DAY 1853

IMAGE;  Office 365  (new theme)

IMAGE; Office 365 (new theme)

09:11 c- inappropriately appropriate for a healthcare biller: the bouncing unicorn

v- haha. Stop.

09:14 c- i’m Going with the more subdued yet still subtly colorful

v- ribbons, I know. More you.



D comes in to say good morning. Tries to use the photocopier.

D: is the copier working?

c: you just have to wake her up…

D: so I push the moon

c: you’re epic, pushing that moon

10:10 D: I’m a comedian. You just don’t know It yet.

[ smiling on the inside ]



[ texting with the youngest ]



14:01 c- it was really mundane. I thought for a millisecond that she did the dishes.


14:04 c- I did a bit of clean up this AM related to the ever-present home studio (so my child & furry one could move / relax more freely) … and left a few dishes in the sink for those dear children to do (not)



18:14 dinner by

v- guava mango

c- (adult) smoothie

18:15 c- it’s called Drunk Cookin’ (Being funny)

[ eating dinner over Supernatural S12E01 ]

C- a smoking pot sign? Really?

c- … is that a question mark? Of course it is.


19:10 v- and…

c- yes, yes… very Transom-y


While watching Supernatural with the youngest after dinner …

sizing, cutting & rounding edges (watercolor tiles/swatches for dollop & swirls & larger “palette swatches” (squares & rectangles) for tins)

falling asleep in corner chair


Hug the oldest

getting ready for bed …

[ InnerNet Voyager tweets … ]

21:27 c: so , a lot of InnerNet storyreel today … probably won’t be that much tomorrow

v- not… [ going to tie in with (pop culture) out there as much ]

21:27 c-FINALLY

v- haha stop …

c- phew! It smells like 💩

v- haha, stop

c- ya have to get the full effect

v- all the time (I have to put up with this)


C- working it’s way down and …

v- in

c- no, OUT!


21:29 c: relationship 101… if you aren’t familiar with potty time (with whomever)

v- you’re not close enough. Got it.