02 Sept (45)


14:18 Scribe: just a quick note about patterns. I took a photo of the mid-matting of one of my photos [ Weathered Stone] because I had just artistically filtered a different (recent) photo and the coloring and shapes resembled each other.



[ scrolling through Dec - Jan (44) photos

15:53 Scribe: found it!

Image: Negative Filter of photo taken by Scribe 31 Jan (44) at 19:21

Image: Negative Filter of photo taken by Scribe 31 Jan (44) at 19:21

15:54 V- A lot of photos? [ monotone ]

Scribe: hm, hm. Thank goodness for Mnemosyne's gift (memory of general timeframe)


v- you didn't tag it? ( being funny )

Scribe: no, of course I didn't tag it (playing along). I never do

v- it might save time

Scribe: hm, hm... like when I do a search on my computer or hard drive for a certain document or image and I KNOW it's named a certain way

v- and you can't find it?!?

Scribe: hm, hm.


15:59 Scribe: and WHY do I have so many photos? ... yes, people, they also are part of my log

v- multimedia log (all proud knowing the types of files Scribe keeps)

Scribe: [ _________ ]

v- oh, you better write what you were going to say

Scribe: noPE

16:00 Scribe sees the same image in one of her cloud folders

Scribe: and THERE it is. Geesh. I swear I looked in all my cloud files before...

16:02 v- same timestamp?

Scribe: yes, and I didn't mention this before (all proud) but the timestamp is 19:21:14

v- oh, stop.

16:02 v- everybody knows you're detail-oriented

Scribe: only to a certain degree. ya gotta let go at some point...


16:04 Scribe: now, if ONLY I could telepathically think up the image I'm looking for, and my computer bring it up to me immediately

v- it would save time

Scribe: IF ONLY

v- haha, stop.



16:06 Scribe: I remember posting the blinded by the light photo after seeing a similar image that was posted to PhotoSnap around the time I had taken the photo (I did not know about the photograph by someone else when I took the photo)

16:08 Scribe: part of my research (how I do things, creativity-related) is to capture a lot of what I take in [ I've been doing this for years ]. An image that impresses me - what I come across in any type of media, on the digital plane, in physical space or in the Virtual (meaning: could be a dream, could be a wake walking experience - MY TERM )

v- got it. I'm SORRY I used it... [ being funny ]

16:10 v- laughter ensues.

16:10 Scribe: we all draw from the fragments of our lives

v- splinters

Scribe: AW!

v- I am SO READY for "Splinter" to come out ... you've been hashing out a draft for years...

Scribe: haha. Most recently I see there is no point in trying to retrofit my installments .... meaning? pretend like I'm back 3+ years... "Splinter" probably will be the current version of me... but be splattered by flashbacks that pull together into that thematical thread I work around for each installment

16:12 v- I know... Man, I miss that

Scribe: different priorities

v- Life gets in the way...

Scribe: ANYWAY... the main prompt to post - without hashtags

v- aw...

Scribe: there is a certain methodology to my postings / shares...

Image: PhotoSnap Share 02 February (44) at 22:16

Image: PhotoSnap Share 02 February (44) at 22:16

Image: the moment before Scribe deletes a PhotoSnap post 05 feb (44) 07:39

Image: the moment before Scribe deletes a PhotoSnap post 05 feb (44) 07:39

v- can you include what was going on that day?

Scribe: no. all I'll say is I see I deleted from public viewing other posts (across various other social media platforms) - they are all archived.

16:21 Scribe: this image is posted here to Wandering Mind Space (WMS) as a reminder. A reminder that I've seen resemblances scattered here and there

v- across the media (films, tv shows)

Scribe: they may mean nothing. just creative adjacencies or a syncing up with my life... it's not like these sorts of commonalities or ways in which I could relate didn’t come up before my InnerNet voyages began

v- I know...

Scribe: it's just that I am highly suspicious (said in a playful tone)... and curious.

v- WHAT IF (I'll say it if you won't)... I love these

Scribe: ANYWAY, to give credit where credit is due... here's what prompted me to share my "blinded by the light" photo: one of the photographers I follow (who also had the perfect image to accompany my Anachronisms short story "Glacier" (after it was written), Reuben Wu posted  to PhotoSnap "State Trooper"

Image: Photo retrieved by Scribe 22:15 02 Feb (44)

Image: Photo retrieved by Scribe 22:15 02 Feb (44)

16:30 Scribe: by my records, I filtered the image 21:48 the 2nd.

16:31 Scribe: as I was scrolling to find my blinded by the light image, I found a similar chiaroscuric image posted by Hunter (I believe) - earlier in the month... [ checking now ]

v- SCROLLING again?! (being funny)

Scribe: I didn't think to grab it because I was looking for a different image - and that one wasn't it.

16:34 Scribe: I think I discovered RW's ...

v- haha stop

Scribe: SEARCHABLE! SEARCHABLE! (Being funny)

Scribe: ... [ I think I discovered RW's ] photography while doing image searches online for an image that would accompany "Glacier".

Image: Reuben Wu's photograph retrieved by Scribe 12 July (42) 10:35 (?) cloud archive timestamp

Image: Reuben Wu's photograph retrieved by Scribe 12 July (42) 10:35 (?) cloud archive timestamp

-------16:40 [ checking calligraphic copy for timestamp of short story... not included ]

Scribe: I brought along my Anachronisms 1st edition to my Crafty Scribe booth. Gave it to a visitor to check out the calligraphy. [ Crafty Scribe is everything scribe-related 17:03 added: LICENSED see CraftyScribe.com ... seriously, if someone steals something else... v- haha, stop 17:04 Scribe: rants on about how the best artists steal and how she keeps mumbling she's not a great artist, APPARENTLY ... 17:04 Scribe: I gotta learn how to share less v- haha [ chuckles ] stop, you gotta go, share what you were going to share and be gone! [ to do errands ] ]

Mentioned Scribe, too [ what appears via Crafty Scribe is the result of "research" for the "character" Scribe of A Wandering Mind ]

v- ah, the criss-crossings of realities.

Scribe: Trickster, I presume?

V- yes... have a good morning? (promptingly teasing)

Scribe [ chuckles ] : WILL YOU STOP!? you're getting too far ahead in the storyline.

v- we're NOW, C .... not Chaos... your real name

Scribe: I like Chaos [ pouts... meaning: the multi-directionality of Chaos ]

Image: the symbol representing chaos

Image: the symbol representing chaos

16:44 Scribe: I gotta go

v- where are you going? [ sing songy ]

Scribe: a craft store AND to drop off items my daughter left at my place [ after I specifically asked before we left " do you have everything? " ]

v- switch day

Scribe: yes.


16:47 V- will you mention?...

Scribe: what was it .. it just slipped my mind...oh! I remember my train of thought. It's in the back of my mind the thought that everyone I meet and talk to... may remember me... who I am now.

v- yeah, I know

Scribe: no one's future is certain,

v- not yours either... Crafty Scribe is good?

Scribe: you know me: have to follow through with things

v- make a point

Scribe: in more ways than one.

v- haha. love you. now, go get your errands done, so we can get back to Crafty Scribe work [ I know you were going to do Crafty Scribe work: watercolors, mixing new metallic colors ]

Scribe: oh! I totally have to mention - 60% off (all sing songy) - this is how us financially challenged people do "business" - geesh. I don't want to start THAT diatribe. found out via a search what certain items cost in ( bulky bulk [ what us wee little itty bitty (small) business folks can't afford [ minimum order 5000.... ] look on Alibaba - geesh. I can see how much of an upcharge major retailers have on items [ you can compare an item you see in a retail store and also see what it really costs via suppliers like Alibaba ] ANYWAY, to keep my...

v- overhead

Scribe: is it overhead? [ I always second guess myself and have to double check if that's the right saying/term ] overhead down [ coupon this sale that bargain shop this and that - a lot of my visits are to acquire packaging/containers, materials with which to craft, etc. ]

v- geesh [ rolling eyes emoji ]... and you're a smart woman... you're doing good. that's all I'll say

Scribe: [ ______ ]

v- do not say that

Scribe: just sayin' ... MY VIOLET.

v- YOUR violet?


v- haha. stop. now, go

Scribe: see how I included A COMMA between NOW and GO?

v- haha, stop. your'e such a grammarian



17:11 storyreeling Scribe can't resist. IT CAME BACK (noticed Friday 15:57)


17:13 Scribe: yes, I'm the weirdo taking a photo peeking out my living room blinds at an RV that was parked near my place

17:13 V- RV?! what does that mean?

Scribe: remote viewing joke (hiding part of the "truth")

v- oh, come on. mention the whole story

Scribe: noPE. if you missed my previous (now deleted) public post you missed out why all this RVin' really is important

v- haha. stop.

Scribe: you say that A LOT. Going [ _______ ]

v- you are not going to include [ please don't ]

Scribe: noPE. off to run errands [ and I'm dressed APPROPRIATELY ].

v- presentable

Scribe: yup. in my Crafty Scribe scopin' the sales shopper wear



19:09 Scribe: ILY. 

v- ILY2. One thing: so you enjoyed what I posted?

Scribe: Superficial check. Thanks for sharing. there was a nice comment that I agree with: you give people glimpses into places they may never be able to visit.

V- you didn’t watch

Scribe: just silent film like on one or two.  

19:12 v- please say something? 

Scribe: I feel loved. Whatever the sensations are - on my end they are heartwarming and embracing like someone holding me. 

v- ILY2. That’s all.  

19:13 Scribe: light dinner over THE BEYOND (chuckles)