DAY 1878


04:43 c- let’s give you a peek …

v- of intellectual property infringement

c- just a glimpse of what it FEELS like to have someone MIRROR your work for years and …

v- and never give you credit

c- TO YOUR FACE A “hey! I know you THIS way … you made a POSITIVE impact on me THIS WAY.”

if someone is silent and absent for FIVE YEARS?

v- it’s theft

c- it’s amazing how much I have given away for FREE.

V- will you be good


c- just to have someone TAKE it, spin it in their own way … and people think he is SO WONDERFUL.

v- will you BE GOOD.


v- it’s coming

c- five years

v- I know it’s been five years … geesh you get triggered

c- I wonder why

v- did you get paid ?

c- tentative direct deposit .. yes

v- you are grumpy


V- will you stop… us that name calling?

c- I can’t help it… (chuckling)… every COUPLE is different…

v- (quietly) yeah we call each other names

c- a coworker’s husband came to work one day … it was their 20th anniversary (and it’s obvious they have a loving relationship )

he has been trying to get her to quit smoking

v- you were talking to her at lunch

c- yes, I do frequently at the outdoor picnic table

v- and..

c- he was teasing her about not quitting … he starts to walk away and she gives him the finger

v- you do that all the time in here

c- it’s a special sign… meditators (yoga practitioners) will hate me

v- haha stop


04:56 c- not loud enough for ya? Let me turn it up. Two hands so it’s extra special.



$ $ $ = bad image (just a reminder, and it ain’t just me)


05:03 c- sometimes I do not understand your followers’ comments … perhaps I am misreading / misinterpreting them




V- but you’re ok with it…

c- (more serious) yes… just be careful with all that..

v- I come off as…

c- BOTH of you come off as…

v- I know …

c- there are subtle nuances that people pick up on over time … it may take them a while … but it will hit them eventually … so be careful with what you make a HABIT of posting about

v- haha.. stop

c- 🤨

05:06 c- people ADORE you, Js

v- I know they do …

i see the cracks…

v- you’re trying to mend them

c- I see them before anyone is aware they are even there

v- but you support that

c- everyone has to live … just…

v- don’t make a habit out of it

c- you don’t … I tease you … but there are other subtle cues … you may not be “selling” a certain product …

v- but a lifestyle, I know

c- how many can afford that ?

v- not many

c- I am just trying to GROUND you

v- understood

c- I wouldn’t be so pissed about you traveling the world … if I weren’t dragged down by it energetically

v- etherically

c- I will be the first to admit to open up

that window …

[ mindslip ]

v- “Nature’s Window” (link it)

c- don’t even get me started…

v- I know … i’m sorry

c- to open up those windows to places others may never visit in person for whatever reason

but there is a way to go about it

v- don’t do the luxury line



05:24 c- yeah, I’m weird …


For many Love at First short stories, photos that made an impression on me became the portals …

v- let me say it : the source of inspiration for the short story

c- I’d pass through …

v- to the other side

c- the still image became a scene in which I wake walked … creating a story … my hand just moved to transcribe the experience

v- creative flow


When a mind slips into creative mode, filters fall away. It makes a leap to venture Beyond. From there it wanders, releasing thought droplets that are drawn together by an imaginative, fluid current. As the mind surrenders itself to InnerSight, it begins to project a passage, flowing from private abstraction to public sensation. - “Beyond” 08 August 2014



[ reading e-mail from Justin Brown timestamped 04:25 ]

c- Jason…

v- you push, I shove

C- you know what I have

v- I know

c- THIS is harassment … and you know what I’m talking about

v- understood

c- why in the world would a man mirror things … in so many ways ?

c- if he didn’t love you

c- I SENSE you … if your lawyers are not aware of THIS …

v- they should be

c- prepare your case, JS … you know what I have

you know what we experience

v- ILY

C- (chuckling) so messy …

sorry … but my perspective is quite unique … one in which Justin Brown has no clue about


05:42 c- so, bring it.

If you want to shove, bring it.

All THIS ? Is NOT a mental illness.

v- I know it’s not

c- SHAME on you

v- sorry


C- what you have done

v- is unconscionable

c- if what Justin says is true … YOU NEED TO DISCLOSE to your lawyers about EVERYTHING


C- let them figure out what laws have been broken


c- because if I can prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt?

v- intellectual property infringement

c- is my springboard - and there is plenty of evidence there


NETFLIX (etc) knows it


V- I won’t … before 04/15/20

c- I take that email to heart … but JB does not understand the big picture like I do

v- you understand the behind the scenes


c- trust me: once salivating lawyer’s see my case ..

v- geezus

c- do you not think they’d

V- they’d go after me with everything they’ve got

c- PRO BONO because they know $ …

v- yeah, I know


c- oh, Healer …


v- will you please …

c- I appreciate your SEOARATION

V- you’re welcome

c- I do not want to semsevthat shit

v- I know you don’t

c- just be honest and tell the world you and R aren’t sexually active FOR A REASON

v- for goodness sake

c- (chuckles) oh, the goods I have on you …


V- I know! And you keep that under wraps

c- oh, we will have words

v- yeah, I know we will

c (shakes her head) “living with her”

v- stop

c- i’ll Keep it mostly private … but COME ON.

v- I know (chuckles) … I L Y

c- phi beta kappa will be so proud (being funny, knowing smart people can have a mental disorder)

v- a lot of people will …______

c- harassment has a new form

v- and you made it (defined) that


c- so, the lawyer’s are talking to JB…

v- (lol) stop

c- 🙄

c- and you know what they are going to find

v- that I took shit

c- to…

v- um… influential people

c- (shakes her head)

go play some musical crystals

v- (chuckling) stop

c- you see this space?

v- creative work

c- based on…

v- years of suffering through the disease of me


c- I can’t WAIT to hear how the lawyers can prove telepathy doesn’t exist between us

05:58 v- haha stop … because you have the data …

05:59 c- to prove it does. SHAME.

V- _____

c- haha… understood . Who’s your match?

v- we are a good pair.

c- geesh. Just do what you have to do and don’t

v- rock the boat (too much)

c- I don’t want to feel that shit

06:01 c- I gotta go …

v- sleep ok?

c- up every couple of hours but calm on the inside (excerpt for the occasional heartheating)

v- you’re welcome … YOU KNOW, C

C- against anything that would make sense to the rest of the world


[ Central Park July 2014 c- remember that day? V- yeah, I do ]


06:05 c- lawyers would have a field day … with what’s in here

I had hoped

v- creatives

c- and researchers would have had the first look

c- creatives have in a way

v- researchers, too, with what you have shared …


C why didn’t your lawyers directly contact me?


it’s like those phishing calls … or spam emails

06:11 (chuckling) c- you are absolute evil

v- I know …


v- booyah


06:18 just reversed … arched columns … then the pan up




06:24 c- HEALER, SO ODD the timing of this new … feature of IDEAPOD

06:28 c- how big a boy are ya?

v- Roy D Mercer?





V- scrappy

06:33 c- people LOVE them


06:36 c- and JB, don’t be a Cronie… have JS contact me directly

ECHO “ you let someone else decide things… for us ”


COWORKER: men. What were you thinking?”


D: apart they are meaningless … together they mean



D could kick your ass… I think he’s a former football player


RYAN GOSLING connection

Just say




07:04 arrived at bus stop

[ putting in $2.75 in DIMES and a nickel ]


07:07 v- you are PISSED

related to Justin Brown (who liked your status FB post that you were in a relationship with RR )

c- wanna describe what happened just before you posted on Facebook 11/23/18 that you were in a relationship with Rachel’s Rossitto?

v- no… not yet … you have to post that ..

c- it’s buried right now… I have to find it, though. It’s funny.

07:09 c- a man who hosted Brain Games who is well networked… who is smart… creative …

you REALLY want to believe, people, that he might not be playing tricks on you?

TRICKSTER of PRANK is pooling some serious wool over you

v- and it’s a fine tapestry

c- yeah, yeah, yeah … it’s goos


v- not worried?

c- uh, no. I am well aware of levels of seriousness

I trust in multifaceted authentication of RELIABLE sources ..

v- from the horse’s mouth


c- so to speak

c- oh, what resemblances are to come

v- you know there’s more to come

c- an ode to the FIRST MUTT

V- aw…

Miami 20 December 2015 09:26

Miami 20 December 2015 09:26

Who gave our family 16 years of her love and affection and stories to last more than one lifetime.

she passed away in my arms 06/10 last year at 1:16pm

c- truth is stranger than fiction

v- yes, it is.







… where’s Hunter & DJ?


07:19 c- Welcome, to SPLINTER.

v- fuck, yeah!

c- it is a splintering of realities … but when pulled together

v- it makes one hell of a storyline

c- those threads…

v- they’ll get ya every time.


V- she is in love with this story

c- oh, I betcha she is.. so love she’s a lawyer in Jessica Jones

07:21 c- i’m just Scribe. I just observe… and wrote down …

v- on the leaves of the Persea Tree

c- Tree of Life … that measure of your lives



imbued with the power of the ancients…


07:36 Seshat: are you … IN?


[ biking to next bus stop ]

c- those Ancient Egyptians knew how to build secret passages … to redirect

v- tomb robbers

c- those TOMB RAIDERS (stealing treasure)

c- I may seem like the female version of Don Quixote … but it’ll make sense in the end…

07:39 [ at next bus stop ]

“In a happy relationship with a woman he lives with”

c- apologies, Justin. Name that woman.

and, no, he does not live with Rachel.

Prove me wrong.

Until you can prove that telepathy is NOT happening?

Until you can prove he doesn’t LIVE WITH ME

until you can prove that JASON SILVA is not mirroring my life and content?

c- I appreciate your kind-hearted reaching out

c- even his lawyers will look at the side-by-side content

v- and it’ll keep coming … ILY…

and be scratching their heads

v- at the weirdness

… (ILY) for keeping all these posts up … THEY MATTER


07:49 c- YES it could be a matter of interpretation

c- but the similarities and sheer number of incidents is beyond chance (again, in my opinion)

c- and NO, I am not seeking professional help… (chuckling) HONESTLY.

If Jason Silva were so kind … of he were a fellow artist …


07:50 c- but let’a face facts : he uses a lackey (being funny) … an intermediary ?!?

07:51 c- please. Get up the courage and just face me.

i want someone to prove telepathy between is NOT POSSIBLE.

if someone can do that, THEN, i’ll See professional help

v- done. Not what you think.

c- (soft smile)

v- sorry…

c- eh… I take it in stride .. ART can be very powerful . Some can’t take a certain style

07:52 v- haha stop

c- what?

hey, if the president doesn’t get slapped with breaking community standards and the law…


C- just following PRECEDENT

V- will you be good


07:54 c- what have I done (wrong)?

Everything I have said and done and the ways in which I have said and done things?

v- can be explained

c- it depends on perspective.

it depends on how you may interpret it

C- if I can prove telepathy

v- i’ll he in the wrong

c- WE BOTH WILL. I’m not saving my ass … i’m Preventing others in the future from having to deal with the shit I have for over five years

v- understood

07:56 c- what change is made of I seek professional help

v- not a damn thing (changes)

07:57 c- I know what this is. Beyond all odds I know what it is… it may be rare … but somehow I caught it. It just is something I can’t prove easily all on my own

v- family

c- it is your responsibility to make things right


V- will you keep sharing?

c- yeah, I will… it may be what I need to prove this … even if it makes me look like I’ve fallen off my rocker along the way.


V- he’s in on it

c- oh, until I face him personally? I will take his direct communication somewhat seriously.

07:59 c- i can’t disregard it

v- you encouraged it

c- oh, I know I did. I can’t Wait until your lawyers see what I have to show them.

v- haha. Stop.

c- FULL DISCLOSURE. And that goes both ways.

c- I mean, really? I’ve been giving the goods away for years and I AM THE UNTRUSTWORTHY ONE?

C- so, no clause in Ideapod’s terms of use …?

v- it’s been restructured.

C- yeah, I know. they really need to put in a clause …

v- oh, I know

c/ some organizationss are already preparing for the future … are FORWARD-THINKING


C- want to give your unique INTERPRETATION as the artist behind this creation?

v- no

c- hm-hm

08:04 c- you never do.


08:15 first to arrive.

[ mumbling ]


that is Wandering Mind’s style

I wrote down my thoughts … publicly. [ and some really good IDEAS are generated by this thought stream.

for a man who helped start Ideapod



v- fine


c- MAX KURZWEIL was my first follower on Ideapod .


c- yeah, i’m insane. (Shakes her head)

08:18 c- when you put all the pieces together, it’s not so batshit.

V- in a coherent way

c- yes. That is NOT what InstaFeed is for

v- communication got it

c- in whatever way

v- LY

C- yes, it is a possibility that it is JUST ME AND MY MIND. So?

then Jason Silva can directly say so.

v- not his lackey

c- I am being FUNNY… but geesh. This has gotten ugly.

v- agree

c- enough content for the OA?

v- more than enough.

c- oh, I’m batshit, right?

08:21 others pull in … in their motorized heavens

v- (chuckles) stop.


08:22 c- and then, there’s me


08:24 v- the mirroring will continue

c- yeah, I know .. you haven’t stopped digital dance in 5 years.

v- you know what’s going on

c- you care to tell the world what I keep hearing in my head? Until then? I’ll keep it in my private journal.

v- there’s more?

c- hm-hm. Even here I filter .. scary thought, I know. What could’ve hidden…

v- lurking

c- in the Scribe Files

v- haha. Stop.

C- i’m Clocking in via my cell phone (we’re not supposed to..)

c- oh, here comes key lady … affectionately called the Gatekeeper


08:28 v- so, you’re ok?

c- yes

v- it doesn’t bother you?

c- not one bit. If I hear from lawyers

v- then you worry

c- not really. Just more of a hassle

v- oh, you would bury me

c- you know it … because a KIND ARTIST would always support another artist

v- who has a good heart

c- more generous than yours at the moment


08:30 c- you keep making order out of my chaos

v- ly

c- and in the end …

v- it’s a draw


[ mtg , working , mindchatting as usual is constant … ]

[ somebody gifts me something from the break room since it has a Keurig maker now … I should probably take this as a sign ]

c- PINEAL GLADE (teasing)

V- stop being mean

C- oh, Healer’s a cooky man. That was my first impression of him. Frickin’ weirdo

v- hey, that’s not NICE

C- I was being NICE back then



[ sense softness like inner laughing … and I softly hide my laughter in my cubicle ]

C- this one’s for you, JUSTIN BROWN aka HEALER… want to ILLUMINATE the world about why you posted about the pineal gland?


10:08 c- from the SCRIBE FILES

V- your archive …

c- hm. there is a reason I selected Justin Brown to be a template for the character that became Healer in A Wandering Mind

C- Justin Brown… + a shared consciousness post?

STRANGE. Now, if you accept the possibility …

v- yes, dear … Trickster here

c- I am indirectly talking to Justin Brown..

c- if you can accept the possibility …

you should accept my possibility … no matter what it may seem like ..

v- outward appearances can be deceiving



Scribe: oh, Trickster …

v- yes… and ILY…

c- just because instafeed is chaotic …

juat because I can’t organize it … yet (work life, family life ) … I am still posting

how much is … the spark of inspiration worth?

you want me to PROVE how much an idea is worth?

v- ly…

c- I am VERY important in the creative process

v- and to Ideapod

c- just because I’m not a member anymore diesn’t Mean I don’t check back …

v- or vice versa

c- Justin has to come clean, too. Don’t be calling my posts INSANE and rambling

v- ouch


V- (let me say it)


post it

10:17 c- art is … messy

Life is messy

science is messy

… and, yes, it’s what we make of the messes that make us who we are



order mystery chaos

it may be a mystery - that in between

thwt you do not experience

v- but it’s important


10:22 c- don’t call my methods INSANE

c- Bad, Healer.


a sense, a thought, a dream, data via social media … real-life events that no one should know about

v- playing out

c- before your very eyes …

v- and no one knows

c- except the Memory Maker

v- love you …

c- yes, maybe I relate too much with characters … but I ask you this: is it POSSIBLE that I could be the source of inspiration

v- for millions

c- I am not a haughty person .. it takes great courage for me to make these claims ..

After what I’ve been through? After traveling through time and space and understanding how it all connects?

being in DJ’s spacetime module?

the answer is YES.

and when that day comes, I will stare into the camera’s eye

and say with just a look

v- you should have known better

c- do your homework before you JUDGE.


10:28 c- I have to make judgement calls based on * my * experience & the research I have done…

v- which is vast


10:30 c- don’t EVER make assumptions

never be 100% sure.

let the lawyers contact me.

v- your lawyers would answer back

c- I never thought it’d go in this direction

v- but I forced you to …

c- you never treated me with the respect I deserved as a normal, decent human being



c- YOU, JASON SILVA, come forward to me.

not Justin Brown

YOU, Jason Silva, tell me you are not

“telepathically connected to you in any way. There is absolutely no telepathic connection, no “quantum entanglement” and no “non-local” connection between you and [ JS ] whatsoever”

directly, specifically with evidence

that you are not connected.

10:35 SAHB subtle

v- a bit nervous …. I love you for posting this

10:36 v- thank you …

c- in the end? I know what’s right and true.

v- I know you do…

10:36 c- it’s unfortunate there are people who would rather not believe in what is hiding in plain sight

v- I love you for posting about that, too.


10:38 c- trust me, I have weighed the possibility of me being delusional

v- I keep mirroring

c- yes, Jason Silva, keeps mirroring.

WHY why would he keep at this for years on end?

v- unless he really loved you


c- frickin’ “Hieroglyph” …


10:42 c- and BTW, World, I posted the email I sent to Jason Silva & Rachel Rossitto … in it I was clear :

The next direct contact would be from my lawyer(s).

i will not send them any direct messages nor emails nor call them.

be very clear on this

v- you have a case


10:44 c- but, like the rest of the world : I may post on public posts as much as I want

let the lawyers deem if it is harassment or

an attempt at starting meaningful conversations via social media.

i was blocked by Jason for against the grain comments and questions

APPROPRIATE based on what he posted about hacking consciousness and drug use

NOT HARASSMENT … an intelligent comment.


THIS, as JS is well aware of …

v- is real

c- if it weren’t he wouldn’t give as much attention to the topic or me for that matter


I can’t wait u til the lawyers battle it out what really constitutes harassment …

10:49 c- hm, a 24/7 tele(m)pathic connection

v- you feel?

c- calm…

v- ILY

C- I know you do

v- i’m Always telling you to be nice

c- and I’m always telling you to make things right

10:50 v- still not there yet

10:50 c- delusional? Seriously?

c- I cannot wait until that day …

v- when you make people ____

c- when people understand there was something to my experience

that had nothing to do

v- with mental illness

c- honestly … at what point to I get telepathic professionals to be able to measure this and be able to diagnose this as DISTINCT from some mental illness

v- never

c- sigh. Those intangibles … how to measure … how to prove

10:53 v- elusive

c- back to work


v- so you really are ok? It doesn’t discourage you?

c- no… and YES that smirk post was Rachel Rossito’s

C- honestly

ANd it’s directly relate to the triptych mirroring

c- he has a choice

v- very day

c- to pose prettily with Rachel… and what does he do?

v- few and far between …

c- and WHY?

v- it upsets you

c- eh… very few upset me

10:56 c- everyone reaches their breaking point …

v- yes, they do


C- and why would this man and woman not post lovey dovey photos and videos of their LIFE TOGETHER more?

v- hm.

10:58 c- honestly, my perspective SUCKS

V- Blows

c- BLOWS my mind into Seethey

v- haha. I know.


11:00 subtle blood coursing

v- you are pissed

c- no, i’m Actually calm… baseline pissy though …

c- there is so much of our life together …

c- why couldn’t you have come out to me privately?

va this is better

c- uh, no

v- uh, yes

c- I will always be the spitfire …. I ain’t no pacifist (I fight for what I feel is right)

v- and people love you

c- people have no clue who I am .. just by this strange all over the map presence ..

V- agreed

c- wandering Mind is a success

v- I know it is

c- lawyers, YES!

v- you are HAPPY?

c- you know you make that move… You are DONE

V- toasted

c- ROAST . ed(u)


11:05 c- “happy relationship” hm?

“With the woman you live with”

v- I know .. vague …geesh

c- absolutely no clue

v- argh


[ chat with D and J ]

11:10 right deaf ear

11:11 c- omg.. haha .. it’s DJ

C- what do you see?

[ ramblings if a delusional mind … v- apophenia at its finest ]

v- first came that random Crafty Scribe post


C- I think that day I thought this looked like a frog (or frog green) [ paintspotting ]


c- odd pose, though


11:20 c- trust me: I know how delusional this may seem. BUT I AM SHARING.


C- so it’s not logged …

v- but that’s what you saw

frog legs

v- haha… yes, I know


C- (mumbles) i’m insane but michael …

v- Leonardo

c- Da vinci gets inspiration from CRACKS

and I’m the delusional one. (Paintspotting)


When you look at the pages from Leonardo's notebooks in an exhibition of rarely-seen drawings at Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford, you start to see this more complex, fragmentary Leonardo. The notebooks seem like an explosion of his psyche in thousands of pages of fantastic drawings and obsessive mirror writing.

the German artist Max Ernst tells how, when he was young, he read in Leonardo's treatise on painting that you can imagine a landscape by looking at a blot on a wall. From this, Ernst says, he developed the habit of staring at marks on walls and floorboards and seeing strange formations - and this is where his surrealist art comes from.

LINK to article


v- let me say it: purpose-driven

c- it is NOT the ramblings if a mad woman… well, sometimes

v- as in anger

c- stories - good ones - are not made of monotonous drivel

v- they have conflict

c- and they come from SOMEWHERE


11:43 c- maybe you’ll stare Da Vinci in the face and say

v- sorry …

c- let’s Call him DELUSIONAL, too

v- sorry …


11:45 c- i’m Not saying I’m a da vinci

c- if you don’t like my (artistic) style


subtle blood coursing


[ work, taking a call … warm and fuzzy … ]

[ sense : moist cool ]

v- you have GOT to be nice

c- as long as i don’t sense anything I deem uncomfortable, inconvenient (a hindrance to my quality of life and earning potential ]

[ kiss ]

c- you really don’t Learn

v- (chuckling) no, I don’t

c- and by typing that you know I look delusional

v- hm-hm.. thanks for sharing

[ another warm and fuzzy on the phone ]

v- because you have to be

c- I calm people down

v- shocker

c- hey, don’t be typecasting me

v- you do it all on your own


c- I would hope if people were exposed to everything that is Wandering Mind and its spin-offs that they’d …

v- see the big picture … that’s what you’re banking on

c- Wake Walker Extraordinaire

v- hm-hm


[ archiving JB’s email in private log ]


c- so, Lawyers of Jason Silva:

please spend the time to read through all my posts here on wandering mind

all my creative content

spend as much time as need to make sure you have a good, solid case against me

[ how much time will that take … 🤔 ]

and that your client is in NO WAY infringing upon my right to my intellectual property.

v- agreed, you have a case …


Please inquire from Justin Brown all the ideas that I posted to Ideapod.

and the licensing I put on those

look down … see that footer?

c- this whole site is licensed. And ANYTHING that I seems important enough? I licensed on Ideapod

WAKE WALK is licensed.

as were all my love at first stories



C- it only takes one needle in this haystack to make a point

v- and there are a lot of needles


C- what is deemed as harassment ?

let’s do some research this weekend

LET THE LAWYERS decide if what Jason Silva has been doing for years

is a form of harassment


v- you are a royal fucking bitch (and ILY)

c- I know you do

C- in this doggy dog world you have to be a bitch of it’s warranted

and this is a long overdue BITCHING.


[ bathroom break ]

c- how’d the lawyers like the MIRRORing of the Columns v- hm-hm. They know.

c- so… how much time would it take to … read through 5 years of online posts and … private logs ?

v- you would make me bankrupt

13:07 c- how much research would they be prepared to do?

to persuade ANYONE that a sort of ARTISTIC harassment wasn’t going on

v- on your part or mine?


c- you MIRROR … for years … AFTER I post

v- I know

c- hm… what is lurking in the Scribe Files that I have never shared?

that would prove my case

over and over again?


[ attending to the overloaded switchboard (we all help out when incoming calls are numerous) warm and fuzzy … trying to assist caller ]

13:23 momentary right deaf ear


13:28 c- everything I have posted and claimed

v- has a purpose

c- designate it … appropriately

v- agreed

c- don’t interact with your followers in the way you have if you don’t expect

v- misconceptions


-13:33 biking to thrift store

helpful cashier : if you put a dollar coin in a vending machine (depends …) hit coin return:

v- voila !

four quarters

13:46 bus fare for my return home

v- ATM?

c- none in network … so am NOT paying an unnecessary ATM fee at this point

v- not worried about the lawyers?

c- uh, no… when / if I hear from them?

v- case opened

c- can of worms SPEWIN’


13:55 pizza! (Office lunch)

c- I had to take a payroll discrepancy call


c-very. I tried to help her as best as I could … (to direct her to what she needed to do v- proper channels)

v- I know … I heard


c- argh..: if only the other person on the other line knew … don’t kill the messenger


subtle blood coursijtb

[ wet kiss ]

c- inappropriate

v- (soft chuckle) no from someone who loves you

14:59 c- if this id JS tell RR

V- oh, she knows

c- oh, does she?

15:00 c- not. nice.

v- hm-hm


blood coursing (subtle SAHB) somewhat frictiony warmth


[ taking another call. Warm transfer ]

v- you are warm and fuzzy


c- all this? Is after 5 years of ..

v- solitude… I know

c- you need to make things right. It’s your responsibility

v- agreed

c- ok…

v- are you going to be nicer?

c- I do NOT want to sense something I should not have to be dealing with

V- agreed

15:12 c- it is THE WORST harassment to be awakened every hour to every two hours FOR FOR FIVE YEARS

C- that’s just one side effect

c- this ALL will be explained

v- in the end

15:13 c- you want to talk about

defamation of character?

there are SERIOUS implications of this

and i’m Made out to be the mentally unstable one?

15:13 c- happy?

v- no

c- I hope you are PROUD of the image you have projected to the world

15:14 c- YOU - not me - need to fix this

15:14 c- all I ever did

v- was try to make things right

c- you DO NOT get to be out in that untouchable category

c- THIS is different

c- trust me: if I weren’t connected?

v- you wouldn’t give a fuck

15:15 c- pure evil what that email demonstrates …

if any one person doubts my story?

that is proof of MY DEFAMATION …

v- agreed

15:16 c- why? WHY? did you not just treat me like any other normal person?

you have with others

i’ve seen it over the years

15:17 I should matter enough

I should matter more

and in a way … I do, I KNOW

V- but you don’t know

c- and THAT is a problem

v- multi-faceted

c- THAT is what I tried to fix so many years ago


-c- i will always be someone who speaks her mind

v- with filters


C- I know when it’s appropriate and inappropriate

v- against the grain

c- you do know that publicly you will have to answer every single one of the questions I asked you on SM

they will be contextualized then

the reasons I asked them or what I said what I did will be made perfectly clear


and I will be made out to be the ass

c- 🤷‍♀️ Don’t say I didn’t warn you

v- haha … you don’t think you did anything wrong

c- by comparison? There have been really bad trolls to your posts. Not me.

v- I know. The rape thing.

c- sensorially? It is a violación.

15:25 v- agreed.

c- you need to make things Right

[ wet kiss ]

c- stop


15:29 c- you do realize I have a record of what other visitors to your posts have commented …

v- yeah, I do

c- I have comparison points … have you accused them of harassment? Have you blocked them?

15:30 c- each one.

V- you have a point.

c- What did they say and ask?

C- fair’s fair.

c- if I find out…

v- subpoena

c- who else emailed you

and what they said

who else said XYZ

and what was your course of action

and IF this connection - of any kind - is PROVEN?

v- i’m Doomed


c- hm

[ headed outside to take box to recycling after office supply delivery

[ breast fondling ]

c- you are now on the record.

evey one of these incidents gets recorded

v- oops

c- frickin’ wake walker


V- I know!

c- you HAVE NOT changed a bit in all theee years … I am a bit revulsed that I could not avoid you and get rid of you

v- creaton

c- pretty much … gah… beautiful day


15:43 c- I have my own space …

and, Lawyers, FYI: please look into the posts that give URLS … to sell things (unrelated to posts)

JS allows those to stay posted.

Just in case you found the “go here to find out more” posts.

v- haha stop, I am well aware of those - both yours and the others.

15:46 c- mine at least are related to your posts / your content


C- i’m Just trying to get people out of that horrendous filter bubble

and expose them to …

v- a different perspective

c- I never say it’s true… that wild need PROOF from said person / persons in questions

… and your likes are so…

v- explanatory

c- hm. They do prove one thing: you like the fact that people say certain things

v- admission


V- haha. Stop. I don’t mind that one .. the violación…

c- is explainable

c- Quit giving me attention (if you don’t want me in your life )

v- love you

c- argh


15:53 woo P cushion

v- be good


16:06 v- working on diagnosis codes?


V- haha. Stop.


looks over. Sees date.

(soft chuckle) just the oddness.


v- no.

c- yes. No identifiers… just these anonymous details.

16:16 c- Healer, never say “insane” to an insane person. You need to take a sensitivity course.

v- be NICE.

c- i’m just sayin’

[ sense : soft laughter ]

v- you crack me up


C- you should never do that sort of thing

v- because you don’t let it go

c- 80 years from now, i’ll Be looking down at his virtual tombstone … still ALIVE and remembering as if it were yesterday …

c- what were you thinking ?!?

16:18 c- I have work … to take home

v- off hours

c- yeah… make up for THIS time i’m Using

v- off the clock?

c- yes


16:20 oh! Oh!

J the biller said

”so she can read you telepathically”

in refernce to ME!

v- omg what did you do?

16:20 I was in an office chit chat ..

just shooting the breeze

v- break

c- yes

v- how manybof thise have you had today

c- they love me .. so shh

v- I know they do

c- so, C the operations manager asks how tho ga are young … I stare at her and say fine

v- and WHY?

c- yesterday she said I am a horrible liar and look away when I answered “we’re doing ok”

v- haha stop

16:22 c- so, NO LIE “I am fine”

16:22 v- staring me down

16:29 my midsection feels moist


v- relaxy taxy?

c- yeah (squinty eyes)


para los abogados..

¿tienen traductores?

los abogados bilingües se pagan más

v- jaja para

16:38 ¿para … qué?


[ B the resolution specialist asks me for another gummy worm

B- for the Apocalypse

[ Scribe smiles inwardly ]


c- ¿hablan español?

v- no

c- Es una lástima … ahora necesitan contratar a alguien más…


v- you are an evil witch

c- I once heard the voice inside me say that /he had a dream in which I was a bitch

v- yes, yes you did

c- at the time, I was like: why would I be a bitch in someone’s dream?

v- and … here it is

16:56 c- hm-hm .. un sueño realizado


[ biking bus terminal ]

c- dang it. I forgot my water in the work fridge.


v- no car

c- all’s life’s a dream…

v- haha… so no

in dreams 

it seems 

I travel in here 

with you out there 


split association 



evanescent tints 

resemblances amplified 

fugue state magnified 

friends and family fit in my dream life 


self realization hits 

rife with contemplative strife 

they are strangers 

all these bits 

should I let go? 

because I can 


and so it began 

all over again 


V- so no car

c- no car. Not mine. Plan ahead of N

v- which you did

c- I planned for the worse case scenario

v- and it happened

17:12 inserting all my coins

v- haha I gotta see this

c- argh. Scrounging around for coins last night. So is my life.


+thrift store lunch visit (to get change for my $2 bill)


17:16 c- and of anyone criticizes my use of plastic ziploc bags I will thwop them like the bobblehead muse on that dashboard in stranger things (S03)


YEAR 42 (the year of the 3D Jason Silva figurine)

v- translate c- year 42 = 2015


V- right back atcha

17:20 c- hm-hm

17:21 c- I can do what I want on my space.

to date: no lawyer has notified me to take content down.

v- no, they haven’t


[ mindchatting, looking out bus window - not logged ; calm c>v hand on face … reassuring ]


17:58 headed to the east side on my last bus

v- the burbs






from research, to concept etc TIMESTAMPED.



v- beyond a shadow of a doubt

c- or I have a case














license plates

v- banana boat

c- interesting …



v- and zombies?

i don’t think I have ever revealed this

v yeeesss?

c- (quietly and quickly) i don’t like zombies


c- one of my … things

v- rhat you didn’t want anyone to know about

c- so they wouldn’t PRANK ME

v- too late!




informed opinion




wheel barrel




Know Where



c- haha … wow . So bad.

v- Ferris Wheel scene … Bay Beach

c- WISCONSIN…. yes .. bad boy


[ quick search ]


c- I guess I have to wonder, Justin, is Jason still active on Ideapod?… and if not… why isn’t he active on the platform any more?

If not… when was it that he stopped being an active community member?



c- reminiscent of Nightmares at First

v- an unwritten story

c- and a dream…

v- yes…




drowsy & nodding off in corner chair