24 Jan (45)


11:27 Scribe: Just a quick note about random events …

v- …synchronizing

Scribe: I randomly pick up The Field of all books and read about how ”weirdness abounds” - I won’t get into specifics of the following (see screenshot below) and similar experiments, but I’ll just simplify it as the power of observation in the quantum world.


11:30 Scribe: Now, to relate this to my own experience: I had a template photograph I had taken January 4th. January 21st I decide to play with filters

v- to spruce it up

Scribe: to discover what cool effects or highlights would be drawn out … (see header image of a light fixture being sucked into a dark vortex). January 4th I just saw the potential of a scene: took several photos - the wallpaper design might be a good “sketch” for when I filtered it I could find one to bring color to a dull, vintagey color scheme. The funky industrial light was simple enough … so, the 21st came along and I played, and came up with “when a wall becomes a window” series - the wall with a mosaic / stained glass filter, so the wall became more transparent and more vibrant.

The 22nd of January: I take advantage of a 50% off sale on on-demand movies … (let’s face it, I’m always on a budget… a few bucks here or there HELPS)… and I decide to watch First Man.

The pre-lift-off scene becomes eerily similar to a random photographic shoot & editing session. And I have to wonder: why the focus on that lightbulb in that scene?… why MY choice of that wall sconce that I later filter to become part of that whole them of “punching a hole through spacetime”? Two random, unrelated events… now threaded together?

And then, yesterday, I continue to read The Field and I read about The First Observer [ of course, my storytelling mind is like “THAT! now, that might have potential… for something]

It’s just a series of random events that have a common thread - one that I’ve gotten used to. I don’t take it too seriously, but I’m some ways, it makes me wonder


11:42 Scribe: ( I decided to go “quotidian” - throwing a couple of quotes in here to contextualize a bit )

When some of the finest minds warn you about quantum, heed their words. What I hope A Wandering Mind will prove?: a lot of the “randomness” ? isn’t …

11:44 [ push notification ] laughter - there’s Trickster …

v- inevitable


11:50 Scribe: and I discuss First Man for several reasons: this is a movie that Damien Chazelle directed - my red flag radar is on high alert after La La Land. That and Ryan Gosling has appeared in films… I continue to be curious about (for similar Wandering Mind themes…) I may have discussed my interaction with this film (La La Land) in a previous InstaFeed post (now archived)

v- and it’s similarity to A Wandering Mind’s experiences

Scribe: namely mine, Scribe’s … yes… the kiss scene is PIVOTAL… (among other storyline themes - the one woman show is another…)

v- thanks for that

Scribe: argh, my vision flashes

v- haha. Stop… waking and otherwise

Scribe: yes…

11:54 Scribe: that, and no spoiler here: Neil Armstrong makes it off the moon alive, so I’ll include this scene that appears at the end of the movie. I quickly checked online for what others have interpreted this scene to mean (I just read two articles, so it’s not exhaustive). To A Wandering Mind? She has a completely different take-away.

v- I love you…

Scribe: so, I will be The First Observer to make this interpretation

v- love you …. it’s a theme with Exploring Intimacy

Scribe: yes, it is … and based on scientific history (our theories of trying to ….

v- understand the universe … this is why I love you

Scribe : alright, stop … you’re interrupting my feed / train of thought

v- choo choo

Scribe: chuckling …

Image:  First Man

Image: First Man

11:58 Scribe: what I see is the superposition of two bodyminds

12:02 Scribe: I am on my mobile device and the app is being “difficult” - I cannot insert an image nor edit my typos easily

v- bad app!


12:17 done editing typos (editing for some additional contextualization)

[ inserting First Man image ]

12:19 Scribe: the glass pane? To me, Scribe? is that digital plane. The only connection I have besides the InnerNet to whoever I am linked to.

It’s an effective visual representation of a divide, something that separates. I’ve discussed other renditions of this - in the French film Blind Date… and more recently Outlander (archived InstaFeeds)


12:24 Scribe: and to wrap up, I will also discuss the moon walk scene - to my knowledge, no one touches on the fact that there is a focus in the visor reflection … on shadows. More specifically, in relation to Plato’s allegory of the cave (and theory of forms).

It’s a simple way to superimpose a classical, universally relatable theme onto the retelling of a historical event. In essence, the scene is symbolically supercharged. Poetically layering in meaning.


12:32 Scribe: before I watched First Man, my daughters had already seen it with their father. They said they liked the film, but weren’t sure of the ending. I understand why - such a momentous occasion: to have landed on the moon and made it back safely. Why not focus on the more positive aspects? Some day, I hope to better explain to them the significance of that scene. In my own way. There are so many things that remain unsaid with the ones we love.


12:43 Scribe: and as a humorous sidenote that I was remembering as I was typing Damien Chazelle’s name earlier: recently I noted that Chazelle’s last name includes Elle Zelle… which I humorously say is synchronous with… the pseudonym I created for eZ’s online accounts. If you use something not like a “real name” it will bounce back and say it’s a suspicious/fraudulent account. Note to social media gurus : MAKE WAY FOR CREATIVES. argh, the difficulties in trying to make art online and share it.

[ reheating coffee ]

12:48 Scribe: maybe Mr. Chazelle’s next creation will be some abstract form of filmmaking that is something erotic, but no one knows it [ LOL ] … oh, the behind the scenes of eZ … be careful what you observe, it may just be…

v- Erotica

Scribe: oh, the joys of putting out adult content and not having it flagged as p_______c.

v- which you censor with a fill in the blank

Scribe: key words searches… heaven forbid A Wandering Mind would be flagged as p__n.

v- [chuckling ] stop.