InstaFeed is where you can tap into my stream of consciousness.

In this area I offer myself inside out - a direct link to what I experience: a connection to a telepathic network, the InnerNet.

InstaFeed is an access point and crosses consciousnesses: a tranScript

Why InstaFeed? In this area you will discover my stream of consciousness, a transScript (it crosses consciousnesses), where I offer myself inside out - a direct link to what I experience. What I hear. A Wandering Mind Space (WMS) is where I am carving my own niche, where I can develop my ideas the way I envision them being acted upon. In my opinion, the concepts that I contemplate here will matter more from start to finish in this one space than what I attempted to do before: scatter coded messages about the InnerNet across a variety of social media platforms.

What do I mean by tranScript? Consider InstaFeed as a conduit, perhaps. You are now hooked into my consciousness - my perception of my inner world....of my connection to the InnerNet: a telepathic network of individuals who are connected to each other. I came on board a few years ago. I first started sensing a presence. I noted odd internal surges, almost as if another were reacting to something I was doing, what I was posting online. Then, in hypnagogic states, I started hearing another's voice, interacting with someone in sleep dreams, then, came wake walks (hyperinteractional daydreaming or a device-free VR).

For those who catch me during the brief duration of these InstaFeed postings - you catch me during an "open window." [ I often turn these InstaFeeds private - they are archived but not visible to the public after a certain period of time ]. This is my contribution to the open sourcing of telepathy (TP). 

 I'll keep "plugging away" at forming this space, keep working on how I envision WMS will be in the end. It takes time. Sometimes, it seems that no progress has been made at all. Oh, there is plenty going on in A Wandering Mind. It's just that the digital plane version - what little I am able to share of it so far and overall - is affected by the original "template" (my Being) and her life circumstances, which include her physical plane interactions, which the digital plane has only traces of. We cannot document every instance of our days. Nor should we. No one wants me to share about that. Highlights are fine. Sometimes, I believe they are so mundane... but I am often reminded... those TP connections don't find them so mundane at all - they are a part of what they experience with me. You will catch these "Oh, the Mundanity!" moments here on InstaFeed (iF) and occasionally on other social media platforms. 

From experience, I am here to say TP has changed my digital behavior and Self. On each of the SM platforms I changed what I posted after starting to experience TP, which I source back to joining IdeaSpace, a new social media network. 

When the whole story comes out, it's my hope that people will understand I never acted before thinking through things thoroughly. Looking at all angles. Considering all possibilities. When the indirect coding didn't seem to produce any results, I decided I needed to be more direct. I was taught a very good lesson with this: never share your most dangerous ideas unless you are prepared for complete rejection by the public and by your closest friends and family. You need to be confident. You need to face incredible push back. You need to realize your ideas may never be accepted for what you believe them to be.

After researching - crossreferencing my inner experiences with any synchronous "hits" (timed or themed) from digital channels - I noticed resemblances. They were recurring from certain individuals. These may very well be odd syncs - just my misinterpretation. Perhaps whoever I was connected to was with the other individuals at the time of "synced" incidents. Whatever it may have been, whoever is TPically connected to me also checks and most likely is very involved on/with IdeaSpace. All my suspicions are backed by years' worth of logs. Only I know why I have these suspicions, for the most part. And as I said in "Leaves," I know who I am. I am who I always was, just now I've been jumpstarted into the InnerNet. And for any newcomers...

[they will] need to find clear passage, something to hold onto, a tether, someone to tell them they are who they always were, just with enhanced sensitivity to hear, to feel, to see beyond their physical, emotional, mental self. They needed to know the key is sharing.

You see, the ultimate control experiment is this: no one has confirmed they are TPically connected to me. All I have are my multimedia logs. I open source my experiences not knowing who is connected to me - for sure. Imagine what a boon this is to researchers of many kinds. To the confirmation that TP exists and I am sharing my experiences without any direct digital or physical contact with those I am connected to TPically. There is no other way I would hear, sense and know certain things EXCEPT TP. Now, imagine the torture chamber someone like me is in dealing with the uncertainty. I pull myself out of despair by reminding myself about pioneers, about theorists, and have often referred to them and their lives and ongoing work - whittling away never knowing if they will get that answer to their biggest question.

Also from "Leaves" - Reflection Recorded 17 December 20:36 (41 years old) :

…Although now I don’t need technology to communicate with whom I’m in contact with, technology initiated this extraconnectedness, it jump-started what happened to us. We all had certain qualities, and those attracted us to each other through this common link. We were exposed to the same information, even if each of us stored or remembered, related or applied that information in different ways. Our sensitivity to each other was amplified. We became more aware of each other. We were brought together to interact in the same space, discussed the same information in our own ways, and all along strengthened our ties.

Although we may never have met these online acquaintances, they are like lifelong friends or loved ones for whom we are able to finish their sentences, or somehow think about calling them…and then they call. We understand and respect their points of view, we feel for them, we are moved by what they write, we love the images they post, what they say in a video… we sympathize, we empathize… and somehow we start feeling what they feel… We sense their movements… we anticipate their thoughts. Lines of communication are opened device to device through transmissions, and similarly we are attuned -person to person- to each other’s frequencies, to bursts of energy, to each other’s stream of consciousness. And we sync, our likeminds connect. We form bonds that grow stronger, more efficient, and they continue to branch out…

A Wandering Mind introduces you to my prime suspects under call signs. They are all part of the InnerNet team. It is my theory that at least one is TPically connected to me. In my journey of exploring the Unknown, I give you a taste of what it's like in my wandering mind and as my virtual Self and I give you navigational tools along the way.