DAY 1814


[ I wake up in the 4am hour, make coffee, pack my lunch, pack my backpack before I bike to the bus stop to head to work. As my children wake up (12 & 14) I give them a hug good bye as they get ready to head to their bus stop ].

06:41 On bus headed from the suburbs to downtown. I post a tweet mentioning Jason Silva with @NatGeo ‘s handle

07:11 waiting at second bus stop to head to my place of work, a healthcare company.

Scribe: I am going to provide a few details about me to explain the seriousness of a possible telepathic connection if one exists between Jason Silva and me.

I currently handle sensitive patient data. When I filled out paperwork I had to assume that what I had been experiencing for nearly five years was not telepathy. Jason Silva has never come forward.

Before this job, I worked in higher education for 18 years in foreign languages. I handled sensitive student data as an administrator and educator. I started experiencing strange symptoms June 2014, right after I joined Ideapod May 2014. As a program director I was on social media constantly for years before June 2014. I never experienced any symptoms like the ones after I joined Ideapod.

I left my job at a major 4-year university after working 11 years there August 2014. Jason Silva may have had access to data that should have been protected under FERPA.

Also, my ex, who I have known for 23 years and is one of the people I have told about this connection, has worked at Apple, Inc for 19 years. When this suspected connection started, I was still married and lived with him and our children for a few years during the separation. If Jason Silva is connected? He may have heard sensitive company information.

Even if you don’t believe my story, we all need to be aware of the serious implications of telepathic connections, which is possible based on the principles of quantum physics.


07:34 Scribe: I believe it is important people get to know who I am first before I start providing data that I believe proves the telepathic connection.

First and foremost I want others to find me to be someone they can relate to and I emphasize this fact now : if this happened to me, it could happen to anyone. And if it can happen to anyone? We need to take into consideration everything that telepathy would affect in an individual’s life. How it would impact the very fabric of who we are as humans (what rights should we have?)

I mention I told my ex about my suspected telepathic connection. I have also told others about it and their belief levels vary from concern about my mental/emotional stability to someone who believes me 100%. I do not blame anyone for not believing my story. If it weren’t happening to me I probably wouldn’t believe it.

What gives me courage? The data doesn’t lie.

07:52 at work


Considerations for future implementation of consciousness altering technology / telepathic connection issues to work on & create safeguards/support resources for:

1) quantum-related harassment (the ability to block / filter unwanted connections)

2) invasion of privacy / protection of sensitive data

3) intellectual property protection


12:14 subtle AHB blood coursing (working at desk. No reason for my heart to be accelerated)


12:25 lunch

Noted ongoing blood coursing and SAHB (subtle accelerated heartbeat)

Right now I have nothing to cross reference my experience with, but my guess is someone (Jason Silva) is walking/exercising

12:29 calm

drowsiness (“magically”) lifts

12:32 very SAHB

13:10 strange sense (poofy soft misty moist)


Drowsy while I work



extreme drowsiness 

(“Magically” the weight of drowsiness is now lifting & I am more energetic)


note: it affects my productivity at work. Added to case file (work colleagues were my witnesses when I got up frequently to briefly chat with them and try “to walk it off”)

I cannot afford energy drains. If I can’t work I can’t make enough money to pay my bills.

Besides this job I have a couple others to make ends meet.

This connection has serious consequences.


21:59 increased AHB

Scribe: I may need to approach Jason Silva via legal counsel. It may be the only way to get his attention and force him to answer for whatever this is.

22:01 Scribe: this is my life and this type of abuse is unacceptable

22:02 Scribe: everyone deserves peace of mind and their own happiness

22:04 Scribe: I need to sleep and this AHB is keeping me up. I have enough data. Let a legal team help me sort through the actionable steps I need to take to end this once and for all.

22:08 calmer

Scribe: I will spend my life savings to get peace of mind via a legal team if I have to. After five years? I’ve had enough. I am an honest woman facing a public figure who blatantly disregards my rights as a human being to live my life separately and be happy. Whatever Jason Silva does in life? I could care less.

However, if his LIFE FORCE affects mine? If we are entangled? I CANNOT block these experiences and currently there aren’t any safeguards in place to make these negative side effects stop. Jason Silva is well aware of how this has affected my life. He has been notified privately and what you see on social media? Is a man who chooses the limelight over taking care of something much more important.

I have the data. It does not matter what people think of him now. It does not matter that no one knows who I am or what anyone may think of me.

What matters most is the peace I deserve after five years. A peace that Jason Silva at any moment could have given me and chose not to. THAT is the man everyone should be aware of.

He made choices along the way just like I did.

I did everything a normal person would to get an honest answer.

KINDNESS? Does no harm.


22:55 Scribe: I am thankful for the kindness of my employer. I want to extend my gratefulness for everything the CEOs have done to make my life easier at this point.

They do not ask about the details of my hardships, but have extended -no questions asked- a hand to help.

Thank goodness there are people in the world like them.