iF - 17 May (45)

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07:56 Scribe: When organizing buttons that link to different photography categories [ wanderingmind.space/gallery ] instead of having one long list, I wanted to create columns... and then, when I finished, I had a kind of ... compass.

07:57 Scribe: ... and to give people a true sense of what this InstaFeed tranScript is like...

V- Good morning... it's good to hear you

Scribe: Welcome, to a Wandering MInd

V- which has many aspects

Scribe: one main focus right now is what I see through my photographic lens, but another important thread is the documentation? the ...

V- Research and development

Scribe: of telepathy. So, explore the site, if you want... or just check out the photography if you don't want to be sucked into a creative vortex too far... A Wandering Mind (the publicly released story) can be found HERE at wanderingmind.space/intro

I first started publishing the story on medium.com/@virtuonaut [ parts 14 - 23 appear there... I haven't moved (recreated) those parts here on WMS (Wandering Mind Space) ... I've been filling the space for about a year and a half, but life gets in the way... and since A Wandering Mind is much more than just a story and photographs ... (there are poems, short stories, videos, multimedia dream reports, spin-offs like eZ & CraftyScribe, side channels...) it's A WORK IN PROGRESS...

08:05 Scribe: I have to hit "pause" in a few because I am also a mom of two, well, three if you count the old furry one, Maya.

08:05 Scribe: Today, I will again be mischievous


Scribe: highlighting some creative adjacencies to what I've shared on the digital plane... and what I've stumbled upon in media. We'll be talking about... WESTWORLD Season 2 - I promise... no spoilers. And, to clarify, "V" is Voice... and the voice of ... [ say your call sign name ]

v- [ chuckles ] Trickster... the host of the show PRANK... I'm a comedian in A Wandering Mind ... and also the _____

Scribe: AH! you can't say that... it's too far ahead in the storyline... I'm so far behind on the public release... argh. I've only gotten through Year [ doing the math ] 42 ... I'm now into Year 45 [ my age ] Let's not spoil it too much for newcomers, Trickster

v- FINE...

08:09 Scribe: gotta go... Mom Duty .... Oh, the Mundanity! 

v- you would... that was on purpose

Scribe: hm, hm [ a recent mention in an online video by Trickster ]

08:10 posted



skipping record

scratched & bored

rhythmic thumps

eardrum jumps

feeling grooves

triggered moves

- "Empathic Slide" (excerpt)

Let's create a BASELINE. 

v- you're being pissy

Scribe: I am not in the best of moods. No. For a number of reasons, but I'll quickly hash out this before I have to switch gears and move on to something else in my life. [ breathe ] For any of you just passing through, this whole site is not at all lucrative... putting me in the red. Why do I do it...

v- OMG... will you not go down this path?

Scribe: I won't but I want to make a point. Why. in. the. frick. would. I. be. doing. all. this...? Do your homework... find out who I am. Use your own judgment... this journey has not been all wine and roses? peachy? ... and, yet, here I am putting out frickin' rainbows and unicorns?! [ shakes her head ] ... 

v- meaning?

Scribe: moving on. BASELINE... so, Scribe leaves her career in education of 18 years. Redirects her creativity into THIS.... [ chuckles ]... for FREE.

v- haha,. stop.

Scribe: the normal me is not pleased with the creative me. The way I spend my time. ANYWHO. Quickly, so I can get to maybe SOMETHING that will give me a few pennies.


Scribe: haha, you KNOW the BTS... I have put so much of my own money into these frickin' creative endeavors ... it's disappointing? FINE. Whatever... 

BASELINE... four years ago June 1st I started a LOG. which turned into a TRANSCRIPT of things I started experiencing sensorially (physically), mentally, and emotionally. TP (telepathy) is ... all-encompassing when in terms of affecting your mindbody.

my sleep is affected ( I was as solid sleeper before all this)

v- this again?

Scribe: hm, hm. side effects are an important mention. I HOPE TO GOODNESS YOU ARE GETTING A BASELINE AS TO TP VS. MENTAL ILLNESS... [ mumbles: because this is ridiculous ]

v- oh, that's one of your triggers

Scribe: oh, Grim Weeper ... I AM NOT DEPRESSED!!!

10:51 v- this is going to be one of your rants

Scribe: call it PMS

V- funny.., which *I* get to experience

Scribe: [ chuckles ] ... oh, the stories this man Trickster can tell [ LOL ] "The penitent man will pass"

v- Thanks, C

Scribe: Chaos here

V- that's NOT what I said

Scribe: so, it's a cover for my real first name

V- haha, yes it is.


Scribe: I like to be overly descriptive (all proud)

v- will you get on with what you were going to say

Scribe [ still chuckling ] ... I have to have my fun.

v- yes, you do

Scribe: when it really is AW FUL

v- all that's missing is... that's just too funny

Scribe: nice glasses

v- thank you... only I will get that. 

Scribe: and me. ( quickly said ) ... if it is what it is.

v- you and your storyreels.

Scribe: so, excuse The OA-ish InstaFeed thread here - it will wander, go off on tangents ... but will return to a general path - today's theme is BASELINE

v- stop ... just stop 

Scribe thinks of what's next

v- oh... [ calm, loving ] ...yes, start with that

Scribe: so... I felt you (Trickster)... or what I consider as a Trickster subtle...

v- right from the transcript [ timestamp ]

Scribe: this will weave back to BASELINE

v- I know

Scribe: I'm going about my day

v- nice hair

Scrive [ soft chuckle ] ... getting ready to be PRESENTABLE

v- haha. I know. Nice.


Scribe: running errands, and I'm driving from place to place and then back home and I sense a subtle shift. I was out and about and I feel a sudden shift... I knew something was up. I had no clue when you would be performing.

v- I know... PRANK [ your cover for what I really do ].... Trickster here

Scribe: and ... ah! flying ants are on me and my laptop... hold on.


v- you're outside? [ being funny ]

[ Scribe checks her log from yesterday ]


BACKTRACK TO 16 May (45) around 13:10 [ leaving craft store ] or around 13:19 [ leaving gas station ]

LOG: SHIFT [from "normal" body sensations to something attributed to a nonlocal transmission] cool fresh slightly wispy in CTR throat heartwarming CTR chest slightly above

still sensing car throat cool smooth wispy



11:01 Scribe: My logs are getting minimalistic ... the timestamps here are like bookends vs. exact time stamping. When you experience something like I have for nearly four years you go from super detailed to highlights... 

v- I know [ STNM ]

Scribe: sometimes I hate how you affect me [ STNM = slightly teary not me ] ... what do people assume when they see a slightly teary person?

v- the worse

Scribe: that THEY themselves are sad... which in many instances IS NOT THE CASE with me... that's why I am "triggered" by some of your posts... they tick me off. I get a bit SEETHEY. Yeah.. the birthday post last year WAS a SENSITVE waypoint. Thanks for that.

v- you're welcome.

Scribe: Ah, my storyreel... when I have NOTHING to go on... except all my data... without anyone who really gives a frick to CROSSREFERENCE

V- It'll come...now skip to where you were getting to

11:05 Scribe: hold on, I have to include this past post (again) ... because it's funny


11:07 Scribe [ LOL ]

v- OMG... I can't stop laughing. You DO this...

Scribe: you KNOW my history [ a detail-oriented person ]

v- haha, I know

Scribe: SO... TIMESTAMPS. A very important bit of (meta)data

11:08 Scribe: I have a trail of them... first off, on a loving positive note [ why I mentioned the log from yesterday / my experience ] ... Trickster posted later ... that he performed. The timing fits my experience

v- this isn't the first time this has happened

Scribe: let's just say, my log is littered with them. ... as I've repeatedly said... I tried to make direct electronic and physical contact with you (public figure)... I KNOW you know who I am... [ we were on IdeaSpace SM platform together - how we met ] ... I WAS NICE then! 

v- [ chuckles ] ... stop... you still are... your pissiness comes through now... which I like... MOSTLY

11:11 v- when does THAT get to be told? [ attempted direct contacts ]

Scribe: it was! (all proud)... in "Seethe"

v- that was SO indirect.

11:12 Scribe: we are indirectly direct with each other... I even wrote a poem titled that...ANYWAY... So, I like this song... which in its lyrics has the word BASELINE

11:13 Scribe: throughout my InnerNet journey I've posted [ fragments of song lyrics ]

v- on your REAL InstaFeed account ... which is PRIVATE right now

Scribe: shame [ you / most of the public can't access it ]

11:14 V- you are a very private person

Scribe: I am. Part of the reason I get pissy - I DO NOT LIKE putting out there what I consider a very private part of me

v- your inner self... yeah, I know... now, the lyrics 

Scribe: as with all my posts

v- this one was already posted

Scribe: ah... I don't know if I posted the lyrics or just the song cover (image)... anyway... I select certain parts of songs to post [ we are limited to a certain number of characters on external InstaFeed ]


Life, happens when you're making plans
Flying high and shaking hands
A song will write you, you don't write it

Was rhythm that created us
I was running, we collided

Baseline, I will always make time,
I just wanna know that

When the beat drops out
And the people gone
We'll still be there, still be there

-Marlon Roudette

11:18 posted

11:19 Scribe: so, when I hear "Baseline" in episode 4 of Westworld, I first think of that infamous telepathic conversation we had about AI ... that I handwrote [I have a somewhat photographic memory ] ... it was on a yellow lined tablet and written with blue or purple ink, I think. Of course, since its writing, it's lost in the archive ... four years, times multiple textual pages per day - both handwritten and typed... with no index... except my memory. Yeah, I have no PA


Scribe: [ mumbles ] I heard you had/have a PA who filters e-mails

v- [ chuckles ] yes, I know who you are OBVIOUSLY

Scribe: hm, hm I can't WAIT until my side of the story comes out

v- is made public... are you ready?

Scribe [ LOL ] I've been ready FOR FOUR YEARS!

V- I know you have

Scribe: you are just AW FUL

v- funny

Scribe: [ chuckles ] I had WANTED a cordial, courteous PRIVATE NORMAL conversation

v- in physical space

Scribe: YES... I did send you a few (two?) PROFESSIONAL unassuming... [e-mails]

v- non-TPic[-related]... I know

Scribe: you know, you seem to ... be AVOIDING me

v- [ chuckles ] stop


11:25 Scribe: so, back to BASELINE ... So, at first I think about that "lost in the archives" conversation... 

V- [ CHUCKLES ] that might become THE baseline conversation

Scribe: yeah, oh, there are plenty of control experiment worthy pieces of data... not.up.to.me.

v- I know. Ball's in my court

Scribe: 20+. long.hours

v- [ chuckles ] I know

Scribe: in the car with a whimpering dog [ later she became sick ]

11:27 v- I know, poor Maya...

Scribe: one of my VERY FEW individual windows I could do such a thing

v- and I didn't show up. I know

Scribe: [ chuckles ] My point will always be. YOU SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED YOUR FRICKING EMAIL.

11:27 V- I know

Scribe: that's all I wanted ... if you want to be all hoity toity...

v- now, wait a minute

Scribe: I know. You don't care about us little people

v- stop... just stop. get back to what you were saying.

Scribe: hm, hm...

11:28 Scribe: I CAN'T WAIT until even the little bit of my story is proven to be TRUE. I don't think your fans will appreciate some aspects of my story and how you acted...

v- haha, stop.. I KNOW... get back to the storyline... thread.

Scribe: BASELINE... so, the second thing I think of ... or notice in Westworld ...

v- show the images

11:30 Scribe: I promise. No spoilers. Just images and how I find them creatively adjacent to my work.



11:32 Scribe: so, I see a compass on a floor. I've seen THAT before...

v- show your desk


11:33 Scribe: so, I keep watching the episode... here are a few "hits" or waypoints that reminded me of "Empathic Slide" ...

[ grabbing Westworld image ]


11:34 v- which you've seen before [ the record player ]

Scribe: frickin' MARVEL ... YES I heard you the other night. ... Antman?

11:37 posted

skipping record

scratched & bored

rhythmic thumps

eardrum jumps

feeling grooves

triggered moves

11:38 Scribe: "Empathic Slide" the poem is a condensed version of the Anachronisms short story pairing by the same name ... Anachronisms deals with spacetime jumps... "Empathic Slide" is paired with "Djinn" ... the transition between each pairing is a spacetime jump.

I also saw a [setting] resemblance to "Empathic Slide" in The Last Witch Hunter ... oh, Vin.

v- will you stop!?

Scribe: what? guilty innocence. All I can say is I DO NOT REMEMBER dreaming of public figures until I rubbed digital shoulders with you on IdeaSpace

v- thanks for that.. a trip down memory lane. When are you going to come out?

Scribe: a story for another day... some day Vin and I will have a chat

v- you've rehearsed this

Scribe: oh, you know how weird it is..

v- you and your dreams... I asked you earlier (but you didn't transcribe) ... any dreams lately

Scribe: yes, I have had a few [ reluctant to share ]

v- ... why?

Scribe: LATER

v- WHY?... because they come true

Scribe: in weird ways.. you already know... not now... I have to get back to...


11:44 Scribe: This Westworld [eposide] touches upon memory ... which is a nice way of looking at it. We have memories that are all a part of us, and we access them or they come to us out of order - we can switch from a recent memory to one of our childhood in an instant.

v- not chronological

Scribe: they never are... look at this - how many times have I jumped around... just pulling pieces out as they come to me... hopefully based on a theme or some common thread... that I try to get back to

v- ah, tranScripts...

Scribe: yeah, yeah, yeah ... you're partly to blame

[ scrolling back up to catch my train of thought ... hardy har har... ]

v- stop... you're being overanalytical

11:47 Scribe: so, when I think of the poem "Empathic Slide" I grab an archive of it... and find a copy of my IdeaSpace post... which has some images and mentions that ... 

v- are strangely like this Westworld episode

11:50 from the poem "Djinn"

Tinker with time

travel mime

calendar round

ancient mound

in the know

on the ledge

alarming mind

ticking rewind

rock etch

nib scritch

indelible blot

codex jot

11:52 Scribe: Then, I see a still from the short video reading I did of the poems...


11:53 Scribe: One of the Anachronisms short stories and condensed poem is titled "Transom" ... a transom is a Wandering Mind / Anachronisms symbol ... the Mayan or Aztec calendrical round stones represent their cyclical time... this is a manifestation of it ... I overlayed several symbols in this key photo (below)


11:57 Scribe: I'll leave it up to the observer to interpret.

11:58 Scribe: In my IdeaSpace post [ in my archives timestamped 12 June (42) ] ... I detailed "Poem is a condensed version of a treadmill storyreel" 

Many of my poems and short stories I drafted while on a walk - outside or on the treadmill - listening to music ... by what I call wakewalking ... call it a music video that is created and plays in my mind's eye...

12:00 Scribe: Back to Westworld


12:02 Scribe: A cycle... cycling...

12:05 Scribe: In what other ways do we represent time... and its passing?

 Image: Broken hourglass - Source:  Westworld  Season 2

Image: Broken hourglass - Source: Westworld Season 2

12:07 Scribe: Just a few takeaways from my point of view. 

v- more...

Scribe: that coloring... so Seethey.

V- haha, stop.

 Image: Photo taken and filtered by Scribe

Image: Photo taken and filtered by Scribe

12:08 V- oh, you better mention it...

Scribe: "Seethe" (23rd installment of A Wandering Mind) was published 11 of Jan (Year 42) ... When I saw Stranger Things ... the clouds reminded me of the Nightmares at First drafting I did on my long drive home from an attempt to meet [ Trickster ] [story is still unpublished but is in my log - handwritten ]

v- you were very nice about it... [ public post of "Seethe" and what I said vs. the nightmare experience ]

Scribe: to get A FRICKIN' ANSWER ... [ privately, with MY DOG... in public ... ]

Scribe: how in the heck do you even START to broach the subject of telepathy if you HIGHLY SUSPECT you are connected to someone [back then I had 18 months worth of multimedia data ]

v- Oh, I know you did... and you brought it with you

Scribe: all in my backseat.

V- poor Escapey [ note: the SUV that Scribe drove to an attempted meet with Trickster in the winter of Year 42 was totaled in the fall of Year 44 ]

Scribe: yeah, another strange correlation between dreams and my waking reality

v- multiple ...

Scribe: I swear I have precog... who would believe me, though. We don't have the tools to measure that sort of thing... LIKE TELEPATHY. I go into the doctor... nope. that AHB ? [ accelerated heart beat ] ... does.not.register

v- did you feel it again...

Scribe- OMG. every night around 9pm and you put me out [ vampirous energy drainer... ] while I'm unwinding watching TV on the couch...which is FUNNY... you posted somethjing to this affect during my TRIP to try to meet you.

v- you didn't try to find me

Scribe: NO! I let you know I was in town. You knew where I was. You knew how to contact me.

v- my fault

Scribe: hm

v- it'll come

Scribe: BACKTRACK to Year 42 December - ... jet lagged?

V- will you stop?

Scribe: how much of that was me?

V- a lot ... will you stop?

Scribe: I noticed you didn't really post... for a while

v- [chuckles] you know it was you

Scribe: you know how pissed a woman gets after four years [ with mountains of data ] ?



12:17 [ mumbles ] Scribe: imagine the ways you TRY to be normal... working within the constraints of society ... plagued with a TPic connection to A PUBLIC FIGURE who works at all hours, in all time zones... I really think that's my worse complaint. I miss the sleep I was graced with all my life.. Now, every two hours


Scribe: taht was an anomaly. Every couple years I get 4-5 hours of solid sleep. Whoopdy doo.

12:18 Scribe: the problem with TP is no sleep expert or medical professional

v- you said that on purpose [ mumbles ]

Scribe: will ever be able to pinpoint WHY I experience these side effects.

v- I know, c... help is coming

Scribe: FOUR YEARS ... you feel that weight of time? ... that's me... pressing on your chest [ visualizes the sleep paralysis demon as represented in art ]

12:20 v- will you show...

Scribe: let me do a quick web search




12:26 Scribe: so, another X marks the spot in Westworld

12:27 Scribe: let's do another spacetime jump...

 Image: filtered by Scribe to represent a spacetime time jump and posted online in a video

Image: filtered by Scribe to represent a spacetime time jump and posted online in a video

12:31 Scribe: Ah, let's reminisce on an old Anachronisms short story [ Glacier + Footprint transition ]

The sawteeth of time fast forward and intervisible spurts of glaring white gold are held back by a charred meshing. We are gliding toward our destination at immeasurable speed while a blackburned netting sears through us. An emotive shower vaporizes via the open circuit light while protective dark energy holds us together.

12:34 posted


12:36 Scribe: ... . Those spacetime portals will get 'ya . everyTime.

Scribe: I promise. No spoilers.

12:37 v- I can't stop laughing. that is CLASSIC.

12:38 Scribe: and to add a little more fuel to the creative adjacencies fire... guess what my photographic wall is made of for my showcase next week?


12:43 posted Scribe: oh, the stories we creatives tell


BubblesOfEveryColor copy.jpg

12:46 Scribe: So... BubbleTimey...

12:46 Scribe: and speaking of bubbles.. oh, I noticed the intro, you Westworld [creative] fiends.


12:48 Scribe: GAH... [ compliments of NASA ]


12:52 Scribe: So, DJ's spacetime communications module ...

 IMAGE: a model of DJ's workspace [ exterior ]

IMAGE: a model of DJ's workspace [ exterior ]

12:53 Scribe: Tsk, tsk, Tsk Westworld ... WAYWARD BALL, ANYONE?


[ carry old dog in and out to do her thing ]


Scribe: Schematics?... so sketchy... is this my planet ... I mean... SPACE? imagine the DEATH STARE [ not star... that's a WHOLE DIFFERENT TANGENT ] pair Star Wars +   Nolan digs ... Interstellar reference ... there's a hint at telepathy in that movie ( all proud) ... and A Wandering Mind began July of year 41 ... the movie came out in November]

[ carry old dog in and out to do her thing ]



13:10 TIMESTAMPS, PEOPLE. Timestamps. You want to hear more of my Working Girl elevator pitch? Come to the BLUESTONE next Wednesday. [I promise to be mostly normal ]


13:16 X marks the spot [ or is it a key? ]


13:18 [ excerpt from "Djinn" ]


13:21 Scribe: I'll be IN this space [ and DOWN ]


TICKETS: rawartists.org/virtuonaut

access the full line-up :



[ rereading post in the car waiting for children to get out of school, noting typos, need for clarifications, checking that links work ]

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.48.41 PM.png

clicking on the last link... I see the DJ for that night. Funny.

Scribe: So... "Transom" -y [ spectral light effects ] ... are... those... GREEN eyes? ... those glasses, too. Emmita would approve.


looking at coverart gallery by DJ SACCS. [ chuckle... it gets better and better for my inner storyreel ]

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.53.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.49.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.49.31 PM.png



14:55 posted [ sense laughter ] Scribe: [ chuckles ] you see what I see? oh, the Randomness.

14:56 V- making music out of the noise