hold on... need a placeholder before I post this... 


16:22 Scribe: Christine de Pisan (CDP) has her place on PhotoSnap now [ LINK ] CDP is a medieval waypoint now, and there are some interesting intersections between her life & work & A Wandering Mind (and Scribe)

16:26 posting


16:43 posted update

Image: an illustration in de Pisan’s  Epitre d’Orthea  - The goddess Temperance winding a clock

Image: an illustration in de Pisan’s Epitre d’Orthea - The goddess Temperance winding a clock

16:58 posted clock illustration



08 July (45)


23:16 Scribe: 

a quiet shore

elements four

wood, a log

rock, a cog

sand for time

water for rhyme

”Winding Down”  -Nox, a Skuldish skāld

23:29 V(oice)- stop

Scribe (chuckles): you stop. You’re ruining my humor

v- no, I’m not... hints galore? 

Scribe: is that a new Bond name!?

v- no... don’t even think it

Scribe: hey, there has to be a new Bond scientist girl

v- (LOL) stop ... I know what you’re referring to

Scribe: not far from a middle-aged mom in suburbia... [ just as far-fetched as a normal, average woman getting telepathically connected with someone ]

v- stop (chuckles): I KNOW... 

23:32 posting  

 23:37 v- you’re up late

Scribe: I’M WORKING (mumbles: for no money) 

v- [ soft chuckle ]  you’re making me feel bad

Scribe: hm, hm... you know how hard I work and what my “income” is...

v- I know... shockingly bad [ how much work you put in for barely anything ] 

23:38 Scribe: I have one more thing to do before I go to bed

v- please describe what you were doing - everything

Scribe: today for Crafty Scribe I collaborated with my artistic daughter (she sketched half of the Mayan bookmark hieroglphs

v- for the word “scribe” 

Scribe: yes... I cut the paper to size for her - I still need to sketch the other half  

23:40 while I was watching Vikings Season 5 I was doing a cost analysis for Crafty Scribe’s product line (and setting prices) ... math, I know

v- so, measuring today

Scribe: channeling my Seshat aspect (tired humor) ... yes  

v- she measures ... 

Scribe: oh, she weighs things  

v- that’s Ma’at

Scribe: they collaborate

v- I know .. a poem comes to mind

Scribe: any hieroglyph?

v- stop

Scribe: alright, time to create a quick replica (blank canvas) of a codex with Mayan paper - I have to glue pieces together to make one long swath with my nifty new made-from-scratch archival plant-based adhesive (all proud)

23:45 Scribe: and then to bed for a few hours until I am rudely awakened by WHATEVER

V- (quick chuckle) still not happy about that

Scribe: no... 

V- any ... ?

Scribe: (not answering that question)

v- I adore you  

Scribe: ILY2... gotta go

v- thanks for the photo

Scribe: hm, hm... soon to dispappear

V- why don’t you keep them up? 

Scribe: I choose not to... just be glad I don’t just put them behind clickable doors

v- (chuckles)  stop... just call them what they are

Scribe: noPe

23:48 Scribe: Adiós

v- Love you

Scribe: I’m going to bed in a few. Be my pillow?

v- (smiles) sure

Scribe: you put me to sleep

v- STOP! I get that! 


Scribe: I thought of you, Arrow: 


23:50 Scribe: so “Djinn”-ish...


23:51 Scribe: and the pièce de résistance


23:53 scāld (out)

v- haha, stop


Image: Arrow’s call sign (based on a Nordic rune...) digitally rendered 22 December (43)

Image: Arrow’s call sign (based on a Nordic rune...) digitally rendered 22 December (43)

Image: Scribe’s woodburned rune 10 June (43)

Image: Scribe’s woodburned rune 10 June (43)

Image: Scribe’s shadow 20 March (42) 

Image: Scribe’s shadow 20 March (42)