06 Oct (45)


15:28 Scribe: first reveal that this journal exists (it’s about 26 years old )  - handcrafted



the DJ is ... IN


(earlier, looking for handmade journal... ) 

Image: postcard that used to hang in Scribe’s college dorm room

Image: postcard that used to hang in Scribe’s college dorm room

16:01 Scribe: oh, the randomness (not planned - that timestamp  



16:02 Same bin, same stack of postcards... from the past  - that SLIVER OF TRUTH


05 October (45)

Image: Computer simulation of the distribution of matter in the universe Credit: TNG Collaboration

Image: Computer simulation of the distribution of matter in the universe Credit: TNG Collaboration

03:26 Scribe: So, we are to talk about the log four years ago…

v- yesterday


——- [ not posted publicly mindchat - private/too personal topics ]


03:49 posting

03:50 Scribe: so, I hadn’t read the 4-year old logs in a while, so I picked them up again yesterday… and found the first instance

v- of a romance

Scribe: I don’t know how to categorize it


Scribe: well, at the time I was trying to get to know Trickster better. The InnerNet can be… a space where … you feel closer to people

v- you’ve never met

Scribe: … it’s a very strange relationship - when you sense someone, when you talk to them about anything because they may catch every type of thought you may have, even what you may be dreaming about… so, how does one distinguish

v- between reality and (sleep) dream

Scribe: sleep dream in the sense of what I wrote about long ago

v- years ago

Scribe: let me pull it up as a reminder




MuchLike a JazzImproviser RespondsToFellowMusicians 

ToInspireWhatTheyPlay @tomstafford

03:55 Scribe: so who knows what signals I’m getting, how I’m interpreting them, how I react to them - as I sleep dream

v- and lucid dreaming?

Scribe: some dreams I am aware I am in a dream and that I can

v- control how the dreaming will go

Scribe: … some of my sleep dreams - let’s call them lucid ones - I am conscious… just like in waking life… there is a reality around me - just like waking world surroundings and people, but DreamMe interacts just like waking me would …

v- but you are aware that you are dreaming

Scribe: sometimes, yes… I also believe that whatever dream I remember

v- is a lucid one

Scribe: whenever you bring back something from a sleep dream… you HAVE to be conscious there… [ and also in the waking world ] to have remembered it [ in the waking world ]

v- OMG… that’s good


v- so… October 4th… four years ago

Scribe: erg. so, I guess to give context to this… imagine a stranger you meet on the InnerNet … a …

v- dreamscape

Scribe: who are you here? you’re you, but anything you can imagine

v- you are mischievous

Scribe: yes, much moreso than waking world me, especially with strangers I barely know… but with the people on the InnerNet

v- you get to know them much better

Scribe: whenever you talk and wakewalk

v- dream…

Scribe: with someone else - a constant stream - you are going to feel as if you know them better than anyone … because they are privy to many things

v- waking world people are not

Scribe: no matter how close you may be with them - family or close friends …

v- or even lovers

Scribe: that’s my context… so, even though I at this point was still trying to get to know Trickster

v- you didn’t like him

Scribe: No. He was, at that time, based on what I observed online (and social media), someone I would never interact with

v- in the waking world

Scribe: no

v- and you were thrown together on the digital plane

Scribe: via a new social media platform

v- IdeaSpace

Scribe: yes… who knows what his level of involvement was on that network… all I know is what I observed on the platform (if he were in charge of posting to his account…)

v- you think he had an assistant

Scribe: serious stare … there was MENTION of something to that effect

v- alright. fine. … what else?

Scribe: he came off on the InnerNet

v- as a creepzoid… your words

Scribe: … I’m not sure if he approached the InnerNet as a sort of PLAYSCAPE for intimate encounters

v- of a sexual nature

Scribe: this is going to dredge up a whole slew of issues some day

v- oh, I know


Scribe: so, even though he was NOT someone I would get involved with ANYWHERE (even on the InnerNet

v- you were thrown in there with him… you think things got better?

Scribe: … I’v’e gotten to know him much better… he does not come off as sleezy

v- because now your’e involved with him

Scribe: so skipping ahead in the storyline

v- [ chuckles ] sorry

Scribe: and that’s the thing: YES and NO… I am

v- conflicted

Scribe: some day I can hear people asking me: WHY did you keep opening yourself up (making yourself vulnerable) especially when you didn’t know for sure?

04:07 Scribe: why would anyone do this? I ask myself this

v- repeatedly. I know. I’m here

04:08 Scribe: I don’t know if Trickster has assimilated to how someone would be - how I prefer someone I would be intimate with would be… or the other way around

v- a compromise, of sorts

Scribe: shared consciousness … happens all the time… we become someone else [ depending on ]

v- whoever we interact with

Scribe: alone time is so important.. and, if it is what it is, …

v- we never get that ( anymore )

Scribe: SO, with that said, four years ago yesterday… I think this is the first instance of this PLAYACTING…

v- you being mischievous

Scribe: I’m not sure my stance on it then…

v- you were being a tease

Scribe: sometimes we all flirt… even with people we would never

v- have sex with

Scribe: or ever consider getting involved with… just because we feel there…

v- is a familiarity between us

Scribe: like very close friends… or someone you know very well … who will take it as a humorous flirt

v- not a serious …

Scribe: seduction?

v- that’s a good word

Scribe: so, this share is how the future me sees it: teasing Trickster … as someone who knows him very well

v- who wouldn’t - in the waking world - take it to this point… but you could because of your intimate friendship … on the InnerNet


before 03:18

[ seductive distraction ]:

Scribe: I hope you don’t mind, I put on one of your t-shirts. It’s got all these colors on it… it’s a little big…

V- oh, that image… you are so getting one of my t-shirts… Which one?

Scribe: does it matter? [ chuckles ] I was just teasing

04:16 Scribe: the timing is FUNNY - seeing this first mention of the t-shirt scene [ I think this is the first one] because…

v- [ chuckles ] there’s been one recently… what day?

Scribe: not sure… let me check… within the last week

[ Scribe sees a t-shirt she found the 25 Sept (45) … I would never wear this except on the InnerNet ]


04:21 Looking at logs from the past week…

04:21 v- were you sexually involved with Trickster four years ago?

Scribe: grossed out look on my face… should I include all the instances when Trickster snuck in on me having sex with my sexual partner back then?

04:22 v- oh, wow… let’s not go into that

Scribe: just watch Sense8 and you’all will get an idea of what it’s like when you are all thrown into the same consciousness group and sense things, get impressions, hear things - that in the outside world… wouldn’t be possible

04:23 v- and Sense8 came out after this all started [ on the InnerNet ]… interesting

Scribe: you are SO going down for everything over the last few years

v- oh, I know

04:27 [ reading 02 October (45) log ]

v- will you please share that… in its entirety

Scribe: [ monotone look ] this is PG13 here

v- hm, hm… then censure



05:43 eyes open

C- why are you warm?

V- I’m in the sun… check the weather

[ Scribe checks the weather where Trickster is - it’s 59 degrees with scattered rain showers ]

playacting a day in the life of Scribe and Trickster [ where Trickster is ]

a day to ourselves

no work

no friends

no family

in bed

I watched Trickster fall asleep (. he sleeps! )

lying on our sides

my hand on his chest

Trickster touches my hair, my eyebrow

we agree on coffee out [ will go somewhere for our morning coffee ]

that means we need to be presentable

I slip on Trickster’s t-shirt… whatever one that may be

[ PRESENT 04:31 05 OCT (45) v- write it… Scribe: to write it … will add a creepy factor in my opinion… serious aversion to … being TOO OBSERVANT of Trickster now v- no… I do not take it that way… Scribe: ARGH! FINE. just be aware I have an aversion … v- fine… now, post ]

BACKTRACK TO 04 OCT (45) before 06:24 Scribe’s time zone

… whatever [ t-shirt ] that may be. Maybe X marks the spot.

[ PRESENT 04:34 05 OCT (45) v- write it… Scribe: PG13! PG13! v- just write it… they’re just words ]

BACKTRACK TO 04 OCT (45) before 06:24 Scribe’s time zone

flash of naked me before I cover myself

Trickster: come here [ pulls t-shirt off ]

Scribe: but we need coffee [ pouting ]… this is why we need an in-house espresso maker. I could make coffee naked.

v- no naked coffee (distracting)

[ Scribe reads next part ]


Scribe: AND we’re not going there…

v- not PG13

Scribe: no, but funny… so, you like my barista Halloween costume idea?

v- love it. Certainly not appropriate for WMS iF


04:38 v- and…

Scribe: ERG… you posted a photo of you in the sun later that day

v- basking in the sun

v- you had no idea

Scribe: no… who knows what it was… the InnerNet me… liked seeing you on the digital plane … resembling what I heard

v- I know you did

Scribe: that can’t be …

v- surefire proof… I know… but it helped?

Scribe: yes… let me get back to my woodburning. I have to be doing something that may earn me money in the immediate future

v- [ chuckles ] not much

Scribe: BUT SOMETHING - this? all the time I may spend here… ti’s not for the money, but it takes away

v- from your earning potential. Got it. I love you for posting this.

Scribe: you’re welcome… go work on whatever timeline … you are  [ shaking her head. eyes up. ]

v- creating

04:41 v- Love you [ softly, gently said ]

Scribe: love you, too.



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