DAY 1850


13:21 c: G called her 36 year old lover …

v- a demon. I heard.

13:22 posting


13:25 v- going through a divorce

c- a nasty one. I feel for her. I told her no worries about venting. I won’t reveal details. Just … I feel that demon comment …

v- was too funny

c- oh, they’re still together

v- which is funny in itself … still not divorced

c- no, she is not. Talk about the nightmare divorce … argh. ANYWAY.

v- but you’re divorced

c- yes, I am officially CMG

v- unofficially official

c- yes, I need to officially go through the legal hoops of proving I am with signed, stamped, etc papers in front of all these folks to get new IDs

v- which you din’t havr Yet


v- and you can’t take time off

c- because I don’t get paid (if I am not physically in the office M-F 8:30-5pm)

v- I understand

c- anyway, working girl not happy about the lack of flexibility

v- it sucks, I know.

C- I try to be positive about it

v- but it sucks. I know.

c- market is 9-12pm Saturdays…

v- I understand

c- so, no, unless I take unpaid time off? I don’t Get legal shit done.



[ chit chat over lunch with L ]

13:54 v- I want to talk to you … do you like your job?

c- again, not my dream jib

v- and that’s All you’ll day

c- I had no illusions when I applied nor was offered the job.

v- agreed

c- I knew what I was getting myself into

v- new field, I know

c- quite frankly? It’s been better perks than expected …

v- right from the get go… say it… [ a different topic related to the in-bed roving reporter ]

c- no, that’s ok

v- no, say it

c- what’s the point?

v- it never comes to anything … I got it… so what do you want to talk about?

c- I feel all soft and poofy

v- ( outside )

c- I have no clue

v- … for a while … you’re outside?

c- yes, picnic table … chatting with L. She cracks me up

v- you helped her out?

c- yes, of course. She’s been without a car … I have the company car. Her place is on the way. I have no problem carpooling with her

v- she tried to give you $

c- yes, I shut her down. No reason to give me money.

V- it’s on your way

c- and I have the company car, it’s part of my “responsibility”

v- aw

13:59 c- she’s a Green Bat Packers fan

v- I know …

c- she is so funny … I told her we’d have to bring in STUFF during football season

v- there are rival teams

c- yes, fans of other teams in the office.


14:03 v- one more thing… ILY … I know you have to go in soon…

c- ILY2 in my own way… you really need to talk to me

v- like a normal person

c- I will continue to be the hammer

v- for the rights of a human being

c- if this happened with a supposedly “good” person? It shouldn’t. It’s not fair to me on a personal level

v- the ongoing trust issues are an issue

c- I want to trust this but can’t because NO ONE is telling me what it is.

v- understood

c- there comes a point when I HAVE to assume someone is taking advantage of me. Using me. Because Where the F are you to tel me differently?

c- you’ve made OTHER choices …

v- leaving you behind

c- just plain IGNORING a responsibility to me on a human relationship level. It’s not right.


c- and anyone …

v- complicit.. I know

c- it is not right. If I have to be the B to spew ethical rants I will ..

14:07 c- gotta go.

[ working ]


C: it’s a theme, apparently this spring




(Just throwing something together : Olive oil, garlic, thyme, all spice, ground raw sugar, onion, turmeric, salt … )