005 The Long Game by Adam Westbrook

Image Source:  http://vimeo.com/87448006

Posted: 13 May (41)

“[The Duke of Milan] asks [Leonardo] to create something really epic. A gigantic statue of a horse in bronze. Leonardo goes all out on this. He creates countless studies, & sketches, he builds a full-size replica in plaster, he even invents a new kind of casting process to make it happen. Then, at the last minute, the duke decides he needs bronze cannons more than a massive bronze horse, & the project is cancelled. Months & months of work wasted. It was a time of set-back after set-back, but Leonardo keeps going. And all the time, every single chance he gets, he’s drawing, & studying, & sketching, & writing & prototyping. And he does this, day in, day out for sixteen years.” … “Pretty much every big achiever in history has this chapter in their story & somehow we forget it…In his book Mastery (2012), which studies the patterns of history’s biggest achievers, Robert Green calls it ‘a largely self-directed apprenticeship that lasts some 5-10 years and receives little attention…’"

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