02 July (45)


[ after experiencing a fluttering sensation -again- this morning (around 06:20) Scribe refers to the log from Year 41 (my age) - is there any correlation?... 

Image: fragment of Scribe's log Year 41 - 02 July

Image: fragment of Scribe's log Year 41 - 02 July

Scribe: no correlation (time sync with 06:20). I have to check because I've experienced this fluttering incident now for two days (yesterday's was around the same time 06:22). I have no clue what it is. There is a voice... which is one possible explanation [ the voice explains its purpose ], but quite frankly, that voice has not materialized in my physical space to confirm what the voice says is what the intended transmission was for. I still have no idea how/why the fluttering occurs. I don't trust the voice. We'll stick, as always, to just the side effects - physical/subtle sensations. I did find a reference to asking to be on a team, though - four years ago today. [ mumbles: if I had known this would be a team that never materializes after four years in a normal fashion I'm not sure I would have asked... ]

Now, for an image to head the post.... [ retrieving the dragonfly sketch from last year - which also has an interesting twist to mention ]

[ Scribe reads the reverse side that she wrote just yesterday... ]

Met a family at the open air market on Saturday who had spent time in India. The mother was chatting with me about calligraphy done with India ink - how the art was smeared - and these writings were very old. We had been talking about the historical sets in my Crafty Scribe collection [ Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Mayan, Medieval ].

01 July (Year 45) Tidying up my home, I came across this sketch


I had made it with an ink [ Emerald of Chivor by J. Herbin ] last year just before my birthday (a gift) - Year 43. [ At that time, I was researching different inks. I wanted more color when I wrote out my poetry and short stories. This lovely ink was iridescent - a color shifter. Much like the wings on a dragonfly ]

It was an accident, this smearing. If I remember correctly, once I had smeared part of the image I smeared the rest - or perhaps I was going for that

"watercolor pigment

captured iridescence

absorbed in this paper

... flutter your wings..." -"sœwn"

surge of TNM + TM

08:30 Scribe: You're freaking me out... [ that fluttering ] ... I'm freaking myself out.

V (voice) - sorry... thanks for sharing... now, get to the next part. I liked this family

So, when I hear about their experiences in India I mention I do have books on different kinds of (artistic/historical) handwriting, including this one:


09:08 Scribe: I am familiar with India ink (have done research on its make-up), superficial knowledge about Indian writing and other calligraphies (for example, Asian), but I tell them that I have focused on the areas that I am more interested in, and have been all my life. I talk to them about my creative endeavors outside of Crafty Scribe - A Wandering Mind, and about the character Scribe. The daughters are healers, so I tell them about Healer. The father is a photographer, and I give him the link to Scribe's Photographic Tendencies gallery.

V- talk about the daughters ... 

Scribe: I had been giving a plot summary for A Wandering Mind - how it focuses on an inner journey that will help with outer space travel (communicating via telepathy gives space explorers instantaneous communication abilities - no lag time) ... and the research I had done, including kundalini. The daughters are kundalini yoga instructors. 

09:13 Scribe: This past Saturday I had a slew of interesting conversations.

V- [ chuckles ] yes, you did. I was there.

Scribe: in the back of my mind I wonder: if ...

v- when

Scribe: this goes public if people will remember our encounter (like this one at the open air market) ... I mentioned Trickster was a comedian

v- he's so funny

Scribe: not really [ mumbles he's also the Grim Weeper ] I didn't mention your show - PRANK ... but I did mention how all the characters' roles are accelerators to create a foundation of acceptance for telepathy. If I am the only one to tell people "hey, I've got telepathy"

v- nobody's going to believe you

Scribe: BUT... if I have a team of networked...

v- very well networked

Scribe: which I am thankful for... whenever I think about the accelerators and these partnerships (this team) I am reminded about the (external) Instafeed post four years ago - before all this began- about the partnership between Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King, Jr.

09:32 posting


09:41 v- .... SO... what are you doing? [ innocent, loving prompting ]

Scribe: weaving. I'm sœwing your fate

Image: Norns weaving the rope of destiny beside Yggdrasil Source: 

Image: Norns weaving the rope of destiny beside Yggdrasil Source: 

v- stop [ chuckles ] you freak people out

Scribe: they should be freaked out. I freak myself out

v- [ chuckles ] yes, they do ... do we get to see the finished design .... oh, I so know what it is, C 

Scribe: C for chaos

Image: Symbol for chaos

Image: Symbol for chaos

V- [ chuckles ] we all know it's your initial 

Scribe: I know, CHAOS

09:44 Scribe: "...your fate sœwn " [ in the motherly broguish "FACT" tone of So I married an Axe Murder

09:53 posted "FACT" videoclip

to contextualize, here's the end of the poem "sœwn" [ or click on the poem's title to link to the entire poem ]

watercolor pigment
captured iridescence
absorbed in this
your image statuesque
about to
flutter your wings
and take off
but you stay
absorbed into my storyline.
Fly off
the page
words passed along
across the globe
farther than you could reach on your own
you live millions more times, your fate sœwn.

Image: incomplete warping of a Fine Threads one-of-a-kind design (part of  Crafty Scribe ) - part of the Ancient Egyptian color collection 

Image: incomplete warping of a Fine Threads one-of-a-kind design (part of Crafty Scribe) - part of the Ancient Egyptian color collection 

10:03 posted loom thread warped image

10:04 Scribe: ALRIGHT FINE - you can see the complete warping which still does not reveal the complete design (no weft threads woven in)


10:06 Scribe: you can stop by my open air market booth to check out the final design [ teasing ] 

v- no.

Scribe: we talked about Seshat.

v- with one of the daughters

Scribe: yes, I was discussing with her the concept behind the scattered MESSAGE, sœwn as it were, across all social media channels

v [ chuckles ] ... stop

Scribe: ... what? [ guilty innocent look and tone ]


10:09 posted update

Scribe: I don't just post things for nuthin'

v- no, you don't

Scribe: and this reshare (external InstaFeed) came, oh ... [ doing math ] ...about three years after I started sending messages out to the InnerNet team members / the world


10:12 v- all public

Scribe: all open sourced, yes. I have nothing to hide. You just need to know where to find me... where have I heard that before...

v- Anon

Scribe: timestamp, please

v- after you started posting things, C ... way after

Scribe: hmm... curious. I've talked about Anon before. It's archived now. You have to catch me while you can during an open window

v- like this post

Scribe: correct. How long I keep things up varies. 

v- emotional content

Scribe: content I deem too private to keep posted publicly

V- and you are a very private person, for the most part. Sorry for all this. It is important

Scribe: hm. hm (gently) ... alright, enough [ for today ] I need to get back to Crafty Scribe / work 

v- when do I get to see you? [ gently said ]

10:15 Scribe: IDK, we'll see. You know I'm not like you. I have a different perspective about posting selfies all the time

v- outside your comfort zone, I know

10:16 v- thank you ...

Scribe [ smiles ] You're welcome

V- you slept well?

Scribe: ok. I woke up as usual every couple hours

v- I know... sorry... but when you slept, you slept well?

Scribe: yes. I'm well rested.

v- I... love you, you know that

Scribe [ smile with a side swipe of the mouth ] : I know. Trickster?

V- yup, it's me 

Scribe: more for any visitors [who are reading this post ] than for me. I knew it was you (not really, but...) anyway... I love you, too. Keep doing good. The threads DEMAND IT

v- haha stop.

Scribe: hm, hm. As I told one of the daughters about Seshat: she not only is the goddess of scribes, but measures [ amongst other things ...]

v- and WHY do you mention this?

Scribe: oh... we need Seshats of the world to figure out how to measure telepathy [ TP ]

V- thank you

Scribe: hm... when I choose an aspect [ SM channel / digital avatar to spread the TP message ]...

v- mention... [ the medieval ][

Scribe: it's not finalized yet. I have to do more research. I have Seshat's Ancient Egyptian and Ix Chebel Yax's Ancient Mayan waypoints created, but not the Medieval figure link yet. I was leaning toward this woman [ when the waypoint is created, I'll release the link and more information about her ]. She stood out for numerous reasons. Again, I'll talk about her later.


10:28 posted

surge of TNM

v- yeah, ILY for posting that. Thank you.

Scribe: hm, hm... These accounts 

v- waypoints

Scribe: serve several purpose

v- they tell the story

Scribe: in different ways (hieroglyphs, iconography, art, etc.) through different (cultural / historical) lenses ... but also they serve as examples for anyone who is interested in calligraphy, art, history, hieroglyphs - I use them on Crafty Scribe as references to what can be done with the pigment colors I've curated and used to create what is posted on SM [ social media ]

10:32 V- explain...

Scribe: ah, the account names. We have to be creative when creating account names. Seshat already was taken. Ix Chebel Yax was already taken. SO.... I came up with

sebaytseshat - sebayt "sbꜣyt literally means "teachings" or "instruction" and refers to formally written ethical teachings focused on the "way of living truly". Sebayt is considered an Egyptian form of wisdom literature.' -Wikipedia

atziba is the Mayan word for scribe

Each hieroglph is either a replica or uses ancient hieroglyphs and synthesizes them in different ways

v- like the feather

Scribe: quill

v- whatever.. include it

Scribe: I posted this on PhotoSnap last October (Year 44)


10:41 Scribe: this was a reference to Seshat's presence on SM and her posts - on what I call a side channel (no followers). 


10:43 Scribe: you see, not only is Seshat the goddess of scribes, but she weighs the life of people ... by writing their life story 

v- on the leaves of the Tree of Life

Seshat - hmm [ oops - unintentional ... I meant SCRIBE: hmmm ]


Image: first post on Seshat's PhotoSnap

Image: first post on Seshat's PhotoSnap

10:48 Scribe: each hieroglyph is embedded with meaning - a story in itself 


10:50 Scribe: you see that scale (from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead)? There is a feather (Ma'at's - the goddess of Truth) ... and on the other side is...

v- the soul of a person

Scribe: hm ...

10:51 Scribe: or its hieroglyphic representation [ I'd have to look back at my notes ] - This was a while ago and I need a refresher course ;-)

10:53 Scribe: so, Trickster, it is very important you tell the truth

v- because you've lost patience [ because the voice has lied to you so many times ]


Scribe: there is a reason I don't believe the voice. I trusted and ...

v- you were betrayed

Scribe: time and time again. What has all this taught me? (a question the voice asked when I arrived after a 20+ hour assured 100% that the person behind the voice and I would meet - a horrendous road trip that gave me no answer - THE only answer that would have prevented so much pain and suffering - not just my own, but everyone connected to me in any way (as soon as I arrived I e-mailed you - no response. a direct, private message - cordial, normal, unassuming (just a request from a fellow IdeaSpace community member for a casual meet-up - YOU KNEW who I was - to meet in public briefly ... you will have to answer for that some day - an honest, good woman who just wanted a quick chat - that would have led to an honest answer) ... I got the silent treatment & in a way, that was my answer that changed the course of this journey forever ]

v- don't trust the voice in your head

10:55 Scribe: so much I could say. Who am I now? The woman who presents herself to the world as she always has. No indication she's telepathically connected (or dealing with a mental condition... but Scribe intuitively & wisely knows that no regular doctor will ever diagnose her correctly - Scribe is a smart woman - she's done her research & relies on her self-diagnosis and treatment ... that weight is on you, team members to have experts be able to distinguish between TP (telepathy) and other mental conditions that need treatment) 

The inner C ... she tries to live it ...

v- as best she can

Scribe: believing in the best possible outcome of a relationship with whomever she is telepathically connected to ... trying to ignore that at every turn

v- that person never materializes

Scribe: in most ways that matter in this world

v- I know sorry... but you are well

Scribe: yes, Grim Weeper

10:57 V- you always joke

Scribe: I HAVE to ... anyway, I love you. You are good to me in here

v- and that's what matters right now

Scribe: trying to compartmentalize 


11:00 Scribe: I guess what I'm trying to say is by all outward appearances I've always been normal

v- pleasant

Scribe: - socially, yes (I have my moods privately - anyone does) .. I've told a few people

v- who don't believe you

Scribe: eh, one says she does 100% ... although, I'm not sure that's...

v- "[ that's not ] completely accurate" - name the movie 

Scribe: Independence Day ... when a government official reveals that Area 51 really does exist


v- you and your disaster flicks

11:04 Scribe: Yes, I do...  I *so* adore Interstellar's percentiles [ humor levels, etc. ]

v- which came out after you started experiencing the InnerNet

Scribe: hm, hm. I call them "creative adjacencies" now - they resemble my InnerNet experiences and logging of my journeys through the Unknown but may have nothing to do with me or us...

v- until proven otherwise

11:05 v- alright... back to your weaving

Scribe: yah, Momma gotta earn something out of the THINGS she buys to create art

v- bad girl

Scribe: inside joke

v- [ chuckles ] stop

Scribe: it's like SPUTNIK...

v- you are so bad.

Scribe: you see this... look closer [ Britannia mesmerizing scene ]

v- I'm not looking into your eyes

Scribe: not that... this bump on my nose [ it's so witchy]

v- and the hair on your chinny chin chin

Scribe: I am ... self deprecating, yes.

v- very much so... and insulting (to me)

Scribe: sorry [ a bit guilty ] ... [ the inappropriateness ] comes out sometimes


SCRIBE: what?! if you have a problem with it come talk to me about it

v- I am

Scribe: you know what I mean


11:36 done re-reading post - added parenthetical content to clarify, better express context

11:52 just checked years 42,43,44 for any 02 July 06:20/06:22 correlations - none found

Scribe: I usually only check year 41 (saves my precious time) ... checking my Crafty Scribe notes from last year

v- please include those  

Scribe: I remember I was doing color research for my poems about my color adventure (black at that moment in time ...) 

v- when’s (Prussian) blue coming out? 

Scribe (side swipe mouth smile) - after I can pay all my bills easily (and this not-getting-paid-on-WanderingMindSpace takes time away from my earning self that needs to pay bills that never go away)

v- and Crafty Scribe? 

c- is also a side venture - it is far from a major source of income - at the moment  (all start-ups will sympathize) - in the red. 

V- I know ... all those upfront costs (I’ve been with you)

Scribe : many of them are one-time expenses, some are recurring and they aren’t paid by what money comes in (which is very little right now) and all of my time now - overtime work - is not paid. However, I view Crafty Scribe as still in its infancy - my baby.. needs a lot of TLC - lots of that baby stuff costs so much for a little while, but all the TLC is good for Crafty Scribe’s long-term well-being. These times are growing pains (which I am familiar with - I have worked on many projects over the years and recognize the various steps and challenges) 

12:03   (re-reading where I was going with all this)

12:05 Scribe : so art / TP doesn’t pay. Scribe needs to get paid by other work that an employer - that is REAL 

V- stop

12:06 Scribe: I talk about this all the time. How we get a paycheck - and where it comes from - that all-important money to be able to live in a certain way (home, utilities, food, etc) - the value placed on certain jobs over others

v- has to change

Scribe: IDK ... I am frustrated that I have to be employed working somewhere where a service is rendered ... not where I can do the most good but where I can just do a job and get paid ... I place importance elsewhere right now (which is changing due to circumstances) ... I will still be doing things on the side - knowing they will never pay .. maybe over time they will show more returns on my investment of time & money ... 

v- oh, you gotta explain  

Scribe: oh, I forgot about that. Pigments if kept in a climate-controlled environment don’t go bad ... one of my pigments

v- one of your pricier pigments

Scribe ... that I bought in bulk doubled in cost recently —- so what I have is worth twice to three times the going rate -  supply and demand 101

Scribe: a little brightness in the darkness of “I’m doing all this work and ROI is inexistent right now”


12:16 posted update  


02 July (44) [ last year ]  09:36 - 09:43


I was looking at my Andean Blue pigment under the microscope (300x lens)

12:28 I was comparing this earth-based pigment with a manmade blue. I was making sure I was getting what I paid for

12:29 Scribe: I posted this microscopic adventure HERE 

12:32 Scribe: my naked eye saw things more clearly that day than my mobile device camera... but you can see glimpses of what I saw.  

12:33 posted update  


12:37 Scribe: my ... WEARABLE ART ... because ... you can make art with it (subtle or not so subtle humor)

 “The djinn with thumb and forefinger lifts translucent strings to reveal a lapis lazuli pendant...”

12:39 Scribe: I know the pendant came after I wrote the story ...

v- lapis lazuli

Scribe : I have mixed feelings about it

v- I know you do

Scribe: I am very careful with what little I use & I tell everyone that even if it dries in the mortar & pestle, add a little water & gum arabic... to reanimate (refresh) it

“...As the full moon slips behind clouds, elements fuse: water is pulled up with the ascending entity, crystallized earth — surface sand — adheres to droplets, cold air sneaks in between and around the misshapen mold and erodes, sculpts the being into tonight’s identity, and lastly, heartfire that quickens the pulse, sparks the eyes and adds color to the now fully alive human body. The djinn’s toes and soles are the last parts to feel the heated tingle of reanimation.” - “Djinn

v- it’s beautiful, C... 

Scribe: there are ways to make pigments go a long way, especially the more precious ones 

v- you’re trying to stay with the sustainables

Scribe: yes, but for art’s sake, I was curious and there is no other (manmade) blue to date like lapis lazuli  (LL) [ the color ]

v- YnMn ?

Scribe (gentle chuckle) : it’s not as readily available as LL  ... AND from what I’ve read way more expensive [ right now people are paying for new & it’s not mass produced ] ... they say YnMn is nontoxic but it may be more toxic than LL (I looked at the chemical formula - and this research to try to find “non-toxic” pigments for my collection has also been a challenge when I wanted certain colors)

V- I know, there are trade-offs

Scribe: I use LL sparingly & I give tips & tricks to Crafty Scribe customers about how to re-use the pigments when possible to be less wasteful


[ Checking SM ] 

Scribe: (noting shapes in a photo) so... panel-y


Scribe:  ... I had wanted to mention that I finally viewed that video and I immediately recognized (once I started viewing) its resemblance to “Hieroglyph”

Here we are


circled by rocks

under a lonely tree

branches above whispering

our feet sink in the sand,

quick to bury them

behind us

a rock wall

a hieroglyphed blackboard

your half smile,

like the lightly etched stone,

not yet washed away


Reacting to post (humorously) 

... or scroll ... A(WAY) 

[ LOL ]